The Old Titans and the New

May 28, 2018:

Cassandra and Caitlin visit the Themysciran Embassy and are met by Diana and Donna.

Themyscira Embassy - New York City

This is a 3-story tall building on the east side of Manhattan near Fifth Avenue. The building primarily serves the needs of the small island of Themyscira. Its a new comer to the Consulates/Embassies in NYC.

The building sits behind a wrought iron fence that is periodically dotted with large white light globes that shine brightly at night. The front doors of the Embassy open up to a large hallway with marble floors and a grand staircase that wraps up in two directions toward the second floor above.

Offices, meeting rooms, bedrooms and a dining hall are the major locations within the Embassy, though there is also a large 'ball room' that is a converted training center for the Amazon Warrior Women to train and put on combat show displays for visitors to the Embassy.

Diana's office sits on the first floor near the back of the Embassy. An assistant's desk sits outside of Diana's office and the assistant will see guests / visitors in to see the Ambassador whenever their scheduled appointments are.

The Embassy is filled with art from Themyscira and historic Greek 'mythology'.


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Early afternoon, and the hustle and bustle of the Embassy has, for the most part, begun to die down. Most of the meetings with the senior staff have either been held, or are in a holding pattern, the final tour has just about come to the end of its run, and the building, at least the first floor open to the public, seems to be in the process of getting into 'reset and restart' mode.

Donna Troy, only recently come to, well, the universe more broadly, but the Embassy more specifically, has not been idle since her arrival, but has found a way to work her way into the usual routine. Just now, she's walking with the final group of tourists as she heads them towards the exit doors. Even having been with the group for the duration of their tour, she still seems to elicit a few bemused looks from the group.She is in that odd place of physically looking like an Amazon. Indeed, she'd often been mistaken, by those not as familiar with her as others, with the Ambassador. But, more generally, simply having the poise and carriage of one. And yet, she had not given over to wearing the usual Amazonian armor. Instead, she wore her own costume, bracers, armbands and lasso, all familiar, but with that belted black fabric jumpsuit that seemed to hold a host of stars in its weave.

She did not, of course, allow that bemusement to be more than a stumble in the road, and when she finally fare-welled the last member of the tour group out of the door, she seemed well pleased. A good few hours work well done. Now there was only the equipment to reset in the ball room, as they shifted from making it a promotional space and took it back to being a place for members of the Embassy and regular visitors to come and train.


"So then Cyborg takes a bite of the hash browns and he just *flips out*,"

The blond teen that calls herself 'Wonder Girl' can be heard as she enters the embassy alongside her 'big sis' Fairchild- She too is adorn in costume, a black wig held in place by a set of high-tech goggles, a halter top with a well-weaved 'WG' logo and a pair star-spangled jeans. Strapped to her back is all of her combat gear- sword, shield, and shortbow, She's hyped to get in some training at her new favorite hangout and she's even more hyped to do so with a good friend. Who also has spent the last half hour or so being subjected to Cassie's rantings about how her attempt to make breakfast on her own for the group had gone horribly wrong. "There were lights flashing and his head's spinning like Beetlejuice and it's like- Hey, I get it, I'm no Julia Child, but just because the eggs ended up a *little* crisp doesn't warrant some Looney Toons reaction, I mean am I wrong?"

Spoiler: They were horribly burned.

And hidden inside the hashbrowns.


Caitlin winces sympathetically at Cassie's rant. Also, that's a /lot/ of wasted food, and that hurts her heart and her stomach in a very painful sort of sympathy.

Admittedly, Caitlin's head was close to spinning too, but breakfast is breakfast and when you're the only cook in the ENTIRE TOWER, it's nice to let someone else into the kitchen once in a while.

Cait's wearing her comfortable heroic attire, a short-sleeved unitard that leaves her legs bare. It's too warm out for pants! "You did really good, you know? You've got to start /somewhere/. And I'm sure Cyborg was just… playing it up a bit. For laughs," she says, delicately trying to defuse Cassie's ire.

"…Maybe next time, though, keep the stove on low? I ruined a lot of food when I was living alone 'cause I thought hotter meant faster. It just means it gets ruined faster," she says, wryly. Her thick red hair is pulled back into a ponytail that hangs to her shoulderblades, with a couple black barrettes to keep her bangs out of her face. She is carrying a duffel bag of gear as well— a hodgepodge of arms and armor, and not all of it of Themysciran design or origin.

She cranes her neck, looking around for a familiar face, and spots Donna Troy. "Oh! There she is, that's the lady who was at the tower when the whole, uh, Asgardian-witch-craziness happened. I didn't get a chance to talk to her before. Her name's Donna. Do you know her?" she inquires of Cassie, steering their path towards the raven-haired woman.


The sound of two youthful voices raised in conversation serves to catch Donna's attention, just as she was about to duck into the ball room to begin clearing things away from the day of tours. The sight of Caitlin brings a look of recognition to her face. She remembered meeting the woman, though she did not think, now, that they had really been introduced. That was the downside of stepping into an already well-oiled machine. Everyone assumed you already knew everyone. The second young woman is entirely a stranger, but Donna had long since grown accustomed to that. With a glance down to their armaments as well as the duffel Caitlin's carrying, it isn't hard to surmise what they're here for. Also? No one's running in with their hair on fire, so…likely not an emergency call out.

Donna stepped away from the entry to the ball room, making her way towards the two younger women, "Welcome. I'm afraid I never caught your name." Might as well get that out now. Donna does offer her own though, as is only polite, "Donna Troy. I don't think I gave mine either. Welcome to the Embassy. Here for the room? It's in a bit of disarray at the moment. Shouldn't be but a few minutes."


Diana has been in the Embassy's backyard all afternoon playing host to a large group of visitors who'd come for a schedule lunch outside on this fine early summer day. But with the afternoon leading on, things were breaking up now and the Ambassador was making her way back inside the Embassy's rear entrance after having said her goodbyes to the visitors.

Now though, Diana walks down the central hallway of the Embassy with her assistant who's reading off a list of things to the Ambassador about whats to go on later tonight and then more earlier in the morning. Diana is listening closely, though when she notices the others in the Embassy now she looks toward them, Donna first, then Cassie and her companion. She offers a smile all three, her right hand raised up to give a light wave while she pauses in the hallway to turn toward her assistant who's finishing up her rundown of appointments.

Diana is wearing a sleeveless white dress that goes down to her knees and up to her neckline, her dark hair is tied back in a simple ponytail.

"Dinner tonight." Diana says to her assistant. "With the Henriks… How exciting." She says with a slight grin toward her employee. "Hopefully it goes better than the last time."


"'The stove on low'? Well of course I did-" Cassie replies with furrowed brows, only to suddenly find herself second guessing herself once the clarification sinks in and the more she tries to remember, the more she realizes she doesn't remember. ".. I'll keep that in mind." She has no intention of giving up, especially since she wants to be able to cook Themysciran cuisine.

Her attention is then drawn toward, "Hmn? No, though… The name somehow sounds famil.. iar…" Cassie's jaw goes a bit slack as she can't help but stare at Donna, who's attire is enchanting for its design, but it's actually her very presence that makes the teen almost freeze up due to its familiarity. But Cassie would swear that she's never met Donna in her entire life. Curiously enough even Diana's presence being added to the group isn't quite enough to shake her from her (temporary) dumbfounded state.


Caitlin smiles at Donna in a friendly fashion, and sets her bag down with a heavy *thunk* and rattle of the steel within. "Caitlin Fairchild, but call me Cait or Caitlin, I'm not picky," the tall ginger says, and offers Donna a very polite and carefully gentle handshake. "I felt really bad about rushing off without actually, like, introducing myself. Rude," she says, chivying herself. She seems otherwise unaware of Cassie's dumbstruck condition, looking quite pleased to be making a new friend. She's got the sort of face that probably makes it hard to win any money at poker, but it's full of unabashed sincerity.

"I was asking around and someone gave me your name. I didn't mean to be stalkerish," she hastens to add. "Just— wanted to make sure I was talking about the right person!"

She glances at Cassie, then nods affirmative at Donna's more direct question. "We were hoping to do some sparring, or drills," she answers, interlacing her hands in front of her in a posture of loose relaxation. "Nothing formal, though. Just gotta knock some rust off!"

Caitlin spots the elegant figure Diana cuts in the distance. It's hard -not- to recognize Wonder Woman, and the big ginger flashes a beaming smile and waves back at Diana, popping up onto the balls of her feet (a wholly superfluous action) as she does.


It's only very rare exceptions, that would not make note of the arrival of Diana. Donna…is not one of those exceptions. As soon as the Ambassador stepped into the main hall, announced, not only by the sound of her voice, but by the sheer force of her presence, Donna's attention turns away from Caitlin and her companion, and settles on Diana. It isn't, truthfully, done in an impolite manner, it's more…in the manner of a moon, always being drawn back to the planet around which it circles. The wave she returns, after marking that Diana was not, quite, heading in their direction. She lifts a hand, as one might if they were asking for the hand of another, a gesture to draw Diana in, if she so chooses. Still, it does mean that when Donna finally does look back to Caitlin and company, the look of shock and recognition on the costumed brunette's face is surprising.

"There's no need to explain or apologize, Caitlin. I can't imagine anyone wouldn't want a few answers after that. I should have been more forthcoming in my own introductions." Well, she had been used as a human mace, but, you know. "And we'd be happy to host your training." But then that leaves her with the young woman beside Caitlin, and Donna gentles her voice. Much as she once said to Diana, she never really knows what sorts of responses she will get when people meet her for the first time, "Is something wrong.." her voice trails off, and, as Cassie has met to give her name, she looks towards Caitlin for assistance.


Diana finishes up her small meeting with her assistant after the event outside and then she glances back over at the three near the dining hall and she separates from her employee and moves in their direction. She catches Cassie's bewildered stare toward Donna and her eyes sweep between the two while a grin forms on her lips at the sight of it.

As she approaches she interlaces her fingers together in front of her lap and her chin dips down in a single nod toward the three of them. "Well, aren't the three of you looking quite lovely today." She first notes, regarding that they're all dressed in their Heroic attires. Her eyes go to Cassie first solely though and she nods once toward her. "All of your gear?" Diana asks. "Are you coming from the Arts Center or…?"

Diana's words trail off there and she looks back to Donna, smiles at her sister and then reaches her right hand out to Donna's left shoulder where she'll gently place it then motion toward Cassie. "Cassandra Sandsmark. She is our youngest addition to the Themysciran people, recently welcomed by Queen Hippolyta to train and learn our people's ways."

And then the Ambassador's hand leaves Donna's shoulder and extends to Caitlin. "It is good to see you again too, Caitlin." Diana says in her thickly accented English.


There are a lot of thoughts zipping through her head while her stare remains on Donna and even as she's addressed directly there isn't anything but silence in return even as her lips move as if she was mumbling something in return. It's completely unusual behavior for certain, but once Diana introduces Cassie for her, that's when she suddenly stands up straight and is back on planet Earth, "Diana!" she greets as she flashes a bright smile. Wait, what's going on? "Oh, yeah, I couldn't really decide what to leave behind so, I just brought everything, haha.."

Finally she looks to Donna again and quickly offers out her hand, with a more guilty smile, "It's nice to meet you, Donna! Though.. Ah, we've never actually met before, right?"


Caitlin looks relieved when Donna accepts her explanation at face value, smiling happily. "Well, all's well now," she remarks, sounding quite chipper. At Donna's inquiring look towards Cassie, Caitlin does a double-take towards the blonde heroine, bafflement and then concern crossing her features. "Cass? You okay?" she inquires, tentatively resting a gentle hand on Cassie's arm and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Cassie seems to rally surprisingly quickly, though, and Caitlin blinks once in surprise at the sudden reversal. At that point, however, Diana's offering her a handshake, and the redhead turns towards Diana with a decidedly ungainly loss of balance. "Oh, hi Diana, it's so good to see you too," she says, a little rushed, and gently clasps Diana's hand in both of her palms. Caitlin's /very/ careful not to squeeze anyone's hands— given the ironlike feel of the tendons in her fingers, it's probably a good thing she's so cautious. "You look great today! I like your dress," she adds, a beat later.


Donna, as Diana approached, shifted her stance so that the four women could stand together and converse more easily. At Dina's comment, there's actual humor in Donna's eyes, in her voice. "I'll thank you for the compliment. Since I was working with the tours today, I thought I had better do my best to attempt to look the part." There was the reality of who they were, but there was also the reality that visitors, tourists also expected a certain level of spectacle.

Diana's hand, and her introduction to Cassandra shifts Donna's attention back to the young woman still standing beside Caitlin, her smile as welcoming as her sister's. "It is good to meet you, Cassandra. If I can assist in your training, of course I will." The question coming from the young woman brings a momentary pause, Donna's eyes falling down and to the left, as she seems to be trying to search her recollections. Only for a brief space, before she looks back up, "Not that I can recall. I've really only just…returned here." From where, well, that sh doesn't elaborate on.


Diana has to grin at Cassie's response to her and she raises her dark eyebrows up at the young one. "Well." She starts. "At least it is unlikely that anyone on the street will pester you when they get a look at the gear you are toting about, yes?" She holds that grin before her eyes look back to Caitlin. Cait's words cause the Princess to glance down at herself quickly and then when she looks back up she's also wearing a big smile on her red hued lips. "You are so sweet." She tells Caitlin, returning the handshake before she glances back then toward Donna.

"They do expect it." Diana replies about a spectacle. "But I stopped going out of my way to provide it… at least to the adults. The children on the hand are far more worthy of the… armors, the shows of tradition… Weapons too, if we make a note to speak on the responsibilities of wielding them. Children often love swords and shields, but they need to be reminded that a weapon's purpose is protection before aggression." Diana would then nod her head softly to Donna. "Thank you though, for being here for others. I appreciate that."

Her eyes then take in all three of them before her and her hands come together again in front of her waistline. "Should I have a dinner prepared for all of you tonight here?" She asks. "I have a place I have to be, but the three of you are of course welcome to all that we have here."???


"Hmn? Oh yeah! I'm fine, I guess I just spaced out for a second," Cassandra replies to Cait, and even leans a little into the squeeze. Seeing Diana and Cait interact is a real treat for her though; it feels like a long time ago when Cassie would listen to her stories about her interactions with the amazons and now here they all are together!

Cassie's thrown for another brief loop once graced by Donna's smile, but when it's clear that they haven't actually met before, she doesn't have much choice but to accept it- And yet, "I'd love that!" blurts from her lips in response to the offer of assistance and her cheeks gently flush shortly after. ".. Ah, sorry. I'm just.. I'm really excited. It's hard to explain but this moment, like, the four of us here? It just feels really *right* to me…"

Clearly they need to form a band and solve mysteries.

A more sheepish laugh follows Diana's teasing, "Yeah, and that's assuming they can get passed Cait first. And she's not just sweet, she's totally dependable and responsible; I couldn't ask for a better friend!" At the snap of a finger, she's from embarrassed to absolutely proud to praise her friend. Finally her eyes light up at the offer for dinner. "Absolutely! Thank you very much!"


Food? If Caitlin's ears could stand up, they would. As it is, an alert tension ripples over her frame. "Ooh, food?" she inquires, almost simultaneously with Cassie. Her eyes widen at Diana's casual invitation. "I could /definitely/ eat." Which is something again of a redundancy— Caitlin is by nature already thinking about her next meal five minutes after the previous one is gone.

"I—" she shifts her weight and trips a little over the heavy duffel bag at her feet, but manages not to fall on her face after a bit of pinwheeling.

Cassie's answer to Diana buys her some time to not pratfall, and Caitlin's ears turn a radiant shade of pink at Cassie's effusive praise. She gives the blonde Wonder Girl her biggest, happiest smile, and steeples her hands in front of her mouth with a shy, silent applause for Cassie's kindness.

Also, Cassie takes the words right out of Caitlin's mouth, and she's nodding vigorously before Cassie's done speaking. "Yes, food, food is good. And I worked out this morning so it's not cheating if I skip my twice-a-day," she says, flicking a forefinger through the air decisively.


"Well," again, that warm humour in Donna's voice, at Diana's comment about no longer giving in to the remands of the masses, "I am still new. And, I will say mine is at least a sight more comfortable than the usual." Sure, the bracers do, on occasion, chafe, but you really can't beat a onesie for comfort. "I haven't had the fortune to work with any of the children's groups, but I am looking forward to it." With Cassandra seeming to recover herself, Donna will, for the time being, set aside any of her questions about the younger woman's strange behavior. A mystery to be discussed in lighter company, perhaps, given her seeming embarrassment, "I agree. I don't think you ever really notice how much it can mean to be with a group of like minded women, until you are actually in it." The offer of dinner, is indeed welcome, her own reply offered as she steps around to assist Caitlin in correcting herself, if needs be. "That would be wonderful, Diana. Depending on when you two would like to eat, we could have a meal now, and practice after, or practice now. I am happy to go along with what you two prefer."


Diana shows a warm smile to what Cassie says and the emotion it seems to summon inside the younger one. "Well, you three are always welcome here any time you wish to come." She looks then toward Caitlin who's about to stumble, but Donna's got her covered. "I hope that's not a sign of you not getting enough food in your system." Diana tells Caitlin, showing a faint grin as she doesn't truly believe it is, based on how Cait speaks on the prospect of a good meal here at the Embassy, its just some goodnatured ribbing!

When the assistant to the Ambassador returns to Diana's right side, the Princess takes a moment to speak to the young woman and then tells her to let the Chef know that they'd be having a dinner party of three at the house tonight.

Diana then looks back to Donna. "I like your suit. It reminds me of the starry nights that I would stare up at from the beach back home. Listening to the waves and watching the night skies." She shows a light smile. "Good times, from a long time ago."


Cassandra doesn't even raise a brow to Caitlin's initial reaction as it's come to the point where it's 'the norm', "Hah!" is the amused response to Diana's reaction, though she both clears her throat and brushes her hand across her lips to wipe the smile off her face. "Er, I mean a meal now training after sounds good to me; actually now that you mention it, are culinary lessons on the table too? I've been thinking about expanding my cooking skills.." the question is directed a little more toward Donna.

Then her attention is drawn back to Donna's attire, but this time she notices a detail she somehow missed before. Diana's meaningful, poetic reflection is followed with a blunt, "… You have a lasso?"



Caitlin's the only woman in the world who can clear a building with a standing high jump and then trip over her own feet. Donna's assistance is welcome, though Cait's definitely a /lot/ more mass than she looks (which is saying something).

"Uh… these are new shoes?" Caitlin ventures, lying through her teeth and doing a bad job of disguising it. She clears her throat, but the question posed to Donna gives her a few seconds to get her furious self-conscious blush under control as well as her balance. Cassie's suggestion of culinary lessons gets a very vigorous nod of assent, when Caitlin's reasonably sure Cassie isn't looking!

She finds herself inspecting Donna's unitard as well, curiosity pushing her out of momentary embarrassment. "It /is/ really neat," she agrees. "What's it made out of? Like… is it vantablack carbon nanotubes with fiber optic threads? I mean, that's a pretty stylish look," she tells Donna. "I can't imagine where you'd get that much Vantablack, it's still pretty new stuff, I mean— the carbon growers, y'know, you can't really develop the lattice quickly, and you're" she mutters to herself, sizing Donna up, "little shy of six feet tall, figure…. surface area… minus…" She holds a finger up, eyes rolling at something over everyone's heads as she envisions the math, mumbling to herself. "Two… tenth power… carry… Gosh, half a million dollars for an outfit made out of Vantablack?" she hazards.

Realizing she's babbling, she clears her throat and interlaces her hands behind her back. "It looks very neat," she tells Donna. Feigning nonchalance, Caitlin looks /very interested/ at the conversation about the lasso.


Diana's recollection, of a time, now, long distance in both women's past brings a brightness to Donna's expression, "I'd forgotten you haven't really had much experience with the suit. I will have to see if we can secure some time when you have no other duties." There's something almost childlike in Donna's tone, hearkening back, perhaps, to those days when both she and Diana were young enough that the world was in that way only children can see it, a wonderful place. "I might have a way to take you to see those stars."

Cassandra's preference for the meal now seems to settle things for Donna, and the question of culinary lessons is also fielded with ease, "I do not know if the women here offer lessons, but I would be more than happy to teach you what I know. I've always enjoyed cooking, and being able to do so for more than myself would be a welcome change." The change in topic, as they move from food back back to weaponry brings Donna's eyes down to her own waist, "Yes. It is a sister to Diana's, similar, but with its own unique gifts." Much like the woman herself, when compared to the Amazonian Princess.

"It was, I am told, made from the stars and the firmament itself. A gift, given to me…now many years ago, by Crius and Mnemosyne, Titans of old. Imbued with some of their power. A gift I have tried to use well." Caitlin's rambling actually seems to catch Donna's interest. "I think I have seen a few videos of such a thing. That is the paint which reflects no light?"


Diana shows a sly grin at Cassie. "They have culinary courses at the Arts Center as well. Its not all just about clashing swords and bashing shields." She chides the younger Amazonian girl. "But I get it, everyone rushes to the sounds of battle." Its been challenging getting anyone who isn't older to branch out with their interests at the Themysciran Center down the road from here.

But her eyes soon go to Caitlin and her dark brows rise up as she listens to that rambling rant about the possible materials that could make up Donna's attire. She stares at Cait throughout it and when she finishes it with an admission of rambling, Diana is just grinning at her. "My my. Now I know who to go should I wish to ever change my style. Someone sure knows their stuff."

When the subject of Donna's attire and lasso continue though, Diana listens to her sister's response and acknowledges it with a quick single nod. "You have used it well. Of that, I am certain." Diana tells her, showing a little smile before she's starting to turn then.

"I have to sadly prepare for my trip out tonight. But the three of you, stay… enjoy the food here. Our Chef is world class and will prepare something truly wonderful for you."


Cassie most certainly misses Caitlin's betrayal (ok it isn't actually betrayal), though she does slowly turn her head and look up at her when she goes into full nerd-out mode. The only issue for her though, is that she hasn't the slightest idea what 'vantablack' is so it's a little hard to follow up until, "'Half a million dollars?!'" It appears Donna knows though, and the question asked does shed light on its pricing.

Then there's a pause to take in Donna and Diana's conversation. Did she miss something? Is Donna talking about something spiritual or are they going into outer space? *She* wants to go too, but it'd be rude for her to speak up about that so instead just lets it go first with mild envy, but it's abruptly swatted away thanks to Donna's volunteering, "No way!" she crosses her hands in front of her as she bows. "Thank you *very* much!"

She then raises her hands in an almost surrendering manner, "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that! I've been meaning to get to the pottery eventually, for example. A- Anyhow you don't have to tell me twice; I love this place!" and she waves as Diana departs.

Now then, back to the lasso. That it's a gift interests her though it reminds her of the complete contrast of her having 'creatively required' artifacts to fly back in the day. "Hmm, I see."


"G'bai Diana!" Caitlin says, bidding the woman a cheerful farewell. She grins down at Cassie as the blonde girl pouts, and laughs a little. It's not an unkind sound, and she hugs Cassie immediately with a quick reassurance.

Also, it helps ground her a little, because Caitlin's fingers are /itching/ to attack that unique fabric and that would probably make people a little uncomfortable. "It's— uh, yeah, that's Vantablack," she confirms for Donna. "It's more like crystals than fiber though, so it's kind of hard to visualize without a microscope designed to illuminate it properly. Basically it traps and absorbs light in these billions of microscopic little tubes and lattices. /Super/ cool stuff, we use it for some optical benchmark stuff at the Labs."

The smells of food are making Caitlin's nose twitch. "So… like, I think I smell food cooking already," she says, as nonchalantly as she's able. "Shall we start drifting that way, see if we can get a good seat?"


"It has been a long time, since I had the luxury of being around friends, family," Donna's hand rises, the gesture encompassing the Embassy as a whole and what it represents, "I would be glad to do it." There was a comfort in companionship that only the most solitary of individuals could deny. As Donna sets herself up for her departure, Donna turns her attention that way, dipping her head, a gesture of respect. Diana might well be her sister, but she was also her Princess. "I will find you after a while, I have no doubt. And you might wish for the respite."

With Diana off on her own agenda, Donna returns her attention to the two woman still with her. "I think she understands," Donna offers to Cassandra, "Well enough, I remember how much I wanted to be on the practice field, and not so much in the classroom. It is not wrong to want both." She steps back, as Diana finally disappears back towards her office, "If you have any questions about my armaments," though, really, she seems to wear no real weaponry save for the lasso, "I would be happy to answer over dinner."

Caitlin's suggestion receives a smile, and a nod of acceptance, "You can tell me more about Vantablack, and I can tell you a bit more about all of this. But dinner first and foremost." And with that, she'll lead the way towards the dining hall, "I think I have a seat I think you will find enjoyable. you'll have a good view of the grounds as well as the rest of the dinners." Because who doesn't like to people watch while they eat?

It's what food courts, and dining halls are made for.

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