I Drink to Forget _____

May 03, 2018:

Power Girl and Green Lantern have a brief chat.


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Fade In…

The Justice League Watchtower. High above Earth.

Working his arm in a slow circle Hal Jordan stares through the observation deck's massive viewport to stare at the blue and green orb below, he is looked at it a million times over. It never gets old. Years spent in galaxies far far away make a man homesick if the silence of absolute void doesn't get to a persons sanity eventually.

Turning around to look the tower itself over as one of Magnus' droids shuffle by the domino mask on Jordan's face scrunches up and he walks back towards the monitor womb, its his turn, his 24 hour watch period… no one comes up here these hours unless its a lurking Dark Knight or one of the others suffering insomnia.

Quiet, alone, tranquil. It's annoying to Jordan. This solitude… what he wouldn't give to be below… maybe there are some Umoji, Stark or Star Labs personnel lurking somewhere for a game of cards.

There is a game of Cards going on… But not likely what Hal expected!

Wanted, on the other hand.

Power Girl is back, and even if a silent approach is had, she is studious on one thing alone - Her cards.

Bare knee propped upon the table, cloak of Red dropped along the back of the seat while the clasp that bares the 'El', emblem, falls from shoulder to hip but never parts from her frame physically.

"__ High Five,Bro."

r The card is stared at on the table, while the deck in her hand is fanned out and narrowed in upon with a hard focus.

There used to be a stable of people with Karen, Kara.. But now the 'folds' are left there and with a tongue-to-cheek, Karen peeks on the empty hands…

"Ripping in to a man's chest and pulling out his still beating heart. High five, bro." Hal Jordan says upon joining the solo game of CoH. He pauses at a chair opposite of Karen, "Not actually a card. Just you know… "

A sardonic smile and he flips one over tossing it her way. It reads, "My Humps."

"I didn't realize anyone was still here, I thought the party ended… HOURS ago." A curious look at what she is drinking then her face, "Is that Asgardian Mead? You realize that stuff can be lethal to humans… "

Pulls a card up himself and sets it down, black reading, "This is your captain speaking. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for _."

Kar… stills.. rights in posture and causes the chair to groan as another hand is shuffled into play - her peeking a 'Nil' factor.

A lick of thumb for dramatic sake as she stares upon Hal's Grand Entry! with a narrowed gaze of frozen blue.

A card is flicked across the table in her choice…

" 'Dis Bitch.' " Stated by Karen as the card skips across the table, pivots on end, and lays… Face down. She saw it before she dealt it, and the challenge is in her eyes as it lifts from the card to Hal…. Despite…

"It was dated and in the mini-fridge…" A smirk then as she flips the card face-up to reveal the "touché". of Cards Against…

".. It was not an expiration date?" Brow-Perk?!?

"Cute." Hal Jordan remarks at the card.

"You are in a form tonight… today?" A pause to look out at the wall, his ring could tell him the time of many planets, they're technically somewhere above Hawaii perhaps. He isn't sure without taking the effort or will to glimpse.

"I'm a little confused but cute I'll go with." The cards get plucked through but he doesn't look like he is eager to add to the game, "No poker? This games better with a crowd. One on one its kind of weird. Even more questionable you're playing it alone."

"They left.." Karen states to the departed upon the Watchtower. But then again, they are not used to the strife…

Karen looks from the card that she just flicked upright, to Hal, letting the answer linger on empty spatial air.

"I went with the solo-deal that Poker or Black Jack would not withstand.." A wave of her hand and Karen leans back on her chair, pressing the coil and recline bend to maximum!

"Only *You* would want to change the deal, Mid-Game." But Karen's… Kara's… Smile is wolfish in the bare of teeth in her grin as she gathers up 'Dis Bitch', and shuffles it into her deck of Cards.

Setting them aside?

A normal deck of cards, with aces, spades, trumps… is spun across the table to scatter the deck towards Hal.

"We don't have to be questionable, but what are you betting, than?"

"I'm that predictable?" Hal regards the comment. "I suppose I've fallen in to a but if a rut… or in some circumstances a groove." He flashes a cheesy smile that quick fades.

"I'm not playing. Cards and all, fun but, just, not in the mood for them. That requires I sit here awkward like with you and that is not at all fun in my book."

"Which, being on duty. I can't drink either enough to make it more entertaining, it feels like we may as well just settle for some shuffleboard at that rate. NO thanks."

A recline in to his chair as well, one leg hooking an ankle over the other.

Karen watches as any and all Cards, scatter across the table, the bright azure of her gaze reflects them like a mirror - even those she gathers in a fanning sweep of her hand like a pro-'dealer', of decks.

But as the hut-like bend of her final discard scattered upon Hal's note of awkward.

The table between them is laden in random cards, her fingers fumbling the final remnant between until the black 'Cards' goes face up and reveals: 'I Drink To Forget _." A stare from Karen and she loses the playful mien, unanswered…

"You always have had a groove." Karen states, her tone going flat as she flicks an edge of random cards off the corner of her table to scatter over the last 'Cards' play. The fanning and land of cards has Karen behind in her own stand on the end of the table, watching Hal with a suspicious leer. "Be like watching Foosball… Or paint dry. No thanks." Stated in tandem with his own 'Nothxbai'.

"I did not ask for this." Stated before she turns to leave him in his JL-Vigil.

"I suppose that means you win." Hal says in appraisal of her discard. "And drinking to forget, so not sounding like you. You're spending too much time around the rest of us lowly humans. What would Clark say?"

A further recline and his jaw tips to the side, angling so he can watch her strut off, "Don't worry, it will be your turn soon. And it was fun once upon a time."

Jordan doesn't lift his eyes from her departing walk, white altered gaze remaining fixated upon the spot she last disappeared to.

"Have a good night, Karebear."

Karen pauses at his words of 'lowly humans'…

"What would any of Our Family say to that label?" (Lowly Human??) But Our Family meant any of the JL… "A lot was fun.. Once upon a time," A glance over pale clad shoulder Hal's way, skating a cutting azure over arctic scraped slope to him with an exhale of resignation she bites off… Matter of pride!

The pause was just the 'Show' that Hal likely wanted to pull from her, and with a slow drop of her head, Karen acknowledged his triumph, even as the visual tension aligned her shoulders when her said… 'Karebear'.

"Once Upon a Super Kur." (Super Green)

5th Element left to rest between them as she grips the doorframe that whhsshhh'ss aside before her and is disabled by the placement of her hand that keeps it from closing…

… cripplingly!

"Don't say it unless you mean it…" A low whisper there-after with the descent of blonde across her jawline.

"I'm.. sorry." And finally, for once in his presence her posture rights, her hand alleviating that hindered door of the burden of her grasp so it can close.

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