A Tale of Two Sisters

May 12, 2018:

Diana and Donna are reunited.

Themyscira Embassy - New York City

The Amazonian's embassy in New York City.


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This was hardly the order of operations that Donna Troy had had in mind when she had been given permission to enter into this new universe. Indeed, she had intended to establish herself; to use the resources which always seemed to be ready and waiting for her whenever she arrived in a new place, to set up a small base of operations for herself. A job, perhaps, some livelihood with which she could occupy her time. And once she had settled herself, she had intended to announce herself to the women to whom she was, in some form or another, kith and kin. In other places, others times, that might have meant a trip out to sea, to find a place which did not always wish to be found. Here it meant an Embassy, something she had not seen in any of the multitude of worlds she could remember.

The vision of a few nights ago, the bodies and blood on the beach had put paid to that. But respects still needed to be paid, and so, Donna had made the journey from Metropolis, taking the scenic route, so that she might see more of this new and yet somehow familiar world. And she had arrived at the Embassy in the early afternoon, with enough time that, she hoped, if she had to wait for an appointment, she might possibly have it filled today.

For decorum's sake, she had not worn her armor outright, but covered it with a pair of flowing slacks and a loosely fitted wrap shirt. The slight bell of the sleeves did make it possible to mark the silver of her bracers, but that could easily be passed off as simple bangle jewelry, if she did not push back the fabric.

A light hand pushed open the door, quiet footfalls carrying her over towards the reception desk. She'll wait until she's acknowledged, before she'll step up to the desk proper.


Its quiet and calm in the Embassy today. There is a big party to be held here tomorrow at noon, but the preparations for it won't start until tomorrow morning. In the mean time, the Manhattan estate is simply relaxing in nature.

The interior of the building is kept cool now that it is the warmer months of the year, so when Donna enters she'll feel the air comfortably chilled and there's a pleasant scent of flowers in the air from some unseen source helping giving the building an even nicer atmosphere than it already has.

The woman behind the desk is a middle aged woman, and she looks up to see the woman enter the Embassy. She offers a smile to her when she approaches. "Hello. How might I be of assistance to you?" She asks of Donna.


Donna, stepping up to the desk once she's acknowledged, returns the smile, her demeanour comfortable, friendly, despite the fact that she is in what amounts to unknown territory. "I know that this might sound…entirely mad, but I'm going to just give it a whirl. I've only just arrived on Earth, so to speak, this one, at any rate. And I thought it might be polite to let you know, register myself…" She pauses a moment, as though she isn't certain quite what the right word should be. "And to pay my respects to those who, are, in some sense, my sisters." How does one say 'I come in peace', really? She has no real way to prove her identity, of course, though she does allow her left hand to raise the fabric of her right sleeve, revealing the bracer there. It's as close as she has to anything, excepting perhaps the lasso, which is not currently in evidence, which would mark her for what she is.


Sadly the woman behind the desk isn't a Themysciran by origin. She is considered an honorary member though and has even visited the island as of last year (she has a picture of it on her desk with herself in front of a collection of Amazonian women all wearing armor, it appears to have been taken at a celebration… she looks ecstatic with joy in it.)

But to her, she cannot identify a true Amazonian bracer from something… well, bought 'on Amazon' the website.

"Oh, I see." The Receptionist says, reaching for her laptop she glances at her scheduled appointments for today and nothing on it was for any such person. "Uhm, Hmm…" She looks back over and up to Donna. "You certainly LOOK the part, don't you?" She says, following that up with a nervous laugh as her eyes go back to her computer.

"One moment." She turns around to a table beside her desk and reaches for a phone there. She's about to call someone when a voice speaks out.

"Donna?" Its of course, Diana. From down the central hallway to Donna's right, Diana Prince is standing about twenty feet away, halfway aimed as though she was about to walk into a room in the hall when she noticed the figure in the lobby.

Diana starts to walk toward the lobby now though, dressed in a slim fit blue top that covers her torso and arms down to her wrists, and a black dress that goes down to her knees along with some heeled black shoes. Her dark hair is tied back in a simple pony tail.


Donna seems entirely unphased by the woman's inability to place her. Not a situation to which she was unaccustomed. And, in truth, she had no right to expect any sort of recognition in any universe, though she often was remembered, for good or ill. Seeing the woman reaching for her laptop, she offers, "Donna Troy, but I don't have an appointment. I suppose I'm here to make one, if that's what's required."


The movement, and the sight and sound of a familiar figure brings Donna's attention around as her eyes settle on Diana. For just a moment, as there often seems to be, when she encounters someone whom she's known in some other place, there's a momentary doubling, trebling, quadrupling, and on and on, memories on memories welling up, fighting for momentary superiority, before she forced them back into the back of her mind. Her will had not been honed on her enemies alone.

"Princess. I was not expecting to see you today." She makes no move to walk closer, seeming content to remain on the other side of the reception desk. "I thought it would only be polite to announce myself, though I have no intention of taking advantage of your hospitality, nor of going where I do not belong. I am sorry I had not come before. i had not intended to meet you under such, unfortunate circumstances."


Diana steps out into the lobby and she just smiles at the other woman who looks a lot like a relative, because she is… but perhaps in a less than traditional sense. A quick shake of her head from right to left is offered. "You do not need to schedule appointments to see me." She tells Donna before she glances to the receptionist who's looking between the two tall beautiful Themysciran women, appearing horribly confused.

"This is my sister." Diana explains to the poor woman who has been a wonderful aide to the Embassy since it opened.

"Sister?!" The receptionist says, placing her eyes back upon Donna. "My word. I had no idea there was a sister. My apologies, Miss Troy." She moves to stand up then. "I'll make sure you never have to wait out here again." She definitely sounds nervous then.

Diana shows a faint smile then as she looks back to Donna. "Would you like to come in and have some tea? I know we met under unfortuante circumstances, but… at least we found each other, yes?"


There is a tone of genuine apology in Donna's voice, at Diana's words, "I…have found it better not to presume when I arrive in a new place. Who I was, how I am remembered, I have always tried to be mindful of that, and not to assume that I have a welcome where one might not exist." It's easier and, yes, perhaps entirely more confusing for the receptionist, as it was for the Green Lantern, to see the two women together. They were not identical twins, no, but the similarities between them were uncanny.

There's a gentleness in her expression as she looks away from Diana and towards the flustered receptionist, "Please, there is no need to apologize. I have been away…a very long time. A lifetime, you could say." Given the surprise with which Diana had looked at her the first time they met, that seems to be about right, and Donna cannot, at the moment, find the right thread to lead her to the memories of this earth which might reside within her.

Diana's smile is met with one of her own, a thoughtful, tentative thing, though she's nodding in agreement to the offer, "Yes, I think that I would like that. It is nice to be found." A rare thing indeed.


Diana didn't fully understand what it was Donna has been going through, she doesn't even really know where the woman has been since she last saw her… how many years ago now? But a quick and short nod is given and she speaks back. "It is always best to err on the side of caution." She then starts to turn around back toward that main hallway with the dark wood floors that the rest of the home-turned-Embassy has.

A glance is given to her receptionist. "Hold my calls and such please, Miranda." She tells the woman who nods and replies softly while sitting herself back down.

Diana would then lead her sister back down that center hallway to a set of double doors that open into her office. What was once a library has been turned into a place of work for Diana, a large desk sits on the north wall beneath two large windows that look out onto the backyard of the building. Along the east and western walls are bookshelves and a few other doors that lead into other parts of the Embassy. There's also a sitting space near the eastern side of the room with a small kitchenette for drinks.

"Please, have a seat." She motions to said sitting area. "Would you like some tea?" She further asks, while walking to gather up some glasses.


With Diana leading the way further into the embassy, Donna allows herself the indulgence of taking the place in, the art, the architecture, all of the small elements which make it a place that seems if not familiar, at least welcoming to her. though it had been years upon years since she had even set foot onto her home soil, in any universe, some things you do not, cannot forget. And the feeling of home is one of them. And each familiar thing brings a memory. But now, as they walk, she allows herself to indulge, allowing each to pass through her awareness, though she could not have said which of her the memories belonged to.

Through the double-doors, and again, that careful looking over, that acknowledgment of the long gone past and the present, before she accepted Diana's invitation, making her way over to the small seating area. "Yes, thank you." And she does sit, though she does not stop studying her surroundings. "It is kind of you to invite me in."


The Embassy here in New York was a building that already existed in the city, it was purchased and renovated for the purposes of what it serves now. The Consulate in Metropolis was built from the ground up to be a part of Themysciran culture and its much larger and much more like a building one would find on the Island itself… with some Metropolis touches of course, because that is only fair.

To make things even more confusing, there is a new opened Themysciran Arts Center just down the street from this Manhattan Embassy, and it serves as a community center of sorts… all geared to giving people a chance to immerse themselves into the culture of the Amazonian Warriors and their far away island. It opened just this year and has become a popular place, not just for fighting seminars either! But for art classes and the museum it holds.

Diana certainly seems to keep busy with it all… not even mentioning her duties with the Justice League.

"Here we are." She comes to join Donna in the sitting area, offering a glass of tea. "Tieguanyin tea, a gift from the Chinese Ambassador." She shows a faint smile then and settles down onto the edge of a chair. After a sip from her cup she looks to Donna's eyes. She wasn't entirely sure where to begin!


A repurposed building yes. But as with any new residents, there had been effort to make it their own. And for Donna, who had yet to see any of the more purpose built facilities and for whom even such touches as existed here were a distant memory, it was welcome. But more welcome, perhaps the sight of Diana, who, perhaps purposefully, always seemed to rise to the forefront of Donna's memories without so much of the haze and forgetfulness that had fallen over Donna through the long years of her life. She had forgotten many things, but the woman whose soul had given her life? How could she forget that?

"Thank you." She takes a sip, careful of the temperature, "It's wonderful." And when Diana looks at her, she does not look away, "I imagine I should start at the beginning. At least, as close to the beginning as I can remember."


What Diana knows of it all wasn't much. Hippolyta hadn't ever spoken of it in great detail. Diana knew that the sister / friend and companion she'd had, had been taken and that they'd had no way to get her back. It had been devastating for her and a wound that hadn't ever healed. Was this Donna before her now the same one she knew then? She didn't even know that.

A soft smile is summoned when she hears the words spoken and her eyes glance away while she sets the tea cup down on a saucer beside her chair. "You do not have to tell me anything." She says then in a calm toned voice. Her eyes look back to Donna. "I do not want you to believe that you 'owe me' anything, Donna." She adds before exhaling a little. "If you are happy, and you are safe. Then I am, in turn, happy. I am here to help you, however you may need it or request it. I do consider you family, and as such… I am here for you."


Is this Donna this Diana's Donna? Donna herself did not know. Perhaps she had once. And so, she begins, "But I do owe you. A great deal. We loved each other once. We were sisters once, I know, I have those memories, though…I am not, now, sure that they are my memories. I have had to have help to remember. What I know to be true is this. There was a Donna Troy once. And she was taken from her home by a being called Dark Angel. Dark Angel worked her magic on that Donna and splintered her into a thousand thousand women, and scattered her across the multiverse. A multitude of women who are all the same woman. And I can only assume I am that woman, the original, because I remember them all, when they die, their lives become my memories. But there are too many now, and I cannot clearly separate one life from another." Happy? She seems, resigned, rather than truly happy.


Diana's posture is as perfect as one would expect the woman's to be and her attention to Donna while she speaks is without question. Her blue eyes rest on Donna's and she seems calmly attentive to every word. But when she finishes speaking, Diana's stare breaks to the right and her eyes look away as her eyelids flutter a couple of times… all of that was a lot to handle for her. For a number of reasons…

Diana's chin dips and she looks down in front of herself, down to her hands over her lap. "I am sorry." She says then, quietly. Her eyes rise up and she places them finally back onto Donna's face. "I wish that there was something I could have done. I tried so very hard to get the Queen to do something, -anything-, but she refused. She said that there was nothing that she could do. That you had been taken to a place that none of us could reach. She said… that it was up to you to find your way back. And that was the end of it, I was not allowed to bring it up again."

A breath was taken in between her red hued lips and Diana softly shakes her her head from right to left. "It pains me to know you have had to live through such a thing, and I just want to… do -something- to help. Find the other fragments and unite them again, somehow… I do not know." And that was true, this revelation was on a level that was hard to respond to. Its not as simple as thieves robbing a bank, or even a space alien attack. No, this was, far more complex.


Donna's words are spoken with that sort of steely calm that she must have developed over the years to combat the sheer endless hopelessness of her situation. The way one speaks about something as if it had happened, was still happening, to someone else. But where she seems fully intent on ignoring her own pain, ignoring Diana's is not something she could ever allow herself to do. The tea she sets aside, rising from her seat to approach the other woman, taking a knee before her, her hands rising, if Diana allows, to curl over Diana's, to hold them lightly, "No, Diana. You were a child. We were." She pauses, but then continues. This incarnation or another, it makes no difference. "We were both children. We could not have prevailed against her. Your mother…she must have known that. I am only sorry that you had to grow up without me, her." And then, quietly, as though it might be some balm, some small bit of comfort. "I am here now."


Diana's eyes were back down again when Donna rose up and knelt in front of her and when she took her hands is when Diana's eyes came up again to look at the other's. Once Donna's words were spoken, Diana showed a smile then even if it was a soft one and an understanding one (as much as she can understand). She closes her fingers around the other's hands and holds onto them firmly but not overly-so. "Hippolyta said that they had come for me." She tells Donna. "That is why, that night, they had rushed into my room and carried me away into the lower levels of our home. I knew something terrible had happened and when you were not with me, I realized it must have happened to you." She parts her lips and draws in a deep breath, her eyelids close for a second and she varies the squeeze of her hands against Donna's.

When Diana's eyes open again she looks down to the woman in front of her. "I am just glad that you are here, now. It is more than I ever expected to happen. To have you actually find your way back." She tries to smile again for her.


"You were safe Diana. Safe" She spoke as if that single fact, that simple truth were the most important thing in the world. And for Donna who, though she might not remember it wholly, but only in part, had been made for Diana, to be friend and helpmate, nothing in the world could have been more important. And that truth, that absolutely certainty added a weight to her words, "Whatever happened to me, whatever will happen to me, if that was, is the price that had to be paid for your safety." Her hands tighten, as if she could use her touch to reinforce her conviction, "It is a price I pay gladly."

"We can, neither of us, change what has been done. And perhaps we would not be the women that we are now, if we had not survived that experience. And now we have a lifetime." There was that. One of the few true perks of immortality. There was always a lifetime ahead.


Diana had been treated like that her entire life and it had originally spoiled her a great deal, it wasn't until she was older and reached the age where her immortality had reached its peak, where her aging ceased and she remained the physical appearance that she is today that her life on the island had started to change also and Diana went from a little girl that everyone treasured / spoiled, to a member of the society who was given responsibilities and had expectations to uphold the same traditions… even if she had 'lighter duty' than most others, it had helped to make her a better person and a kinder person than the overly coddled child she had been to all the Amazons on the island.

"A life time together." Diana repeated then, voice soft. She nods her head once then and leans forward to put her arms around Donna's shoulders to draw her into a hug. "And you are not here to be a servant to me. You are family." She has to reassure this in Donna, she doesn't want her to feel 'less' of a person than Diana, or anyone else.


And if anyone had asked Donna, if she had felt that Diana been so coddled, so spoiled, she would have said, 'Of course.' And would have seen it as right and good and proper that she should be so. But perhaps that was simply because she would have known no other way to be. Diana had been her princess, even as she had been the princess of every Amazon on their island. The long years of her many lives, the endless separation, that had done nothing to change Donna's worldview, and that was as evident in her words as it was in the fierceness of the hug she offered her sister. "You have always been family. You, of all of the many things in these many lives, have never changed."


And those words just made Diana have to go and feel the needs to get all tear-y eyed. How could she note, it was a reunion with a childhood friend and the only sister she'd ever felt she'd had. A soft laugh and a return of their continued hug. But Diana pulls back and her hands go to Donna's shoulders. "How does this work?" She asks the other. "Your… traveling between… realities?" Diana's expression now looks a bit curious or confused and her dark eyebrows have lowered in expression of it.

"If you have just arrived, I refuse to let you be pulled away to another place where I cannot find you." She gives the other's shoulders a firm squeeze with her hands. "You are here now, and staying. Damnit." She adds a curse word at the end for punctuating the seriousness of her nature, if a bit of a tame one… and even still its something she pretty much never does or says words of those nature. So she means business! Then another grin is flashed toward Donna.


The fierceness in Diana's expression, even and especially the closest she likely ever comes to an off-colour word brings something bright and light into the heaviness of the moment; laughter. Donna's is warm and filled with her amusement, and in its way as surprising to her as it might be to her sister. "I, yes, I am traveling from one universe to another. You were right, before. I was taken from you, but in one way, I did find my purpose. Let me show you."

Donna settles back, legs folded beneath her as she lifts her hands, holding in front of her as if she were offering Diana a gift. Into her cupped palms, just above them, an orb materializes. It seemed to me made of some sort of mirrored substance, but translucent, as though it were a window, where one could see inside, but also see ones own reflection. "This is the Universe Orb. This is why I came."


When the explanation of it comes a pang of displeasure lands in Diana's heart because she fears it means that Donna won't be staying and that deep rooted insecurity of losing the sister she'd had literally robbed from her was trying to boil itself up again inside of her spirit…

But at least this new light show as a distraction from those thoughts! When Donna summons this orb of light, Diana's eyes naturally are drawn to it and she stares down at it. "It is beautiful." Diana softly replies to the other before snapping her eyes back to Donna's. "And this grants you the power to travel from reality to reality?" She inquires, sounding confused but doing her best to keep up.

"You have been busy… haven't you?" Diana then softly adds before she looks back to the orb between the two of them.


Donna tips her hands, the orb spilling out into the air and moving closer to Diana. Much as she had allowed the Green Lantern to examine it, she did so with Diana. And though Diana was not its master, and Donna was its true guardian, that connection, that bit of Diana's soul which still lived in Donna made the woman towards whom the orb was moving feel familiar to the thing. And perhaps, if Diana tried, she could feel something of the orb as well. And it would feel, to her, like memory, endless memory, but a memory far beyond her own.

"I had met Dark Angel again. We fought, and I think all would have been lost if not for a woman called the Harbinger. We fought and banished our enemy for a time. You must understand, Diana. I remember everything. Every moment of every life. Every moment of every death. And more than that. When I was taken, when I was scattered, a curse was placed on me, never to live in peace, always to die, to come to some terrible end. I had almost given up hope. When Harbinger found me, she gave that to me again. She charged me with traveling from universe to universe, recording the memories of those places, those people. She gave me a purpose. And it was that purpose that brought me here. I did not expect to find you again."


And as the orb was taking up much of Diana's attention now, she's staring right into it, her mind is focused on what Donna is saying and that is certainly a LOT to process. "I see." Diana softly replies, her eyes now finally leaving that endless-memory of the orb to go over to Donna's own eyes.

"I am glad that this… Harbinger… came to your aide." She responds. "Gave you a way to push toward something, to get away from that curse." A faint frown graces the Princess' face for a brief passing moment before she puts her eyes back onto the orb.

"This is how you called up the imagery from the beach then?" She asks. "You recorded the memories through your own eyes, that is what we saw at the Hall, is it not?" She asks, once more looking to Donna for confirmation on that, even though she was rather certain it was the case here.


Donna, having given over, for a time, the orb to Diana, settled back into a comfortable kneel on the floor, hands settling into her lap. "The Orb helps me to remember who I am, and it helps me to focus, to find my way through the endless sea of memories. But that gift is mine." She smiles, something light in that expression, "One of the few gifts I have which are not also your gifts. Or at least, the gifts which I remember. I think, this ability might well be why Harbinger sought me out. Why she chose me. I can, if the subject is willing, project their memories and allow others to experience them. As I did with my own for you."


Diana remains on the edge of her seat with her hands together and both cupping the orb above them. She looks down at it while she listens to Donna's rundown on how it all works, or at least some of it anyway. "Donna." She starts. "This is a lot of power." Her eyes return to her sister's face and she stares at her with a calm expression. "But I can tell that you are doing good with it, this is why I was observing you with a bit of concern the other night at the Hall. I knew who you were, but I was not sure if you knew… or if you cared to be near to me. But I can tell now that you are in a better place than I had first thought you might be."

Diana's hands reach forward then and she offers the orb back to her. "I hope that this power does not become a burden, or a detriment to your well being… And should it, please come to me. I do not want to turn around and find that you have fled to a place that I cannot find— and help— you."


"I have done everything that I can to respect the Orb's power. True, its power is memory, but those can be dangerous things. The temptation to know things you ought not to know can be powerful. And dangerous." Donna seems wholly content to watch Diana with the orb, the orb itself simply remaining within the circle of Diana's hands, turning gently on its axis. "I was afraid to be near you. If I am being honest. It was why I left so quickly before. Why I did not approach you directly today. I remember…I have done terrible things, in some of my other lives. I have been precisely the sort of evil that the Amazons were born to fight against. I did not know how you would remember me. If you would remember me. I did not want to look into your eyes and see disappointment, or hatred."

As the orb is handed back to her, Donna takes it, briefly, between her own, before she closes her hands, the orb winking out from between them. Back, most likely, to wherever it resided when she did not need it. "I cannot know what is coming for me, Diana. But I can promise you, to the best of my ability, if I must leave, you will always know where and how to find me."


Diana's eyes watch the orb as it vanishes between Donna's hands and then she looks up at the other's eyes again. She shows her a smile then at her words and nods her head a single light time. "I am glad to hear it." She says about the last part. "And you have a home here at the Embassy, if you need it. A room that you can use all to yourself. As well as one in the Consulate in Metropolis… and if you wish to ever return to the Themyscira then I will make that happen as well."

A moment is taken to just stare at the other and soak in the face of the friend and loved one she'd lost so long ago. "I am just glad to see you again, and I am here for you… As I've said already." She then laughs. "And will likely say many more times to come."


With the orb finally put away, Donna levers herself back to her feet, taking the few steps back that allow her to settle back into the seat opposite Diana. "That is a kindness I was not expecting, truthfully. Thank you for that. I have secured a small place in Metropolis, a 'cover' for my presence here. I have some skill as a photographer. It is an easy cover that allows me to travel when I need to." Something about returning to the island though, brings an admission from the woman, "I have not been home, in any universe, in more years than I care to remember. I am not sure how I would feel going back. Perhaps one day, with your help, I will feel ready for that."

A moment they both take, Donna to remind herself of what it felt to be in the presence of her sister, "And I for you, Diana. I have been reading about you, since I came here. The things you have done…" She pauses, considering the cup of tea she retrieves from the table, "You have been alone, fought alone for so long. But no longer."


Diana remains mostly still as the other rises and returns to her seat and she just smiles brightly at those words said to her. "You are right." She replies before lowering her pointed chin down just a little before adding. "But you are welcome at my side, at any time… Through fighting or otherwise, you and I were little hellions in our day together and now?" Her chin rises again and she looks pridefully toward Donna. "There is no challenger who would be able to stand against the two of us combined. Of that, I am certain." And she's showing another grin toward Donna then and there.

"Now… with all of this said. I demand that you stay for dinner. There are two other Amazonians with us here at the Embassy. They are currently at the Arts Center down the street from here, but they will be home shortly and I believe they would be stunned to know who you truly are."


"Well, if nothing else, we will have more to throw at our enemies than mudpies." A memory, long forgotten, swims back to her at Diana's words. Perhaps it was the ease she felt, or the presence of her sister, that greater part of her soul, but that memory, of a childhood long ago, came more easily than such things had in many long years. "Although, if you felt the urge, I believe I still remember how they are made." And just the thought of that, of the very idea of the Princess of Themyscira, a woman grown, playing at a child's game, brings laughter to Donna's lips.

The offer of dinner brings a moment of reticence. Not, perhaps, unlike what she showed at the idea of returning home. The thought of facing other women, the likes of which she had not seen for so long. But refusing the invitation was out of the question. And whatever came, she would at least have her sister beside her. "I would be glad to stay to dinner."


Diana rises up then and she offers a hand out to Donna to help her stand as well. She was perceptive enough to know that the other wasn't quite so sure about the presences of other Amazons at a dinner. "They were there at the Hall the other night… they had a flurry of questions for me after we had left." She shows a quick smile then. "It will be fine, I assure you. I was not the only one on Themyscira that greatly missed your presence, and has ever since." She says this in a way that she hopes is reassuring and she hopes provides some comfort for her friend and sibling.


Donna accepts the hand up, once again setting aside the tea, now long since cold, but still she would note afterwards, delicious, and rising to her feet. Once again, that bubble of laughter, as she noted the difference in their heights. Only a few spare inches, but a difference that had no existed all of those years ago. "I am uncertain, but not afraid. And I will be glad to meet them. It is just…new to me. I have been alone…a very long time." A beat of silence, as she settles in beside her sister, "Do you ever wear glasses?"


Diana would move to guide the other out of the office once again where they'd likely head toward the dining area. It is where Diana was originally going in the Embassy when Donna was first spotted out in the Lobby in fact. "Glasses?" Diana responds. "Oh yes, from time to time. Mostly just for fashion or for show. They do wonders for enhancing your eyes and getting people to look at you with a bit more respect… But, I know a man who relies on them a little too heavily." She glances to Donna with a slight grin before leading her on out into the Embassy's central hallway again.

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