Tennis Takeover

May 16, 2018:

Cable and the STEM team begin training; X-Men arrive to discuss recent events.




Mentions: Sinister, Piotr, Chris (from the CD Store)


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[Exterior – Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters – Tennis Court]

A pair of students trudge back towards the mansion tennis rackets over their shoulders with looks of intense dissatisfaction. The court schedule indicated that 5:00 – 6:30 was ‘Open Court’ time and yet imagine their surprise when the court was very much not open.

In the pecking order of Middle/High School the tennis crowd outranks members of the robot club. However, these two aspiring phenoms took one look at who had helped the robot club conquer the court and their in-credulousness immediately dissolved.

Nathan Summers; seemingly the successful fusion of a man with the robot club’s desire to design an android bodyguard. He wears a pair of tactical pants utilizing the Army’s old ‘US Woodland’ design which have been bloused into a set of Oakley SI Light Assault Boots. The Askani’son’s black t-Shirt is tucked into his pants providing view of an MP7A1 sub-machine gun in an oversized drop holder at his right side and a GLOCK 42 handgun holstered inside of his trousers and just to the left of his spine.

About a half-dozen students flank Cable outside the fence. Within the court’s net has been taken down and a number of obstacles have been constructed. The team has kids doing the following tasks: (1) Manning the stop watch; (2) Controlling the homemade robot as it traverses the course; (3) Filming the attempts; (4) Student coaching; (5) Taking notes on problematic objectives; (6) Jotting down design notes as the team calls them out.

Nathan himself looms like a general having fashioned the club into a well-oiled machine in less than a month. Xavier’s eXo-Bots will take state this year but first they need to determine who will take what role and it will be determine by statistics and NOT by feelings or preference. Cable has made that quite clear.

The Askani'son would note any other adults who approach and say, "William, you're in charge," and then approach said adults before they can inturrupt the training.


"You know, there is something weird and wrong about using killer robots to protect the school," comments Nate, glancing at his companion, "I am not sure I can pin the exact reason. I wouldn't mind to have a killer robot at my side just once, for variety if nothing else."

Nate is wearing his usual armored x-uniform. Back to brown and blue now he is in what he considers semi-safe territory. He is also considering the guns Cable has on his person. Given how many times he has lost his powers the last year it is starting to feel stupid not to carry one himself.


Lorna stepped outside, a walking boot on her leg, no more the plaster cast. She looked somewhat more herself, as if the time spent in jail helped to poke some spirit back into her otherwise morose demeanor as of late. She wore a smattering of cheap jewelry, a pair of jean shorts and a black tank-top and sweat-shirt combo. A glance was spared for the two Summer-Greys men, a brow arching upward as she considered them.

"Eh, what's going on?"


Illyana is not dressed in her X-Men uniform. Instead she's wearing a pair of shredded jeans and a black top with 'I HATE PEOPLE' written on the front in bold white letters. She might be giving Nate's suggestion that she eschew Limbo for the 'real world' a try, but her choice of shirts suggests that try is being made under protest.

Illyana snorts when Nate voices his desire for a robot side-kick. "I bet you wouldn't. A tame robot wouldn't argue with you when you wanted to do something stupid." She glances sideways at him with an evil smirk.

"Nate wants a robot sidekick." Illyana informs Lorna, after a quick appraising look. If she was someone else she might tell Lorna she was looking better but… she's not.


“Better a killer robot than a living soldier,” Nathan replies approaching the trio with a gruff pragmatism, “With three hundred bucks, a stocked hobby shop, and four hours I can put together a drone that can kill the average human male. It takes far longer to produce, sustain, and then train a human who can do the same.”

At this comment the 7th grader on the stop-watch mouths the word ‘WOW’ to the 9th grade with the notes.

“No man should be designed solely to kill,” he adds.

Cable is already approaching Lorna as she makes her way down, “STEM club. Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics,” he explains and then physically puts himself between Nate, Illyana, and Lorna and the club, “Fighting robot. The team is testing its agility and determining who's the best operator.”

“You seem rested,” he observes Lorna mechanical eye flickering downward and making him appear a bit cross-eyed, “How are you feeling?”

His head cocks slightly living eye and features looking at Illyana. The Colossus's sister. Who he's barely had the pleasure of getting to know.


Nate was looking at the robot and smirking when he sees how Cable is looking at Illyana. That erases the smirk for a long-suffering sigh. "You two never talked about the whole Sinister mess, did you? No, of course not." Cable did find time to build killer robots, somehow.

"Anyway. I think robots probably make better pets that some other critters, uh?" He dares Illyana to contradict him on that. Lorna? She already has a robot pet. Or at least she did in Genosha. Whatever happened to Rolly the Stark-drone?


Lorna looked at the robots and shrugged, "I dunno, Nate with a sidekick? We'll have to come up with some snappy titles for the two of them then." She murmured toward Illyana with a faint twitch of her lips. A glance was spared toward Cable as the man settled between them. She blinked perhaps not entirely expecting him to ask after her health.

"Well enough considering I spent a night in a holding cell." She shoved her hands into her pockets. Pietro had visited, and well, that had been vaguely entertaining. Odd that her half sibling agreed that her place was best at Xavier's. And here she was. Out of jail once more.

Lorna turned her focus back toward Nate briefly, "It's not fun to hug a robot, and without the right electromagnetic reinforcements, I fry them on an off day." She grinned. Poor Rolly was definitely still Genosha.. along with everything from her wedding gifts to her supplies for Aurora. All carefully set up with the Nursery and home she'd planned there..


Lorna gets a quick grin from the sorceress. "I'm sure we can come up with something that works for them." She replies, before Cable distracts her by setting himself in her path.

Illyana comes to a halt at what almost seems like a defensive move from Cable. She leans very deliberately to one side - which given the size of him, involves tilting to a dangerous angle - to look past him at the students, then returns to an even keel, sliding her hands into the back pockets of her jeans and looking up at him. The small fact that he's over a foot taller than her doesn't seem to give her pause as she returns his scrutiny.

"So that's what you'll look like when you grow up." She tells Nate, only glancing his way when his question spoils whatever enjoyment she's getting out of the situation. "Was I supposed to?" She asks with a shrug, before getting a devilish glint in her eye, which she turns back on Cable. "If I can figure out a way back into his base, are you interested in shooting him a few times for me?" She asks, pleasantly.

The crack about her pets gets a grimace. "At least I don't have to buy batteries for mine." She tells Nate, tartly.


Nathan gives no reaction to the joke about Nate acquiring a robotic companion. He does, however, nod at Lorna’s self-assessment, “Good,” he responds, “I wish that the whole situation had gone down differently,” he says to her arrest, “but that’s in the past now. I’m working on your future. The electro-magnetic interference you generated interfered with the audio/video signal on the officer. The store claims that the cameras were not working. I don’t believe them. At this point it doesn’t appear like we have to concern ourselves with it becoming evidence. I spoke with the manager, Chris, yesterday. Conveniently his memories of the event are equally unreliable.”

“We can overcome the Officer testimony,” Cable states, “He’s been disciplined before about over-reacting when faced with Mutancy. I've filed three motions with obscure case law that are ultimately baseless but it will take a dozen of hours of research to reach that point. Most General Sessions A-DAs won't have the time. They won't stick through appeal but at this point I’m confident the District Attorney may be willing to negotiate just to free up her staff."

“No,” Cable responds tersely to Nate his robotic eye leaving Lorna so that he scrutinizes Illyana for a long moment, “I’ve been otherwise occupied; that’s on me,” he absolves her of any wrong doing, “I would like to lend you a hand on ‘figuring out a way back’ and I am absolutely interested in that. We can discuss that soon.” He nods backward, towards the children, as if to indicate ‘not the appropriate time’.

“Nate’s growing quick,” Cable the adds, “Pretty soon he’ll be arm wrestling Piotr.”


Grinning as she runs up, the teen clad in jeans, boots, striped shirt, and flailing pink eared hat rushes up to watch, "Hey!" She proclaims to the others, "Heard that people were testing flying robots out here or something."

Molly stops after a moment and looks back to the others, "Back to where?" She hmms at Cable and then looks to Nate a moment only to get distracted by a robot for a moment. She then blinks again and looks to Illyana, "Oh, hey! Don't think I ever got to talk to you much, I'm Molly!" She grins and looks to Cable, "Same goes for you." She smiles, "I also answer to Bruiser."


Ouch. Is that's what he will look like when he is ancient? Very likely yes. Not that he expect to live long enough to get to Cable's age. His luck is bound to run out sooner or later. Probably sooner.

"I thought you were my sidekick, blondie," he retorts to Illyana. Because she started it! "But if you two figure out how to pin down Sinister, I want a piece of him myself."

Lorna brief stay in Westchester jail was the last weekend top anger reason. But fortunately even Nate knew the flimsy charges wouldn't hold out. At most she will be fined. And some social work might even help get her out of her gloom and doom. He is surprised at hearing Cable talking 'legalese' though. "For fucks sake. Are you a lawyer on top of everything?" Of course he would. Of course he is crazy, said Scott.


Lorna's brows furrowed a thin line of her lips pursing together as she shifted her weight slightly on her good foot. Cable's words drew a raised brow as she listened. "Concerned about my future? Wait, you were the political backer, lawyerish bit to help get me out of there?" She blinked about the cameras and the alike and snorted.

"Color me shocked that all I wanted to do was get rid of the gun he drew on us, and I fried their electronics." She looked at her hand, curling it and shaking it out after a moment.

"Seems my powers are more shaky than I thought.." She sighed heavily, her thoughts trailing off and a glance toward Molly, a rueful smile pulling at her lips.

"Hey Molly." She


Nate's luck might run out sooner than he imagines. Illyana shoots him a mock-concerned look. "I thought they'd checked you out for head trauma after we got back?" She asks. "You might want to get a second opinion." She adds, with a sweet smile that's just as fake as her look of concern.

So far, Illyana's trips to the vicinity of Sinister's Scandinavian lair have been made solo, and by choice. Nate didn't get an invite. But the other Nate gets a thoughtful look. Cold blue eyes follow Cable's mismatched pair, flicking toward the students and then back again. She seems ready to continue the conversation then and there, but then she just shrugs. "Scott knows how to find me." She tells Cable.

It seems as if Illyana might be about to excuse herself from the conversation but then… there's Molly. "Illyana." She introduces herself. "Piotr's sister?" She tries, then gives up. Being friendly really isn't her forte. "I should get back home before the demons get restless." She tells Molly in an absolutely serious tone, and a portal of silver-white light appears next to her. She smiles. "I'll see you around." She says to the others, generally, and takes a step backwards.

The light swallows her, and she vanishes.


“Nathan Summers,” Cable replies as Molly bounds onto the scene and he establishes their relationship with the statement, “Students call me Mr. Summers.”

“Bruiser, you’re free to observe the team from here,” he says of her interest in the robot, “If you’ve got any interest in the STEM team I’d be happy to arrange a time to test your aptitude. If your interest in robotics is more casual they could use some senior students in their corner. I’d also let you stand closer to the fence.” He winks with his living eye there.

“The law is a powerful weapon in a constitutional republic,” Nathan then says to Nate, “and I don’t like to enter any fight at a disadvantage.” The right side of his mouth quirks with faint self-amusement.

“I had assumed it was intentional,” Cable replies to Lorna, “good thinking given the situation. If not, it’s something to keep in mind for the next time.” He appraises the woman for a long second and then adds, “I’m invested in your future,” is all that he says to his role in things, “You still owe me some answers about your time with Sinister”

He looks at Polaris and Illyana both but his glare is interrupted by a digital alarm. The latter's disappearance is seemingly not disconcerting. He often bodyslides away from conversation.

“Mr. Summers,” the kid with the clip board approaches the group but stops short.

Cable turns around, nodding, “Good work,” he says in approval for the young man’s diligence in coming to him, “How’d she do?”

The kid proffers the clip board and Nathan shakes his head in a negative fashion before looking to the group, “Got to get back to training,” and then puts a steely hand upon the young man’s shoulder, “/You/ tell /me/ how she did. I may not always be here to analyze the results for you,” and the walk back towards the fence.


"Hmm, I think this time Illy managed to greet like four new people before withdrawing to Limbo," comments Nate. It must be her record. But it is a work in progress.

"Anyway, I got to go too. Nothing critical, but I got some business in Mutant Town. Give me a call if you need me. Should be back tomorrow." He offers a grin to Molly and stomps off, his clothes telekinetically switching to jeans and t-shirt along the way.


Lorna looked back to Molly as each in turn scattered to do various other things. She snorted at Cable's comment that she 'owed' him answers regarding Sinister. "Everything I remember, is in the formal report. Go look at it. I've added to it." She drawled, "If you need anything else after that, sure." She sighed and slowly shook her head, mostly to herself as she glanced toward robots and the kids.

"Well, Molly. Do you want to get something to eat?"


A blink and Molly bristles a little as she walks up to Cable and crosses her arms. She puts out her chin and stands up straighter, "Excuse me…Nathan." She emphasizes the name, "I graduated and I'm also a full fledged member of the school." She nods her head and then points at him, "I even punched the Juggernaut and Storm told me that if that doesn't qualify me for graduation she doesn't know what does." She nods and she is paraphrasing. Of course, there is also a crater being repaired right now outside a certain pub nearby and windows being repaired and…well, it's all Storm's fault, not hers.

She then watches him walk off and the others walk off and she frowns, "Everyone is leaving!" She then sighs, "Were they talking about that jerk that kidnapped all of you, Lorna?" She then blinks at Lorna, "Umm, duh. Always." She nods her head.


"My mistake," Nathan says flatly and then admits, "I lose track of who has been approved by whom," Lips press, "Then league rules bar you from joining the STEM team unless but if you agree to support them I'll still let you stand closer to the fence," he resumes his duties with the team.


Lorna smiled faintly, shrugging as turned and started to head back toward the mansion. "Yeah they do that. Don't take it too personally. I'm not calling him Mister Summers either. I don't call any of the Summers that." She murmured in a false whisper. But in regards to what they had been talking about she wiggled her fingers.

"Partly. Some about being in jail and some about Sinister… I don't see how we could do much to stop him. If I'm being honest. His reach, walked into Genosha, heavily guarded as it was, and got out. He has messed with Scott and Jean before.." She exhaled a heavy breath.

"C'mon lets go raid the pantry. See what can be put together.."


A frown and Molly walks with Lorna, "If I could…well." She sighs, "If I could get past my problem with falling asleep, I could get whereever." She nods her head and looks over at Lorna, "I'd bury Sinister!" She exclaims, though not really yelling it it is emphasized. She then keeps walking with Lorna before shrugging, "As it is, I can only maintain a certain level of strength for sustained fighting for so long." She then looks to Lorna, "I have to focus hard to go full out…and sometimes." She grins a little sadly, "I get angry and…" She shrugs, "I end up in a coma."

She idly rubs the back of her head, chuckling a little, "Was gonna say that to you last time but didn't get a chance. You aren't the only one with emotional issues." She grins.


A soft, breathless, chuckle escaped Lorna and she nodded to Molly, amusement thick in her voice as she nodded. "I'm sure he wouldn't expect you, Molly." She waved her hand, the door leading inside opening up for them. All doors could be automatic with a magnokinetic around. She gestured again and the door shut behind them once more.

"You know what you have to work through, that's a good start." She murmured, glancing toward the younger mutant. "My powers.. my strength comes from my emotions. The more emotional I get.. it seems to widen the connection I have to the magnetic fields. At least in terms of raw power. Doesn't help for my control." She mused.


A look over at Lorna and then she chuckles a little as she looks down, "Sometimes feels that way for me. Remy seems to think that's just the easiest way for me to gain strength." She then shrugs and grins at Lorna and leans over, "Last time I was in the danger room, I was able to pick up a 100 ton crane." She nods her head and grins wide before looking over at the area ahead, "Of course, I…uh…nearly passed out from the strain but hey." She shrugs.


Lorna smiled as she led the way back toward the kitchen through the halls. She shrugged lightly as she continued to walk. "It's easy for most mutants. Our powers manifest typically, when we experience moments of high emotion or stress. Which, I guess is why most develop their powers as teenagers.." She murmured and shrugged. She hadn't experienced that. She'd manifested far, far earlier..

As they made it to the kitchen she arched a brow, glancing to Molly again. "So what are you in the mood for? Cookies? More left overs? Sandwiches?"


As Lorna lists off food, Molly considers a moment and then states, "Yes. All of the above." She chuckles and then grins as she looks over at the rest of the kitchen and shrugs, "I just don't know. I know that it is at least somewhat tied in a way to my emotions. While I can try to bring it up without emotion, when I'm emotional it always comes up." She then shrugs, "Kinda makes pulling my punches tough." She then grins at Lorna, "It's ok though. I'm more concerned with finding a way to be able to more easily use my power."

She then settles at a spot at the kitchen table and looks out the window toward the grounds, "So, you know if you guys go back or something. You better bring me." She looks to Lorna, "I'm serious. I don't want to be left out of this."


Lorna grinned, moving to the pantry, pulling out boxed cookie mix while the mixing bowls flew to her hands. A cookie sheet found itself pulled out to the cabinet and the oven flicked on to the correct temperature. "Alrighty, well I'll get the cookies started at the very least." She murmured. She worked on adding the various ingredients, kitchen tools flying and whizzing around quickly through the air around them.

"I'm sure you'll get there.. I'm always getting angry at something, so it's rare that I have trouble with getting my powers to react." They tended to react a bit overly fast.

"I don't think I'll be going back to face Sinister any time soon. I'm.. a liability there. I could very easily end up being used against whatever team went in there. No.. I think it's better I keep my head down." It felt wrong to say it, but that's what she heard. Constantly.

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