Lost Souls

May 24, 2018:

Dani and Rin chat about a certain lost soul


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This has been the year of weird shit. After Phil's death, being half shoved in another dimention, talking to Phil's ghost has taken the entire cake. So she goes to seek out Dani, as she now has questions. Sure she heard that his spirit wasn't at rest, but she thought that was a figurative statement, not a true one.

Rin looks a little… different. Instead of her phased out form, she is all black. None of her featuers show as a more than skin tight suit walks through Dani's office door and closes it behind her. A voice comes from some where, as there isn't a mouth, but Rin's voice floats out from some where as it is clear that she can finally interact with the physical world.

"I saw Phil." She says rapidly.

Dani's office is small, as befits her lower Agent status. Still, that doesn't stop her from having a desk, computer, phone and now a whiteboard. The little whiteboard is affixed to the wall opposite the door and that's where Dani can currently be found. This means her back is to her door and so, when Rin enters all Dani has hears for a brief second is her voice.

"What? You saw him? /Where/?" Are her first words and then Dani turns around. While she doesn't necessarily jump, or curse, her eyes do widen as she gives the suit a look. Okay maybe /two/ looks, because she /wasn't/ expecting that.

"Nice duds?" Dani finally manages.

The board behind Dani has a mishmash of lines and street names, with dots and dashes connecting certain names with others.

"Jersy. There is a SHIELD faciltiy out there that he led me to." Rin responds, her voice sounding slightly mechanical as she speaks. When that look crosses Dani's face Rin pauses and looks down. "Yeah the suit is really fucking weird, but it helps. I can touch things, and the ground feels soild under my feet, so that's a plus. Is it weird? I can step out of it."

Though curious about the white board she walks closer. "It was strange, I was out, thinking about diner food and my phone rang, the one that was on my body when I became phased. It doesn't work, and yet I heard his voice, and he texted me an address and it lead me to this suit. I thought Agent 13 was just making all of this up so she could justify keeping Phil's body and trying to bring him back but… maybe she's right?"

"A SHIELD facility in Jersey?" Echos Dani and with a frown, the woman grabs the dry erase marker she was just using. A new dotted line is placed on the board and at the end of the line SHIELD FACILITY is then written, along with Jersey.

And while Dani has more questions, those questions pause as Rin continues to speak. The mention of the cellphone and the text, and the phone call all earn a silent look from Dani. Something thoughtful as she considers the other woman's words. "Have you tried texting him back? Or calling him back? Has he picked up? And what did he say to you?" Her questions are rapid fire it seems, and she doesn't stop.

"She is right." She continues with, "I fought for Phil's soul against Death and while I didn't necessarily win, I was able to tie him for it. His soul was in a limbo while the -" And here her head tilts slightly, "Higher ups determined who was officially the winner. Thankfully they decided in my favor."

"But not before Phil's soul escaped the afterlife."

"Wait, I'm sorry you did what?" Rin says with a whole lot of confusing in her voice. "Who fights death?! That's a thing?! I thought that only happened in video games.' Shaking her head she leans against Dani's desk and crosses her arms. "I have, but the phone doesn't work." She reaches down ot her side as if she's grabbing her phone but nothing happens. With a sigh she steps out of the suit, and stands next to Dani again showing her the phone.

It looks banged up and scratched and the screen lights up that shows various strange texts. "He had a lot of trouble talking through the phone, so I suggested the texting. He does about as good of a job dead as he does alive." The text are terrible typed, but they get the message across. "Everything I've tried to contact him back hasn't gone through, I think he would have to be in the same room, or near by or something."

All of this is so out of Rin's field of study. "He, esecaped the afterlife? So… is that why he's leading people into wardrobes?"

The confusion heard earns a small smile from Dani. Rin's reaction isn't all that unusual when Dani talks about fighting Death.

"Let's just say, outside of SHIELD, I have another part time job. It deals with souls and the after life." It's what being a Valkyrie is about, but for now Dani doesn't get quite into the nitty-gritty of it.

Especially not when Rin steps out of the suit and brings over the phone with its texts. "Spirits are kind of in a similar boat you're in. They can touch some things sometimes, but not a lot." Her brown-eyes drop to the face of the phone to look at the texts. "And he could be out of range too, yes. I imagine it would have to be pretty close for him to receive anything." At the mention of wardrobes the woman looks back up, "Huh. I can't say I've heard of ghosts going into wardrobes, but perhaps it's the whole 'door' visualization things. Was he able to tell you anything else?"

"And you should know, myself, James Barnes and Jane Foster have been tracking his soul, but so far it's not going the greatest. He seems to be all over the place." He being Phil, "We're having problems pinpointing his current position."

"I mean I have a part time job too, but it doesn't involve fighting death." Rin says casually before she holds up her hand and shakes her head. "He lead me to the suit, it was in a wardrobe type thing that needed his clearance to get through. Ignore that part. I think he just wanted to help. He's stuck on the otherside, he seems very confused and he kept phasing in and our. But when I couldn't get the door open, he phased in and spoke outloud and the closet recognized him and opened up for me. I couldn't phase through it for some reason. I meant to look it up but I've been busy." Busy learning how to use doors again.

"Yeah before he poofed away he said…" She trails off and frowns, looking back to the closed door with a sigh. "I told him that I was sorry that I couldn't save him. He told me to tell everyone not to feel guilty, that it's just the job." Her tone is serious, and there is obvious regret in her tone before she clears her throat.

"I think he is having trouble being solid. Not like me, but when I ask if he wanted to be brought back to life, I lost the connection on the phone."

He led her to the suit? That brings forth another look from Dani of consideration. "That makes it seem like he's aware of the real world around him. That's good. I'd be worried if he was spewing complete nonsense all the time. When souls are outside their body they only have a limited time before they become something akin to a wraith."

As to what he said, that causes Dani to shake her head, "/HE/ would say that. He's too blase sometimes." Mutters the woman, before she looks back to her would-be map upon the whiteboard.

Of course, the talk of asking if he wants to be brought back to life and the lost call, brings Dani's attention back to Rin. It also causes her to frown. "That could mean nothing." States the black-haired woman, "Lost souls do have challenges when it comes to staying connected and corporeal." And here Dani pauses again, trying to find the right words, "But I can understand being tired. I was told by Death that Agent Coulson feels tired in some regards to life. Not that it means he wants to stay dead, only that perhaps some of the burden he's had in this life has worn him down."

"But knowing that now we can all help relieve some of that stress."

"Either way, we have to find his soul otherwise he will eventually become a mindless thing that's trapped on Earth, unable to get to the proper afterlife."

"Yeah he seemed to be aware of what's happening, even if he was a little confused. He looked terrible, probably as terrible as he did when they took his body away. He kept bleeding but I suppose if he's stuck in a loop of dead then that makes sense." Frowning she sighs and shakes her head. "Yeah lets not have him turn into a wraith." Hearing that he felt tired, she shakes her head. "That's been my worry this whole time. That he wants to rest, that he wants to be dead. You know he isn't going to retire, the could be the only way he rests. I'd hate to take that from him if it's what he wants. Still, that's not my decision. How are we able to relieve that level of stress?"

"I think he's watching us as best as he can. We could track him for days and it's not going to help us, but if he can, and we raelly need him he might be able to pull through. At least that's what I keep telling myself." She says, looking toward the suit that is still in the same position she was in when she stepped out of it. "Stilll, it's a long way to go, and I have no idea where we are in bringing him back to life, but I worry that we'll need to do it sooner than later."

Dani listens to all of what Rin has to say and at various points she nods. The segue into how tired Phil Coulson really is once more brings a frown to her face. "I don't know." She answers honestly at the other woman's question about how they can help relieve some of the stress that Coulson obviously feels. "But we can try." Is what she ends with.

"I'm not surprised he's trying to watch over us. I get the sense that SHIELD is like his family and now he's doing what anyone would do - try to protect all those he cares about."

"I do agree that we'll have to bring his soul back sooner rather than later, and when that happens we can ask what he wants. If he wishes to go onto the after life I can escort him there." She states, those last five words said slowly and heavily.

"Can we? I don't know what they're going to be using to bring him back to life, but it's been almost two months. That cannot be healthy in the least bit." Sure his body is on ice, but there really is only so much ice can do. "I really hope we don't end up with a zombie, that would be the wrost frosting on this entire cake. That too has crossed her mind, especially with all the talk of him potentionally turning into a wraith.

"Yeah it obviously is. He defiantly spends more time with us than he does with his actual family." Some painful memories flash over her mind and she shakes them away and looks back toward the suit.

"I agree with you there. It would suck, but if that's what he wants that's what he should have. The problem is going to be convincing the others that this is what should be done. I fear they're more conerned about having their best agent back."

Walking back over to the suit, she slips back into it. "I've got somethings compiling that I need to get back to. You know where to find me if you need me, and I'll let you know if I see Phil again."

"No zombies." Dani agrees and while she could offer perhaps a bit more assurances about returning Phil to life, Moonstar likewise has some doubts herself. Mostly from the amount of time Phil has spent outside his body, but those doubts are hidden from her expression.

"We'll get him back."

And while Dani spies the expression shift on Rin, when those painful memories are triggered, the Cheyenne woman doesn't quite ask if the other woman is okay. Dani understands privacy.

"It's not their decision." She adds, at the mention of convincing the others, "It's Phil's. Perhaps that sounds harsh, because no one wants to lose a loved one, but in the end it'll be his." And while those words are said firmly there's still a note of sadness beneath them, though that sadness is soon tucked away when Rin finds her way back into her suit.

"I do and please if he finds you or you find him contact me right away. I'll do the same for you. Take care of yourself."

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