A Time and a Place

May 23, 2018:

Batman sets up a meeting with Batwoman after a long period of surveillance. A future date is set for testing Batwoman.


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Fade In…


Gotham City at night might be a beautiful sight from high above, deceptively so even from the rooftops. From that vantage point, Batwoman stands, looking out over the city, not moving as she seems to be waiting for something. She does, however, murmur to herself, "Don't tell me this is a quiet night for once… that'd be unexpected." Whether she's talking to herself, or to someone else, is hard to say, but there's no one with her.

At least, no one that /she/ sees…


Tracking her had been childs play once he had her patterns mapped, and the Worlds Greatest Detective is nothing if not patient when he needs to be. Letting his technology do the work while he handled other matters, Batman had used drones and good old fashioned tracking bugs to set this night up.

"We need to talk." Batmans voice distorter is easily heard in the night, but the man himself isn't in sight. Indeed, he seems to be talking from every direction at once. Some sort of directional masking technology? "You seem like you're working on trying to live up to what that symbol on your chest represents, but I don't deal with copycats, or with rogues using it to tarnish the work of me and mine."


Batwoman doesn't turn around, though her head tilts, "Well, as Deathstroke noted, this is Gotham… it seemed like the right fit. And you saved my life, though I doubt you'd remember the how." She seems fairly nonchalant, as if expecting this conversation to happen sooner or later anyway, "Tarnishing the work you do is the last thing on my mind, Batman. I'm here to help in the best way I can."


"You have my attention." The directional mask seems to fade on the last word, but not quick enough to get a sense of direction. A few seconds later though, and Batwoman doesn't need to. Footsteps can be heard from behind her as Batman himself comes out of the shadows. No stealth techniques, no silent movement.

The red lenses over his eyes squint just a bit; the cowl seeming to have some sort of expressive technology built into it to allow him to project emotion. All the better to intimidate those in the night.

His cape flows around him in the night wind just slightly as he continues forward, "I do what I do to bring this city back from the brink. Why do you do it?" Once he gets within a respectable distance, Batman stands there, like a statue, squared jaw betraying nothing but a neutral expression… his body like a statue, except for that flowing cape, "You don't strike me as a thrill seeker."


Batwoman turns and faces Batman, nodding slightly, "I'm not a thrill seeker. I do this because someone has to try and make things better." She looks evenly at Batman, the white lenses in her cowl keeping her eyes hidden from view as she adds, "And, let's be honest, you've been pretty busy on the larger scale of things. An extra pair of hands isn't the worst thing you could have here in Gotham." Apparently she is up on current events, no surprise there.


There's a long ten second delay as Batwoman is scrutinized by Batman. He doesn't move, he scarcely seems to breath. Then, like lightning, he tosses something at Batwoman from his hand. A batarang.


Batwoman doesn't hesitate, twisting to the side to put her head out of line of fire of the batarang, instead grabbing it out of the air with her hand. Then she smiles a little, as she isn't a thrill seeker… but she would be lying if she said that it wasn't a thrill to do this sort of thing.

Holding onto the batarang still, she drops into a defensive stance, looking carefully at Batman as she waits for his reaction to her snatch and grab.


Another few seconds, and Batman frowns slightly, the cowl adjusting to follow suit, "Not many people can reliably do that." Batman compliments, his position having returned to what it was previously, "So you're looking to help this city… and you seem to enjoy doing it." Batman starts to walk over… and eventually, he's starting to walk in a circle around her, if she stays in place, "What made you decide to use that symbol? You could have forged your own legacy in this city, instead of riding on my cape."


Batwoman lets Batman circle, though she does track his movements, in case he decides to test her again. She says simply, "Like I said, you saved my life. And I…" She pauses, then decides to just tell the truth, after a moment's hesitation.

"I wanted, needed something to live up to. Something to remind me to be my best self. And that's the Bat." She shrugs very slightly, "Batwoman, in this case."


Batman did start this crusade alone to build the symbol of the Bat into something people can believe in… that's not a secret in any way. But the number of people who would actively take up that call seems to have been underestimated. Nonetheless, the man stops in front of her again after he gives her a once over.

Then, he takes something small object from his utility belt… tossing it to Batwomans feet with a thumb toss, "You should work on anti-tampering countermeasures on your motorcycle, if you want to keep doing this. There are any number of people who are capable of bugging it once they figure out your patterns like I did."


Batwoman nods, "Thanks. I make sure to clean the wheels on a nightly basis." She holds up the batarang that Batman tossed at her, "Want this back, or can I keep it? I'd love to know what the differences are between this one and the ones I made." She says the word 'made' with no small amount of pride, as apparently she's definitely got the gadgeteering part of the job down.


"Doing it on a nightly basis still gives your enemies time to map your movements." Batman observes as he watches the batarang, "You can keep that. You’ll no doubt find others around the city from my own work if you don’t, and those are pretty generic with their composition." Guessing Batwoman might try to find his identity through the batarang, "I can respect your approach. I don't appreciate the use of the Bat symbol before I gave permission, but your hearts in the right place."

Then, the utility belt is reached for and a flash drive is taken out. He lifts it to her eyes briefly, "A time and a place. Be there if you want in on the crusade. Bring your bike." Batman tosses the drive to her, before he starts to walk over to the edge of the roof opposite Batwoman, "I'm sure you won't disappoint me."

He drops off the edge of the rooftop, into the night.


Batwoman blinks and takes the flash drive, putting it in her utility belt as she pauses, but doesn't grin at the invitation until Batman drops out of sight. Once he does, she can't help but do a quick, "yes!" under her breath.

Then she pauses, tilting her head, "Right. Still have a job to do tonight, no time." With that, she leaps off the edge of the building, cape going rigid into a glider shape as she sails into the darkness.

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