Viva Las Vegas!

May 18, 2018:

Marcos and Lorna decide to elope to Las Vegas for their wedding!


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Fade In…

It had been spur of the moment, an idea that nagged at the back of her brain after a few too many nights curled up beside Marcos' frame and watching Netflix. So when everyone in the mansion was more or less busy, Lorna shot Illyana a text and waited. And waited some more. A while later there was a portal, and the green haired mutant was tugging Marcos through it. From the humid spring of New York to the dry heat of Vegas in the afternoon.

The woman grinned, having more or less not told Marcos what the plan had been besides, 'plan for a night away, don't worry people are watching Aurora.' A backpack thrown over her shoulder and Lorna was smartly stomping down the avenue, her hand loosen tangled with Marcos' as she dug into the back pocket of her jean shorts with her other hand.

"So we can get married in the drive through, there's the classic Graceland wedding chapel, there's The Little Church of the West, based on a mining town chapel.. Special Memory Wedding Chapel, they have a helicopter… Viva Las Vegas chapel… they have themed costume?" She arched a brow as she glanced toward Marcos, a grin on her features.

"Also there's one with a Drive though, they have Elvis too.. or if you don't like Elvis we can go to the KISS mini-golf venue?" She teased, watching his reactions.


Marcos was awoken by a surprisingly happy Lorna as she tugged Marcos awake and once they both were dressed and ready to go, she finally explained to him what they were doing. Oh..-this- was their night out? No sweat! He happily takes her hand in his and walks through the portal with her, his head resting lightly on hers as they -finally- have a night all to themselves.

Looking at her as she dug into her back pocket to likely pull out a little map to guide them around. Though as she talks about getting married in a drive thru, he can't help but laugh. "A drive thru? Where did that one come from?" he asks her curiously before he hums. "Golf? Helicopter? Man, I can hear Magneto screaming at the top of his lungs even now." he gives her a playful, loving little nudge with his arm but his hand still remaining in hers as their fingers were well intwined together. "hmm…how about Special Memory Wedding Chapel? The Helicopter does sound pretty cool…but if that doesn't suit you, let's get married at the Graceland wedding chapel." he smiles.

"Maybe we should rent out a room at a hotel or casino too…" because on the wedding night….yeah.


Lorna laughed softly, as she continued to lead them through the lightly trafficked strip. It was mid-afternoon, by now, and as a result it was stupid hot still and in the process of cooling down. There wasn't the mass of crowds that would likely invade once the sun dipped lower, never mind that it wasn't even the end of the week yet. Still, the green haired woman seemed to be well aware of where she was tugging her fiance along. Never one to be lost when she always knew where magnetic North was.

"Well, there's also a Dennys and one that will drive a priest, witness and photographer up to the hotel room if we wanted." She arched a brow as she watched Marcos out from the corner of her eye. "I already got us a hotel room. I got bored and found some deals online." She checked over the street names again, and hmm'ed under her breath.

"There's Hollywood Chapel.. cheapest one. Apparently it used to be owned by the mob or something."


Marcos walked with Lorna as she laughed, it was always so beautiful to hear her laugh. If he could, he'd listen to it all day. It was his favorite sound that she made, and it was made so rarely nowadays with everything going on. But alas, Marcos may be theo nly person who can -really- bring a laugh out of her. Nonetheless, he was happy to be led around by his soon-to-be as much as she ewanted.

"We are not doing a drive thru marriage at Denny's." he chuckles then with a big smile. "Though…getting married in the hotel room could be nice." when he hears she took the initiative this time and got the hotel room, he smiles. "I love you, you know that? More than anything." he squeezes her hand as he looks at the street names with her. "Cheap is always nice. Saves us from going bankrupt." he winks.


Lorna seemed to be on the upswing today as far as her temper went. A sharp improvement from her lows earlier in the month. She smiled, she laughed, she walked with a confident gait of a woman that knew where she was and what she wanted. Her hand squeezed Marcos' as she turned down a street after checking her notes and continued onward. The cast had just come off, and she was walking with no boot or other impediment. It was as if the Vegas sun matched her mood for once.

"What, why not? Dennys offers a pancake, wedding cake." She teased, and stopped at the front of a modest looking hotel.

It was nice, without being too nice. No one here would question who they were, or care overly so long as everything was paid for and nothing was ruined. It was clean, and smelled nice as the lobby door swung open under Lorna's nudge and she checked them in at the front desk. She'd used an assumed name when she registered online, no need to let anyone know where she was staying or what she was up to after all.

"We really don't have to worry about money, or paying for it. Alright? Just trust me on that." She drawled, and smirked as she leaned forward to peck him on the cheek. "And I know." She winked back, leading Marcos to the hotel room with a toss and catch of the hotel's key card she'd been handed. She promptly handed it over to Marcos. He'd be the one that needed it after all. Locks really didn't mean much to her.


Marcos followed Lorna as they literally just…walked on sunshine together. No frowns, all happiness and rainbows, something Marcos hopes their marriage will be nothing but that: Happiness. All the days of their lives. Squeezing her hand, hel aughs as he hears her tell him more about this Denny's place. "Oh god, definitely not." he laughs again for alittle bit, before they actually arrive at the hotel.

Following her inside, he does what Marcos always does when he enters a new place: He makes certain to take note of every exit and all the faces inside, see what kind of people they were. Thankfully, they were just the ignorant kind who didn't really care about what others were doing or who they were. Excellent. He is kissed by Lorna on the cheek after she tells him not to worry about a thing, and he smiles to her. "Gladly." and he follwos her to hte hotel room!

Key accepted, he wasn't the subtle kind of person to unlock things with his powers…if he ewas, she'd find that the door nob melted off one day. Be a good story though.

Once he enters the hotel room, he smiles. "It looks nice…perfect, actually. Nice double bed, good view…it's perfect." When he has the chance he'll wrap his arms around Lorna's waist for a kiss to her lips. Because they are engaged and he can!


The suite was again, nice without being overly grand. No princess suite this time. It was a large enough room, well decorated.. a 'honeymoon' suite for the hotel, such as it was. A few subtle hearts hung here or there. The sheets and covers a pastel map of pinks and reds. It had a dinning room table, a minibar and fridge, as well as even a matching microwave. The bathroom was dark and marble topped, and absolutely spotless.

Perhaps the biggest splurge was on the tub, which took up a great deal of space and even had a set of jets.

The magnokinetic smiled at her fiance as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist as soon as the backpack was off her shoulders. She chuckled, leaning in to return his affection briefly.

"Well, lets get married, I guess?"


It's hard not go to Vegas and choose literally any other chapel out there for a wedding. If she was going to destroy any dignity in her wedding and be able to so utterly erase the disastrous event in Genosha.. their elopement had to be completely different. Which was why there were no other mutants, X-men, or friends invited. A rushed affair to Vegas… and now?

There's something classic in a Las Vegas Wedding at Graceland.

The taxi over was quick enough. The forms filled out for what they wanted followed. And then paying the lady at the front desk.. They had rentals for the dresses, and tux, all used in varying degrees. The bouquet was at least freshly made that morning. No one paid the couple a second glance, not even with Lorna's green hair. This was Vegas after all.

A grin, and a peck on the cheek was all Lorna left Marcos with, as she departed to get dressed and to meet him at the chapel part of the place.


Marcos was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. He was overjoyed…ecstatic even, that he was going to marry the only person who could ever have his heart: Lorna Sally Dane. It was Vegas! As good a place as any to finally tie that knot. During the entire Taxi ride, Marcos was whispering sweet nothings in Lorna's ear along with generally cuddling with her. Because he loved her and they are gonna get married. Perks!

The forms filled out and tux rented, he accepted the cheek kiss from Lorna, squeezing her hand before letting the bride go off to get changed. He leaves shortly after himself to change into his black tuxedo. Looking himself in the mirror and trying to look as perfect as possible (something Marcos rarely actually cares about), he puts on his tie and he walks out to the chapel part of the place, walking down the aisle to stand next to the person Marrying them.

He was nervous.

Dreadfully so, but yet so impossibly excited that he's making this decision. and now…he waits for Lorna's arrival.


There was a priest. Lorna hadn't actually asked to be married by Elvis, though there was a younger Elvis impersonator in the corner. When the doors opened, he jumped to the center of the aisle, microphone in hand, as he sang a gentle rendition of 'Can't Help Falling In Love'. Somewhere in the corner, a gentle strumming guitar was being played via a recording.

Elvis walked her up the aisle this time. There were no cameras, no flashing lights, no rain of flower petals this time. No Magneto, no news, no mutates, and best of all. No Sinister.

The green haired woman had transformed the rented dress with her powers. It was a slinky white gown, that dipped from the floor in a whisper of fabric. A plunging neckline in a halter top style held everything together. It was plain, but glittered with every movement she made. A simple veil trailed around her shoulders, and in her grip she held a recently purchased bouquet of roses in a motley hue.

The aisle was short, made even more so by the entirely empty pews that lined it.

The young Elvis impersonator stepped back once Lorna was handed over to Marcos, and then he was jumping over to the side of the room to sweep up a guitar and to take over playing the melody softly in the back ground.


Marcos patiently and nervously waited by the priest for Lorna's arrival. and when she did? Marcos's heart fluttered the exact same way as their wedding in Genosha. He watched as she came down the aisle and he tried extremely hard not to faint. Thankfully, this wedding was not going to be ruined because of Marcos's beating heart. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but smile that much wider when apparently Elvis was walking her down the aisle.

He catched his breath a moment as it truly hit him: I'm getting married to the best woman in the world.

When Lorna was handed back to Marcos, he took her hand in his so that he could help her onto the stage of which they were to be wed….only for the Elvis impersonator to strum up a wicked tune on his guitar. A chuckle on his face as he looks through that thin veil to see Lorna's face, and he lifts the veil as ceremony dictates to see her face.

Utterly astounded by her beauty. His hands return to claim her own as he looks as lost in her eyes as the day they first met. Only multiplied by about a thousand.


A small bubble of laughter colored Lorna's expression as she approached Marcos and caught his mile long stare. She bit her lower lip to keep from breaking out into another louder than a snicker. Still, she wrapped her hand around Marcos' holding her magnetic fields snug tight. There would be no accidental auroras this time. No shows to put on. No need to share who they were with the world.

As lovely as their powers were, it was safer to not let herself get carried away.

Green eyes met his gaze as Marcos lifted the veil from her face, and Lorna smiled once more, warmly, at her soon to be husband. Unlike the ceremony in Genosha, she had requested a very short ceremony. All the better to not get interrupted this time.

"Do you take this man, Marcos Diaz, to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The priest asked, glancing between the two. Lorna nodded, flushed as her smile widened into a grin.

"I do."

The priest turned to Marcos. "And do you take this woman, Lorna Dane, to be your lawfully wedding wife?"


Marcos looks at Lorna as a bubble of laughter caught her features. If there was a surefire way to get Marcos to smile as warmly as he is? Lorna laughing is a pretty good way to do it. That veil was lifted and he smiles as he looks right into her eyes, the warmest smile he's ever given, if that's even possible. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a 'love doctor' to realize that Marcos was madly in love with Lorna Dane.

As Lorna says the magic words of 'I do' in response to the priest asking her, Marcos still seems to melt that she loves him as much as he loves her, and that she's still very willing to marry him. When Marcos is asked if he will take Lorna as his lawfully wedded wife, he smiles. "I do."

He waits then for the Priest to wed them or for them to exchange rings.


Lorna's grin couldn't get any wider as Marcos said 'I do'. She figured, given that they'd lost their previous wedding just before.. it had been better to get on with it. They'd all said what mattered a million times over. Vows beyond the strictly necessary? A waste of time, and Lorna Dane felt as if she'd wasted a life time already. Her grip on Marcos' hand tightened, and the priest asked after the rings.

Lorna nodded, dug into the pocket of her gown (yes it had pockets), and pulled out two simple gold bands. The Priest arched a brow, but took them, proclaimed a blessing and then handed them back to the couple. Lorna slipped Marcos his, and promptly slid her own on.

It went against tradition, but tradition hadn't been kind to them before.

"I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."


Marcos smiles as she grins back at him. It made him smile that much wider as the Priest asked for the rings. While Marcos had successfully thought that he had hidden the new ring that he melted down for Lorna in a good spot, Lorna was extremely perceptive, and her ring was another smelted down 3-metal ring that is extremely malleable and magnetically charged, so she can have it on her always, wherever she goes.

Awww romantic.

He allowed Lorna to slip the ring onto his finger, though when he tried to slip hers on her finger, she seems to alreayd have it covered! so Marcos didn't fuss over it…really at all. But when the Priest said that he can kiss the bride?

No need to tell him twice!

One of his arms wrap around Lorna's waist and another caresses her cheek as he smiles. "With pleasure." and he kisses her! Officially married! Though…he'll probably be kissing her for a while…this was a long time coming. The kiss is loving, it's passionate, and it's sincere.

It screams 'I never want to let you go'.


The only clapping is from the priest and the Elvis actor, who paused in his singing to congratulate the young couple. Lorna didn't hear them at all, not as she felt Marcos wrap his arm around her waist and tug her close. Her own arms closed around his shoulders and she grinned into the kiss. Her eyes slipping shut as she too, took her time in the moment.

Let it be known, an X-man got married without the world ending or any sort of vicious attack. And all it took was a portal to Las Vegas!

Finally, Lorna broke away with a flush of color on her cheeks and she gave Marcos' hand a squeeze. "Well, lets get out of here."


Marcos smiles against the kiss as the clapping is given and he and Lorna are finally married! Now the question is…

Will she take his last name or will she hyphenate? Oh well, things for later!

Once the kiss is finished and they look each other in the eyes, he was also blushing. "Yeah…let's do it." and he'll take her hand and squeeze it, leading her back down the aisle for their first steps as husband and wife.

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