Music Store Arrests

May 12, 2018:

The X-men get arrested at the local music store!


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The day was a warm Summer one, and the sun was high in the sky, with only a slight threat of thunderstorms later that afternoon. The pollen count was up, flowers were in bloom and the school year was drawing to an end. Summer was on the wind, and the promise of balmy days to come was quite clear in the afternoon's lingering warmth. Lorna Dane had had a rough time of it, as was per her usual it would seem. This time, it would seem such things stemmed from a phone call to someone that had linked her through to her father.

That call had not ended well. With her cast coming off in a few short days, Magneto had tried (and failed) to convince his youngest to return to Genosha. It had ended with the green haired mutant hanging up the phone with a barely repressed scream in her throat, and a newly destroyed flip phone. Now a forgotten mess of parts.

So when it came up that Scott and others wanted to go into town to hit up various stores, including the music store? Lorna had agreed whole heartedly. Perhaps with far more interest than she'd shown in anything else in the past few weeks.

Now here she was, a pair of cut off shorts, flip flops and another used band t-shirt on her personage. She fit in with the rocker crowds, green hair and punkish jewelry. Idly, she glanced over the instruments without any real interest or intent. And judging by the way the store clerk trailed along behind the mutants that had stepped into the store… patience for someone that didn't look all that interested was short.


The idea of hitting up the store 'en mass' is not a usual thing for Scott unless he needs extra hands and thats exactly whats been called for. Whoever to help show up and start shopping or things that the school needs, a list has been gathered by Jean, the faculty and Charles.

The music is one of Scott' s first stops for personal indulgence. Once upon a time he was a DJ and radio personality, brief lived but he rather enjoyed it.

A simple long sleeved shirt thats tight fitted and black with a v-neck, rolled to his elbows, jeans and riding boots. He stands over an Altnernative Rock isle. Fingers walking through the CD titles.


Lorna glanced over the hanging guitars and other instruments on display, and ran her fingers over a steel string guitar. Which in turn drew the clerk's eye and apparently seemed to irritate him. "Don't touch it, if you're not going to buy it." He snapped abruptly, and Lorna blinked, retracting her hand abruptly and frowning. Down the aisle another, younger looking teenager, plucked some guitar strings and didn't so much as earn a blink from the burly looking gentleman.

A huff and a roll of green eyes followed and Lorna muttered a whatever, before ducking between shelves and stacks of CDs to try to find where ever Scott had gone off to. The clerk followed at a short distance, like a buzzing bee or annoyed hornet.


Rogue is already in the Music Center. She has friends here who used to be students at Xavier's and their family owns the place. So she's been coming here for years now… they're some of her 'skater friends' from when she was still a teenager and a student at Xavier's herself.

The Music Center has a lot of live performers that come in to get new gear and just gawk over the really expensive stuff, but they also play songs in the area sectioned off for that… its mostly sound proofed but the volume level is loud enough that its hard not to hear.

Rogue is in there now, with them, watching some people play a song and she's leaning back against the glass window. Dressed in a dark green tshirt with a red-wine colored scarf around her neck, some blue jeans and long black gloves. She's holding a cup of 'something' in front of her and drinking it… oblivious to anyone else she knows arriving to the store.


Scott looks up at the other two women present, Lorna and Rogue. He was immersed enough he had forgotten the green haired mutant was with him at first. "How long have you been standing there?" A question fired at the Southern Belle.
"Bit old to be loitering and pretending this is Empire Records." He teases. Drifting from the Alternative Rock isle the electronic stuff, a mix CD picked up.

"I think everyones getting claustrophobic at the school. About time we consider a vacation for staff and associated." I.E. X-Men.


The clerk seemed to step back upon spotting Scott and Rogue, as Lorna joined them, arms crossed and looking sour as usual. He paused, did a glance around and then bid a hasty retreat, back toward the service counter instead of checking in with any of the customers still on the floor. Soon enough the man seemed immersed in something else, picking up the phone and tapping furiously on the screen of the music store's tablet that ran the check out.

Lorna shrugged as she peered over at the CDs that Scott was looking over. "You really are thinking about buying a CD? I know you're old and all Scott, but there's faster ways to get music.." She teased, and grinned toward Rogue. Of course, then Scott was mentioning a vacation and green eyebrows shot upwards.

"You mean like that camping trip we took when I was in high school that was supposed to be a 'team building exercise'?"


When the live music stopped is when Rogue stepped out of that area and she turned to see Scott and Lorna. She seemed surprised at first… Scott Summers in the Music Center? A grin spreads over the southern belle's red-hued lips and she seems just so darn amused now!

Rogue looks then to Lorna and, well, Lorna fits in here much more than Scott does! "Heya, Green Peace." She says to the other woman. "How'd ya sucker this guy inta comin' in here?"

Rogue's eyes go back to Scott, a teasing look upon her face as she's lifting that plastic cup up toward her lips with one hand while the other is toying with the edge of the scarf wrapped around her neck and draped down her chest.

"I've been comin' in here since I was eighteen, Mister 'Aware of his Team' … and I'm only twenty six. So if ya start callin' me old, I'mma have'ta hurt ya good."

And with that, she takes sip of whatever it is she's drinking.


"It is like reading books in physical format. It's nice to collect the cases and vinyl. Just something 'better' about it than downloads and feeds." Scott explains, he continues shuffling through that isle.
"Something like that, yeah. Just out and away." Away being usually the only way Scott can steer clear of 'business'.

Rogue gets a grunt and a smile from Scott, he walks near enough her to give her shoulder a bump and carries past towards the Metal section.

"I thought that stopped a couple years back and you're older than most of the stores in this place. Thats saying something alone."


Lorna laughed lightly, her green brows lurching upwards as she glanced toward Rogue. "I didn't sucker him. He asked if I wanted to get out of the house. I agreed. Didn't even know we were coming here." She drawled, her hands coming up to flap with a shrug of her shoulders in a 'how-should-I-know?' gesture. She glanced side long at Scott as he tried to defend the merits of buying CDs and Lorna couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Right and when they get scratched and you can't listen to the one song you wanted, it's more 'authentic' too." She teased.

Which is when the blink of multicolored lights from outside could be seen throughout the store and a low whoop of a cop car's presence.

A furrow of her brows followed, but other than that, Lorna seemed content to take up a position beside Rogue.


Rogue's eyes trail after Scott after he bumps into her shoulder, her stability being as un-matched as it is making that as much fun as you'd think!

"Man… I'm gettin' called old and all I did was stand here and be me!" She smirks and glances over to Lorna, picking up on the last of their conversation. "Ya'll are here t'buy CDs? May as well go further back and get some'a the records. I got a player in my room. Thats when sound gets truly heavenly… its like listenin' to a river flow next to a nice campfire…." She sighs blissfully and takes another sip of her drink. (What exactly is she drinking? WHO KNOWS!)

When the lights show up outside, Rogue looks up over the brim of her plastic cup, her green eyes focused on the front windows. She lowers said cup and just smirks. "Figures. I didn't do nothin' though, so this ain't on me!"


Lorna shrugged again, glancing back to Rogue and meeting her gaze with a smirk tugging at her lips. "I can't help it that I'm the baby in this situation. You're both older than me. But really, Scott, don't tell a lady old when you're older than dirt." She teased, and nodded as Rogue asked after CDs. "Well he's been spending time looking at them, so I can only assume that that's what he's after. I mean, he didn't defend his decisions."

Still, her gaze swung toward the windows as the Clerk stepped outside to speak to the two officers that stepped out of their car. She frowned, "I didn't do anything." She glanced over at Rogue's drink, arching a brow.

"You sure about that?"


"Hardly a baby." Scott says while his attention drifts outside, he doesn't put to question whats in Rogue's drink, sometimes ignorance is a good route.

"I'm not in the least old." Scott corrects, "Definitely not as old as I feel." A wry smile thats not sticking, he looks from each of them then the clerk. "No one did. Don't worry about it. If it has anything to do with us, we'll deal."


Rogue just grins at Lorna and gives a little glaring glance at Scott before she just lifts her cup up and downs whatever was left inside of it. She then turns around and drops it into a trash basket beside the door to that live performance sound room. "What drink?" Rogue asks then as she looks back to Lorna with a little grin. "And don't get too comfortable, age vanishes from us much like a box a protein bars around Scott here."

She starts forward then and picks up a big set of headphones, that look like they're from the 1970s… because thats what they're styled to look like. Rogue lifts the antenna up on them and holds them out toward Scott. "Here, Space Cadet. These'a for you."


Lorna snickered under her breath, "Only a baby by comparison." She shot back, grinning as she leaned back against the wall with her arms crossed and considered the room at large, then back to Rogue as the woman downed her drink and tossed the cup away smoothly and returned a glance toward the green haired woman. Lorna arched a brow.

"Age seems mutable when it comes to my family." She drawled lightly.

Which is when the doors to the store swept open with the clerk moving ahead of the two cops. The clerk, his name tag read 'Chris', and was peeling slightly, went for the register watching behind the counter as the cops made a bee line for their little group.

"We're going to have to ask you three to leave."


"Cute." Scott says dryly to Rogue. The offering of massive headphones gets a chuckle and he pushes them back towards her, "Only if I get to pick out your next purchase."

The mention of her family has Scott going tightlipped and reserving comment while 'Chris' finds his place behind the counter and the police approach, "Not a problem, officer. We'll be on our way."

A flash of a smile and Scott Summers puts the cds on the counter he was going to purchase.
"Let your manager and boss know they just lost our business, along with everyone from the School."
"Actually Rogue here is a friend of theirs, she can phone it in later and tell them about today."

"Food court, ladies?" Largely ignoring the cops intend on carrying on with little hitch in his stride.

"With the way its feeling lately, we may as well have just stepped back a decade." He leaves off the next remark he hs about blaming Lorna's family for massive help in that.


Rogue doesn't seem quite so eager to just up and leave the place when the cops tell them to. She's been coming here for eight years and she knows everyone who works here and a lot of the regular customers too.

"What?" The southern girl questions the police. "Why?" She asks then, her expression getting that look of confusion and anyone who knows her well will also see no small amount of annoyance showing up on her rather stern-stare (when she wants to stare mean, she can do it pretty damn well).

Rogue glances over to Scott and then Lorna. "Whats goin' on here exactly?" She asks, everyone.


Lorna pushed off the wall as soon as it became apparent the cops were coming their way. Unlike Scott, and perhaps more like Rogue, irritation colored her expression as soon as the words left their mouths. She glared, her arms crossed as she felt her jaw clench as her hands curled tightly. "This is bullshit, we didn't do anything." She muttered.

Of course, when a glance came to it, the clerk had found somewhere else to be entirely. It would seem he couldn't face the results of his actions. And the cops were more than happy to continue to follow after Scott. Repeating their instructions, arms crossed as they glanced warily at the two women that clearly looked more upset than Scott.

"We received a complaint, and we're just following up on it. We're just asking you three to leave. Standard procedure. Now, ladies don't make my partner and I have to repeat ourselves."


"You're just doing your jobs. /We/ understand." Emphasis on that word obvious. "We're on our way of course." Scott insists, the door being held open by one outstretched arm, he waits patiently staring not at the police but the two X-Ladies.

"Come on, little green haired birdy and trouble." Word choices intentional there, they tend to be with Scott. Maybe it'll do for some distraction.


Rogue doesn't seem to eager to leave. "Complaint about what?" She asks then, ignoring their words to ask her to leave again and Scott's urging to get them out the door. "You know officers…" She says softly in that sultry southern tone of hers. "You guys… literally… can't do anything t'me that I don't want ya t'do t'me. Ya just… don't even come close t'havin' the powr t'do it. And up t'this point… you haven't provided me with a single reason that makes sense for as t'why I should vacate my friends store."

Rogue glances over to Lorna, and then to the others in the store before she looks back to the police. "So either, ya give me an actual answer… Or I'm gonna go out on a limb and think that ya'll ain't even real god damn cops. And its YOU who should probably be doin' the leavin' part."

Oh god.


Lorna shot Scott a look, anger rising high on her expression as she stood beside Rogue and she glowered at the cops, the opened door and then back. "We didn't do anything." She repeated through gritted teeth. The officer in question gestured to his badge as Rogue started questioning whether or not they were real police officers.

"Here's my badge number ma'am and if you have any questions, you can call it in on your own time. Now please remove yourselves from the premises before we have to escalate this further." The officer's partner had picked up the radio and mumbled something into it. A crackle and muffled response could be heard back and a nod to the officer speaking to Rogue.

"We've got an M situation down here. Requesting back up. The music store. Yep." Another muffled string of static and chirps followed.


Scott sighs and remains holding the door open. One hand rises up and pinches down on the bridge of his nose, he remains there. Alert and listening despite his own irritations now. "Last time I go out in public with any of you for a 'nice day'."


Rogue just glances over at Lorna who has her back on this at least, but the cops persist and Rogue shifts her stare back over to them… She hears the radio comm chatter and then looks over toward Scott when he mutters those words out.

"Fine." Rogue says back to the Police. Her arms uncross off of her stomach and she makes toward the door that Scott has helped open, but she turns around to look back the Officers. "Ya know, you'd think history would stop repeatin' itself. Why don't you two go kick a bunch black people t'the back'a the bus next? Or how about ya go make sure gay people can't sign up for the military. We're mutants, you fuckin' pricks, we got as much right t'be…. as either'a you pencil dicks do."

And with that said, Rogue steps toward the door and shoves it open, causing it to slam into the bench outside, and it makes the windows on the glass door completely shatter down to the sidewalk.

"Ah shit." Rogue mutters.


Lorna took her time in following after Scott, and his remark made her lips twitch faintly with distracted humor. A frown returning as she caught the radio chatter that came their way. Her fingers clenched and sparks tickled the edges of her vision as she tried to calm down and not fry all the electrical items in the shop. Still, it was easier to calm down when Rogue was plenty pissed off for the two of them. The green haired woman made to follow, out the door after Rogue, wincing at the woman's more destructive nature shone through.

Which is when the officer's partner got off the radio and pulled a gun.


It's giving leway for Rogue to exit that is a mistake for Scott, she takes the door and destroys it's window aspects with a slam. A slow headshake from Scott at her and he looks back at the police, "I was trying to ignore this whole 'M Situation' slur, carry on and we would fire this issue up the ladder."
He explains to Rogue and to some extent all of them, "But now we are escalating things."

The weapon being drawn has Scott turning full attention on the officers, Please, do not draw your weapons, we'll go with you to the precinct. Just, I ask you not to draw that."

Pick your battles - Scott is pretty sure there was a lecture about this with the X-Men, several of them each and every year.


"Please, do not draw your weapons,"


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Rogue just turns around to face them as Lorna is coming out and Scott is talking to the cops now. "Woah, geezus." She says when she sees the gun. She raises up her hands. "You guys are legitimately stupid people. That thing? Your gun… It won't do anything t'me." She tells the cop who's drawn it out. "Come over here and slap some cuffs on me already. Even though I can crash them like they're gingabread…. I'll go with ya though, whatever." She knew she screwed up by breaking the door, and she'd have to pay for that later… literally, with dollars, to the store owner.

Rogue's hands lower down then and she puts them behind her back, ready for 'the treatment' that she's sadly experienced before. Its not as if she hasn't visited the Salem Center Police Station previously.


The gun was alive and livid in Lorna's minds eye, not that most guns were threats to her. But after months of being in Genosha, an active war zone, she reacted rather than thought things through. The gun promptly and very quickly, quite literally fell apart in the scared officer's hands. Bits and pieces of the handle all that remained in his grip. He yelped, dropped the remainder and scrambled backwards as his partner stood white faced and stared at the small group of mutants.

Oh yes, this definitely was going to be a come down to the station issue.

A distant siren from down the road could be heard, it would seem that back up was on its way. The two cops clearly weren't equipped to 'deal' with the mutant population and the two (small) displays of power had clearly shaken them. Which is why neither immediately moved to cuff Rogue as the woman bent her hands behind her back.

Though it was the cop still armed that finally moved to arrest the woman.


Scott pulls out his cellphone and starts to text several contacts at once. "Smooth." He remarks about the gun being dismantled. His humor not present.


Rogue just looks over at Lorna and shows a smirk for a second, some part of her found the gun dismantling to be super enjoyable but then her smirk vanishes. "We're so boned." She says then, keeping her hands behind her back.

A heavy sigh then and Rogue looks to Scott. "I don't blame ya if ya never go out inta public with us again. But really, this is a serious joke."

Its at this point that Rogue will just go along with the arresting officers, but she'll definitely warn them not to touch her skin and she'll TRY to explain why. Its up to them to listen to her or not though!


Lorna winced at Scott's remark, her brows pinched as sheepishness and curses warred in her head. As Rogue said. They were so boned. Which was obvious as officer #1 clapped hand cuffs on Rogue's wrists, making to escort her to the cruiser. While officer #2, who had lost their gun to Lorna's manipulations, was fearfully crying into his radio about destructive mutants.

Another bloop and bleep of sirens, and a second cop car pulled into the parking lot, tires screeching. Two more officers came barreling out of their cars, ready and clearly looking, for a fight. Lorna put her hands slowly on her head as commanded, her teeth gritted together as she shot Scott look of utter frustration.


"I'm not disagreeing with you Marie but we are also no strangers to this sort of treatment. We have a bigger battle to fight than petty crime and bigotry. There are politics behind this to consider." Scott looks up from his texting, "I shot a message to Agent Cooper and I doubt… " The uniformed man sobbing gets a surprised halt of speech and thought from Scott.
"Sir, we are cooperating and someone will be in touch with your department soon to correct out this misunderstanding."
"Fuck me." Scott blurts out uncharacteristically at the new police who just arrived, a final fast text sent off and his phone is shoved away. Like Dane his hands go in the air as well.

"Beautiful night out."


Rogue is put into the back of the car and she just looks around at the other cops showing up. "How do they even pay all these guys?" She says inside the back of the cruiser. "I mean, this town ain't that big…" she then looks out the window on her left to the others and she just shows a soft smile. "This is gonna be a great summer. I can tell already."


Lorna followed the newest arrival's instructions, shooting Rogue a look of concern as hand cuffs in turn were slapped on her. Steel hand cuffs. She almost rolled her eyes at the stupidity of it. What would these guys do if the Brotherhood had shown up and started wrecking things? What would any of these humans be doing? A glance at the sight of the sobbing cop in front of the music store door answered that question rather well.

Her father definitely wouldn't be pleased about any of this, and she knew he had eyes practically everywhere.

A glance was spared for Scott as another officer came up to clap him in irons too. "Hey, don't look at me. I didn't suggest going out."

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