Charlie Work Pt 1

May 28, 2018:

Rogue and Remy go to rob a Mobster's Nightclub.

The Black Whiskey Club


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Fade In…

The music is way too loud on the base floor, so loud the walls shake from the base and everyone's ears tingle from the trebles the speakers are putting off. The room is large, almost the size of the whole building, but there are a few halls for stair wells and bathrooms. The neon and laser lights, are various colors and at the moment the room is bathed in soft blues and pinks while somehow still being mostly dark.

However, our protagonists, are a couple of floors up, above the dance hall. Remy is walking down a corridor with a hand held out as he nears a corner and with his hand out he tries to stop Rogue from floating or walking past. "Look, down d'at 'all is d'e safe. An d'at's where ya come in." He says with a wink and then a finger moves to press against his lips in the 'shh' gesture.

Rogue wasn't entirely sure what she was doing here or how he'd talked her into this… He'd said 'Ey Roguey, wanna go out to a fine club?' and she'd just jumped at the chance. He'd told her WHY on their way there though, which had made her groan and shake her head, but she was going along with it cause hey, its better than sitting at home!

Rogue is dressed in a black tshirt with a low-scooped neckline, and around her neck is a black light scarf that is swirled once around her neck. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail and her white bangs are framing her face loosely, she's got long dark green gloves on, blue jeans and a black leather belt with a silver (X) buckle in front of her pelvis. On her feet? black leahter boots!

The southern belle stops moving when the Cajun says so, she freezes and looks around then down the hallway. "Wait, what?" She asks. "What do I need t'do?" She'd already forgotten.

Remy rolls his eyes at Rogue's question, "Rogue, Ah need ya to eit'er break int'd'e safe, and if ya can' do d'at, ya takin' d'e whole safe." The cajun says before he turns the corner and lifts both his hands towards his lapel and pops his collar with the motion of his duster billowing behind him. "Ah feel like a million bucks." The thief says to himself before he turns his head to catch sight of himself in a mirror and winks at his own image. He looks over his shoulder back at Rogue and goodness this night is gonna be great!

"Oh, right." Rogue responds. "No problem. I'll just rip the door open. I've broken inta tons'a safes before."

And with that said she's about to walk down the hallway until she looks back to see him dolling himself up in front of a mirror which gets a huuuuuuuuuge eye roll from the green eyed gal. She appears in the reflection beside him on his right, then raises her gloves hands up to pop her 'scarf' like it were a jacket collar, so its up around her neck and jawline even higher.

"I look way bette'ah than you." She says back at him, glancing over at him and flashing him a -billion- dollar grin. And with that, a second later she's turning around and strutting toward wherever that office is that has the safe. "Time t'earn the big bucks." She quietly says in her husky hued voice.

"Ya have d'e bes' look an ya know it." Remy says with a roll of his own eyes. "Ah'd be hotta too wit' curves like d'ose." The thief follows behind the superheroine and when the mirror they were just looking at splinters into thousands of pieces with a new hole in the middle of it. The quilted hallway wall pops open too with a brust of fabric and cushion. "What was d'at?" Remy asks, turning around and looking at the hole in the wall.

The thief lifts his finger to examine it closer and frowns as he puts his index finger into the hole. "What d'e?"

Rogue is several steps ahead of Remy, but breaking glass is something you don't normally just 'not register' so when he openly asks what it was, now she's curious too and she halts her steps and spins around to look also… her right hand planting against her hip. She stares past him and starts to walk back to him, looking at the hole behind the mirror. "What'd you do?" She asked the Cajun then, figuring he broke the thing after she turned around. "I know I ain't that fugly." She says to him with a sly grin after having certainly accepted his compliments prior to the 'breakening' of the glass mirror. "Why'd ya hit it?" She asks further.

The problem with Rogue's theory that she'd be able to figure out quickly is the quilted wall is on the other side of the hall from the mirror. The damage in the mirror is also centered on a single circle. A perfect hole. Should Rogue look close enough she'd be able to see into the hole and see a small bit of light coming through the inside of the mirror when a flash of brighter light happens again and suddenly there's another hole and Rogue would feel a sharp ping of her shoulder followed by another hole and ping in the belly.

She's being shot. There's a room on the otherside of the mirror. It's a one way window! What the heck! Remy turns around and dives onto the ground against the wall with the mirror and he frowns. "D'is is also why Ah ask'd ya t'come."

Once the second shot happened, Rogue knew full well that they were gunshots, but it didn't really concern her even in the slightest. She does make sure she's in front of Remy though as the next shots ring out and slap against her body, but do not real damage to her at all, some of them don't even break through her shirt as since they aren't entering her body they don't tear through the fabric.

Rogue glances down at herself and then walks toward the mirror and whomever was on the other side shooting at them. They may soon come to realize that the girl with the white bangs isn't exactly threatened by a gun…

And then she's throwing a gloved fist right at the mirror to smash her way through to the other side, then tear the mirror off the wall! Rogue's going to smash her way through the wall if needs be to get at whoever just tried to kill her!

It's like a giant robot tearing through a standee cutout of Jane Fonda, Rogue walks through the wall with the guy on the other side freaking out and standing up quickly, knocking his chair over in his hurry to get away. The magazine is ejected from his gun and he slams in another one before sliding a new one into the gun and getting ready to shoot Rogue more because he doesn't have any other plan.

Remy has moved off the floor to get out of Rogue's way and puts his back against the wall and yet he starts to inch away towards the doorway they originally were going to go in. Yeah, split up while his girlfriend is getting shot at. Remy's a genious and a scoundrel.

Rogue does indeed go right through the wall like it was made out of tissue paper… maybe not as graceful as Kitty Pryde can do it… but she goes through it anyway, with chunks of plaster and wood and other builder-y stuff just falling down around the southern belle while she keeps her eyes locked dead on target on the man who's stumbling back out of his chair with his weapon.

"Oh look at you, darlin'." Rogue says. "Got yourself a real fancy big gun there, don't ya. Makes ya feel all 'hard' don't it." She taunts him as she walks right at him, not worried if he gets that other magazine loaded or not. "Sittin' behind a trick mirror and shootin' people you don't even know, like some kinda giant wimp-ass bitch."

Even if he does start shooting at her again, she's lunging at him to take the gun by the barrel and twist it upward while squeezing it shut, effectively destroying the weapon.

She'd go to yank it out of his hands then and discard it off to her left side with a quick hard throw! "Now hows about a girl show a guy a good time and give ya nice big smooch, huh?" Remy might want to stop her if he wants to get any info out of the Gunman…

Too bad for Rogue the man doesn't possess super strength or kung fu grip action. She wrenches the gun out of his hand without much effort and he quickly reaches to his back and grabs a knife. Yeah a knife. What does he plan on doing with that?

The criminal lunches forward like some kind of fool and tries to bring the point of the blade down into Rogue's colar bone with all the human strength he can muster. "Mutant bitch!" Yeah he's got some very strong dialogue options.

Remy is however busy being the cowardly thief as he breaks into the door into another room and his adventures are not going to be divluged because Rogue's much much more interesting!

"You're dedicated to livin', I'll give ya that much." Rogue says to the man after his knife just hits her shoulder and doesn't really do anything but stand atop her. She glances over at it and then looks back to him. "And thats just no way t'treat a lady!" She says as she reaches up to take hold of the man by his shirt, balling it up in her fists and raising him up off of the floor in front of her, several inches up above her so that he's looking down right at her green eyes, filled with annoyance and anger.

"Night night, Sugah." Rogue says then, as she lowers him down and plants a big kiss right onto his lips. She keeps the two of them lip locked until he's slumped down asleep in her arms, then she tosses him aside like his gun and moves to turn herself around…

"Charlie, Huh." Rogue says his name after picking that info up out of his mind. She walks back for that hole in the wall while dusting herself off. "I'll send your kid some'a the money we're here t'steal. Somethin' you ain't done for them in years."

Rogue passes through that busted out wall and back into the hallway. She starts moving forward, looking around for where Remy had gone off too now…

As Rogue rounds the corner, the doorway at the end of the hall brusts into a bright pink explosion. Remy's silhouette is contrasted sharply by the blast as the door splinters hugely into the room peppering everything with wood shrapnel. "Ah, d'ere ya are Roguernaught. Welcome t'd'e partah." The theif says with a wink as he offers her a gentlemanly way into the room. "Ladies firs'." The thief says with a smirk.

Rogue raises up one of her gloved hands when the door explodes with the mutant power of the thief from the other side of it. She lowers her hand only after hearing his voice and she peers over it at him. After a second of peering, the hand just drops down to her side and she exhales softly. "Guess that means ya didn't get shot." She says at the man while walking to the room he's in. "Bit of an over exaggerated way'a openin' a door for a lady… But I'll accept it." She smirks at the man while moving to enter the room that he's inside of. "Is this the office with the safe?" Rogue asks.

Once inside her eyes start to roam around the room taking in its interior. "Where's it at?" She asks him.

"It is. It's righ' ovah d'ere." The thief says with his finger turning over and pointing over at the painting behind the big desk in the middle of the room. "Right behind d'e pain'in'."

Remy walks over towards the desk and with the side of his arms he clears the top of the desk so he can climb over it and run his fingers along the bottom of the frame of the painting before he pulls on it and swings open the picture on hidden hinges.

Revealed, the plain black safe with golden handle and knobs, "She all yours sweethear'."

Rogue has already started to wander a bit as she explores the fancy office, and the various items on display within. "Is this like one'a those situations where everything in here looks super expensive and valuable… expensive like it belongs in a museum, but in actuality its all just fake crap that the guy who owns this place found online?" She picks up a statue of a ebony monkey with crystal eyes that look almost hypnotizing… she stares at it a moment and then sets it back down after Remy speaks. "Weird stuff…" Rogue mutters whilst turning around to go help him.

Once at his side, she's brushing her hair out of her face and then pulling her gloves off so that there's a lot of dangerous Rogueskin on display from fingertips up to beneath the sleeves of her tshirt. She glances over at Remy and then reaches out to take hold of the handle and just PULLS on it, hoping to rip the door open with it!

"Ya got a hole in ya top." Remy says idly as the wall crashes loudly and the whole safe itself comes out of the wall in Rogue's hand. "'Bout what Ah expected." The thief whispers before he turns back towards the hole where the door way with a that boyish smile on his lips.

"T'd'e x-car!" Remy says teasingly as he vaults the desk on his way out.

Once the safe is ripped out of the wall and into her hands, Rogue just glances down at it… she sighs at her own strength. "Sometimes its hard t'control all this power." She whispers over at him before she looks down at the hole in her shirt, she sees 3 more of them in fact. "Just so long as the bra is okay. It costs about ten times what the shirt cost." She glances back at him and flashes him a grin before she turns then and starts to 'float' after the man vaulting over the desk, she hovering just a few inches off the ground with the safe in her hands.

"So this is just a gang heist?" She asks him then. "What are we gonna do with the money? I don't know if it feels right if we spend it on ourselves… we should give it t'some charity or something, but… we have to launder it first right? However, that, is… done."

END of Pt 1

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