An Olive Branch

May 09, 2018:

Reed Richards drops by the X-mansion unexpectedly


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Fade In…

The afternoon was warm without humidity, a beautiful Spring day with the leaves unfurled into fresh newness. The flowers were bright spurts of flowers and teens played quite loudly on the field behind the mansion's grounds. Up the drive were vehicles parked in various states of cleanliness. A garage door was open and sounds of mechanical happenings could be heard inside by whoever was working in there.

But for now, there was a green haired woman, floating alongside a battered looking moped that flew along before her. A sulk looking teenager walked along beside her, pouting and trying to explain why moped was a trashed and battered mess of metal.

Even as it slowly started to unfold and pop back into place under a green magnetic current. Lorna smirked as she glanced back at the teenager, but didn't lecture him. It was clear that was what the young man expected, rather than to have his accident repaired with a wave of hands.


The sudden sound of rushing air can be heard over head, and a gust of air as if fans blast air down flashes through the area. However, there is nothing to be seen when the sound returns and begins to focus on patch of tall grass. The blades of the grass bending under the constant flow of air in four circles. The sound something heavy touches down on the ground and makes invisible impressions on the school's green lawn.

When the hatch opens to reveal Reed sitting in his cockpit looking at Lorna. He says in an elegant baritone voice, "Greetings and salutations." A soft smile escapes his lips as he begins to slowly stand from his cock pit. He is dressed in a simple dark blue uniform with the a '4' just above his heart.


There wasn't a pleasant reaction to the pressure shift in the air. The presence of the wind's movement and sudden rushing of air. The green haired mutant twisted around, eyes snapping to the flying object that settled on the grass. The teenager was sent running back to the mansion and the moped liquefied in the air, rushing to the otherwise lazily put together looking woman.

Metal covered and slithered over the shorts and over sized T-shirt, armor shifting and covering her protectively.

As the stranger stepped outwards, the hatch was promptly pulled off with a magnetic yank of green energy, and crushed, as Lorna flew up to put herself even with the stranger. "You have ten seconds to explain what you're doing here and who you are." She didn't pay attention to that little '4' on his uniform, seeing him only as a potential threat that had arrived on their front lawn.


As he raises his hands slowly, "Fascinating…" Reed cocks his head to the side, "I can not tell if you are telekinetic or…" He blinks and sighs, "I do apoligize for my sudden arrival. Herbie…decloak the car please." A nervous sounding man says, "Right away Dr. Richards." The flying car suddenly decloaks and become completely visable, "I certainly did not expect Professor Xavier's students to be so…forward. My name is Reed Richards. I am a member of the Fantastic Four. Some call me…" He wrinkles his nose at the name, "Mister Fantastic. Have you heard of me?"


The metal screamed and twisted, sharpening into a threatening shape at Richards as he seemed well and truly distracted by her display of powers. While Lorna seemed to have little patience for it. "Magnokinetic." She bit out, anger and a protective stance holding her personage in the air as she floated before him. She arched one thin green eyebrow upwards, before he apologized and introduced himself.

A look of disbelief crossed her features, her anger vanishing as she looked some what mollified at his introduction and question. She lowered herself back to the ground, the metal hatch slowly unfolded itself back into its proper shape with a wave of her hand. It settled back into place and she pursed her lips, trying to hide the sheepish look with one of irritation.

"Well people typically don't just drop in here without an invitation or a heads up. Last visitors we had were trying to kill us." She settled on the ground, metal slipping down her limbs and converting away from the insta-armor, to an excessive amount of jewelry on her wrists and neck, "Polaris. Have you hear of me? Mister Fantastic?"


As the man's body begins to extend, his torse grows three times its length as his legs do the same. The man's rubbery legs touch the ground as he seems to flow out of the cockpit. "Yes…I am sorry. Perhaps I should have extended an olive branch first. I do completely understand about people attacking. Just last week we had dimension bugs from the negative zone nearly eat…"

A panic's voice from the cock pit begins to stutter, "Where…they are not here. I will not be eaten again…"

Reed turns and says, "Herbie I was merely explaining to Polaris that I understand why she reacted the way she did. Why don't you do a system check while I speak with her." The A.I says, "Yes. Dr. Richards."

Reed turns and says looking at the young woman, "I am sorry I have not heard of you. However, I do know of the X-Men, and what you do here. I think it is wonderful that Professor Xavier provides a safe haven for gifted individuals like yourself to learn…both personally and scholarly. I wanted to extend my expertise to the Professor and his students…that is if he is hiring."


Lorna snorted and rolled her eyes as she watched the man extend himself out of the cockpit and onto the grass more firmly to fully apologize. She crossed her arms, arching a brow as she watched him carefully. "You're lucky I waited till you were out of the air, and that I didn't fry your systems.." She muttered, shaking her head. Still, she seemed at least convinced he was who he said he was.

"Someone is always attacking this place. I can't speak for the hiring department. Jean Grey or Scott Summers.. they'll be who you want to talk to. But good luck catching either of them. You might want to call ahead next time." She drawled, tucking a loose strand of green behind her ear.

"And if you don't know who I am, well, you haven't been paying attention to the media drama from Genosha." She smiled and it wasn't a particularly warm smile.


Reed Richards hmmms, "Ahhh. Yes…I have heard of Genosha, yet my attentions have been elsewhere. I was helping a friend with his bio-kinetic gamma push for growing crops without GMO's. Yet, my team feels I need to get out more and help the heroing community. I do wish that human beings were no so…slow to change. Their lack of understanding really is due to their fear. I would assume your magnokinetics have something to do with your own genes being able to produce a sub-sonic energy that you can manipulate which allows you to affect metal so…easily. I would love to explore that one day…" He blinks and shakes his head, "I digrest. I am sorry. Might I ask a favor Polaris? Might you extend a message to Dr. Grey or Mister Summers? The one I beleive they call…Cyclops?"


Lorna paid rapt attention to what Richards had to say, listening with care and consideration as he explained what he spent his time with. It was refreshing to not have someone caught up on all the international drama that had been her disaster of a wedding. As he continued onward with a few assumptions about her powers she shrugged. "I run the magnetosphere through my nervous system. At least, that's what I've been told." She murmured, and as he once more apologized..

"I'll pass word on, or at least leae a message on their desks. Dunno who you'll get, but either one can help you. They're always looking to hire people around here.."


As he nods slowly, he turns at the waist, his feet not moving as his arms grow 20 feet long as Reed reaches into the cockpit. He pulls out a small sphere. His body returns to its normal size as he turns and extends his hand out to Lorna, "This is a message sphere. It has my message to Dr. Grey. All she must do is speak her name and it will activate. I have it locked to her voice pattern that I have gotten from public file of her lecture on genetics."

"My resume and my current academic status at Harvard, M.I.T and Yale are all within the sphere. I would find it quite exciting to help the X-Men in any way we can. The Fantastic Four are learning that we must be a part of a collective if we are to make a difference in the world."


Lorna blinked, and reached out a hand to take the sphere with her hand rather than her powers. She wasn't entirely sure how well it would handle her magnetism, so better safe than sorry. She cradled it in her palm, and considered it once. Her gaze returned to Richards again as he started rattling off his resume more or less. She smiled, and this time it was kind, filled with amusement.

"Sure, I'll pass it along. We've already hired Doctor Banner, why not branch out. I can't see them turning you down at least." She glanced back toward the flying car briefly and back.


+MEET: Jean Grey has arrived via +meet.


"So long as you can handle a room filled with kids that have mutant powers and will likely try to use them to cheat or cause trouble, you know.."


As Mister Fantastic stands near his flying car, the man has just handed Lorna a metal sphere with a single lens on it. "Yes…if I can handle Johnny and Ben. I can handle most teenagers" He swallows hard, "I would hope. Herbie…status report?"

"All systems are fine expect the seal on your door will need recalibation. We will not be able to enter space on our way back." Reed chuckles and nods, "That is not an issue. I could use a little relaxing time to computer that time dialation issue on the matrix back at the Baxter Building. Please get the car ready."

As Reed turns back to face Lorna, "Again allow me to extend an apolgize for alarming you and your friend who ran off. If you could see Dr. Grey gets my message I would be grateful"


Lorna tilted her head as she considered the talking car, AI? She wasn't sure, but wasn't all that shocked by it. She had seen quite a bit of advanced tech throughout the years and even if they didn't have talking, flying cars, they had the Danger Room. And on Genosha her father had Ferrous. She missed that robot.

"I can't help with that, if you needed an emergency magnetic lock, I could do that much.." She scratched at the back of her neck as he apologized yet again. Honestly, when was the last time anyone had apologized that much to her?

Color her amused and even somewhat mollified. "The kid? He's just a student, crashed his moped. I was trying to fix it. Now it's some sweet jewelry. Don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll have all kinds of interesting things to talk your ear off the next time you see him." Lorna was making assumptions. Clearly, now that Reed Richards had cleared the air with all those apologies, Lorna had decided it was a given that he would be hired.


Reed Richards nods slowly as he grows and extends to 10 feet tall as he steps into his cockpit. As he shrinks back down into his normal state, the car goes invisble again as it cloaks but Reed keeps his hatch open. "I look forward to it Polaris. And no need to worry on the hatch. I will fix the seal when I am back home. Instead of a 23 minute trip it will just be a 89 minute trip. It is a beautiful day and the air is good. Maybe I will fly over the river back down to the city. Do you have any questions before I go?" Reed asks with a raised eyebrow. He is such a nerd.


Lorna eyed the man as he extended and shrank rapidly to move about, she found it almost as interesting as Richards had her magnokinesis. The fact that he hadn't automatically jumped and cussed her out for being Magneto's daughter certainly had helped to calm the woman down. Still, she floated up a little higher off the ground to peer inside the otherwise cloaked car. Her powers allowed her to sense the metal, the electrical pulses, but her eyes certainly couldn't make heads or tails of it. It was strange to have her two senses at odds.

"Hmm, questions? I dunno, you qualified to teach a masters degree in geophysics? Hard to work through all my online classes for grad school.." She drawled.


Reed Richards hmmms, "I hold degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, and Law. I am no expert in geophyics but being it is an extension of physics I am sure I can help you with your studies. We can take a trip to the center of the planet if you do not mind the mole people. They are not open to many visitors." The car and electronics are some of the most advanced things you might have sensed next to Cerebro. The car has four cockpits in total with multiple defense and offensive systems, and it can break off into four seperate units if needed. A very unique power source is at the core….is that a warp coil…or dimension coil…or something?

"Even if I am not hired. You are invited to come to New York and visit the Baxter building. I would find it exciting to test your magentism if you are open to the idea."


Lorna chuckled softly as Richards listed off all of his degrees, but at least she didn't roll her eyes this time. Still, the faintly amused look followed as he walked through how they could go on a field trip to the center of the earth. Which in and of itself stretched the bounds of imagination when she could vaguely sense the core beneath her feet at any given moment as much as she could sense the fields above.

"Sounds like fun." She drawled, even as he continued on ward and invited her to the Baxter building. Which in and of itself didn't draw any protest from her, but as he continued onwards to talking about testing her magnetism, she shook her head. "Not so fond of testing my powers in any labs, had one too many run ins with crazy scientists that like playing with mutant genes." She murmured, "But thanks." She offered a two finger salute as she rose a little further into the air and backwards, to give him space to take off.


Reed Richards nods and looks slightly disappointed, "I understand but Herbie's labs are state of the art and quite fun. The virtual reality matrix keeps Johnny entertained for hours. Thank you for your time Polaris. Until next we meet." As the car whirls to life, the invisible car lifts off into the air, "Be well." As the hatch closes, Reed disappears from sight and zips off back in the direction of New York City.

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