Outside the Magical Wheelhouse

May 12, 2018:

The League in the aftermath of Amora and the Dark Berserker's banishments discuss connections and options.


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Sometime later following the banishing of the dark magic berserker and Amora the Enchantress…

The clean up of the medlab begins immediately with Magnus' robots being sent down from the Watchtower and many of the usual Hall volunteers and workers.

Those who were engaged in the confrontation with the otherworldly berserker are in an adjacent room, cots set up along the walls. Folding chairs and a table set up as well. Comfort at it's very finest.

Hal Jordan has been unconscious for about twenty minutes on and off, a minor concussion that would have been much worse if not for the power rings recuperative abilities.

The brunette who was Amora lies on her own cot, that sword earlier thrown wrapped, bound and placed in a secure location.

Donna too even if disagreeing was given a cot to occupy also.

The smell of dark freshly brewed coffee present in the makeshift medical suite.

J'onn remains conscious, if restless. It has been some time since he spent time at the Hall, and he paces up and down the length of the room, ignoring the coffee, occasionally throwing glances at the various unconscious figures in the room, some of whom he recognizes in a vague way, some not — but all to a greater or lesser degree — strangers to him in this moment.

He is no healer — there has never been a need for him to be, his own body healing wounds quickly and decisively, so there is little for him to do but wait.

Donna had not protested overmuch, as she had settled into her cot. She had seen fit to select one set up beside the Green Lantern, the concern on her face evident. She was, after all the reason he was unconscious. Herself? That she could heal. She did not even have any developing bruises. But how as she going to explain having KOd the Green Lantern?

"So, this might seem a bit like closing the barn door after the horse is out…but who exactly is that woman?" She looks across the room towards where the brunette woman is also unconscious. "Of course, that begs the question, who am I?" Since she really doesn't know most of the people in the room, "Donna Troy."

While not a professional doctor, Batman is nonetheless fairly medically inclined. Once the initial fighting was done with, he left questions unasked while people were recovering, for once.

The black and red suited man went back up to the Watchtower for a few minutes while everyone planet side was handling recovery. Once his interrupted installations were put on hold, a teleport back into the Hall had him in the medbay after half a minute. Just in time to hear Donna speak. His voice modulator is in full effect as he replies, "otherworldly, at least. Not many people who tap into those sources can bridge a door so effectively. Asgardians come to mind."

"Amora the Enchantress." Jordan says with eyes closed. They crack open slowly and he squints, watery on one side, gross feeling but not entirely lacking visibility.

"Not sure if she was or is a friend but she was attached to several of us for a time, kind of a friend?" Propping up to a full sit, legs dropping off the cot to touch feet on the floor. "My head. What size shoe do you wear, Donna?" Humor still intact at least.

"The lady there though…" A tip of his head at the brunette asleep and out. "No idea. More Asgardian insanity clearly." Which yes, otherworldly spot on and then some. As Batman states.

Caitlin Fairchild was not present for the fight itself— there's only so fast she can get around the area without causing serious damage to it— but she'd caught the aftermath, and thrown her back into helping move some of the heavier debris and assisting in transporting people towards the medical wing. There are a surprising number of people who weigh a lot more than they appear. Superhuman muscle and bones makes for slightly skewed weight classes.

The ginger drops off her last passenger with the medics, getting him situated onto a cot, then moves to stand near the newly established cots. She brushes her hands against a cloth and turns a worried expression towards the comatose Hal.

"How're you holding up?" she inquires of Hal, filling the doorway for a moment. "I heard someone say "concussion. You only get, like… five of those, y'know," she says, trying for a bit of gallows humor.

Finally, J'onn stills — prompted perhaps by Donna's question, his gaze falls on Amora, hands clasping behind his back. "The question is not who, but whom," he states, with a frown. "There were two presences in her mind, fighting for her body. Whomever she is, she was in part Amora, but not wholly. And not any longer." His voice is even, conveying little emotion, even with such a bizarre set of circumstances. There's a shift of expression, a hint of a smile as Hal speaks up, nodding to the other man. "It is good to see you conscious," he states.

But, there are also introductions to be made, and his gaze shifts to Donna Troy, nodding his head in welcome. "I am J'onn J'onzz." It's a slight drawl, almost imperceptible, such that most people hear it as 'John Jones'. "Sometimes known as the Martian Manhunter." His gaze flickers towards the door, resting on Caitlin with a searching gaze.

Moving inside, Batmans cape flutters about himself as he walks over to Hal, giving the Green Lantern a cursory examination under those red lenses. Then, he turns to the others, his cape covering his body like a cloak as he listens. Then, Caitlin gets his attention, and he looks in her direction, "They'll live. I'm more concerned that energy of that magnitude managed to get through the wards." Batman grates out.

"I'm fairly sure it wasn't my foot that I hit you with, Green Lantern." Hal had never actually given her his name, though she had heard people use parts of it, and so, out of respect, she addressed him only by his title. "Thank you. It is good to meet you, even under such difficult circumstances, J'onn J'onzz." J'onn's comment about Amora brings an oddly sympathetic look to her expression, "Would you believe I have a very good idea what that might feel like?" Her eyes turn to Batman as he returns, and to Caitlin, as she comes in to check on the patient, "And who summoned it. How did they know to find her here? Could she have summoned it herself and not have knowns it?

"So not only a witch but a possessed one. Nice. It is good to be conscious." Hal says with expected levels of sarcasm at the Martian.

Caitlin gets a squint and a grin, "Five, thats all? Well past that bar already, got records to break. " Flexing a gloved hand he regards the brunette who is very clearly out, 'whom', he never really considered Amora the Enchantress may be not who she said, which is a folly all to itself.

"How many guesses do I get to find out what you hit me with?"

"Batman is right though, I don't honestly know our security levels on the magical stuff but the guy who put most of it up claims to be this world's Sorcerer Submarine. Which I imagine is pretty big boss deal."

Caitlin flashes a smile at J'onn when the stalwart Martian looks at her, and the hand resting against the door's frame wiggles a few fingers hello at the Manhunter. She twitches nervously when Batman is lookign /right at her/ and focuses on Hal again, returning Donna's glance with a flickering smile back at the other woman.

"Magic's a little out of my wheelhouse," she says, shaking her head at Hal as opinions are tossed around. "Kinda hard to suplex something if I can't get a grip on it. So is—" Caitlin nods at Amora. "Is she doing 'ok' now? She's not gonna wake up and … y'know, rage out on everyone?" she inquires, a little tentatively.

"It is concerning," J'onn concurs with Batman's statement. "I wonder if perhaps they were able to focus in on her," his gesture indicates the brunette, "Through her necklace, or through her mere presence. Either could be used as a narrow focus to allow one to punch through wards, if one was strong-willed enough — and that creature appeared determined." His gaze turns briefly troubled at Donna's suggestion that that creature was summoned. "It was possible. I felt a deep fissure within her mind, but — both seemed intent on protecting themselves, so I don't think so."

"I can take care of that for you, if you would prefer to return to unconsciousness," the Martian offers to Hal. He's probably joking, but his expression is too bereft of emotion to be entirely certain. The smile from Caitlin earns a fainter one in return, like he waits for her to express the sentiment first before he ventures one of his own. "I am monitoring her closely," he says, of the brunette. Undoubtedly he means 'mentally' since he's not looking at the Asgardian.

"If she does, call the Asgardian. He'll probably have more rapport with her." Batman states, before he starts for the door again. "I need to get in contact with the Sorcerer. If this got through the wards with a focus, we need to have some form of detection for these sort of beacons." He slips right by Caitlin on the way out, giving her a glance as he heads back to the Watchtower.

"If I am concussed enough to say Batman is right I don't need to sleep anymore." A quick reply to J'onn.

"They succeeded if their intention was to make her undergo the most violent dye job in the history of hair. Note to self, avoid Asgardian hair salons."

Jordan glowers at Batman, as much as he dislikes the man, hes making logic happen. "I've been able to detect magic before, it changes frequencies often though and doesn't follow any sort of reason, for instance the Red Lantern rings, they're to a point sorcery. Strange called them blood magicked."

"This Asgardian stuff though, right under the radar unless it manifests in some form. Before we do call on Thor, I suggest Tylenol and earmuffs. All seriousness aside though… this is all too timed with our encounter on the beach, the bodies, the Bana tribe. The weird shit around that Circe lady. It's more than three coincidences at this point. Just rapid fire, one supernatural oddjob after another… "

"We can start with three, four, if I'm feeling charitable." Donna's response is quiet, catching the intent of the joke, but seeming to have been caught up more in the question of what was happening with the unconscious woman, than, for the moment, with the witty banter. "I am also not versed in magic," though that didn't seem to stop her going up against it. "If we have security footage, I would not mind reviewing that, with permission. There is a good deal of this fight which I feel was missed." Finally, Donna rises from the cot, heading over to pour herself a mug of coffee. "A pattern of events, but this is the first time that the hall was breeched?"

Caitlin quickly makes room for Batman (perhaps more than is really necessary), and shudders involuntarily once his black shadow has passed the end of the hall. She hugs her arms and faces Donna and Hal, listening intently to the conversation with a worried frown on her features.

"Regular security around here is pretty tight," Caitlin points out. "But our security systems don't really interface with the magical wards— at least, as far as I understand it," she admits. "Is— I don't know, /can/ they be made to work together?" she inquires, her eyes going a bit out of focus as she darts down that mental track. "Like, if it's a specific kind of released energy, we could trigger subsystems to react to proximity alerts, or set up telemetric trackers that compare against, like, a baseline energy readout…" She trails off, staring a hole in the wall across from her spot at the door and chewing a thumbnail absently.

"You will… have to catch me up on recent events, Hal," J'onn says. "It seems I have missed a great deal." This probably means he's not going to disappear again, at least for the time being. "I do not believe in coincidences, only that we have not yet found the thread that connects them." He watches Batman's departure with a thoughtful thinning of lips that seems as much contemplation of the man's parting words as it is observance of Caitlin's reaction.

"Comes down to we're all clueless about the Harry Potter crap. This means… time to talk to one of our many magic doctors." Jordan is beginning to think there is a serious trend there. "Combining magic and technology to find signatures? I think Iron Man pulled that off but he might have been blowing smoke up my ass." A coughing clear of his throat as if that distracts from his language, pace not broken after though. "I'll catch you up, J'onn. Way to pull a Barry though."

A look over at Donna, "Also yes, my name is Hal." The domino mask half on anyways is drawn off of his face, no one knows who he is anyways. Hes no famous celebrity and hes horrible at this whole gig anyways.

'Pull a Barry?' one can just about see the question pass cleanly across J'onn's face before it melts away into his normal neutral expression. Clearly he doesn't get that reference. "Thank you," is all he says, before he moves towards the exit, in Batman's wake. "I should like to check on things in the Watchtower. If I sense her wakening, I shall return swiftly," a last look is given the brunette Asgardian, maybe a trace of something wary in his expression. And then he's gone, through the door and, moments later, into the sky.

The single cup of coffee is followed by a second, Donna adding cream and sugar to a tray before she carries it back over towards where Hal is still sitting, well, reclining…look, he's conscious. We'll leave it at that. The reveal of the Green Lantern's face gives her a moment of pause. There's something halfway between recognition and horror, that flashes across her face, but it lasts only the briefest moment, before she continues towards the cot, setting it down on one of the crates that's been made into a temporary table of sorts. Coffee. Who knows if that's good for concussions. She's not a doctor. "Is it possible to contact this Iron Man and ask him if he can reproduce the effects he claims to have created? It might be worth considering."

Donna Troy says, "Also, possibly, moving her from the hall to somewhere more secure. or, at least somewhere where their might be less casualties if she does this again."

Nothing looks like it'll support Caitlin's weight, so she interlaces her hands behind her back and rests her shoulders against the doorjamb behind her. "He's not impossible to get a hold of, but he's kind of hard to work with," Caitlin says to Donna, phrasing it as delicately as she's able. "He'll do it if it's interesting, or entertaining, or someone dares him to. But he might just as well say 'No, busy' and fly off to … wherever billionaires go on vacation," she remarks.

"So that leaves… Zatanna? And Dr. Strange, and… uh… gosh, I mean, the Asgardians, right? Thor? He knows a little about magical stuff, anyway."

Donna's expression changes evoke a brow quirk from Hal but he doesn't apply more to it, comfortably putting the mask back to his face and letting a spark of will reform it entirely, snug and shiny again.

"The doctors, like I said, we got four or so magical ones, Witchdoctor, the Lady, the Alchemist…. Strange, yeah, four." A chuckle from Jordan.

"I imagine with enough of them together we can figure something out… Ouja boards can be consulted or Lamp Genies… CAULDRONS! Thatsit… or mirrors with ugly dudes in them." Hal rambles off and offers a wave after J'onn. "Again, good to have you back, team green was missing it's greenest."

"Man… another one."

"Another one of what?" Donna leaves the tray close enough that Hal can reach it if he sits up, adding both cream and sugar to her own cup. She remains attentive, on the off-chance that he does need more assistance than he's cottoning on to. "Seems to me, that we might be well disposed to try to find something that would hold his interest, or at least challenge his ego long enough for him to demonstrate his work." She might not know the man behind the suit, but some tropes about the rich are tropes because, like cliches, they are almost always true. She offers no other suggestions. In the end, she is only a visitor.

"I should probably scoot back to the repair operations," Caitlin says, pushing off the wall behind her. "Glad you're doing OK, though," she tells Hal. She smiles at Donna— then pauses. "Oh, gosh, I'm sorry — I'm Caitlin Fairchild," she tells the raven-haired woman. "Sheesh," she says, with a tone of self-remonstration. "Don't know where my manners are."

"Another shitheel of a … " Jordan pauses, "Just a day." He gives a week smile.

"Good call, Caitlin. Do your nerd stuff and we'll sort this all out."

"I need a drink bad."

Donna's smile is warm, friendly, "Please, don't apologize. I think that, given the circumstances, politeness is much less important than efficiency. It is good to meet you, Caitlin Fairchild." She rises, setting aside the cup, to see the woman out. She doesn't walk her, of course, but it's very much in the vein of the way men once rose from their tables when a woman came or went from their table." She settles back into her seat, once Caitlin departs, "Will coffee do? Or did you mean something stronger?"

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