Blood On the Sand

May 10, 2018:

The Justice League plus one, find themselves investigating a massacre on a beach in Florida.

A Beach in Florida

A white sand beach. Now with more red and less fun.


NPCs: Possibly Zeus

Mentions: Wonder Woman

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Fade In…

The ocean spreads from one horizon to the next this south in Florida, as far as the eye can see. A warm breeze rising and falling and a barren beach. Gorgeous. Absolutely until one sees the corpses littering the sandy expanse, the red mingling with the foam and beyond the lapping bouys the thrashing sea creatures, fins and all that feast on remains as gulls and scavengers flitter back and forth. Fighting over scraps.

The Green Lantern is the first Justice League member to arrive on scene, hovering above the horrific display with a twist to his expression, lips a grimace, a deep frown. Glittering armor, a wreckage of ships, medieval weaponry of a Greco-Roman style, char marks, women and a few men, clad in less than clothes, most of them tan skinned, taller than average and attractive, even as corpses. The local authorities have pushed back the civilians, taped the area off and made sure no one but Jordan and those he calls in are let through.

Diana is the first.

Donna Troy? She doesn't get a call. No. Her knowledge of this comes from a vision, a sharp quick emotionally heavy one that strikes to the core and as fast as it manifests it also fades.


When the vision struck her, it was only sheer reflex, that stopped Donna Troy from dropping the very delicate camera setup she'd been in the middle of setting up in the new apartment she'd rented in Metropolis. Short term, same as with the other spaces she'd looked into in the other cities. Keeping her base of operations mobile and varied was never a bad thing as a freelancer.

But that, though, would have to wait, as she sets aside the telephoto lens, and took the few seconds required to strip off civilian clothes she'd grown comfortable with over the years. She looked, for the moment, exactly as she had when she had stood at the door to the Universe awaiting permission to answer. Only the lasso was new.

She did not need to ask where she had to go she simply followed her intuition, taking flight from the balcony of the apartment and moving at beast speed in the direction of the distress she could feel like a stain in clear water.

As she touched down on the beach, not far from where the police had cordoned off the battlefield, she took in the remains of battle, her expression hardening as she stepped across the sand, towards that familiar stranger. Towards the police standing at attention to turn bystanders away.


Barry Allen was one of the Leaguers that got the call to help out…though Barry's been under the radar lately, pursuing his eternal goal of proving that his father is an innocent man. But the situation changed when he heard about what happened, and the Flash would return from a long hiatus. Running to the scene of the crime within really just two minutes (he wasn't rushing), he arrives to find that Donna and Hal are already there as the Flash arrives in full slightly armored red and yellow garb.

"Jesus christ…" He sees the horror on the field of corpses and the like, a touch of sadness on his face. "The hell happened here? A fight?"

Then he looks up to see Green Lantern. "Hey Hal." then a curious look to Donna, a lady he hasn't quite had the pleasure of meeting yet, but he nods to her as the Forensic scientist starts to look about the scene.


"Princess." Jordan says before there is an odd chime to his ring and he turns his head to look at the source, Donna Troy not Diana. It takes him a moment of staring at her. Like he is recalling they are a separate person.

"Donna." He offers instead as he lowers to the sand also, that green nimbus of energy that kept him aloft vanishing. "Leaguer business but I think this warrants you attention as well, considering the victims." What else could he call these mutilated people?

Flash arriving in a snap of air and an electrical release has Hal about ready to power up and take flight again when he realizes the invert of colors from Zoom. "Holy hell, I thought you were the Banana Flash… damn it is good to see you." Curbing as much enthusiasm as he can which not hard, considering the bleak surroundings. It is a mess. Some of these people, by build one would definitely think Amazons appear to be chewed in to, gnawed up on… not by the scavengers either.

Clearing his throat he motions around them, "This… is the situation."


Donna looks up, from where she's having a stare-down with a couple of uniforms, a tip of her head and something very much like an upward curl of her lips as Hal recognizes her. She doesn't bother to disabuse him of the notion that she was the other woman, the one he knows, because he does know, as soon as the ring does. "Green Lantern." But, given that she's also not one to pass up an opportunity…as soon as he begins speaking to her, she steps under the polite tape and starts to make her way over towards where the bodies have been strewn. She doesn't get very far, taking a knee in the sand, just in time for the speedster's appearance, though she, seeing that the Green Lantern knows the man, she turns her attention instead, to the remains of the woman beside her. "How long ago were they found?"


Barry gives Hal a little two-finger Salute. "Good to see you too man. By Banana Flash, can I assume you mean Zoom?" he asks curiously, though Barry knows that his polar opposite has been causing trouble. But he was gonna deal with him next time he saw him. For now? To the situation at hand. Flash moves normally between the bodies, looking around at the sand as he puts his skills to good work.

"This is just a bloodbath. Medeival objects and weapons? I'd say Amazons but there are men among them too." Barry looks just….-sad- at this. He HATED death.


"Several hours. There was survivors but something or someone killed them according to the cops shortly after they came ashore."

Barry with a glance can pinpoint them dead at just over two hours and ten minutes or so. He's the guy for this sort of thing. The way they are arranged says they struggled, blood spatter, prints, positioning. It was small group or a very fast individual that did the murdering. Many of them unarmed.

"When we were in Qurac, those Bana tribe ones, they had men they kept… I don't know about Wonder Woman's, I've never asked I guess."

"Do you recognize them, Donna? At all?"


There's a delicacy, in the way that Donna examined the body, a care that would have, had Hal not already noted the woman's identity, have put him in mind of the more familiar Amazonian brunette. This was not a piece of meat to be examined, no matter what had been done to it, but a being that had once been vibrant, and alive.

She lifts her gaze, fingertips lingering on the air above the woman's body. "They're not from any universe that I can remember. But this one is new to me. So something I haven't seen before? Likely. But they're not human. They're…I can feel the echo of the gods in them. In all of them, the men and the woman."

She settles her hands on her knees, moving on to the next body, a male, and terribly savaged. "May I have permission to move this body? The wounds here look particularly deep." it's a savage thing and a terrible thing, but monsters rarely leave better clues than in the marks on the remains they leave behind.


Barry starts examining the bodies closely, listening simultaneously to Green Lantern as he gives the official statements, before Barry speaks after he does. "They've been dead for a little over two hours. If I had to make an exact estimation, two hours and ten minutes." He stands up. "Judging from the way their bodies are strewn about and the marks on their bodies, the splatters, the positioning…they put up a fierce struggle. But whatever killed them was either a group of people or someone who was very fast." He hates the sheer thought of it, already thinking it was Zoom. But Barry looks at the wounds and pulls something out of his little utility belt that he's taken to wearing to carry extra gear.

He sets up a small DNA test environment, examining the wound to try and determine the murder weapon in all this, be it blade, guns, hands…anything.


"Move them as you need. This is out of their hands until the DEO or SHIELD makes a show of force." Jordan says in regards to the locals. His hands on his hips as he doesn't touch a damn thing, this isn't his element. The best he can do is let the ring scan out and try to recreate a mapping, going off what Barry is saying, a green group of hardlight 'people' moving around, rewinding and making motions of action again. Repeat, rewind, do it again.

"It doesn't make sense… "


"It makes plenty of sense." A voice says quietly, a form in a Hawaiian shirt and white shorts appears, waking along the beach, old, white bearded with striking blue eyes, they almost glow. He is barefoot. Skin olive and a sense of power emanates off of him.

"You two are not to touch them." A sudden stern tone from the man as he looks at Barry and Hal. "Go on though, pay your respects and tell me what you discern." He encourages Donna with an odd warmth not shown in the least to the men. It is almost fatherly…


Donna offers a nod, a "Thank you," to Hal, a soft murmur of apology to the man she's now turning onto his side. As if it still mattered, as if it all still mattered. Carefully, she turns him, so that she can begin to peel away the remains of the shirt he's wearing.

Donna's attention is immediately and unequivocally riveted by the voice, and more than the voice, by the sight of the man walking along the beach as he comes into their proximity. No preamble or word of warning from the police. "They were warriors, all of them. But in the end, he died trying to protect her." A tip of her head towards the female body that was nearly beneath this one. "I saw…I am reminded of the bodies at Pompeii. They knew hope was lost, but still, they fought for their humanity. They fought for the things they loved."


A weird case indeed…it's almost as if this just happened just to happen. But before he can get any hard data on the subject, that voice from a random guy in board shorts arriving to tell the Justice League what to do. "Ehm….sorry sir, but who are you? We're presently doing an investigation. Please return to outside the tape and let us do our work." Barry says back to him in not a mean spirited way, but one that shows experience that they know what they are doing and they do their job pretty damn well.

He resumes attempting to get a solid read on what exactly happened. "This is a murder..I'm not sure by what. These wounds..vary." Barry keeps a side-eye on the older fellow, feeling that sense of…discomfort at his presence. Barry was prepared to act in a moments notice.


"These men and women fought to their very best, not even Thebes and Athens put up such a fight against the Macedonians nor did they face such an overwhelming force." The aged man remarks, "The blood in the waters, the thrashing of the waves, if the seas were holding more blue it would look near the same as the shores of Kavouri."

"The fear." He says, a noise coming from his throat, "The primal fear, the stench. It is in their meat, spoiling their bones, making them brittle, hope was not in their minds, only terror." The man scoffs, "Humanity. No, girl, their immortality."


The Green Lantern frowns at the old man and then looks at Donna, "Who in the hell is this? You know him?" Barry adds the additional he himself was about to say.

Undisturbed by both the man continues to pay mind to just Donna, "The things forgotten are returning. This is their story and you are all now part of it."

A tug at his beard, he considers Barry and Hal, "Interesting. I see the shadows of it, the flickers wavering around you all, Hermes and Hephaestus."

"Perhaps…" The aged man cuts himself off and steals one more stare at Donna before hes trudging up the beach to the police barricade of tape and bodies.


Donna seems not at all put out by the man's chastisement, nor does she look humbled by his regard. "Well do I know how often immortality divides you from the world around you. Better than most, have I seen that it seeks always to tear people apart. That is not what happened here. These people were united. They fought for their lives, and that was about more than just the eternal span of years they might have had." The question from Hal earns him a glance in his direction, before she speaks to the bearded man's fast retreating back, "Astrapios, Father of all." There's something soft in her voice, as gentle in speech as she's been with the dead, as if she could call him back with words alone. "Who has freed those who could steal immortality itself?"


Barry looks at this old guy after glancing towards Hal before he realizes that this guy is likely immortal or a god given how much he's talking about Greek Mythology and the like. He looks to be trying to address the situation but theeeeen he's called Hermes. He's been called that before, but never by this guy. "uh…huh." a glance to Hal. "Who is this guy?" Donna seems to help with that part well enough. "Asta-who-now?" he knows Zeus, he knows Odin, who the heck is this guy?

"okay…so….I'm officially confused."


As quietly as the aged mystery man had arrived he is also gone, incredible power and presence packed in to an unobtrusive moment, a fleeting visitation to the mortal plane to observe first hand the omens and portents now, just no longer there. A ghost of memory and no foot prints were he was…

"I, hate this sort of thing." Hal says very slow and drawn out.

"Stealing immortality?"

A nod towards Barry from Jordan, "You and me both, pal. Lets stick to the facts… we have a lot of dead foreigners on our beach and we have to help clean it up and find out where they're from. Things like this in the past can and have spelled war."


"Do you not call him so here?" Donna shakes her head, before she moves out of the way, so that Hal can see the body, "He was a god, once, perhaps he still is. Gods live and die, as we all do. He was, or is, I believe, the god of thunder." But with the man walking away, and bodies remaining, she turns her attention back to the dead body, a hand indicating the places where flesh had been rent from the body, "In a physical sense, immortality is not an organ, it does not live somewhere within the body, and yet, it resides, resided within each of these people. But no longer. I can feel a trace of what was, but that is all. Whatever attacked and killed these people literally and spiritually chewed it out of them." A moment of silence, "That is how it feels to me."


Barry huhs at the mystery man as he leaves, and he tilts his head before looking at Hal. "Okay, I'm officially weirded out now. I'm just gonna…ah, finish my forensics here and uh…I'll skedaddle." To Donna, Flash shrugs. "I thought that was Thor? You know, big hammer, swings it around like a badass?" well, it is what it is. Talks of Immortality are -definitely- not Flash's wheelhouse, but he does put a hand on Donna's shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll find what did this."


"Whatever he was or is the ring didn't even pick him up. I'll settle for the ghost of a Beach Boy. It is whatever…" Jordan says quietly, "God or otherwise… " A look at Donna then down the beach and to Barry. "You and me can do this. Save everyone some time and trauma once you finish your CSI nerd stuff." A grin at the Flash.

"Donna, I think it is time you meet some more of the League. We'll head to the Hall as soon as we are done here."


It is just shy of an hour after the beachside detail was completed. Jordan is exhausted more mentally than physically, not flying as he walks through the halls and turning to motion behind him at the high vaulted walls of the Justice League's ground base and public forum interior.

"This is the place. I'd probably have more enthusiasm if, you know, we didn't just help migrate three dozen dead demi-gods."

"Ugh, manners. Damn I am sorry. That was probably closer to home for you than Flash or I. This is stinking of the Umbral Dynamics stuff again, there was signs of advanced weapons and munitions used, not just some… group of spastic super cannibals that eat God's immortality. I'm no Gotham night creeper but the connections are obvious." The hours in the Hall are late, it is relatively empty of it's usual occupants and caretakers so the Lantern's voice carries.


Witchdoctor had been out…doing charity work oddly enough. It was still strange to her, but a soup kitchen here and a no-charge exorcism there? Well, it was baby steps to trying to be the 'hero' that a position in the league represented. Her arrival isn't announced by the usual swirl of her teleporting magics, instead the woman still dressed in her gown and with her parasol carried closed in her hand frowns a little as she rounds a corner. "Super cannibals that eat God's immortality?" the Witch repeats, clearing her throat as she interrupts. "What have I missed?"


Donna had been, for most of the journey back, at least those portions of it when their paths had crossed, been unnaturally quiet, pensive. She had done what she could to assist with the cleanup of the beach, trusting Green Lantern and the Flash to handle the bodies. The Celestial had, of course, bid them not to touch the bodies, but if he had wanted his rules followed, he should have tuck around. So Donna had made no protest. "This is not a night intended for celebration. Please don't think that you need to apologize to me. You and…Barry, was it? Should be thanked for showing the dead such respect."

"It is possible that science can disrupt the astral realms, break through to other dimensions. I would have to study what records you have of those events, see if I could find anything related, remember anything, but it is not without precedent." There's surprise, but of the good sort, as she sees Witchdoctor approach, the familiar face seeming a welcome thing. "Nothing that you can't be caught up on. It's good to see you again."


Diana has been in the training center of the Hall with two of her Amazonian sisters who were regulars here in said part of the facility. The Amazons were some of the best trainers this establishment had at helping to get the various super heroes fighting more like a team, and less like kids on a playground.

As of now, Diana is stepping out of the training center with her two companions flanking her on either side, the trio of Amazons are walking through the main corridor and are stepping into the area where the others are now gathered. Dressed in her armor, though it is hidden beneath a deep blue robe, Diana's eyes go to Hal and… those with him. She stares at them as she adjusts her course and starts to walk in their direction now.


Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, had been on hiatus as a superhero in general for months now. Coming out of semi-retirement apparently to help what he felt like needed his help. With that in mind, he rubs the back of his neck. "I hear ya Hala….we'll do some investigating. I think I should be able to track down the exact perpetrators, but I'd have to do some digging. We'll see what happens." a friendly smile, before he notices Witchdoctor.

"Hi! I'm the Flash." he extends his hand to said Witchdoctor for a strong handshake. "Not much…we just finished looking at a crime scene for demigods…it wasn't very pretty." eyes shift to Donna, nodding at her. "Keep that on the down low yeah? I like to try to keep a secret identity, unlike GL over here." he winks at Hal.

Wonder Woman's here! "Diana!" Barry says with a smile for her. "Long time no see."


"It's just what we do. We're the League… " Jordan stops himself there before he inserts his foot in to his mouth again. especially with the timely arrival of Alyse and Diana with her entourage.

"You two know each other?" He asks of Donna and the Witch while Barry introduces himself.

"Wonder Woman, I tried to reach you earlier." He waves a hand like hes presenting a gift or someone up on stage towards Donna Troy. "You two really need to meet and we really gotta talk to you about what went down tonight. Everyone."

The questions he doesn't approach yet, figuring on intros first.


Barry's sudden and strong handshake has the Witch blinking a little. She'd met the Flash…hadn't she? Or perhaps she'd only met Kid Flash…it was ironically sometimes rather hard to keep up with speedsters coming and going. Then again the first one she'd met had thrown her into a wall at Mach speeds, so this was certainly one of the better meetings. "Witchdoctor," she shrugs with a (re)introduction and bow of her head before she looks towards Donna with a smile and a nod. There'd be time for catching up a little later, once she was caught up on the supposed deaths of Demi-gods.

"Not the easiest things for most to kill, perhaps I can help you in tracking down the suspects. If everything has not already been taken away."


"Only in passing. We were both in attendance at a charity event in Gotham a few days ago. Community outreach, cleanup, repairs, that sort of thing. I'm not even sure that we exchanged names. Donna Troy." As Witchdoctor's already given hers, that does for introductions there. Flash receives a shake of her head, "I would not divulge such a secret." Once Diana reaches the group, she turns to face the other woman. It's easier, now to see the differences between the two, the most obvious, of course, being the difference in height. She allows only a tilt of her head in Hal's direction as he Price is Right's her. Thankfully, she's not on a rotating pedestal. "Princess." Not her universe, but some things are the same in nearly all universes.


Diana's blue eyes go to the Flash and she summons a smile for him. "Hello Barry." She says in her thickly accented English. "You look well." She adds to the speedy-one before she sweeps her gaze to the others and nods her head once toward them.

With a pointed stare given to Hal in particular, Diana questions. "All is good?" She asks. "Or has something happened?"

Her eyes glance over toward Donna, but she doesn't verbally react to the woman as of now.


Barry looks to Hal and gives him an elbow nudge to help make sure that he doesn't go running his mouth again. Bros gotta stick together! Then he looks to Witchdoctor, noticing that there's a small hint of recognition in her eyes. "uhm….have we met before and I just don't know it?" then he snaps his fingers. "Oh! I wonder if you met Impulse.." he smiles then. Though with Donna, Barry looks curious, apparently Donna knows everyone?

She knows Diana pretty well, looks like. Speaking of Diana, she looks well! "Likewise, Diana. Good to hear your voice. Now..all we're missing is big boy blue and our friendly neighborhood martian right? then I think we have the originals!" he smiles a bit.

At the question, Barry answers. "Just a bad crime scene. Apparently we have immortality-eating monsters."


"A bunch of dead godlings washed up on the Florida coast." Hal lays out. "Donna Troy, your… sister? I mean the resemblance, I don't know… but, she thinks one of your big gods was also there. Zeus? Right?" He looks at Troia for confirmation, a glance past her at Witchdoctor also given. Shes magic, she knows things they don't.

"We have been busy. It's gruesome and there's signs this might be more Umbral Dynamics crap. The timing the focus on your people… I mean, not sure they were 'your' people but… "

Jordan cuts himself off and goes quiet, the others can fill more in while he collects himself and his thoughts.


"That is…concerning," Alyse speaks, the fae woman frowning towards Hal and crossing her arms. "Do they crave a specific brand of immortality that we know of? Or is anyone ageless something they crave?" At least two people in the room fit that bill after all. Mention of Zeus has the blonde frowning before she bites her lip. "Stealing or siphoning divinity and immortal's powers is not unheard of, but there is more than one means to do so. Without seeing for myself I couldn't be sure as to how it was accomplished."


Donna, for her part, seems quite content to remain on the periphery. It's obvious that the team, already well established has enough to be getting on with, without needing to add a new member to the mix, "So he felt to me." There's a shake of her head, as she hears Hal's comment, "She and I are not sisters. Not in this place." Ah, the vagaries of the multiverse. She takes a moment to consider, before she turns away from the group, far enough to allow a clear view of the hall they just walked down. "A moment, Witchdoctor."

Donna's eyes fall, as moving as though she were reading something in a book, or tracking the movements of memory. And then, a nod, as she looks back up. She brings her hands up, a gesture almost like a prayer. When she breaks them apart, spreading them, a image materialized in the center of the hall. It's not quite to life sized, and perspectives are shifted, but it's what almost seems to be a 3D projection of the scene at the beach. Complete with bodies, torn and fed on by what seem to have been something or somethings with. It all plays out as if would from Donna's perspective, from the arrival, to the investigation, even to the bearded man. All as though they were seeing the scene and the events as they played out through her eyes.


Diana shows another faint smile to Barry before she looks back to Hal and the smiles fades after hearing his explanation of what went down on the beach. "How could they accomplish such a thing." She asks, no one in particular. But then her attention moves to Witchdoctor and she listens to the somewhat grim rundown from the other and this gets her to drop her eyes down toward the floor for a moment, in thought most likely.

The Amazons on either sides of the Princess turn their heads to glance at one another before they look forward again and follow their gaze on Donna as she moves to project this 3d imagery of the events.

Its then that Diana looks up again also and turns to stare at the imagery. She takes a step forward and walks around it as it plays out… She raises her eyes up to Donna's face, stares at the other woman for a moment or two before she looks to the other members of the League.

"I should have been there." She softly says before once again looking to Donna. "You 'felt' Zeus' presence at this beach?" She asks then, dipping her chin a little as she eyes the other.


Barry falls into silence then as everyone seems to be conversing rather well. He just kinda slooows into the background as demigods, a witchdoctor, and Diana are clearly in a more discussion that suits to their general fields of expertise. He rubs the back of his neck, tapping his foot so fast on the ground that it's like a constant blur. He doesn't look like he has anything interesting to say.


Alyse watches, lapsed into silence while she examines the projected memory. She'd take in what she could, but the beach and the dead could only show her the aftermath. "If I could perhaps examine one of the bodies, or their weapons, there might be an impression left on them strong enough to 'see' what happened. Put a face to the monster." A breath, her gaze travels over the others before she looks towards Donna and Diana specifically. "If so many were overwhelmed, or even picked off, we need to know what is capable of such a feat."


"We need to find out for sure who did it and where those people came from." Hal says, "That's what I get from this so far and that means… " A look from one Amazon to the next then Alyse, "That can be arranged, they're being stored for now. We figured it is up to Wonder Woman what to do with them ultimately, technically they're evidence but… /Zeus/ told us to back off and not touch, not sure if that's a solid do it and I smite you or just him being… Godly."

"With Diana's permission we can probably let you go near them?" He asks the Princess of Themyscira, studying the projection of Troia's, well aware of Flash's patpatpat of footing. It's not science. Barry's probably not tracking it like he normally would with interest and gusto, hard to tell. Maybe he needs to go eat a dozen pizzas for his 13th meal of the day.


Donna's response is terse, not dismissive, but it's clear that she needed to focus to maintain the visualization. Mostly likely because she's trying to, in a sense, multitask. To both recall and project her own memories. She does glance up, briefly, as Diana questions her, and she nods. It isn't possible for the vision to convey feelings, of course. But she look back to it, rewinding it as one would a videocassette, back to the arrival of the bearded man. This time, his words are audible. None of the rest of the sounds makes it through, and even his voice sounds far away. But it is clear and intelligible. She carries them again, from arrival, to his departure. "It..has been long and long, but, yes." A tightening of her jaw, before she bright her hands back together, the vision winking back out. "I have done everything that I can. I should leave you all to your work."


Diana Prince, in this reality, did know a Donna Troy… a very long time ago. This one may not be that one, but she certainly has memories of the one she knew and they're memories that are hard to process all these years later. So to see Donna before her now, aged like Diana has aged though notably different in physical appearance, still similar in other ways.

With a light sigh, Diana looks away from Donna's projection and back toward the other three. "The bodies can stay for a day… perhaps two… but they must be taken to Themyscira where my people can tend to them properly." To Witchdoctor she'd look specifically. "Please, do what you think you can and if you know others who may be able to do more without… harming the bodies any further than they already have been, get them here swiftly."

Diana looks back to Donna then and dips her chin in a nod toward the woman. "Thank you for being there, and for all you have done. It is, very appreciated."


And that is the particular onus of Donna Troy. In nearly every iteration of every universe, one of her exists or once existed. And that is as often a bad thing as it is a good one. Still, she takes no liberties and makes no assumptions, either with Diana or with the Amazons. And certainly not with the League and its members. "I was called. I had to come. I could not do anything else. And I will do everything that I can for them." She steps back, her expression once again carefully reserved, "I will see myself out." Thankfully, they're still in the more 'public' areas. So no chance she'll reveal the secret handshake. "Green Lantern, you know how to find me, if you need me." And then she'll turn, leaving the League to its business.

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