Expert Hardware Repair

May 25, 2018:

Cyborg and Spider-Man mess with improve upon some of Titan Tower's delicate, hyper-expensive machinery.

Titans Tower, Training Area

Titans Tower, currently being dismantled fiddled with upgraded.


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Mentions: Red Robin


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Training is one thing. But then there's the fact that some creative minds may be putting their heads together to upgrade the systems being used to train the various Titans that come and go from this particular Tower. Which is why the Titans Training Level looks like a car that's on the disassembly line.

"… Hydrospanner! I need he Hydrospanner!"

Cyborg looks up from pile of sparking consoles that he's standing in front of. One hand is in the middle of welding some pieces together but the other one is projecting the schematics for the new Titans Training Triage that Cyborg has decided they need.

It's probably not going as well as the holo-blueprints are showing that it should.

"Oh, uh, right — right! One torque-spanner, coming right up!"

This is the very confident and not at all chaotically hurried sound of Spider-Man's voice ringing from some distant point inside the Titans Training Level. Very confident. Highly assured. Definitely said the wrong thing. But he said it with -confidence-.

And one *thwip* later does a line of webbing shoot out from behind some disassembled pile of junk (NOTE: NOT JUNK, HIGHLY CUTTING EDGE (EXPENSIVE) PARTS) to snag a wrench, and yank it Cyborg's way for his fellow Titan to snatch it out of mid-air.

"Uh. Just kidding. I know you said Hydrospanner. Just a joke! 'Cause, you know, Star Wars, and — uh — did I get you the Hydrospanner-??"

He knows what a Hydrospanner is, of course. He's just distracted. He's about 90% sure he got the right thing.

… Mmmmmaybe more like 75%.

"Hey, how cool is it to unironically ask for a Hydrospanner, anyway? This Tower is like… the Nerd User-Friendliest experience I've ever seen."

So it's been. Currently, Spider-Man is fidgeting with his mountain of parts, putting pieces together while hanging upside-down from the ceiling, lenses narrowed towards squinting slits as he eyes those schematics. And the sparking consoles. He's reasonably sure everything's coming out alright.

"Hey, are you sure this is supposed to attach here? I mean, it'll increase the output and all, but I'm pretty sure it might explode, too, and I think we've already had like, half a dozen explosions in the Tower already, but I'm also gonna do it anyway. Please don't blow up please don't blow up please don't-"

Mmmmmostly reasonably sure.

Cyborg catches the Hydrospanner and looks it over with a scanning eye and immediately flips it over in his hand a couple of times. "Close enough." Cyborg molds the Hydrospanner into his hand and shoves it into the console that he's ripped apart and more sparks happen. But they're good sparks. Or, well, at least they are the sparks that might help with the process that's going on right now.

And what a process it is.

"When you're dealing with tech like this, it always feels like we're using the Force, right?" Yeah, Cyborg knows all about the Wars of the Stars.

"I'm practically putting my actual heart and soul into this project. You better not blow it up. I've been through enough explosions in my life." Cyborg's using his teasing voice but he's also not lying. He's definitely had his fair share of explosive reactions. "Gimmie a second and I'll siphon off the excess output while you connect it. That should off-set the internal systems matrix, keep it from overheating and we can tie it off with coupling." Cyborg loves having a little bit of tech talk.

Cyborg does exactly as he's said and starts siphoning the power that's running through this madness in an effort to keep the Tower from blowing up. Again. Which is why it takes him a second longer to process what has been said.

"… Wait. Half a dozen explosions? What were you fools doing to my Tower?!"

"Yeah, like — oh my god! I feel like we could build have a reasonable chance of building a tiny Death Star out of this stuff," says Spider-Man, quite seriously, as he fidgets with his part of the project.

"I mean, if it didn't mean Disney wouldn't sue us into oblivion or something. Actually we should probably stop mentioning the Force or Force-related products at all. Just in case. I don't want to find out they've like copyrighted the letter 'T' or something. … or is that trademarked…?"

The point is:

The scariest superpower in the world is high-powered lawyers.

Still, winding down his length of webbing, the masked menace and/or hero depending on your perspective gives a short hop to attach to a nearby wall. He crawls down, lenses widening as he takes in Cyborg's progress, head canting curiously to the right.

"Wow. That's some good sparking." See? He knows what's up.

From this vantage point, however, it makes it a bit easier for him to do what needs doing: wedging himself between wall and console with a contortionist's grace, Spider-Man slings a few strands of webbing, grabbing himself a good old fashioned soldering iron and a few other tools before prying open a panel on the console and getting to work connecting that piece carefully into the system. Lenses dim to protect him from bright flashes of sparks as he works, humming along to a tune in between his conversational chatter.

"Alright, putting it in. So, like — with your abilities, can you just… connect to all of this directly, like — work through the systems remotely? Be your own interface?" Explosions, though — he's been in way too many, too. Not nearly as catastrophic as Cyborg's, though. The young vigilante considers a moment, head casting down, before he continues.

"—Oh! Um. I mean, there was the nanotech guy who blew up, then Superman kinda, uh… rammed into the building, but that wasn't his fault, then I think there was the whole Demon Bear shenanigans but maybe the Tower didn't blow up then, and…"

"… uh. It's been a lot."

"Mostly Red Robin's fault."

"Yeah, definitely turnin' my Tower into a Giant Robot. That'll stop anymore 'explosions'. And I'ma' have to call Superman's ass too."

Cyborg seems to be ready and willing to kick some major bootay when it comes to protecting Titans Tower from stupid explosions and collateral damage from Superman's fights. He doesn't need his Tower getting wrecked because the superhero community doesn't play fair.

"Don't worry about Disney. I've seen a lot of their files. No copyrights on us talking about Star Wars. Yet." Cyborg does look up from his Hydrospanning for just a brief moment. "The new Pixar films they've got coming down the pipeline, though, they're going to be great. Some really good things on the horizon."

Cyborg finishes up his current mini-project and moves on to another section of the room that they probably shouldn't have taken apart in the first place. Oh well, Red Robin'll have to deal.

"I can do a lot of things. Pretty much anything you've seen in a sci-fi movie about robots or cyborgs is up for grabs." Cyborg shrugs a little bit and moves over to a panel on the wall o see if he can't make some more magic happen. "You think we should put in a disco light option? Just for kicks?" Cyborg's all about adding in some fun things just to make things that much more hilarious.

"Y'know, while we're at it, if you want me to look at your tech. I might be able to suggest a few upgrades. If you want."

"Dunno how you're going to manage that without Red Robin appearing right in the middle of you trying. You know, like he does. You know, right? Like — that thing the Gotham people do, where they just kinda pop into existence at exactly the right time to criticize your entire like and maybe steal your hotdog and then say something about the night and their city before popping back out, like a super grimdark version of the Great Gazoo?"

Spider-Man scratches the side of his head once he's finished his work, and then slowly — slowly — looks around him, suddenly and acutely paranoid. A second passes by in stark, tense silence.

"… phew. Anyway, like I was saying, maybe, um — you ever see that really super new cartoon on Netflix, Voltron? Maybe do something like that?"

He knows Voltron is a remake.

… He has to know that.


"But separating the Tower into individual pieces might be tough, and there wouldn't be much of a point, I guess. Hm…"

Eventually, though, the webbed menace flips his way up to the top of that console, poking and prodding at a few parts to make sure nothing spontaneously combusts on him. Spider-Sense, at least, is useful for not getting his ass blown to kingdom-come on the ill-advised 'retool dangerously expensive tech' front.

"Wait — seriously?! Oh my god, I can't wait! Oh my god, I'm going to have to wait! Awww man, my life got like, ten times better and worse, all at once."

It's rough, living the cursed life of Spider-Man.

Satisfied, however, he makes his way back up along one of the larger consoles in the room, something designed to compile and analyze training data. Taking -that- apart would -definitely- be ill-advised. So he doesn't. He just kinda… fiddles with it, a bit.

"Oh, man, okay, like — you need to put in a strobe light, or something. Or like — those holoprojectors with the aliens playing their crazy holographic instruments on Star Wars. Like. Just get us, like. A cantina option. Can we find a monkey lizard anywhere, do you think-??"

He seems to be putting SERIOUS consideration into this, before Cyborg makes his offer. The spider-hero blinks with the shutter of white lenses, hanging upside down by his feet on that console as he fiddles with delicate machinery. "Really? Awesome! Yeah, sure, I could use, like, another pass on them, or something. I'm not like… a 'high budget hero,' I guess you could say? I'm more like… 'I found some really cool stuff in the junkyard the other day and MacGuyver'd them together."

Except for Tony Stark occasionally giving him cool toys.

But that's complicated.

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