Juggernaut is a Jerk!!!

May 26, 2018:

Molly Hayes and good ol'Cain Marko have a chat wherein we conclude that yes, Juggernaut is a jerk - most of the time.

Central Park


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Central Park is not without its various activities, parties, park goers, festivities and other assorted going ons that attract the attention of the various denizens that populate its green fields and thick woods.

One particular park goers seems above it all. Above everything except for one thing. Hot dogs.

Cain Marko is, by any stretch, an immense man with more in common with a wrecking ball then a regular sized human. As such, his presence draws some attention and carries with it an aura that unsettles most people who lay eyes upon him. He looms over a slightly panicked and visibly nervous hotdog vendor who trembles in the presence of the gargantuan man and waits for him to finish looking over a menu sporting various collections of junk food, soda and other assortments to buy alongside the comically small hot dog he holds in his massive hand. His shirt, a tee-shirt showing Dozilla peering between skyscrapers with a destructive grin on its features seems all to appropriate as it fills up the poro vendors field of vision

Cain gives the nervous man about as much attention as a passing thunderstorm gives a person and instead eventually reaches his meaty hand forth to grab a few bags of chips. He then reaches into his pocket and tosses a curled up bill at the man for payment.

"..Calm down, I'm not going to eat you. Damn." he finally rumbles in irritation. Not that he minds being feared but sheesh. He just wants a hot dog.


Walking into the Central Park area, Molly grumbles a little about ruined yogurt but doesn't really let it get loud. Of course, she's trying her best to focus on nothing but the ground before her as she walks and when she spots a large shadow, she looks up and sighs, "You're everywhere!" She declares and throws her arms out before grumbling and turning away from Cain and starting away. She isn't really, or at least seems to be not in the mood to deal with the large guy who seems less and less like a villain and more and more like a big, giant, jerk!


HistThe giant man seems to have changed his shirt in the aftermath of that event.. He's all nice and clean.

And then Molly actually startles him and a spurt of ketchup goes splattering onto the Godzilla face as his huge fingers twitch as if having a reflexive bit of outrage at her indignant exclamination.

"What the…!"

Cain frowns, sighs and then shakes his hand, whipping the condiments from it as he turns to see MOlly turning to start stalking away.

"Hey! Cheerleader! You following me around?? I told you to not pay any attention to whatever those chumps at Xavier's are teaching you. I thought you smarter then that!"


Turning around, she points at him, "Yeah? And what is it that they have said that is untrue?" She tilts her head and puts her hands on her hips as she stands there staring at him, "I mean, so far, they've not steered me wrong and so far you seem insistent on being a big mean guy at every turn!"


This draws some look of curiousity from Cain as he waffles between two extremes here. He inclines his head, eyes squinting and then presses the issues further.

"Eh? Is that all you've been told That I'm 'mean' That I want to be a 'big mean guy'?"


"No, also that you're a villain!" She nods her head, "You break people and things for money." She then shrugs, "It's enough." She then nods her head, "All I know is you aren't a good guy." Molly nods her head and then shrugs, "And that is all that matters. Only reason I imagine no one has you locked up is because it is hard to do."


"It's in the name. Can't stop me with guns. Can't stop me with tanks, bombs.. anything." He pauses but then adds, "..But I've done some time before. There's a few things that can hold me." Paradoc-esque perhaps, but, it's not like Molly couldn't look it up on the X-men's mainframes if she really wanted to and Juggernaut can't pretend he hasn't had losses, even if some were deliberate.

He shrugs and stuffs the hot dog into his mouth, chewing noisly before grunting out, "And yeah I break people and things for money. It's called being a mercenary. Sometimes things deserve to be broken. Just ask that animal you guys keep in my old house, Wolverine. Tha's one of his chief M.O.s. … You shouldn't judge other people so simply, little girl."


A look over at him and then away and Molly shakes her head, "He's not the same and you don't care who you hurt." She points at Juggernaut, "Besides, you've not really shown me that you are much of anything other than a big mean dude who is…well, arrogant!" She nods he rhead and stomps her foot, causing a bit of a shake which causes people to stop and look around.


"Hey!" Cain doesn't wobble much but he does blink a few times, "Watch that, what're you twelve? I thought you all were about keeing your powers under wraps and stuff. Anti-mutant this and that, right?"

He brushes his hands off and then rumbles, "Look, it aint arrogance. I just statin' the facts! And you've met all o'twice and the first time you met me, Storm goaded you into punching me! If you knew what I -coulda- done then..you wouldn't be talking to me like you are right now. Same with the yogurt shop. They spilled their yogurt and bumped into me. Not the other way around..but -i'm- the mean guy?"

He shakes his head and frowns, "Tth..Can't win for losing with you guys. You're acting like I kicked a puppy into rush hour, Muffin. That's your name right? Muffin?"


"What did you say?!" She looks back, "Molly! My name is Molly and keeping it under wraps is fine and all…" SHe glares at him, "But something about you gets me really angry." She then closes her eyes and then takes a breath before letting it out slow. She tehn shakes her head, "Look, all I know is what I was told and what I read." SHe nods her head, "From what I've seen you can be a jerk, at the least." She the points at him, "Maybe you are trying to be a better guy now or something but…"


"I aint trying to do nothing but be 'me'. Molly."
Cain wipes his hands and then tosses the napkins over his shoulder into a nearby garbage can, "You think I give a damn what people think? I"m The Juggernaut..remember?"

There's a pause..maybe to long of one, as if he was briefly having some sort of internal consideration for his own words. Then. "Sorry if I make you angry but it's not like I started something with you. All things considered, I've been pretty nice and you know it. You punched me dead in the jaw. Remember?"


A huff comes out of her and then she eyes Juggernaut as she crosses her arms over her chest, "Maybe…" She sighs and nods her head before looking over at him, "Fine, I did." She nods her head, "And I guess it wa snice of you not to be a big jerk about that." SHe then considers, "Just…" She points at him, "Try to be nicer, is all."


Cain squints his eyes at Molly and frowns mildly. He seems somewhat thrown off his game slightly but in the end..he shrugs lightly,

"Alright, alright, sure kid. Molly. I'll be more 'careful' of people around me but when I go ta job to do..I got a job to do. Fair enough?"

No harm to his reputation or the conversation to admit that much, really. It's non committal but it's better then nothing.

"Hey, by the way. When you slugged me you claimed it was only fifty percent. I met plenty folk who are stronger then they look but where you getting that pint sized power from?"


A look at him and then she shrugs and steps closer. She looks up at him, "I…really don't know." SHe shrugs and nods her head, "I can get strong…technically even stronger than that." She nods her head, "I ain't gonna tell ya all my secrets." She nods her head, "But I'm quite capable of producing a lot of strength." She chuckles and nods her head as she looks him up and down, "Not all of us are just walkin' mountains."


"I know that. Superman's not exactly packin' sixty inch arms." responds Cain with a snort, "But you're also pretty young and I hear mutants get stronger as they get older. You packed a punch that…well…let's just say I got a measure and can about tell who is putting out what. I've been around the block."

He smirks thoughtfully and rubs his jaw, "If that was about half..you might even be able to keep up with the Russkie for a little bit if you were giving it your all. That should be..interesting. Explains alot.."


A blink and she tilts her head, "Well, for one, it was about fifty percent." She nods her head…of what she can control. She then licks her lips, "And what does it explain?" She hmms and puts her hands on her hips, "What you think you figured out there? And I'm not a kid." She nods her head, "I'm an adult."


"Nothing to do with you. Just a certain metal skinned bruiser that was maybe looking to prove something to himself." remarks Cain cryptically.

"..Fine you're not a kid. Call it a force of habit. I call people lots of things. Plus, I'm older then you think.. But if you're all grown like you said then sounds like you've probably hit your peak already. Still..not bad…"


A blink and then she puts her hands on her hips, "Just because I'm grown doesn't mean I'm done!" She points at him, "I can get stronger…even stronger." She nods her head, "Technically…" She then looks to the side. She does have this little passing out issue. She glances at him and then states, "One day I might show you what a real punch is like but…not today." She nods her head and then looks back toward the big man, "Anyway, I think I should get going."


"A -real- punch?" Cain bursts into a laugh and then rumbles, "I thought I was the one bein' arrogant? Well..lemme give you some advice Molly. You better de your reading up before you try me again because…"

He leans forward now, eyes squinting and a big shark like grin on his features,

"If you aint coming with enough strength to arm wrestle the Hulk? You aint coming with much. And that's where I -start-..and from there, Boss Mode only goes up. So don't get cocky, squirt. Hulk? Thor? Beat 'em. Superman? I punched into orbit. Check my wikiepedia entry. But sure. get some of your friends together, I'll play with you.."

He straightens up and gives a two fingered wave at her, assuming she's going to head off. "See y'around…"

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