13 Ghosts

May 22, 2018:

Captain Marvel follows an alien signal in Brooklyn, finding Valkyrie and a whole mess of trouble.

Brooklyn, NY


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It's been relatively quiet on the alien hunting front the last few weeks. Valkyrie's quarry have more or less gone to ground. That means the Asgardian herself has been keeping a lower profile too - the barfight of a few weeks ago notwithstanding. She's been busying herself trying to make repairs to the Warsong, but her lack of engineering skills have meant it's been slow-going. She's been hesitant to call Rocket back in, even though he's been incredibly helpful. She already owes him a lot and she's not fond of being too far in anyone's debt.

The peace and quiet was bound to be upended sooner or later - and it happens in rather spectacular fashion. SHIELD has been keeping tabs on a very particular frequency that's popped up and down over the last few months. There's a sudden massive spike on that frequency, localized on the edge of Prospect Park. It's not the kind of signal that terrestrial organizations usually scan for, but those who are listening got an earful. What's curious is that when the area of the signal is approached…there's nothing to see. Nothing but newly blooming trees in a corner of the park and freshly-dug earth. But the signal's definitely coming from that spot.

Meanwhile. 36,000 Kilometers straight up.

"Tell me again why we think this satellite is being used to spy on us?" Captain Marvel offhandedly mentions on the commlink within her helmet as she floats directly beside a large communications satellite in geosynchronous orbit not altogether far from The Peak. She fiddles with wires and components within an open panel as she holds steady within the vacuum of space. Effortless and unconcerned as the massive curve of the Earth below dominates most of her vision. "Are we that paranoid about instructions in Korean?" She mutters while her visor overlays translations of the instruction manual.
"Focus Danvers." Special Agent Brand grunts over the line, "It may look terrestrial, but the Skrull don't know we're on to the electron spin offset from their Galaxy yet. Unless Samsung outsourced from outside the Milky Way I think we've bagged a-"
A pause.
Captain Marvel continues working for a few moments, taking Brand's advice and focusing on hooking up the correct wires until the dead air starts to nag at her, "Bagged what? You never ran out of metaphors before Brand-"
This time it's Carol that's interrupted as the HUD on her helmet immediately explodes into alert.
Brand wastes zero time as her voice returns, "Prospect Park in Brooklyn. We got a signal. Analysis says 'Thirteen Ghosts'."

Carol releases the wires, hovering back a few feet to gain distance from the satellite as her helmet flickers and digitizes out of existence, letting her short hair flow freely in space, "On it." She vocalizes, her voice is silent in near-space but the comms at her throat converts the action to speech.

Captain Marvel dives down towards the planet at great speed, becoming a streak of light and flame in the high atmosphere over Brooklyn and closing fast..

The signal was strong enough to be detected by Earthbound authorities, which means Valkyrie's equipment picked it up long before it got that strong. Unfortunately, she can't fly. That means she has to rely on public transportation to get to Brooklyn. The subway ride was most awkward, especially considering she's in full gear, with nothing but a simple cloak to cover her armor. She stands on the subway, hand gripped on the loop, being jostled by sweaty New Yorkers who don't give a damn about the five foot three Asgardian scowling at their armpits.

Still, she's there before Carol streaks from the heavens. She leaps over the short fence into the closed and fenced off section of Parade Grounds. The area closed at sunset, which is only a few minutes ago. She comes upon the area of exposed earth. There's a faint humming in the air, but no visible signs of aliens or anything else for that matter. She frowns.

The New York Subway system has to be a step down from the flying destriers of Valhalla.
Coming in like a meteor, many in the tri-state area look up to the skies to wonder which superbeing it is returning to Earth from some exotic mission. By the time she reaches ten thousand feet she begins decelerating hard, S.W.O.R.D. already in contact with nearly a dozen agencies from the military to air traffic control to appraise that the missile-like object is on their side and to divert traffic.

The first clue that Valkyrie gets that something is coming are all the pedestrians on the other side of the fence she vaulted over. Many are turning and pointing up. Smartphones taking pictures and video in a frenzy as Captain Marvel quickly comes into view.
Slowing to a dozen miles per hour, the Captain reorients into a standing floating position as she approaches the grounds, "I am on location." She announces to her comms, looking to the people and waving them back as they cheer her on, "Stay away from the parade grounds, people! Do not hop the fence!"
As she floats over the perimeter she notices that someone had previously jumped the line.
There's always somebody.
"Hey." She announces loudly and with authority, taking a hard look at the cloaked figure. In her experience, NOBODY wears a cloak around these parts unless they're looking for trouble. "This area is off limits." She announces as her feet finally touch the ground, arms at her sides. Her expression hard and ready.
It isn't just the cloak that sets Valkyrie apart. She's also got streaks of geometric white face paint decorating her face. It's temporary, so she has to keep applying it. Despite the fact that not wearing it would help her blend in, she continues to wear it out of a strange sense of defiance.

No, Midgardians, she is not one of you.

She looks up as Carol approaches. Unlike the other bystanders, she's not reaching for some black shiny rectangle. Instead, she's just watching the descending woman, unimpressed, but aware. "Considering there isn't anything to see in this particular spot, I'd imagine you're here for the same reason I am." She sounds to human ears like she's got a received pronunciation accent. Those who spent time in the stars might very well know an Asgardian speaking All-Tongue when they hear one.

Oh yeah, this one is going to be trouble. By what kind of trouble has yet to be seen. Either this is a newbie crime fighter on the scene or the perp making the signal. Either way, Captain Marvel is clearly on standby for either contingency.
The taller woman takes a few steps closer, "Somehow I doubt you're here to escort yourself off the premises." Replying sharply at the vague comment. While Carol herself does not immediately place the specific accident, it does not take long for S.W.O.R.D. recording the audio and video feeds from Captain Marvel's mostly-invisible coms at her throat to parse the information and feed it back to her.
"…You're a long way from home." Captain Marvel speaks up after listening to the quiet analysis feed from the Peak, her steel gaze drifting around the grounds ever attentive, "Would you be the one setting off the signal?" She accuses in a questioning tone, not ready to jump to conclusions yet.
Valkyrie folds her arms over her chest. There's steel in her gaze, but no overt threat or challenge. It's confidence. She holds herself with it as well. A warrior's bearing. "No, I would not. I would be the one who has been trying to prevent said signal from being sent in the first place. I do hope you have some sort of orbital jammers in place. Otherwise, you might find yourself with some unwanted guests."

She pulls a small device from her cloak. It's not Asgardian. "Although…I don't think they've got the coordinates quite right. As it is, I think they're pointing their signal at…a meteor on the outer edge of the system."

Captain Marvel watches the Asgardian very carefully. Her arms raising a fraction as she draws the device, clearly at the ready if she tries to pull something on her. While it's true many Asgardians are staunch champions of Earth, most notably Thor; some of the worst criminals out there are from the same place. Knowing which is which is a real useful trick that the Captain hasn't mastered yet.
"I think you need to start explaining what's going on here." The blonde hero states, "Faster the better." Her tone retaining that authority but it retains just enough softness to be more request than command, for the moment.
In her ear, S.W.O.R.D. analysts immediately begin recanting operational steps as they start the process of tracing the signal as this mystery warrior suggests. While they work on that, she decides to explain a few matters, "I'm Captain Marvel, Agent of S.W.O.R.D. I represent the Earth's authority to handle extraterrestrial matters. If this is a threat to my planet, you need to start filling me in."
"There'll be no threat if we can disable this signal or stop them from focusing it on where they intend to send it," says Valkyrie as she circles around the spot that's still radiating. There's a 'we' in there, so that's something. "I had a little ship trouble a few months back and a few of my passengers got loose. I've been trying to round them up to take them out of your hair, but they've proven resourceful."

Welp. This was bound to happen eventually. She's managed to dodge most Earth-based authorities in her time here, but she knew that wasn't going to last. "And if you're going to tell me to get off your planet, I'd be glad to. Just as soon as I collect my quarry." She hits a few buttons on her device. The low hum in the air takes on a strange, unpleasant shrieking quality. She dials it back. "Do you know what infrastructure is below this spot?"

"That.. That explains a lot." Captain Marvel replies in a dull tone. Cocking her head to the side as she seems to listen to disembodied voices on her commlink now in a buzz of activity. Nodding a moment she then regards her again, "Okay. Let's say I buy that for the moment. What's your name? How many are there? And is one of your 'passengers' here now sending the signal?" Hammering her with questions at a fast clip.
Her attention moving from the stranger a little to increase her vigilance of the area. A hand moves to place two fingers over her ear a moment, responding to the question after a few seconds pause, perhaps someone giving the answer on the comm, "An electrical substation. What do you got?"
The question not directed at the device as much as the ground beneath them.
"I'm not certain how many. I didn't have an up to date manifest when I crashed." Because she was drunk, but Valkyrie isn't going to admit that to this suspiciously cop-shaped woman. She smells like Nova Corps, even if she's not. "Several are accounted for but at-large. I've got a few in custody. A pair, I'm keeping an eye on but they're keeping their heads down and cooperating."

She kneels down by the ground and sticks the device out. It's scrolling data in an alien language. "A group of them have banded together to try and send a signal off-planet for rescue. The people they're trying to send it to are a powerful organized crime syndicate. They're the kinds of people who aren't going to respect the fact that Midgard is under protection. Thus far, they haven't managed to calibrate their equipment to the correct signal, nor find enough power to send their signal. It seems they've fixed one of those two problems by tapping in to this substation."

A Nova Corpsman is never without their helmet or insignia, even if her starburst looks a bit similar to the Xandarian symbol. Nor is she covered in the Green of a Lantern. However one things for sure, she talks the talk and walks the walk of a Space Cop. There is a certain.. Demeanor about her that rings a bell not of this Earth but those are details for a less urgent time.

"Alright. Needless to say when this emergency is over we're going to have a longer chat.. At length." The Captain dictates in a careful tone so as not to be misunderstood.
At least this means the Space Cop is trusting the Asgardian. For the moment. As she explains more of the stakes, Marvel questions, "Which syndicate?" It seems the Earthers aren't as far out of the loop on local group underworld activities as some would think, "Nnnn. Wait one."
Taking a step away as she places her fingers to her ear again, more of a signal that she's communicating for her guest than a gesture that's strictly necessary, "I need the location of the access tunnel to the substation here. Fast."
As she speaks, her helmet reassembles itself from thin air around her head. While red with a gold crest, to those knowledgeable it's the shape of a Kree Centurion Helmet.
A moment later overlaying images of a path blinks into existence before her, along with a minimap in the corner of the HUD giving her directions, "Okay. Follow me Asgard." Not getting her name when asked, the Captain decides to use one at random.

"A group that calls themselves The Royals. They style themselves as a monarchy, but they just assembled a generation ago. They mostly deal in stolen and smuggled ore and precious gems. Lately, they've moved into stripmining unguarded planetoids of independent systems. I picked up one of their so-called Royal house and her aides. They're worth a large bounty." Not what the Grandmaster sent Valkyrie out for, but since he would have received a cut of the bounty, the eccentric man wasn't going to complain. "Unfortunately, they're also smarter and more resourceful than the criminals I usually trade in."

It seems she's fine with being called by her no-longer home. At least, she doesn't seem eager to volunteer another name. "It's quite possible she's recruited more of my escapees to her cause. If they believe she can get her off the planet, it's likely they've hitched their star. The princess and her envoy aren't combat-capable, but the rest of the motley crew are much more combat-adept."

Captain Marvel takes a single step off the ground and hovers forth at a brisk pace. Moving a hair faster than a dead run as she closes the distance on the maintenance shed at the edge of the grounds. While tempting, she decided against grabbing and dragging the small woman along with her.. Just assuming she can keep up.
"Royals huh? Noted." At least the threat is one that's easily understood. Looters and thieves are refreshingly straightforward.
Once she reaches the locked door, the Captain effortlessly opens it to the tune of rending steel and snapping chains. No time to go through proper channels for the key. She debated just blasting a hole in the ground to shortcut to the problem but she decided against risking a massive power outage in the area. At least until things get a lot more bleak.
In her vision the map of the tunnels underground unfurl and orient themselves, superimposing the images in enhanced reality. Eschewing letting her feet touch the ground in order to remain completely silent as she begins to float down the stairs briskly. Her helmet amplifying the very low light conditions, not turning on the lights for now. Should Asgard catch up she states, "Are we worrying about contagion? Biohazards of any kind? Any kind of ecological threat?" Proverbially 'walking and talking' as they move towards the station itself.

Valkyrie easily keeps up with the Captain. She eyebrows when the other woman rips open the door. Seems even straight-laced cops sometimes bend the rules. Good to know.

Instead of floating down the stairs or clattering down them, she simply drops over the side and lands quietly despite the half storey drop. "Unlikely. I'm no expert in Midgardian ecology, but I don't imagine that will be an issue. What they're doing is trying to boost their equipment to direct and boost their homing signal. It seems they're attempting to do so by tapping directly in to a main power shunt."

She strides forward, device in her hand. The tunnels aren't the classic sewers of brick and open water with dank corners. Instead, it's something a lot more industrial and, well, if not clean than less dank. There's exposed piping and machinery hums softly. Both of their equipment indicates the presence of four heat signatures up ahead, around the corner not far from the substation.

Captain Marvel seems to care little for minor property damage, it is true. S.W.O.R.D., and the greater S.H.I.E.L.D. for that matter has a budget for such things subcontracted out to Damage Control. However there are limits.. Such as eschewing her first inclination of the possibility of destroying the entire substation to thwart these alien outlaws.
That option is still on the table, but Marvel will only consider it if there is no other option available. Blackouts are never good.
The Captain floats down quietly as Asgard makes the jump. The incredible leap is gone unnoted as her kind are known to perform incredible acts of athleticism. She grunts in acknowledgement of their mission as her helm alerts her to a quartet of signatures.
"Four contacts." She whispers as low as she floats closer to Asgard, she doesn't know how well these beings can hear but keeps the risk low. She points through the wall at an angle, suggesting around the corner.
With that she silently moves ahead, limbs pushing together like a swimmer gently moving through the water as silently as she can moving towards that corner to get a better look.

The four signatures up ahead are clustered together. There's one standing guard - a tall, broad, mostly featureless humanoid clad in stealth armor, holding a wicked-looking power rifle. Beyond that are a cluster of three - a gold-skinned man with his equally gold hair plaited dramatically, an almost-human looking squat man with facial scarring and a six foot tall woman with bony forehead ridges and a hairless head.

The short one is poking at the innards of an alien-looking transmitter. They're speaking in an alien language, but it's a common enough one that the good Captain's systems can decipher it. There's a slight delay, then,

"…wickedly inefficient systems. And you say they burn fossil fuels to create their energy?" a snort from Squat. "It's a wonder this planet is still habitable at all."

"Can you do it or not?" asks Goldie, impatience clear in his tone. "If we need to tap in to a more sophisticated power supply, then we're going to need to recruit some more hands. I've identified a facility, but it will be difficult to infiltrate quietly." His accent is refined and his diction is crisp. Cheekbones, meanwhile, is keeping her eyes peeled on the other end of the tunnel, a sizable blaster in her clawed hand.

Valkyrie wrinkles her nose as she spots the four. She moves close to Carol and murmurs, "The Royals have recruited. I'm shocked the Sovereign signed on, but he was probably promised a good deal of money to help. The stout one is part of her entourage. The other two are mercenaries. Watch yourself. The woman likes to use exotic poisons on her projectiles and blades. The one in the stealth armor might not even be biological. When I captured him, I couldn't find a way to remove the helmet."

The sneaking Marvel floats just at the corner, the majority of her body out of sight with just her helmet barely in view. In her HUD the faces and images of this gang alliance is being outlined and recorded, uploaded to the Peaks' database and cross-referenced. The language is being translated from the intergalactic database with a millisecond delay. Outlines of the weapons are likewise defined and referenced, their capabilities mostly unknown as Earthly data is largely incomplete, as new as they are to the galactic stage.

"Alright." Danvers whispers, a hand tapping the side of her throat as her helmet digitizes away, her comms programmed to translate the language in her own voice in real-time. Not as good as the All-Speak but a very common technology that SWORD picked up on the cheap from traders. "We shut this down right now."
Overhearing the plans to find a bigger and more important facility, along with further 'recruiting', it sounds like this can get out of hand real fast unless something is done.
Hilariously enough, it isn't the Valkyrie of Odin that goes in first.

"Put down your weapons, Immediately!"
Captain Marvel completely eschews stealth now. Instead she darts forward and high, her fist held aloft which blazes instantly blazes with blinding stellar radiance. Flushing the whole substation with a brilliant glare as the costumed wonder hovers high and declaring with total authority, "This is Captain Marvel of Earth! You have ONE chance to surrender RIGHT now!"
The blinding light does its job on three out of four of the aliens. Unfortunately, whatever that armor is, it seems to protect its wearer from the extreme light. Carol will barely get her commanding words out when the heavy rifle fires a white hot beam of plasma at her. The cyborg fires again, and then a third time as he falls back to protect the blinded trio.

Valkyrie sighs as Carol just sort of…barges ahead. She stays low and around the corner. Dragonfang has been unsheathed, but she also carries a compact blaster of her own. She can't properly back up the other woman when she too, would be blinded, so she stays where she is for the moment.

The main reason why Captain Marvel barged ahead? She's extremely difficult to harm. Whatever Kree splicing was done to her gave her nearly Kryptonian levels of invulnerability. On top of that, she has another ace up her sleeve. Her analysis gave her energy weapon readings.
As the Cyborg fires massive blasts of plasma, the Captain is pushed back a fraction in the air at the raw kinetic impact of the plasma streams. However, the high energy of the plasma is absorbed into her, the glow from the ultra-heated gas would vaporize steel and armor.. But only dissipates into harmless, inert gas as her exotic Kree powers make such energy assaults on her not only futile.. But counterproductive.
"Bad move, creep!" She loved Robocop in the 80's, don't judge her!
Rather than immediately avenging herself upon the cyborg, she floats a few feet higher towards the ceiling to get a better angle on the gold-plated alien beyond the protection of the Cyborg. He sounded like a ring-leader or at least bossing the others around. Behead the snake and the rest of the gang should dissolve, in her estimation.
The bright flash dies away as Captain Marvel refocuses her stellar power, thrusting both fists forward as a pair of binary stars are born from her knuckles. The earlier plasma heat redirected and metabolized into additional Stellar power as she looses a bar of golden power, extending from her reach and attempting to connect to the golden alien with extremely high amounts of concussive force and astonishingly less heat. Theoretically it would not be fatal as long as the creature isn't made of tissue paper, but if it hits it would drive him a foot into the concrete floor with spectacular impact.

Valkyrie mouths 'bad move, creep?' and shakes her head. Everyone's gotta have a catchphrase. She shakes her head and takes stock of the situation from her crouch around the side of the tunnel. She clucks her tongue at the energy absorption show. Well. That's a thing.
Goldy the alien lifts a weapon and prepares to fire, but he doesn't get a chance to fire it off until he's hit with that…strange blast. He flings backwards and lets out a stream of curses too exotic for her translator to make sense of as he's immobilized.

Valkyrie emerges now, then squeezes the trigger of her weapon. A net fires out and falls over the squat technician who was starting to make his retreat in the chaos. Each little spot on the net vibrates and shocks the tech until he's writhing on the ground. The cyborg swings its weapon around and fires off a blast of energy. She swings Dragonfang around fluidly. The blast hits the blade. It crackles with energy, then fades. She closes the space between them and swings out a fierce fist that cracks against the stealth armor and sends the figure spinning.

Meanwhile, Cheekbones hisses in irritation and sends a shower of wickedly pointed darts towards Carol. Each is tipped with a neurotoxin. It's not likely that will make it past her defenses, but hey, thugs gotta thug.

When the massive blast strikes Goldy, the Captain considers him 'neutralized'. In the split seconds of combat, she's now attentive from threat to threat. What she classified as the 'leader' is down.. Perhaps it's because he's covered in gold like some kind of evil C3-P0?
She glances at the flash of motion, noticing the rushing technician collapsing beneath the sparking net. Another glance and Asgard is all over the Cyborg that Danvers bypassed to get at the backline.
Damn Asgard's fast. Two goons down before the Captain has a chance to bark another order.
Captain Marvel should know better than to pause and admire, the needles streak forward and strike her frame. Bouncing off of skin harder than steel armor. Dozens of glinting needles rain around her as Danvers reflexively throws up her arms defensively. She knows her strange Kree biology makes her immune to MOST toxins but an alien neurotoxin gives her a moment of concern. If they managed to pierce her skin, that is.
In a split second she decides to conserve Stellar power after that opening salvo. Instead she dives with exceptional speed straight at Cheekbones. Flying through the air like a projectile herself, seeking to drive the taller woman straight into the concrete wall several feet behind her, going through at least one steel safety rail to do so.
The force is calculated. Murder isn't her goal but these aliens aren't human. Sometimes it's a difficult balancing act to use too little force that does nothing and too much force with tragic consequences. Here she's erring somewhere in between, hoping to knock wind and resistance from her should she strike.

Valkyrie aims a swift rib kick to the cyborg. He lifts off the ground and bounces off the curved tunnel ceiling. Unlike Carol, she has a pretty darned good idea of each of their capabilities from their bounty sheets. She presses a boot down on the suited figure's windpipe. There's the sound of bending metal and snapping plating as the protection around the neck splinters under her considerable strength. The cyborg makes tinny sounds of protest and paws at her foot. "Do be so kind as to stay down. I would hate to break you to the point where no one on this world would be able to fix you. It'd be a real shame, don't you think?" She exerts a little more pressure until the figure beneath her boot stops struggling quite so much.

Meanwhile, Cheekbones affixes steely slitted eyes at the Captain. She crouches low and tries to dodge Carol. She swipes out with claw-tipped hands. The last second movement means that she's caught by her shoulder instead of center mass, so she's thrown to the left instead of directly into the concrete wall. It's still a painful, debilitating blow. She crouches on the ground, hissing and cradling a busted arm. If Carol gets any closer, she'll find herself with a face full of alien venom she expels like a snake.

Captain Marvel deviates from her flight plan, having only managed a glancing blow. From the deflecting impact, she angles to the right at a ninety degree angle from where Cheekbones was thrown. She spins about in mid-air, reorienting towards the crouching alien woman as she approaches slowly. Her feet touching down on the concrete as she raises her fist, regaining a fraction of that earlier star glow, "Stand down. It's ov-erg!"
The spat alien venom is flung at her. Her fist recoils back into a warding hand over her face, keeping the splash from striking her eyes but it still globs over much of her face. Out of all the attacks, this one actually gives the Captain pause. Spitting the stuff as she sputters, taking a step back and giving Cheekbones a few seconds of reprieve.
Ugh. It's in my mouth. UGH!
The toxin doesn't seem to take hold on her exotic biology but it certainly gives the alien breathing room.

Cheekbones probably figured that wouldn't send her attacker into convulsive fits, but sometimes that's not the point. She's ready to take her chance and is sprinting towards the tech. With her good arm, she reaches out to grab an alien device attached to the transmitter. Then she's sprinting down the tunnel.

"Oi!" cries Goldy from his prone position. He lets out a howl of indignant rage.

Valkyrie looks up from her position with her foot on the cyborg's throat just in time to see Cheekbones disappear down the tunnel. Then there's an exotic energy spike that registers on both her device and whatever sensors Carol has trained on the situation. The running figure suddenly evaporates in a swirl of energy. Site-to-site transporter. Not the first time the aliens have used a device like that.

With little time to thoroughly wipe the acrid stuff from her face, Captain Marvel uses the shortest method. She aims her glowing palm towards her own face and looses a mild Stellar blast, shooting herself in the face. The energy is not absorbed, instead blasts away the venom in a bubble of energy. Danvers blinks twice to notice Cheekbones racing down the tunnel.
"Oh no you don't!" She vaults into the air like a bullet, twirling once as she gains great speed over the short distance. Her arms sweep out and she tackles.. Trailing energy particles, wooshing through the swirl of energy as her arms grasp nothing. "Damn!"
She slows to a halt over the length of tunnel, whirling about as she stays focused now. Going to secure the remaining prisoners she darts back into the substation. By the time Goldy finishes that roar of anger, he'll notice yet another star of energy glowing from Captain Marvel's fist pointed right at him.
"Don't. Move." Steel eyes giving him warning as she then glances very briefly in Asgard's direction. Then the cyborg beneath her and the netted technician, making sure the situation is under control before calling in the clean up teams.

"Well," says Valkyrie wryly, "Three out of four isn't so bad?" She swings Dragonfang around, its curious blue blade glinting in the low light before she returns it to its place at her hip. She's still got that foot placed on the cyborg's neck. "I suppose I should have mentioned the transporter. Short-range, but difficult to track. Easiest way to do so is by the energy spike at the departure and exit points. But that's mostly useful for seeing where they've been, not where they are."

Goldy knows when he's beat. He shirks back, hands up. The technician is just sort of…sitting indignantly under the shock net, even though the shockers are currently off.

"With three down Spits is running out of options." Captain Marvel's eyes do not leave Goldy as her star-fist carries as much threat as the barrel of a gun. Her conversation is terse until their targets are secured, as she speaks up its clear that Asgard isn't the audience for the following directives, "Three down. One rabbited, site to site transport. Eyes on, one click radius. Send in clean up crew." With words of acknowledgement on her commlink.
A SWORD ship invisibly hovering a hundred feet above the park grounds becomes visible to those above ground, quickly landing with a dozen helmeted troops and encounter-suited specialists flood from the landing ramp.
With sounds of approaching boots from the entrance tunnel above, Captain Marvel catches her breath enough to address Asgard directly while her attention never waivers from the gold-plated goon, "Clean work, Asgard. I'll ask you to come with us. You proved what you told me. Work with us and we'll help you extradite these thugs off-planet."

"I'd rather not," says Valkyrie. With reinforcements and the damage she inflicted on the cyborg, he's not going to cause any more trouble at the moment. She exhales slowly. "I'm not looking for extradition. That doesn't get me anything. It's your planet and you're entitled to protect it, so do with them what you will." She looks around, then back to Carol. "I don't work well under planetary authorities. If you let me do my work, I'll deliver any I capture to you. I haven't got anywhere to hold them in any case."

That surprising answer earns Asgard a side-long look from the Captain. That offer seems to fly in the face of what the cloaked mercenary had mentioned earlier. The change of heart is met with some confusion but Marvel can't refuse such a deal.
"Alright. You've earned one shot at this. Just don't make me regret keeping you off-leash. My boss hates that kind of thing."
Captain Marvel touches down next to Goldy, leaning down to put a hand on his shoulder and lift him up as easily as folded laundry. Her glowing fist still held at the ready in case he gets any ideas, "You said you had two others held captive. I'll ask you for their coordinates and give you a way to contact us if you find more. If you learn anything else about their plans, please phone it in."
At that point she places a glowing knuckle right at Goldy's temple, "On that subject," Speaking closer now, addressing the alien, "We're going to have ourselves a conversation about trespassing in Brooklyn when we get back to base."

At that, a flood of S.W.O.R.D. personnel rush down the metal stairway into the substation, instantly securing the area and preparing a number of superpower-restraints for the incoming prisoners. A few redesigned that they use at the Raft, other designs actually on loan from other galactic organizations such as the Nova Corps or the Lanterns. Other technicians begin using sensory devices to sweep the area and collect the alien weaponry, especially the neurotoxin needles with portable waldo arms.
As one of the Sargeants approaches Asgard with rifle drawn, Captain Marvel waves her arm and shakes her head, "She can go, on my Authority." He nods quickly, giving the Valkyrie a look before he and his team move to the quarry under her boot.

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