Reed Joins the League

May 17, 2018:

Reed Richards attends his appointment to meet with Diana Prince about joining the Justice League as an ally and emergency contact helper person!

Themysciran Embassy - Manhattan NYC


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Its late afternoon on a Thursday in the Upper East Side of Manhattan island. Its a nice early summer day outside with the sun shining and wind rustling the leaves in the treets along the sides of the street and the small yards that do exist in the upper class homes and buildings of the area.

When Reed arrives for his appointment, he'll find a group of individuals leave the Embassy, two men and women women dressed in suits and fine clothing. They're getting themselves into their sedan. The Embassy door is in the process of closing as well. Inside the building the lights are brightly lit even at this hour, the receptionist is behind her old dark wood desk and she's clattering away on her keyboard after finalizing that last appointment with the Ambassador of Themyscira. Its a small island, Themyscira, but its world impact is quite huge when it has a representitive like Diana Prince as a showcased centerpiece.

As he walks up to the desk, Reed adjusts his glasses and says with a smile, "Good afternoon. I am looking to speak with Diana Prince. I have an appointment. My name is Reed Richards. I am with the Fantastic Four. I think she is expecting me…I hope I have the right day." He presses his ear an an ear piece grows with nano technology and Reed says, "Herbie. I do have an appointment today at the Themyscrian Embassy with Wonder Woman?" The voice in his ear does confirm as he smiles and nods, "Yes…I do." He chuckles softly tapping his ear again and the piece disappears.

The receptionist finishes her work on her computer and she looks over and up to Reed to offer the man a large smile and a quick nod of her head. "Yes of course, Mister Richards. I'll let her know you're here, please have a seat." She motions to the seating area near a set of large drape-covered windows that filter the sunlight coming in from the west facing front of the Embassy. The middle aged woman then moves to send a message to, presumably, Diana herself.

It only takes a few minutes there after before another employee of the Embassy steps out to escort Reed to Diana's office, this is a younger woman, teenager, intern-age. She'll greet Reed and have him follow her into the Embassy to a set of double doors down the main central hallway.

Behind these doors is Diana's office and its here that the Princess resides. Its a large room and it has two east facing windows that look out into a small backyard behind the embassy. Diana is at her desk that sits beneath these windows and she looks over from her computer to Richards when he is escorted into the office.

"Mister Richards." She says his name, friendly in tone and laced with a thick Greek-like accent. Diana is tall, over six feet with heeled shoes on, a black sleevless dress that goes down to her knees and up to her neckline where a golden necklace is wrapped around her collar. Her dark hair is tied into a bun on the crown of her head and her lips are painted a lovely shade of deep red.

"Welcome to the Embassy, and right on time. That is very punctual of you." She walks to him and offers her right hand for him.

The man takes everything in, and lets out a view ooos and ahhhss. He even reads a few of the anicent greek statues in their original language in passing. He is clearly taken by the beauty of the place. As he enters Diana's tower, he blinks at her appearance. This woman is clearly Greek, statuesque, and fit. He walks over to take her hand and stumbles over his own feet but catches himself.

As he pushes his glasses up onto the bridhe of his nose, he takes her hand and squeezes it firmly. The texture of his hand is softer than most men…even women. "Yes…I have a slightly neurotic A.I. that knows I can get lost in my thoughts. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Reed looks around and says in Greek, "Your embassy is beautiful." He releases her hand and switches back to English, "And I am grateful for taking the time to see me. I suspect a woman if your esteem can get quite busy…even on a quite day."

Diana's handshake is firm, but her skin is also equally soft which is shocking for a woman of her battle experience and the legends behind it all over the cours eof the past hundred years… most recent of which being the most active of stories told of Diana's feats around the globe.

A big smile is shown to the man when he speaks Greek. "Oh… A educated man." She responds in the same language, though she speaks lots of them. "I like that." She adds with a slight grin tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Diana then turns back toward her desk and she moves back around it while motioning to one of the two comfortable chairs positioned side-by-side in front of it. "Please, have a seat, Mister Richards." She says whilst moving around back to her own chair behind her desk. "I am eager to hear more about you and your activites. I have done a little research… You are a very interesting man." These words are said as she moves to seat herself again.

As he moves to sit down, Reed blinks and cocks his head to the side. "I appericate the kind words. The Fantastic Four have only done what is right with what we have been given. These powers needed to be used to help mankind as much as we can. Our exploits are nothing like the Justice Leagues, but it is not a competition. I am honored however by the words."

As he folds his hands in his lap, Reed pulls his satchel around and opens it. He takes out a silver orb and places it in his lap. It glitters in the light.

"That leads me to why I am here. As the Fantastic Four branch out and help Earth we have come across more and more heros…and villians. I have decided that I want to extend an olive branch of sorts to the other mainstream teams on Earth. I have an extensive background…" He taps the orb and it floats in the air as it begins to show Reed's "resume" of sorts. The various things he has created, video clips of him in action, etc.

I would not need to be a full member as I have my own committments to the Fantastic Four but I could come on as a consultant…ally…someone who will be there to help if you require it….and vice versa."

Diana shows a soft nod to the man then at his first comments. "It is certainly not a competition to ensure that our world is as safe as it can be. We live in a world of immense powers, that fall on the side of good and… sadly great evil. All the help one can have to fight it back, is greatly welcomed."

The orb is eyed when it makes its appearance and the Princess' blue eyes follow its actions and the displays that it begins to showcase. She shows a faint smile at it as if the object and its technology entertain her, or perhaps its just the deeds and way that Reed has put them on as a small show for her that she is amused by.

The smile fades though when she averts her eyes from it to his face again. "We have done similar things with other powerful people. Such as Thor Odinson. He has recently come on to the Justice League as an ally role, able to be called upon for serious situations that require the touch of an Asgardian Thunder God."

Diana's pointed chin dips downward just a little as she keeps looking upon Reed. "All we would ask is that you would make a noticeable presence within our Hall, as often as you can. Participate in training exercises so that we can function better as a team when you -are- with us on a mission. Things of this nature."

Diana's right hand motions to the orb that was displaying his many feats. "You clearly are a capable and good man. These are the shining qualities that we look for, afterall, in our allies."

As he nods and listens to the Princess's conditions, "Of course." As he says, "Herbie…allow the orb commands to Diana's voice." The Orb glitters, "Of course Doctor Richards." As orb floats to Diana's desk, "As you have done your due diligence on my skills. I have done some on the Justice League. I do not have the resources you do…but what I do have are at your disposal. Any on the Justice League will be allowed in the Baxter Building…my technological advances will be at your disposal…and I am not a fighter like Ben…you know him as the Thing. I am getting better at holding my own. I will be at as many trainings as I can."

As he cocks an eyebrow, "But if you could keep Thor's lightning away from me. That would be appericated. My polymeristic body does not react kindly to energy blasts of his magnitude." Reed smiles weakly at his attempt at humor.

Reed Richards adds, "The orb is the easiest way to contact me. It is a direct link to my systems and my satellite. You merely need say, "Commands." And the orb will show you where I am…or if you need to learn anything about my inventions…or back ground. I call it my digtal resume of sorts…"

Diana's head gently nods a single time in affirmation of the man's words. "We can help you become a better fighter. My Amazon sisters and I alone can teach you to combat others more effectively, should you wish it. We hold training lessons at the Hall and all those seeking to do close quarters combat more efficiently are welcome to participate…" Diana shows a little grin. "If you do not mind being beaten up a little bit by a few women." She's teasing of course, though it certainly still bothers some men as she's learned!

When the orb comes to her, she reaches out to accept it and let it rest in the palm of her right hand. She eyes it again and listens to his explanation of how it all works. "I shall warn Thor of your distasta toward the idea of being electrified… Though I imagine that disinterest is shared amongst us all in the League." Her blue eyes flicker back up to him and she shows another upturn to the corners of her red hued lips toward him. "But I know what you are specifically indicating as well."

The orb is motioned with her hand then. "And thank you, for this. It is a lovely piece of technology and I will make sure that it is put to use when we need to contact you in a swiftly manner."

Diana then draws in a breath and softly releases as she recenters her gaze on his face. "Please, feel free to stop by as soon as possible to meet other members as well. I will make all the necessary arrangements so people know of you and of your pending presence within our group."

As he nods slowly, his hand extends and his arms begins to grow at an unnatural rate to shake her hand, a smirk on his face, "No matter how hard you squeeze my hand your Majesty. You will not harm me. My plasticity makes me near invulnerable. However…heat…cold…electricity…anything energy based is another matter."

"Some of my other team members have not signed on to me extending myself out to the other heroes of the world. This is a test…or experiement that I hope will show them that we can help the world by making our skills and talents available to others. (OOC: More like because we have no PC's playing F4 right now) However, that could change in the future." He smiles using his free hand to run his hair out of his face. "Do you have any other questions for me?" He smiles softly pushing the rim of his glasses back up onto his nose.

Diana smiles at the stretching arm that delivers the hand over her desk to her and she reaches out to graciously accept it. She shakes his hand like this and does not try to test the crushing-theory about how much she can put into a handshake, she trusts his word on it. When she releases his hand again she softly nods her head again at his words explaining the powers that he possesses and the weaknesses associated with it. "I understand." She quietly replies to him then. "I will see to it that we help protect you from all such attacks. We certainly have faced some foes who have wielded such power against us, and I am certain that we shall again in the future."

Diana would move to stand up then and she'd start around her desk once more. "Should any of your other team members wish to be brought in on a similar condition, then they need but apply the same way as you have, Mister Richards." She says then with a smile. "If I come up with more qustions I will contact you. I really do look forward to this. Extending 'olive branches' between our teams is a passion of mine that I have yet to get to act upon. It pleasese me to see others doing it in my stead."

As he nods slowly, his hand shrinking back to normal he stands and adjusts his satchel. He taps his ear as his ear piece appears once again, "Herbie…please have the car ready." Herbie replies, "Ummmm Doctor Richards…Johnny took it out for a flight up to Paris and told me to tell you don't wait up." Reed rolls his eyes and says, "Not an issue Herbie. I will take a cab back to the Baxter building then." Reed taps his ear and the piece disappears and he bows slightly at the waist, "I look forward to this endeavor. We will speak again soon. I can see myself out…there is a statue of Athena I saw coming in that I would love to take a moment to examine a bit closer. The workmanship of the marble is quite fascinating."

Diana smiles at the man as she listens to his verbal exchange with the A.I. assistant and then she walks with him toward the exit of her office. "Yes, of course." She tells him about the chance to look over the Athena statue. "That particular piece was crafted by a member of my people, many many years ago… It actually ended up on the black market and was lost for all these years. But I have a friend… in the antiquetties business and she found it, and returned it to me here." Diana shows a warm smile then as she at least escorts him to the exit of her office.

"You are free to look it all over. This Embassy is meant to act as a center piece of my people's culture here in Manhattan, afterall." She tells the man then.


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