Baby Aurora

May 28, 2018:

Baby Aurora is 'born' more or less, to a shocked set of parents.


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It had been a fairly slow few weeks since Marcos and Lorna had gotten married officially. Not that she'd gone around telling people, though in this house it was likely well known already. Still, there had been things to arrange, the key to Remy's apartment in Mutant Town burned in her pocket practically. Options. Genosha, going back would be dangerous, but she'd put so much effort and time into making a place to be a home there for their daughter.. There was the X-mansion of course, but with things heating up in the government toward Registration.. the mansion would be a prime target.

And then there was the thought that they could go to ground, from Mutant Town and out, become lost in the crush of bodies and live off in the middle of no where.. It was an attractive option.

Though Lorna knew it would drive her mad. She'd already had a few panic attacks over choosing, and it hadn't been particularly fun incidents. Which was how she'd ended up in NYC and ran into Nightwing last night.

The green haired mutant shuffled along from the kitchen and slowly down the hall toward the room she and Marcos had taken over. A cup of coffee in hand, and a yawn on her lips. She'd gotten dressed and fallen back asleep earlier, and had only just woken up again. Her hair a tangled mess of green and her feet bare.


Marcos had already marking destinations to try and help Lorna out and attempt to prevent her from having as many panic attacks as she did. but…their options weren't amazing and each one had it's own share of danger.

But what would be safest for Aurora?

Marcos lost much sleep about it, but once he was asleep? he was -out-. but he woke up some few seconds after Lorna did. "huh…? you okay baby?" his arms wrapped back around her as he kisses around her forehead.


Marcos had already marking destinations to try and help Lorna out and attempt to prevent her from having as many panic attacks as she did. but…their options weren't amazing and each one had it's own share of danger.

But what would be safest for Aurora?

Marcos lost much sleep about it, but once he was asleep? he was -out-. but he woke up some few minutes after Lorna did. getting up out of bed and immediately checking on Aurora, his eyes shift as he moves to find Lorna. "there you are." he says groggily.


Lorna smiled blurrily, rubbing her hand against her eyes as she made to plop down on the mattress where she could sit and sip at her coffee. "I hope I didn't wake you up. I figured it was late enough I should get up and eat something. Snagged some toast." She exhaled a breath, bare feet tucked under her as she glanced toward the contraption that held their baby.

"When do you think we'll know… that.. I mean.." She wasn't sure how to explain it. When Aurora was 'done'? When Aurora was 'born'? It seemed wrong to say either. The words didn't match the circumstances at all.

She trailed off, a rough sigh falling from her lips as she dragged her hand through her tangled locks of green.


Marcos sits down next to Lorna on the mattress, wrapping his arm around her as they looked st their child. "Actially…I was told we would finally be able to hold our daughter very soon. but I don't have specifics." He didn't have coffee. so he was a little drowsy either way.

"and it's okay…you didn't wake me. I?ve been sleeping on and off all night." he slides his hand through her hair, massaging her scalp.

"How did you sleep?"


+MEET: Nate Grey has arrived via +meet.


Lorna glanced side long at Marcos, arching a brow. "What, did you go talk to Hank or Banner or whoever? It's kinda new territory, baby in a bottle or whatever." She snorted into her coffee mug and rolled her eyes as Marcos settled down beside her. Her green eyes trained on the little container that held baby Aurora in it, as it had for months. It wasn't clear if there was anything new, or strange happening. Not to begin with.

But then the lights started to flicker and spark, the lamp beside the bedpost blew, the bulb shattering as it burned hot and shorted. The outlets in the room nearest to Aurora's container spat electrical sparks and hisses…

And the container was beeping, and blaring warnings. Electrical flickers, now very much visible, of light burst and popped. The mechanisms seeming to fail suddenly.


Marcos nodded to her. "Talked to both of them actually. Told me their estimations so I went off of that." he chuckles. theeen things started flying around the room and Marcos's smile slowly died down.
"what the hell?" he glances to Lorna to see if she just had a sudden panic attack or something, only to look at the pod containing Aurora open and hiss.

A wary glance to Lorna as he stands up to investigate, looking around the room -just- in case. then he looks into the pod!

Maybe their daughter just wanted out?


Lorna dropped her coffee, scalding her hand in shock and surprise as she leapt to her feet as the lights flickered and bulbs blew. The mug fell to the floor with a crash and a curse. At the look from Marcos she shook her head, shaking out her scalded hand as she gaped at the room around them. "It's not me! I'm not doing it." She hissed, and as the container sparked and opened, the green haired mutant was rushing toward it.

Worry coated her expression and as she reached for it, her finger tips touching the surface, there was a sudden pop in pressure. The smell of ozone burst around them and Lorna's senses were intermediately overwhelmed. It was as if she'd shoved her fingers into an electrical socket, or grabbed a power-line.

A shout of surprise and shock escaped her, her powers going into overdrive to convert the electrical bursts into magnetic forces.. and tried very very hard to not destroy the mansion around her.

Perhaps Sinister hadn't entirely been lying when he'd said Aurora would've killed Lorna to deliver..


That is the hallmark of an expert manipulator: expertly mixing truth and lies to end up being looked up as all-knowing and wise. Did Sinister know Aurora would have an explosive birth? Maybe he did. He is the only geneticist in the world with a greater expertise than Moira and Magneto. But does that mean Magneto and his genigeener wouldn't have noticed the danger in time?

It really doesn't matter. Mutant births are still beyond Norse Annie skills and experience, despite the young woman having read all the medical notes she could and having consulting Moira about the matter more than a few times. There is just too much that is unknown.

But short-circuits at Xavier School? Plenty of knowledge about those. It is almost a weekly affair with so many powered kids with poor control around. There are backup systems, and hardened backups behind the backups. And low-key alarms people in the X-Bunker will notice quickly. Nate was there a minute ago.

He is quick to reach Lorna's room, phasing through a few walls and the elevator shaft to avoid the reinforced ferroconcrete walls he couldn't phase through. Panicky thoughts reach him halfway. Yes, looks/feels like little Aurora wants to be a real girl. "Hey guys," he greets, opening the door rather brusquely. "Sheesh… can you shield with a forcefield, Lorna? Before the baby fries something important, I mean."


Marcos notes it wasn't Lorna. there wasn't anyone else around…which means by default, it -had- to be their daughter. Marcos holds Lorna as she touched the pod, only to get a wicked shock for her efforts. "her powers are going crazy!" he says as he moves to Aurora. though unlike Lorna, Marcos's powers don't have much of a defensive use, so sadly, his shielding is pretty much none existent, though he does try to reach in and grab Aurora!

….Which might be really stupid.

But who knows! maybe the touch of her father will calm her down?

He's too distracted to notice Nate


It was through gritted teeth that Lorna twisted the sudden power spike that was her contact with her daughter. She didn't have the control of her father when it came to such strong bursts of sudden power. Magneto knew how to control large swaths of magnetic forces and do it well, that was his experience. Lorna, for all that she manifested young and had the ability to grow stronger than her father… was still decades behind.

Still, perhaps it had been a very good thing she'd spent that time in Genosha with him this past year. Because as soon as Nate was there, startling her out of her intense focus, she was able to seize control and more or less 'bubble' the sudden energy to a narrow margin around them. Aurora lights flashed and dazzled on the edges of her barrier when Marcos approached, without him even needing to touch her this time.

Her eyes blazed with magnetic forces of green and power crackled at her finger tips, but the destruction that baby Aurora was causing was now limited to a few feet around her. Breathing slowly, Lorna closed her eyes to try to pull it back in toward herself, and bit by bit.. it was doing so.

Until Marcos reached for Aurora to draw her from the busted container. Then infant cries could be heard, as a red faced baby girl was drawn forth. It became clear in a rather dazzling light display of lightning and electrostatic in brilliant arcs from daughter to mother what was going on.

A tiny little geostorm. An electrical storm. Marcos' solar powers against Lorna's magnetic fields had created not just the beautiful and swirling lights of the Auroras… but also the dangerous and sometimes deadly electrical storms generated by solar flares.


"Oh, for fucks sake," mutters Nate.

Someone cover Aurora's ears, Nate is not good for children.

But as Aurora and Marcos go flare Nate's telekinetic forcefield spreads golden around the room, reinforcing the walls and the floor, and also Lorna if she is far enough from the shattering incubator pod.

"This is not good, guys!" He shouts out, showing off his extraordinary ability to point out of the obvious. "We need to calm her down. I am going to mind-link you to her mind, okay? You need to calm her down."


Marcos doesn't even get to touch his child before Lorna summons her magnetic force field around the child to try and stop/limit it's powers to affect a very minute area of the mansion: their room. So…Marcos steps back, though the sound of the baby crying doesn't seem to harm Marcos's ears, though his level of worry is power boosted by about 110.

His eyes shift to Nate as he double reinforces just about everything, his eyes shifting back to the child at the information. "Okay nate, just don't force it alright! Gentle with it, her mind is young!" and he moves to their child, moving next to the incubator, close as he can get, his own powers lightly flaring on the other side as he sees his red-faced daughter. "Aurora! Daddy's here, okay? shhh calm down.." he tries, okay? Plus he was probably the most publically affectionate in regards to Lorna.

Either way, they need to do this fast. He's one second away from singing her a lullaby.


Lorna shot Nate a look, just because he was swearing didn't mean she wasn't mentally. He would doubtlessly feel as much panic coming from Aurora as he would from Lorna and Marcos. It was a struggle, to contain the burst of powers. It was like the time Lorna had still been pregnant in the shopping mall. When Rogue had had to fly her up into the air to release a burst of magnetism or risk destroying the mall.

Still, Nate's solution was met with look of disbelief. "Calm her down? How the hell should I do that?" She was in over her head, and it was extremely good that literally anyone else was in the room with the two new parents….

Still, Marcos' voice helped anchor Lorna at the very least. He was trying, and she had better try too. This was their kid, after all.

Despite knowing it was likely a bad idea, as Marcos stepped up to the crying Aurora, Lorna moved to pick her up. At least this time, she was prepared for the eletrical shock that would come, and as a result was ready for the spike to her own magnetic fields.

And for the first time the little crying baby could be clearly seen. Red faced from crying, little face twisted up as she screamed and screamed and waved little fists in the air. A mop of dark blueish hair on her head. Her eyes, well they were shut. As little Aurora continued to cry.

Though there was a sudden, shocked break in her tears as Nate linked their minds up. A break in the storm.


"Figure it out, you gotta be a real mom now, too," points out Nate with a smirk. He is not a strong empathy, but he can feel the panic, and since he can't really manipulate emotions this means the parents need to do their parent-work.

Fortunately mind-links don't require much power, and he can devote most of his energies to prevent the destruction from going out of Lorna's room. Linking Lorna and Marcos is not hard. Linking Aurora is more of a challenge, as the tiny baby does not even have a learnt language in her language centers. He wouldn't have been able to do this a couple years ago. « There you go. Hi, kiddo, » he offers.


Marcos was trying, his own powers flaring for that brief moment so he can help Lorna pick up their child, staying by her side as he looks at his child. It was a bit of a shocker when he had his mind linked truly with Lorna, Aurora, and Nathaniel. Woooahhh…this was -weird-. Given, he doesn't hang around telepaths too often, so his eyes are exploring the area just a little bit. This was a bit of a new feeling for him.

«Hey baby» Marcos speaks to his child. «We're here, Aurora. Mom and Dad are here.» he says with a smooth voice for his child, looking to Lorna to say a word or two herself, just so she knows her mother is there as well. You never know! maybe doing that will actually calm the baby down.

He looks at Nate, giving him a thankful nod. This should work! especially since the baby actually stops for a moment! Less freaking out is good freaking out.


Nate's mind link certainly shocked and startled the baby, enough that, for the moment, she wasn't crying, but staring wide eyed up at her parents for the first time. There was a flicker of recognition. Jean had linked Lorna and Aurora's minds briefly before; just enough for Lorna to get a sense that her daughter felt all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings for her. But that had been all it was. Vague impressions of a developing mind.

This time was different, as Lorna felt her daughter's confusion and startled wonder just as strongly as she felt her own panic bubbling in her tight chest. Be a real mom? What did that mean? It wasn't as if she had a strong mother-y-role model to compare to.

Breathing was hard. But holding Aurora, and looking down at wide, dark brown eyes like Marcos' stole her thoughts and panic away momentarily. She shifted her grip on her daughter as Marcos leaned forward and spoke. The startled confusion and wonder seemed to break whatever panicked reaction Aurora's powers had produced, and as she shifted in Lorna's arms, Aurora gurgled and coo'ed. The electrical storm died away and vanished just as suddenly as it had appeared.


Nate leans against the door, closing it along the way and telepathically shooing away the curious students that have flocked to see what was up with the light show and noise. How to be a real mom? He has no idea. Even less an idea than Lorna. So for once he doesn't have any useful (or useless) advice.

"But that was a good start," he comments, a smirk on his lips. He relaxes his forcefields, but keeps the mind-link, curious to see if they can manage some kind of communication without even a language.


Marcos calms himself then as he sees their baby. Dark blue hair, huh? perfect mixture of black and blue. Beautiful. Though now Marcos is the only member of that family with normal hair. That's okay though! If their daughter goes through a punk rock phase, she'll end up messing with his hair. Either way, the child seems to have gotten a mix of both of her parents powers. Nonetheless, he seems to be happy as the baby calms down, his hands and Lorna's hands keeping the baby warm and steady.

"There's our cute girl. Can you give daddy and mommy a smile?" he caresses Aurora's cheek, just happy to see the baby in their arms. "man…you look a lot like your mom." he chuckles a bit, looking to Nate wit ha small smile, nodding to him in quiet thanks. He doesn't speak to him telepathically, since he doesn't ant the extra noise to bother Aurora. So instead he sends positive vibes to Aurora and warm feelings.


Lorna's grip was faintly trembling with a mixture of strong emotions that hooked into her chest and wouldn't let go. Nate and his leaning and smirking smugness, that was a distracted thought that was entirely replaced with the narrow minded focus on the little life in her arms. What was she supposed to do? Aurora wasn't crying now, that was certain, but she'd cry againright? That's what babies did. And

Lorna swallowed the hard lump that formed in the back of her throat as she tried to calm down and stay calm down. Easier said than done. Thought it seemed like Aurora was content to stare up at her father, tiny legs kicking every now and then, and her tiny, chubby hands wiggling freely outside of any confinement in wonder. There was so much in the world around her! And Aurora seemed to flicker her wavering attention all around her. Sensations were new and there was little practice at filtering it.

Vivid impressions of distracted baby thoughts reverberated through the shared mind link. Communication wasn't huge, language wasn't a thing, but there was the distinct impression that Aurora knew both Lorna and Marcos' voices on some level. They were familiar.

Lorna glanced at Marcos, a blush coloring her cheeks as he chuckled and commented on their daughter's looks. Her gaze swung back toward Nate briefly, and she exhaled a shaky breath. A mental note of thanks following, as well as a plea for him to grab a blanket or something to wrap Aurora in.


Nate thumbs up at Lorna and goes to look for something suitable. Surely the happy pair got some child-care stuff around, right? If they left it all in Genosha and were too busy going Las Vegas, then Nate is going to have to do some telekinetic reconstruction with the bed sheets to get Lorna what she needed.

Either way that is the last thing he does before leaving. « Happy birthday, Aurora » he mind-whispers to the baby. Then he sneaks out of the room.


Eclipse nods to Nate then looks to Aurora, a smile on his face. A look to Lorna as he nuzzles her softly. Awww…Aurora has officially entered the world. Beautiful baby, that's for certain. But she's likely as deadly as she is beautiful…so great care should definitately be taken. With a deep breath, Marcos looks to Lorna. before gesturing back to the mattress. He sits down first, baby in their arms.

"Huh…she has my eyes." he seems to just -melt- at that. He was a dad! tears actually emerged from Marcos's eyes. This was a beautiful moment for both him and Lorna.


Lorna shifted to move with Marcos as he settled on the mattress. So long as Aurora was calm, and not in a panicked state, it would seem her powers weren't out to shock everything and everyone around them. She shifted part of her grip on her daughter, giving Marcos his own chance to hold the now squirming little baby in his arms. She smiled weakly at Marcos' melted state, the tears in his eyes. She knew that this moment was something he had always dreamed about.

Even if it hadn't necessarily worked out how they'd imagined it.

She leaned her shoulder against his, watching the two and curling her fingers through the tiny tufts of blue on their daughter's head. "She does." She whispered, and smiled down at her daughter's chubby figure.

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