In From The Cold, Pt. 1

May 17, 2018:

The Ghost Warrior gathers his forces to begin another hunt.

New York City - By the Bay

One of the many parks that allow a view of the water.


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Mentions: Doctor Strange, Lara Croft, Tom Judge


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Fade In…

The nights have come and gone since the Rapture, the Witchblde and the Spear of Destiny have been assembled together by the Ghost Warrior and the Tomb Raider. A guide and a spiritualistic link to some of this realities 'cosmic keys' or so it is told.

Robert Bearclaw has called out to the group again, Lara Croft otherwise indisposed, Tom Judge ever reluctant to show himself leaves him with the others, to wait, to stare off over the bay as water laps. Rises and falls.

They did not follow through with the attack on the French Quarter of Metropolis, the folly of it revealed before they even began. They are just not a solid enough team yet, they technically have no central or leader.

The broad shouldered albino marked native american mutant, a man of many things wears all black, a long sleeved shirt with pullovers for each fist, his claws jutting out, reduced to focused talon points. His pants tattered jeans over cowboy boots. Its warm, New York has been pleasant lately.

The point he has them at right now is a small parkside, just off the bay, in a secluded and gated area that is not meant for wandering and not long ago he helped exorcise with the aid of Dani Moonstar or whom at the time he thought was but turned out to be none other than the Demon Bear puppeteering her, another supernatural menace put low…


Vivienne had received the call, and she had not hesitated to answer it. She came even now, dressed in the more demure version of her armor, the one that looked only like some suit of black and something very like latex, complete with corset, this time. The sort of thing one sees in the more avant garde clubs. And warm, yes, but with enough of a breeze blowing off of the bay that the long white summer coat she wore did not look amiss.

Vivienne did not raise a greeting, as she caught sight of Robert's familiar figure, she simply moved to cross the distance to approach him. Nor did she attempt to quiet her footsteps, though the soft grass did most of the work for her. She knew he would know she was here. His senses and his connection to the ebb and flow of life would mark her arrival as surely as a spider might mark the capture of something in its net with a single twitch of a strand of silk.

When she finally arrived, coming to rest to the right and just behind him, it would he the warmth of her hand on his shoulder he would feel, before even her words, "Do you see them out there in the water, Ghost Walker? Your answers?"


Sara should be used to this by now… Nights of no sleep, overtime times overtime. The Challenger pulls into a Fast and Furious parallel park.

Cans of double shot espresso, red bulls, and tiny bottles of 5 Hour Peaks collide on the passenger floorboard - Collide! The toss of gravity and position with jerky motion of steering wheel cause that internal clamor.

Stepping out of the vehicle the door swings open to a herald of Metal that silences remotely and locks as such once the door shuts behind the woman. Detective, DEO, SCD, NYPD… Witchblade. With bloodshot eyes.

The leather jacket is held in her hand, folded over a grip that remains coated in that darkness as she approaches behind Magdalena and Ripclaw, the *tsss* of a Red Bull opening announcing her presence. "I am missing more sleep, so please tell me I get to shoot something for this?" No, nowhere near as tactful as Magdalena.


"What is sleep?" Robert asks Sara with a smile, "Is your sister still MIA?" Some concern in there but he imagines Jules Pezzini going missing is nothing irregular for the life of Sara.

Magdalena gets a smile and a tip of his head also, both women getting a curious regard before he nods at the waters, "No, there are other things out there right now."

"I've been reluctant to share a lot with the Curator due to the discoverings we have made of him being a twisted… fuck." He says with a grin, that phrasing.

"There is another artifact here in the United States, the Glacier Stone, I think it is less guarded than whatever it is that this dark thing in Metropolis holds. We have a better chance of acquiring it."

There has been very little progress on the side of the seekers, they have hit a wall and the attacks have dwindled. Not even an Angelus warrior has been sighted. Its unnerving. "There are other things in motion though, outside of just the artifacts, I am unsure if they're connected but… its drawing things out. You both likely feel it as you're torn between these worlds as bearers. You hold relics of power that the lurkers will be after."

He pauses long enough to pick up what looks like a mason jar that is sealed off, inside of it a dark liquid, murky looking. It is uncapped and he sniffs at it before drinking, making a sour face and putting it back down on the bench beside him. Sara inspired him for another drink, clearly.


Vivienne allowed her hand to rest on Robert's shoulder for a moment, and no longer, before she stepped away, hands slipping into her coat pockets, turning to watch the detective make her way towards where they seemed to be gathering. "Always good to see you, Detective." Vivienne, unlike the other two seems not to have brought anything to drink with her, but then, she looks infuriatingly alert and well-rested. "The Sorcerer Supreme mentioned as much. He helped me with a spot of demonic trouble in Greenwich Village a few days ago. Not the way I had hoped to be introduced to him, but alas. He said that the ancient evils, the Witch of Old and the Mother of Demons, were awake and walking in the world. I cannot imagine these things being unrelated." Another artifact? Well, "Where do we begin?"


The mention of Jules has Sara staying still. It is a defensive pose, and one that has the leather coat in her hands groaning as the hide is twisted.

There has been and always will be an unsurety with the Magdalena, from the Witchblade bearer - memories, afterall.

"What, Other Things?" The question is one that avoids Robert's initial question and bounces it back to the fact-of-the-matter.

Slowly her grip relinquishes but from beneath the shadows of that leather jacket the glistening of an Old Metal in an Alien Armored form can be seen peeking over her exposed forearm. "Sleep is for the weak… Afterall…"

But something Magdalena says causes Sara to truly LOOK at them both. The grip in her coat shakes the jacket while her other hand delves within pockets and draws out several cans and bottles of 'Fuck Sleep'. Legal. Of course!

"Strange and I have also had an exchange, but whether or not the files," or the Stars! "Align, is yet to be determined." Investigation is still underway in regards to the Pawn Broker and a 'Wand'.

Robert is given a curious look, though, one tossed Magdalena's way when he sips from his own unlabeled jar. "If you're drinking the Bad Jujuice, I am calling this meeting adjourned, Walker." A beat. "Because now…. Is not the time." The resignation in Sara's voice says it all. She feels it, she has for a few months now, it is what has kept the 'Other Side' of her job so… Busy.


"You met with the Sorcerer?" He asks, "Good. Saves me an introduction soon. He is important to our work around these pats." The smile he has been hosting fading at the mention of old Witches and Demon Mothers. "There is a lot wakening, it's as though… "

"It is as though they've been conjured up, we seen the news for Metropolis with the great sacrifice and we have dealt with Krampus. A thing not meant to last or linger like he did."

A look at the Witcblade in it's brief exposure, "Demons, devils, vampires, psychic entities, wraiths, old world gods, fae and the shit that shouldn't be around us and in such number, there are laws and rules they abide. Those appear to be slackening, the artifacts will be targets for these things also. You both will be targets. It is time we try to seek more allies not just bearers, just in case. I am beginning to worry for our cause and safety at this rate."

"Its an herbal supplement, its to help me pierce the veil with less effort and it eases the pain of my cybernetics when they act up."


"I feel weak very often." Likely why she looks as though she's the only one of them who's seen a bed in days. "He seemed surprise that the Spear was out in the world, but then, it has long been sequestered away in Europe." But that's as may be. Vivienne is here now, and here seems to be where she intends to stay. "And he has no more idea than we do what might be doing the calling? Surely he must have some resources that we don't. I mean…the title says it all, doesn't it?"

Vivienne, to her credit, seems to take no offense or at least pay no mind to the disquiet she can feel baking off of the detective. She knew only too well how the Witchblade reacted to her. "They can try to take it from me." Her tone is completely deadpan. How she feels about anyone who might try to take the Spear from her is clear enough, "However, if needs are as dire as that, I will have Josef alert the Guard and instruct them to prepare the next Magdalena." Vivienne has never had any allusions to her longevity in the post. "If they give you trouble, I can attempt to ease your discomfort, Robert."


"This is not that simple." Sara states as she sets out her little drinks in a line that is an offering. Varying flavor, espresso shot levels, while she listens and *cracks* open one of those cans to drink as she casts a gaze between the tweo of them, one eye moving white sclera to black, the iris shifting in hue from hazel to golden.

A wave of hand at both of their words, the coat dropped and the clawed hand of the Witchblade is seeking a disregard of the words recently passed between them to nullify the "truth" as they believe it. "No one should worry." A look to Magdalena, her hand curling back to her side, /away/ from them both intentionally, curling into a fist at her side. "If the Supreme is surprised there is a reason. Tell Josef to vacation," A look to Ripclaw. "Drink up, f—-" Did she almost call him friend?? "Partner." But the look shifts to them both as she bends to pick up her jacket and dust it off as if it was desecrated!

"I have shit to do, people to help, and this…" A wave of the Witchblade clad hand lofted as it slaps dirt off the jacket. "To finish figuring out, as well as my I don't like /you/." Magdalena given a pointed look from the more human side of her profile! "No offense."

"I am good with no sleep, and not ready to talk about a contingency plan." Sara then stands there and watches them with a mismatched gaze.


"I read some of the hidden texts about Hitler using the spear to banish magic once. Used it against the Allies. An interesting read… " Robert remarks.

"The Witchblade I can help you with to some extent, it is not quite the same entity as the Darkness but I feel there is a language we can mange with it."

A frown at the commentary and exchange, "We're a team, like it or not, Curator be damned and his 'prophecies." He says quietly.

"Doctor Strange is a busy man, I have kept him out of much of this so he can apply himself to tasks more suited him, this, with those of you gathered is my undertaking. I feel responsible as the Curator was one I was applied to early. As such… this is my coven. You are that and this is why I call to us so much, to solidify that and maintain a sense of fitting. If we loosen, we break. Like you did under New York, Sara."

"Or do we have to remind one another of these things."

"We are stronger as a whole, Partner."


"If you are worried that I might take offense, you shouldn't. I am quite accustomed to being disliked. The Rapture, for example, hates me with a fiery passion even his fire and brimstone form cannot match. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the Spear." It's just…her, Vivienne, or so it would seem to anyone seeing them interact with each other. So Sara's dislike? Whether it isthe Spear or just her dislike of the woman, Vivienne seems unconcerned.

"Josef, alas, does not believe in vacations. He does, however, believe in a good Broadway show and a good steak au poivre." Robert's comment about Hitler brings a nod, "It is said, that in the right hands, the Spear has the power to change the course of the world, for good or ill. Certainly, it might hold the power to sunder the very fabric of magic, but it has never been used in that way by the Magdalenas." Having the power to do a thing and actually doing the thing are not the same at all. "I will help you however I can. I promised you that, Robert."


"I am not worried that I think you are an uppity bitch," Sara states towards -Vivienne-, only giving pause as Robert speaks, and one half of her cringes at his statement (that half that does not remember Under NY), the other staring steadily between them both as spires straddle her cheekbone and brow, only to draw away as Sara smiles lightly. "I am familiar with that tone." A final statement to Viv as she looks back towards Robert in turn and leans back to not say much in regards to what has happened to partners in the past with her.

A glance between the two of them and Sara seems to fold, the gesture in a final drain of her Double Shot of Buck'spresso. "Fine." One word, as finite as the sealing of the Universe and Creation - to Sara at least. Relent.

"If it can stop what I saw in the morgue the other day with Supreme, you had me at Hello." Beat. "Not Seig Heil." A look passing between them again and Sara maintains her RBF, staring dead-ahead and not at them, as she may break composure!

""Let's find Josef a good Show and get this working like it needs to." A lift of her hand that is slowly revealing to leave just an old bracelet.


"I am glad you two have met some ground here." Robert says watching the exchange between the two women, both warriors, a NYPD cop and a Vatican trained assassin. He admires them.

"We're going after the Glacier bearer, at least now we are not covered in a supernatural storm. What we know of him so far is hes operating alone and hes been fighting the same things we have. Not sure to what purpose or why but we cannot go in to this with intent to kill, he could be on our side. The Curator hasn't summoned him so that may be bad or very good… "

"Or he has and has failed." Robert sets that jar down, it is empty, his face contorts in a mirror of Sara's own 'RBF' but twisting to a grimace.

"I'm going to find his tracks where I can, Lara has resources to find his identity and you're the law. When we do, we'll corner him. I'd like to have Judge there with us when we do, just incase we get outsiders but I think… this is a better route than the Dark Thing. For now."

Robert sighs because he finds himself taking charge, a role he was dreading but it is necessary without putting this in someone else's hands.


"It's good to know that we understand each other, Detective." There's something very much like humour, in Vivienne's voice. Too well, she knows she does indeed come off as something of an uppity bitch. Whether it's that European accent, or the sometimes overly formal way she has of speaking. So, for her part, she takes no offense, and it seems neither does Robert. Perhaps the three of them are starting to bond after all.

When Robert begins to describe the artifact and the bearer they're going to find, Vivienne turns all of her attention towards that end. "Well, if there's anything in a name, the Rapture might be our best defense. I can summon flame, but I cannot say what sort of effect it would have. It is not, generally, something I use except against demons, and he clearly cannot be that. "I suppose that makes me the muscle." The idea of that almost seems to tickle Vivienne. "Robert tell us how we can help you." At the same time that she speaks, she slips a hand into her coat, opening her palm on the spiked belt at her waist; that subtle form of activation that most of her powers require.


Sara watches Viv, setting the can aside as her plethora of 'WakeyWakey!' Gas Station 'Goods' are eye'd with an exhausted glance that is purposefully ignoring Robert's imbibing. His explanation is not enough, but there is something else underlying that has her looking from them and away as the dialogue continues and she is simply grinding incisors.

"What she says…" A gesture towards Magdalena in her assurance to Robert, all the while it is truly abnormal for Sara Pezzini to be in such a position, let alone admit it.

"We do not have to be exhausted alone." But at the mention of The Dark her jaw twists and she looks at them both, the skin beneath an eye jumping. "I can handle the Dark." A look to Magdalena and then Robert as she rocks forward and watches them both without waver.

"So, tell…" Eye-tic. "Us… How to help."


Robert descends in a moment of silence all his own as those two meet an equal and medium exchange, a light smile appears on his proud features, "Great spirits preserve us. The two of you may just get along."

"Research the next couple days, I will find his trail before it goes too cold, then we strike. Hopefully he is on our side and it will not come down to a fight but what I have learned, we've gotten lucky so far. Every time we run anew with eachother we encounter something horrible."

"We can all handle the dark, its just better alone." He says.

"I'll begun hunting our query in the morning. Keep your phones near."

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