Angel of Mercy or Death?

May 22, 2018:

Rogue and Remy have a chat about a thing she did, that she's not sure was the right thing to have done.

X-Men Base - Briefing Room


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Rogue has come to find Remy, she's looking around in the X-Men base, her jacket is on and her hands are stuffed into the pockets. She did a 'thing' today and is looking to share it with someone, out of guilt and confusion on if it was the right thing to do.

The southern belle is wandering the X-Men Base hallways, she'd been told that he was down here.

"Come on, ya varmit. Where ya hidin' at?" Rogue mutters, opening doorways or glancing in already open ones to try to find him.

There's a man with a deck of cards in his hands and a fluttering sound of the cards being transfered from one hand to the other in a fluid motion. Remy looks up from his hands towards the skunk haired girl and he squints his ruby eyes in her direction before he clicks his tongue in her direction and speaks softly but firmly like an old southern grandfather.

"Star' ovah." His voice is firm, demanding, but there is a hint of playfulness in his tone. Rogue found the thief in the briefing room by himself with his legs propped up on the fancy but smooth table and his back leaning against the ergonomic rolling chair that swarm the room. Seems he's being reprimanded.

Rogue does a double-take into the Briefing Room when she spots him with his cards, it was the cards that tipped her off that he was in there. "Hey." She says with a smirk at his words when she strides into the room and walks on the air until she's ontop of the table that he's got his feet propped up on and she's looking down at him. She's not strip-teasing though, because she's lowering down to sit indian-style, her gloved hands in the little area between her legs now.

She stares right at his face. "I did somethin." Rogue says softly at him, watching him closely. "Somethin' that maybe should stay between the two'a us, but I gotta tell someone!" Her husky voice says, pint-up frustration laced inside of it likely from having the thing stuck inside of her head.

Remy's eyebrow rises in turn with Rogue's rising on her invisible stairs. The cards in his hand are turned over and he rifles through them before cut-shuffling them idly as he lowers his chin as Rogue sits. His feet remain propped and his posture is awful but he doesn't budge as he asks, "What'd ya do sugah?" Taking her own idiom and using it against her.

Rogue smirks a little at him before she glances down at her hands that were no toying with the laces of her boots. "Friend'a mine in town, has this grandmothe'ah who is in the late stages of terminal cancer. She's 91 years old and she's sick'a life. Sick'a bein' alive. She wanted a way 'out'." Rogue looks up at him then. "My friend told her about me, told her what my mutation is capable of. I got a text about it last night, said it was up t'me, but t'come and chat with her if nothin' else. So I did. She begged me t'use my power on her. So she could be free'a pain and sufferin'." Rogue dips her chin down a little. "So I did…"

The cards burst from Remy's hands like a small explosion rocked his body, which in a way isn't untrue. "Dang Rogue." The cajun says with a low whistle as he drops his feet in order to gather the twenty something cards that fell out of his lap.

"That's—Is she still in ya or?" Remy asks leaving the ending open for Rogue to fill in the truth for him.

Rogue's eyes watch the cards burst out and around his knees and legs and she smirks faintly again while drawsing in a deep breath. At his questions she raises her head up and down. "Yeah." She answers simply enough. "But, its been gettin' easier t'control other people's thoughts. Every since… the Apocalypse thing a couple'a years ago. And then everything that went down at Genosha… I touched a lotta people on Genosha cause it was the easiest way t'disable them. And, lately its not been botherin' me at all. Like, I can sense their thoughts in my head, but its like I can tell'em to hush up, or don't talk unless talked to… sorta-thing."

Rogue swallows, then takes another breath. "I couldn't walk outta her home and have t'bear the knowledge of how much pain she was in. It ain't right that we don't let people choose when they wanna go. Especially those who're destined t'go soon anyhow."

"Ah don' disagree wit' ya Rogue." Remy says as he leans back in his chair having collected his cards and he props his feet back up on the table. "It's a tough call, an' Ah know lotsa people 'ere would be mad atcha, but Ah ain'. Plus ya secret's safe wit'me." The thief says with a soft frown across his lips before he squints and tries to lighten the mood. "Ah was worried ya'd wanta be havin' doilies an' porcelian figure's 'roun' dhe place."

Rogue lightly bobs her head two quick times and glances toward the doorway. "Yeah, I don't think Scott would approve at all. Jean and the Professah neither…" Her voice trails off and she glides her eyes back over to him where she then flashes a grin at the man and shakes her head dismissively at his words. "She was a pilot… planes and helicopters. She had an affair with a Prince over seas. She… raced horses and was prom queen in her highschool." The southern gal seems to tear up a little, but her gloved hand reaches up to wipe at the corners of her eyes and she then flashes a smile and laughs a little. "Kinda life I wanna live. Thats why she… resonated with me. I feel like I did the right thing."

"If it's what she wanted, and ya bot' were okay wit' it, d'en who am Ah t'say anyt'in' about it. Ya did dhe right t'in' Roguie." Remy smiles his boyish grin before he starts to shuffle his cards some more just above his belly.

"What else did Ah miss?" Gambit asks, his black eyes looking back to Rogue with a flash of knowledge. Or at least the hint of it.

Rogue shows a honest and happy smile when he says that to her, thats the kind of emotional support not many others were able to provide for her around here which is why she valued his presence so much. The others often didn't understand her viewpoint on things like this. "Thanks." She softly says before he asks his question. With a heavy sigh then she shakes her head again. "I got arrested in Salem Center the other day. Some cops followed Lorna and Scott inta the Music Center… they had a hard-on for hatin' mutants… told us we had t'leave, and when I demanded an answer as t'why? They didn't have one. Things amplified from there. But, yeah, I gave-in and let them haul me off t'their donut HQ." She frowns faintly and shrugs her shoulders inside of her leather jacket. "Scott got the charges dropped, as he's… rather good at doing."

Remy rolls his eyes at Rogue. "Ya stinkah." The man says simply before he reaches out with his toe to nudge at Rogue's knee. "Keep it in ya pants next time. Like Ah tried t'teach ya so many times. Ya can do t'in's wit'out gettin' caught if ya weren't so pretty." He teases with a playful wink and a deeper more charming grin.

Rogue grins at this then and she turns herself about until she's now draped across her right side with her head propped up in her hand and her elbow out while her other arm is now laying across her side and down to place hand ontop of the outside of her thigh, draped over the table. "Tellin' me that I'm pretty is the whole reason I do it, stupid." Rogue chides the man back, now grinning all too much. "Sides, ya know I can barely contain my Hulk-like anger. Especially at a-holes like those two cops were actin'." Rogue's gloved fingers tap against her head beneath her thick mane of brown/white hair while she stares at him. "What are you doin' down here anyway? You tryin' t'get porn on the briefing room screen again?"

"Not tryin'." The cajun winks again but he doesn't break stride once as he leans forward, dropping his feet back down to the floor so he can rest his hand against the same thigh she already has her hand on. "It is funny how all dhe a-holes seem t'find ya everytime ya go out int'dhe public, non?"

Rogue just grins at him yet-still and her shoulders shrug… as best as they can in this position. "Ain't my fault." She replies to him quietly then. "There's a lotta a-holes out there. Someone's gotta call'em out on it… and I'm just the gal t'do it." She raises her dark eyebrows up above those green eyes of hers. "Don't try'n change me, LeBeau." She warns him, showing another little grin.


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