New friends & New Scones

May 21, 2018:

Bette Kane & Caitlin Fairchild share a table in a Tribeca cafe.

+-[ Tribeca - New York City ]---------——+


Tribeca is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City, USA. Its name
is an acronym based on the words "Triangle below Canal Street": the triangle
is properly bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Vesey

Tribeca is dominated by cobblestone streets and former industrial buildings
that have been converted into residential buildings and lofts, similar to
those of the neighboring SoHo District. This is one of NYC's most charming
neighborhoods to reside in.

Corton's, Bouley and Bubby's 'Open All Night' restaraunts are just a few of
the most famous eateries here. Tribeca also boasts the largest Whole Foods
Grocery store for your home food needs. From Wall Streeters to families,
Tribeca is one of the most popular places to live due to low crime rates and
high quality schools in Stuyvesant Highschool and Independence Elementary

Hudson River Park or Washington Market Park offer great places to relax and
stroll the western riverside.


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Tribeca's a fun, trendy little place to hang out. Caitlin does enjoy walking around New York and seeing the sights. It's her day off, which makes it even better! Nowhere to go, no work to do, and she would mute her phone if she weren't a little addicted to it.

She's sitting on the sidewalk cafe, the one with old-fashioned wrought iron tables and chairs around them. They're weathered and well-worn, built in a time when things were made to last. She's dressed informally— grey capri legginsg with a black 'flex band' angling across her thighs, searingly hot-pink tennis shoes, and a lime-green zippered hoodie. It's a packed house inside the cafe, and there are very few open seats on the sidewalk cafe either— mostly people in twos and threes, chatting amicably with their company. Caitlin seems to be the only one sitting alone.

Well, there's also the guy who's talking a little too loudly into his Bluetooth headset. He'd probably be adequate company.


With a gap between college classes and training Bette Kane is taking a little R&R break. And what better way to relax than finding a cute little cafe to drink coffee in? Of course she'll have her laptop out and be working on a side project of some sort in about five minutes but it's the thought that counts.

Her college clothing is, while fairly expensive, generally pretty subtle. Tailored designer jeans and a t-shirt with a sports company logo on which, thanks to a branding deal, she's forced to wear in public every now and again. The perils of skim reading the fine print.

She balances a little cup of espresso, her laptop and another little plate with a fruit scone on with surprising grace as she weaves through the busy tables. Bette's eyes flick between the two least busy tables and, using her amazing detectives instincts, quickly establishes that blue tooth guy is probably not going to shut up any time soon. She coughs politely as she moves closer to Caitlins table, then adds "Hey there, I was wondering if you'd mind sharing the table? It's a little busy and I could use somewhere to put my things down."


Caitlin had the same idea— laptop in front of her, shoulders rolled forward in a lazy computer jockey's hunch, legs crossed under the table. She's slouching so lazily she's almost folded in half, forearm braced against her knee and her other hand tracing occasiona, fitful little motions on her laptop's mousepad.

"Huh?" She looks up, blinking as she realizes someone's talking to her. "Oh! Yeah, no worries," she says, flashing Bette a friendly smile. She remembers her manners and sits up properly, like someone who learned about posture when she was in grade school. "It's /so/ crowded here," she agrees.

She jockeys her laptop out of the way so Bette can get some working room. A faded 'Columbia Engineering' sticker is on the back of the laptop, which looks pretty well-loved. She pushes some papers around and gets her haphazard little working area in order. "Oh, hey, are those scones fresh?" she inquires, eyes widening. "I thought they were all out when I was up there."


Bette Kane settles down, arranging her things neatly before having the decency to blush. "They uhm, put in an extra batch which finished just now." she replies with a smile. "I stop by about this time a lot and the owners daughter is a tennis fan…" She shrugs, then offers a dainty handshake. "Bette Kane, please to meet you."


Caitlin's already almost jumping out of her seat when Bette offers a handshake. She blinks at the gesture, then laughs and returns Bette's handshake with a similar, careful clasping of the fingers. Her handshake's gentle, but there are some working calluses that definitely don't come from being a programmer! "I'm Caitlin Fairchild. It's nice to meet you, Bette. Hey, watch my bag for a minute? I'm going to run and get some of those scones." She closes her laptop lid and stands up carefully to pass by Bette. She is /tall/. Half a head over six feet in her flat-soled shoes. "I'll be right back!"

She moves to the counter, more or less in line of sight of the table, and money changes hands. A few moments later, she's back with a tray of half a dozen of the treats with a pad of melting butter tucked into the folds of each. "I am /so/ hungry," she remarks, finding her seat again and re-opening her laptop to pick up where she left off.


Bette Kane can't help but grin at the enthusiasm for baked goods. "A pleasure to meet you Caitlin," she replies before her tablemate charges off. "Every now and again they do this afternoon tea set meal. It's basically a cake taster menu, but everything is amazing… Plays hell with my diet plan though. Still it's worth saving a cheat day for."

She opens up her own laptop, complete with the Kane Industries branding, and takes a sip of her coffee while it loads up. "You working on college stuff too?" Bette wonders, gesturing at the Columbia engineering sticker on Caitlins laptop.


"I'm on a training diet," Caitlin explains, a little apologetically. "Trust me, I paid up front for these. Two hours in the gym this morning, and I've gotta train this evening."

She inhales a scone in about five bites, acting like someone who hasn't eaten well into their appointed lunch hour. Bette's question elicits a puzzled blink, and Caitlin wipes her mouth politely with a napkin while flipping the laptop lid over to look at it.

"Oh!" she says, swallowing. "No, that's a couple years old. I graduated," she says, with a polite nonchalance. "Gotta rep Columbia though," she says, with a flashing grin.

"Oh, hey! You've got the new KI mobile desktop? That is /neat/, I heard about them but I didn't know they were on the market yet." She blinks, peering at Bette and putting it together. "Wait, Bette /Kane/? As in, Kane Industries?"


"Oh I know all about training diets," Bette laments. "I think I've been on them since I was… maybe six? Even my cheat days are scheduled." She pauses to put her thumb on a little scanner during the boot-up. "Neat! I've still got a year or two of college to go. Maybe more if I keep changing my majors."

"It might be? I don't really keep track I just… change the model whenever my family send someone by with a new one. Something about boosting brand appeal… not really something I follow, truth be told I hate all that stuff." Her eyes flick around, just in case anyone else heard, but thankfully the annoying guy on the call is doing an excellent job of being loud. "The same, but keep it our secret." She winks. "Or they might stop doing the extra batches of scones!"


"It's— I mean, wow, random, right?" Caitlin says, laughing before she even shares the joke. "I work for Starr Labs! We make a ton of microprocessors and chipsets. I bet there's a PCB inside that laptop with our brand on it!"

She digs out her phone and turns on the NFC transmitter, and displays a business card. Sure enough— Caitlin Fairchild, Starr Labs, Executive Assistant. "Miss Star pulled me from the fab labs a few months ago, but I was working down there for a while," she explains. "This is so funny, I was just talking to someone else about random tech sector networking," she says. She flicks the digital busines card towards Bette's phone. "So like, are you doing business courses? Getting ready to take over the company?"


Bette Kane smiles, takes a sip of her coffee and shrugs. "Take over the company? Gosh no! That's really my cousins thing," she replies blushing a little. "Most of the shares are in her side of the family. I mostly stick to sports and helping out with the charity work side of things."

After a moment Bette remembers her manners and hunts around for her own business card. Or at least one of the cards her agent has her give out. "Right now I'm actually reading forensics and criminal justice as dual majors. I was thinking that would give me a nice base to move into law once the sporting career is over. I started out with sports science but the idea of becoming a coach felt… well… one note.. If that makes sense?"


Caitlin accepts the business card and takes a photo of it immediately. It's uploaded into her contacts quickly and she beams at Bette. "Awesome, thanks so much!" she says, approvingly, and fires off a text message to Bette. Cait's definitely the 'plugged in' sort of tech person.

"Wait, sports career? What do you play?" she inquires of her blonde companion, brows hiking inquisitively. She eats the last scone (where does she PUT those?!) and sets the little platter aside where a waiter can pick it up later. "I'm sorry, I'm not a big sports fan," she concedes. "Well… e-Sports," she amends. "And I do a lotta strength training, but that's not like… …well, I guess it is for work," she amends.


"Tennis mostly," Bette replies with a giggle. "And some gymnastics and swimming growing up, but it was pretty much impossible to keep up training for all three and still remain competitive at an adult level." She shrugs. "I decided I'd stick with tennis because I enjoyed it more."

"The strength training certainly seems to be working well. Does Starr labs have a lot of complex heavy machinery? I always pictured microchips being made with machines that are well micro!" Bette takes a moment to put a little cream and a fruit preserve on her scone. "That's probably not the first time you've heard that sort of joke is it?"


Caitlin laughs at Bette's joke. At least, she takes it as a joke. "Funny. It's kind of opposite, really. The smaller the device, the heavier the machine has to be. Otherwise you run into issues with vibration and oscillation. Heavier machines have less runout on the tracks."

"But I do a little, er, civic service on the side," Caitlin tells Bette, a bit evasively. She's not exactly in her green tights, but it's nice to have a moment of anonymity to bond with someone a bit on a more human level. "Emergency services stuff. It comes in handy to be able to carry someone away from a car wreck, or whatever," she explains. "So it's not really 'competitive', like what you're doing. Just … I'unno, a work requirement?" she says, hedging a bit.


"It makes sense," Bette agrees, tapping away at the touchpad on her laptop. "It's pretty fascinating how everything gets made, it's really an amazing time to be alive if you think about it." She idly flicks through some pages of a presentation. "Something like a volunteer fire fighter? Makes a lot of sense to stay physically fit then. Emergency services work can be incredibly demanding, I've trained with a few people from the FBI in the past. I think for a charity thing. But they all had /amazing/ stamina."


"Yeah, kinda," Caitlin says, mumbling the amendment into her coffee. "FBI agents are OK," she concedes. "The fire and rescue crews, though, they're the ones who are really amazing. They wear as much gear as a soldier does, while running hoses and kicking down doors and carrying people out of burning buildings. You don't see very many out-of-shape fire crews," she remarks, throwing back the last of her coffee with a quick gulp.

"Are you thinking about going into the civil service when you're graduated? FBI? SHIELD?" she inquires of the woman. "SHIELD would be really neat, I think. You'd get to go all over the world, meet interesting people… you could totally be a spy, you look like all those SHIELD agents you see in the recruiting pictures."


Bette Kane grins "That's true, it's pretty hard to find a fire fighter who doesn't look amazing. One of the perks of charity work, I wind up getting a lot of fire fighter charity calenders! Job wise though… I don't really know. If I'm lucky I can keep playing tennis for quite a long time, then maybe I'll do a law degree. I guess I'm still trying to decide.. I want to give something back and help people, so when the time comes I'll see where I can do the most good."


"That's really great of you," Caitlin says, with sincere admiration. "I wish more people had that sense of civic mindedness. It'd make the world a better place, y'know?" She glances at her phone when it buzzes, swiping across the screen. "Ooh! Hey, I hate to go, but I gotta get across town and pick up some stuff from my cleaner's," she tells Bette.

She starts shoving her things into her little messenger bag. "It was really nice chatting with you though. We should do coffee again sometime," she offers, with a friendly smile. "This was fun. Do you live in the borough or are you just visiting?" she inquires, slinging her bag over her shoulder and rising to her feet.


Bette Kane blushes and waves her hand. "Oh it's nothing really," she protests. "And the alternative is life as a society lady driving me insane!" She shifts her stuff a little to make it easier for Caitlin to pack up. "It's been a pleasure, I'm sure I can find the time to grab coffee again sometime. I've got a place in the city for college, but even when I'm back home it's hardly far from Gotham."


"My apartment's in Chelsea, but I work over in Metropolis," Caitlin tells Bette. "So I get across the bay area all the time. Racking up those subway passes," she grins. "I used to live in Gotham, a few years ago, so I know my way around there too. Anyway!" she cuts herself off, realizing she's babbling. "I'll hit you up on Facebook or IM you, and we can go from there. Have a good afternoon, okay?" she offers. She mouths a 'bye!' and wiggles her fingers, then carefully steps out of the patio area and out into the street, putting headphones in her ears as she goes.


"Cool," Bette enthuses. "Some of the numbers on the card go through to… oh god this is cliche but they go through to my people. But I'm sure we'll be able to sort something out. That's what they're paid for after all!" She returns the wave and then, with great relish, finally takes a bite of her scone. You can't beat being away from Gotham for top quality relaxation time!

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