Bruiser's Graduation

May 08, 2018:

It's an X-Men style graduation ceremony for Molly Mayes and The Juggernaut is more then happy to participate in the festivities.

//Westchester County - New York City //


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And then Molly was wondering off from all that mess inside. Emotional people talking about emotional stuff and whatever. Plus not being invited to a party?! Super bummer! So, the girl has wandered off out through the front gates of the school out into the street and in her hand is a sandwich fit for…well, Juggernaut. She's got easily a foot long to a foot and a half long sandwich left from a sandwich that was likely made on an entire loaf of french bread. When your mutant power basically keeps burning through your own energy, caloric intake is through the roof.

Wandering down the street, the girl continues to hammer through the sandwich even as a few people chuckle at the sight, simply thinking it is a girl who has bitten off more than she can chew, not realizing she's eaten half as much as they see and is going to likely work through this fairly easily. Of course, she's also a bit out of it, thinking of ways to sneak into a party later that she totally has no business being at.


An absolutely enormous man steps into view from the depths of a nearby bar and grill.

By enormous..we don't just mean he's big..we mean enormous by way of his diet must consist of teams of sumo wrestlers with a side of the defensive lineup of the New York Giants and the entire Mr. Olympia lineup of the past few years with World's Strongest Man for desert.

In short, he's huge. His physique numbs the mind as it presses gigantically through his casual garments of a tee shirt sporting the image of Godzilla smashing through the Tokyo Skyline and straining jeans and brown work books that seem to be just shy of shaking the very ground the giant walks on. All this begs the question ..

Just how the hell did he fit in that building anyway??

But fit he did..and out he comes, literally filing up the entrance like a block of muscle carved from the side of the nearby mountain ranges.. Red haired with shades covering his ice blue eyes and his big brickish jaw set into a stern look of indifference as he steps onto the sidewalk just ahead of the approaching Molly. He's also carrying a bag of chips which he casually pulls from, one chip at a time, as his immensity swamps onto the sidewalk.


Storm got a call to the outer wing and she removed herself to that, but her shadow paused at the door of the Rec Room after to see Warren, Lorna, and Ganbit within, stepping aside as Molly passed and exited stage right.

Maybe an hour later that girl is found once more outside of the grounds, headed towards Harry's, where…. All but one Green Haired Mutant had business speaking about, so this (un)party is unknown to Storm who lands silently behind Molly, Bruiser, even!

If the other mutant does not detect her the sandwich is snared up and a bite is attempted to be taken as the massive form eclipses the light from Harry's. So, her bite comes slower from the Massive Jugwich (if at all!), the pace picked up to have Storm at Molly's side.

"I understand why you did not stay behind to hear or experience more in regards to your Graduation. But now," A pause to swallow, or breathe inward! "Is not the time." Juggs is now her focus, and if she can, she will attempt to bring Bruiser to pause and stand between them.

"What brings you here?" Storm asks Jugernaut, calmly and yet that very sentence shifts something in the atmosphere around them!


At first, Molly doesn't even notice the big man. She's got other things on her mind till her sandwich is stolen and she looks up toward Storm, "Hey…hey…" She looks over from her mere 5'5" (5'6" in the boots she wears) staring up at the massive man that is the Juggernaut. She twitches a ltitle and whistles, "He's big." She states and then hears Storm and blinks again. She looks at the man and tilts her head to the side a little. Unclear as to what has Storm suddenly unedge. I mean, he's big sure, but that doesn't mean he is necessarily scary. Right?


It's like a sentient earthquake or volcano decided to notice the. The huge man turns his attention towards Storm as she addresses him and his movements thunder to a stop to bot listen and study her and then to let his gaze fall past her to rest on Molly for the space of a few seconds. He then quickly flickers his gaze from side to side as if searching for any other individuals who might be about. A mildly annoyed sigh escapes him, his massive chest heaving as his body language displays mild annoyance and irritation.

"This used to be stomping grounds, back in the day you know." He rumbles, "That place you all are shacking up again is my house, to. Why do I have to explain myself? I'm just passing through.."

Cain allows an almost shark like grin to pull onto his features. "Where's yer squad? Don't tell me it's just you ladies? Did the russkie tattle tell on me for our little dust up in Mutant Town?"

He pauses for a moment and then also adds, "Whose the girl?" while giving a slight head nod in Molly's direction.


The hand that is almost 'Motherly' in the way it crosses Molly, sandwich and all! is guard enough to warn the smaller woman while Storm is just beside Molly's own booted stance, but her's is more braced and defensive in the way they burrow and plant. The Nubian Godess knows who they are facing…

"It has never stopped being /Your Place/ as well," But it seems her tongue travels over, skips over his names, to settle for nothing right now. "Until You drew your own line."

Molly's sandwich spills a couple shreds of Romaine to the ground, as well as crusted crumbs in Storm's grip. There is tension here, but this is a different "party" she is being introduced to, one more… Fathomless. Pale strands of mohawked hair sweep along Storm's cheek and her gaze casts towards Molly as her jaw clenches but she at-eases beside the fellow X-er. "Does this need The Squad?" Ororo asks Cain, then, her smile demurely…. Unpleasant and yet can wane one way or another.

"This is a former member, there are… Unsettled issues, but not ones that cannot be… repaired, maybe. Cyclops has final say, afterall." Updating Molly, she hides nothing except details that can be answered later..

So long as he does not charge!


A look up at Juggernaut as he speaks and then at Storm and Molly can tell this is not exactly someone that they like. She, however, is not the type to be protected. Plus…she's spilling the sandwich! Molly frowns deeply at this whole situation and eyes Cain carefully before she looks at Storm again. She doesn't get introduced but she looks back to the man and steps forward, not seeming to mind getting a littel closer, "I'm Bruiser." She nods her head. She then lifts her chin, "Nice to meet ya, I guess. Given there's…unsettled issues or whatever."


The behemoths hands spasm, crushing the bag of chips in a clear display of dangerous ire. Something Storm said drove home, words piercing where it the most powrful weapons in the world would fail to.

"Former..member..?" he rumbles and then listens as Storm continues.

When she finishes, his gaze drifts down to Molly as she steps forward to introduce herself and he then looks back to Storm to address her first:

"You always did strike me as trying to see the best in everything and everyone.. Heh. Former member . Yeah, maybe I have helped out In the past where our interests crossed or when I was trying a different way of doing things but Naw I'll pass on talking to good ol'Cyke. Rumor is he's had a handful with you all anyway. A little birdie with green hair let me in on some gossip not to long ago"

He grins at that. Seems he's had an ear to the ground on the recent happenings with the Xmen. "Bruiser, eh?" he rumbles while turning to look at Molly again, "Don't look like a bruiser to me.. And for the record, it's more complicated than your nanny here is letting on."


When Molly… Bruiser… Steps forward to do her own solitary introductions, Storm's lips part and then snap shut to allow the young woman her Own.

Welcome to Graduating, prematurely, and the real party. Although just as his fist *pops*! the bag of chips, that disregarded sandwich is nearly turned into a 'wrap' in her grip upon his words, those kohl lined eyes of pale blue narrow at Cain, her booted fet only taking a step forward and behind to stand behind Bruiser -
No she got no introductions, but she claimed that name and Storm wanted to see it! Just like she would have of one who wanted to be a Juggernaut. But she stares at One head on while he speaks words that mirror reactions.

"Touche, Juggernaut, but you are misinformed," A beat, a breath. "Did you know of the same birdies that attacked us due to the green haired one?" A tilt of Storm's head in a slow roll of curiosity. "She still treats Xavier's like home. Right?"

A glance towards Bruiser for affirmation of their Green Haired 'Resident', but something in the draw of her lips say 'mums the word', because…

"I still see you, Juggernaut… Make your own judgement, you know better…" Storm's stance behind Bruoiser is defensive and yet, she releases that tension, at least in her eyes as they 'let go' of Molly to lift to Cain.


A frown as she listens to all this. It was somewhat over her head. She wasn't aware of everything that everyone else was. She stares over at Storm a moment and then back to Cain as they speak of, she is assuming, Lorna. She still is upset about the particular thing that Cain said and then points at him, "And you don't look like a Juggernaut to me." Well, he does but…ya know. He can shut up. She then steps right up to him…well, as close as she can and still look up into his face, "And she ain't my nanny. I'm an adult, I handle my own business."

She nods her head and her eyes flicker purple for just a moment, "And by the way, you cause trouble." She punches a hand into her palm, "You get hit." She nods her head, "Got it?"


"Oh hoh!" The giant lets out a rumbling laugh at Molly's bravado and simply grins at her and then looks past her to Storm while inclining his head. "I like her! Is this what my dear ol'Step Brother Is churning out in the X-Men factory these days? She's got more guts then the runt!"

The rest of the information revealed by Storm is of no singular importance to the giant. If matters have changed from the last bit of gossip he got, so be it. That's of less interest then needling Molly now. "I don't look like a Juggernaut? Well I guess not.." he rumbles, "I need to pay a visit to my ol'house and educate the students?.."

He tosses the bag of chips over his shoulder and then leans down, lowering his face closer to Molly's and his huge jaw in striking distance, "You don't now who or what I am do you..?" he asks of the girl, "Well..if Storm over there aint your nanny..and you're an adult.. then consider me causing trouble. Just what're you going to do about it? Hit me? So hit me."


Storm's gaze over them is unwavering, even as the challenge by Bruiser is accepted… By Juggernaut. This is going to have 'splainin' to do and Storm…

Has growth to attend, as it seems Bruiser may be slight, but Juggernaut just lowered to her height. The grin that forms upon Storm's lips needs to say nothing in regards to her own watchful eye, although it *tic's* once more at being called Nanny again.

"Hit him, Bruiser. He asked for a lesson in adulting." Arms cross over halter covered chest, those 'wings' whispering along the ground behind her feet as she takes one step back in a sound accord between them. Nanny, her Ass! Bruiser does not need one, unless shown otherwise and that has yet to happen.

"Or should we coffee and approach the visit in the morning?" (Approach Cyclopse, that is) Whichever way it goes, even if both ways, Storm is standing like a sentinel at Bruiser's back while watching Juggernaut and Harry's behind him.


A blink as she hears Juggernaut talk and Molly squints at him, "Excuse me? Don't talk about me as if I'm not here." She then blinks as he gets in her face and then she twitches, "Really?" She then looks back as Storm, "He really that tough?"

Storm gives her a nod, a tense one and Molly shrugs, "Alright then…" Of course, that's when Juggernaut might notice something that might make him question just how much of a bruiser this Bruiser is.

As she turns back toward him, the asphalt under her right foot cracks from her pushing into it. Her hair starts to sparkle purple and her eyes take on a full on purple glow as she is looking back at him. Her right hand is already in motion for one heck of an uppercut coming from deep down and raising up toward his jaw. She's no juggernaut but she does hold back…just a tiny bit. Just a little. He didn't quite get all the way under her skin. Then the Howitzer fires.

A freight train would be more forgiving as that fist connects with the presented jaw and aims to send the man up into the air and beyond depending on how prepared or unprepared he was for the fiesty girl to hit him.


Juggernaut isn't stupid. He -is- single minded but he's not an idiot. Despite his taunts, well before Molly made the decision to show her stuff, he knew she had something in her to give. He's fought the likes of Rogue after all and others whose slight builds hide tremendous mountain shaking strength ..and then there's one undeniable fact.

He's the Juggernaut.

For a man who can take full on blows from Mjolnir and Hulk and barely blink, much less be moved from the spot he stands on..if he's ready to take a hit..he's not going anywhere. Rogue herself has landed a full on blow before on the giant and he's just stood there.. so when Molly's fist connects she find it slamming into the behemoths invulnerable face and pressing the chin upwards but the neck flexes and the body absorbs the freakish kinetic shock into its durability and Juggernauts own seemingly limitless strength. He doesn't move.

But that's not to say that the blow does nothing. A shockwave explodes out around the two powerhouses as Newton's Third Law takes effect, blowing out windows for blocks around and sending a crater compressing into the sidewalk underneath the two of them, spreading out in a rapidly forming sinkhole as the sonic boom of the strike explodes out over Salem Center. Then silence. Cain just looms there, Molly's fist planted in his jaw and then he grins.

I'm surprised at you Storm for encouraging that.. You musta forgot what you're dealing with.."

Silence and then to Molly he grins, "Nice punch, squirt.."


Storm lifts her arm when the blow connects and Cain remains unmoving. She had to see it for herself: Storm and Bruiser.

Earth's magentic draw rises, shifts to tectonic levels, and then billows out due to the unmoving impact of superior strength is drawn upward with a bonding upon the finsted finertips that curl over the laced ringlet upon her middle finger. There is only so much Storm can and will stop from happening, lest she shifts something else into motion, and tonight…

Enough is enough.

Car alarms ADT alarms, they all sound around them. "I did not forget Who I am dealing with, Juggernaut, nor will Bruiser. We have bigger and badder ahead of us." Rising from her landing that was forced by the concussive blast, Storm smiles lightly to them both. "Now, coffee?" A wink to the 'squirt'.


Molly stumbles back a step from the impact. She isn't hurt. Nope. When she's strong she's pretty much equally as tough. She does let out a long breath and looks a little winded as she takes a step back in the crater and then looks around. SHe winces at the damage and then blinks at Juggernaut, "Whoa…"

She recovers quick enough though before squinting and then pointing at him, "You get 50%, cause you didn't really do anything wrong." She then huffs and stands up straighter, trying to regain her composure.

A moment later she turns and walks back up out of the crater and poitns at Storm, "YOu didn't say he was /that/ tough!" She declares, "If I had known that I wouldn't've held back." She then grins, "And coffee sounds great." She then walks past her, not giving Juggs much mind, "And by the way…" She stops and looks around and then points back at Storm, "You told me to do that so this is all on you." She then waves back at Cain, "See you next time, big guy."


"Oooh? That was 'fifty percent'? FIFTY PERCENT??" The immense man suddenly bursts into an area shaking laugh, the tone mocking and bemused. He looks nearly ready to double over and then he stands back up to his full height, his grin even bigger at the fact that seem to be assuming he's going to let them just walk away without any sort of retaliation or counter strike.

"Bigger and badder? Tth. You're trying to hard, Storm. And practically inviting me over, You're being rather reckless but I"ll give you a pass at th emoment because I got places to be tonight as well."

He folds his massive arms and lets them head off, "See you around, wind rider. Squirt."


Storm just stands there as Bruiser accosts her with the popinty finger of 'You Did not Warn Me, On Purpose!'. Non plussed even as Juggernaut makes his own bellowing statement in laughter.

A slow blink, followed by the light lift of lips, almost invisible to those not looking; Storm steps towards the little hamlet where the likely windowless cafe is. Open by 5A.M. "We have an hour to kill," Stated towards Bruiser in her trapse away!

A glance back though, has light sparking from the corners of Storm's eyes towards Cain. "I do what it takes."

Congratulations, Bruiser, let the alarms be your applause and you Cap and Gown…. Be in that crater. Well earned!


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