A Vision of Ash and Flame

April 02, 2018:

Amora invades the Hall of Justice seeking Syn, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern. She encounters a witchly doctor, Hal and an Amazon.


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Fade In…

A look at the area she was given to work in has Vivienne a little miffed. She sighs and adjusts the ring on her hand and then looks around the office, "Remember, they have no idea." She nods her head and smiles softly before walking over to the desk given to her and idly she begins to open up her satchel and begin to work on placing items around said office. She was recently brought in to the Justice League as a doctor and help from time to time. She didn't mind helping out hte heroes with some assignments but she may have to come up with one of those…secret identity things.

Just the thought of it has her chuckling. She turns her gaze over to the file cabinet and opens it up to check space before nodding, "I suppose this will do." She nods her head even as she walks over to the door, opens it up and idly looks over the wood. With a breath, she idly puts her finger to hte wood and simply etches in Dr. Tulloch, M.D. Psy.D. She looks it over and nods before nodding again.

Strangely, it isn't as if the wood was etched into or even burned. It is as if the wood itself simply had that designed into it. As if that had always been there. She then turns and walks back to the desc, the door left hanging open.

Jordan's been 'Terra Firma' booked up lately post-Red Lanterns, the current threat being Professor Zoom and monitoring the most populated planet this side of the sector, many of the ongoings things hes not exactly capable of interacting with or influencing at a grand scale but if he stays below a certain line he easily gets overlooked. Lotsa planets to keep track of and well over thousands of Lanterns to also police.

The Hall of Justice is traversed through by the hovering uniform clad Green Lantern, drifting casually to the newest office bing set up, in on hand a potted plant - a cactus actually. A friendly little 'house warming' for the necommer. Jordan isn't usually the considerate type so this undoubtably wasn't his idea.

"Knock knock!"

The volunteers, STAR Labs, Umoja, Wayne and other workers here that frequent the Hall are rather used to seeing the heroes going in and out, the GReen Lantern is no outstanding presence they gawk at any longer or pay extra mind tobeyond hellos, handshakes and waves.

Turning around with a smile, the woman looks to the man, "Oh, if it isn't a man who makes an old Irish girl smile." She chuckles, "Green is, after all, a favored color." She winks and walks over, "You must be the Green Lantern." She offers her hand out in the way that one might expect a lady of the middle ages would to a man, "It is good to meet ya." She nods her head as her irish lilt filters through her voice, "Dr. Vivienne Tulloch." She nods her head, "At your service."

A blink behind that green half-mask and white eyes open close, "Hello." A pause. "Oh, I get it. The green, right, yeah, quite partial to it myself." A flash of a smile, "I was about to ask if we met before and if so… I'm sorry I forgot your name, I am sure it was a wonderful night!"

He maintains the smile as he extends the welcoming present, that cactus. "A League welcoming, Wonder Woman is usually good about knowing the new faces that come in down here but shes off busy dealing with Amazon things so, you get to settle for me."

"Green Lantern, nice to meet you… Doctor."

A chuckle and then she shakes her head, "No, we have not met before." She then tilts her head, "And had we met in the way you implied…you'd have not forgotten me." She grins with a twinkle in her eye before taking the cactus, "Oh, what a lovely little thing." She nods her head, "I will make sure it gets a nice spot in here." She walks over and sets the cactus down on the desk before turning to face him again, "It's nice to be greeted either way."

She then walks around her desk and pushes out her chair before saying, "I shall be acting as a bit of a doctor for you lot and perhaps help ya out in the field from time to time." She nods her head, "I also offer counseling if such a thing appeals."

Green Lantern's lips crook again, "Thats what the last one said! ." He is teasing obviously. "I learned a long time ago never to get in a verbal sparring match with ladies who have accents."

"Another doctor?" He questions curiously, settling down upon the ground no longer hovering, his hands rested idly upon his hips, knuckles tucked in.

"Just met a Doctor Walker, you two know one another?"

"No, I don't. Despite what others might think, we don't all get together and discuss the best ways to torture ye." She nods her head as she then turns her gaze over to the man again, "And I'm not simply another doctor." She reaches over and touches her finger to a bottle of water and out of the bottle water comes flowing out. She lets a small amount sprinkle over the cacutus before puts it back in the bottle and smiles over at him, "I'm also a druid."

She walks up to him, "For all that means now adays, anyway." She looks him over a moment before saying, "If you're ever hurt, I can heal ya pretty quickly and easily. If you have a problem to talk about, I'm here." She then nods, "Doctor patient confidentiality applies, remember." SHe nods her head and then shrugs, "Who is this Dr. Walker, anyway?"

"No, I know you don't have to be together to hive mind up." Hal counters, "Best ways to torture me are fairly easy, I mean, if you really must know." A wink and he looking at the space shes claimed, the druid thing gets a, "Huh?"

"A dr.. a what? A dancer?"

"I don't honestly know that word. That a new age thing?'

"Far Eastern medical discipline?"
He is serious this time and not joking.

"Shes a friend of the League, recently shes become a victim of a very nasty man in a bright yellow onepiece, shes resilent though. Turns out another extranormal." That word feeling clunky to him.

"A special person." He corrects.

A chuckle and she sighs, "No, it's very old." She looks at him before she settles into a chair, "A long time ago, long before man walked this world, a group communed with Gaea, the spirit of the Earth, and together they became one with her in a way. They learned to work with her, harness her power and protect her at the same time." She nods her head, "I practice that tradition now. I am capable of working with nature in a same way." She then shrugs, "If it helps, simply put, I use magic." She winks.

She then hmms, "Sounds like a woman I might wish to meet. Either way, my power is mostly based on healing and helping others. It's what I do." She nods her head, "I'm here to help. That's what ya really need to know."

"Oh." Hal says, "Yeah that is probably a reason I never heard of it. Some Gandalf stuff?" A smile reappears fast, hes quick with them on his better days.

"You capable of actual magical hocus pocus stuff then?"

"You realize… if thats the case you're on the wrong floor." Jordan points up, at the heavens. "The League itself, then, I guess, too, maybe this is your interview and I'm being put out as that guy again." A glare off towards the wall, in the direction of the Amazon's embassy.

A bit of laughter and she shakes her head, "I'm also a doctor." She nods her head, "I'm not simply a magic user. I understand the reality of things as much as I understand the ways to manipulate them through magic." She licks her lips ever so softly as she takes a sip of water and then looks at him, "Ye might be findin' I'm of use from time to time to ya but I'm not really here to rush off and punch the bad guys or whatever it might be that ye do." She nods her head, "I'm more of a behind the scenes type, though I'll be sure to help ya when I can."

"More doctors the better I figure."

"You're speaking over my head, the magical stuff, its all the same to me. I figure maybe if I was a bigger nerd watched more Lord of the Rings… " A grin, "Joking completely joking. Not trying to insult your Voodoo stuff."

"Behind the scenes? I really have so many questions but then I guess I don't. I don't know where to begin." Hl's hand rises up to rub at the back of his neck, "You uh, do the others know you're magical? I mean I dont know what the job's application looks like."

A roll of her eyes and the woman turns around to chuckle softly, "Superman knows, I put it on the application. I'm not exactly trying to hide that I'm a druid." She shakes her head, "Honestly, I haven't met many others just yet but I also only just arrived."

"We actually have an application?" Hal scoffs part serious there but his entire demeanor has cheerful, warm and less than serious.

"I am trying to hide that I'm a Lantern, so, if you hear other names go around. Don't believe them. Well I mean when I am not a Lantern I am hiding it… You know?" He waves his fingers in the air pointing them cross cross then drops them to his sides again.

"I suppose this makes you one of our reservists, that means you're likely also cleared for the clubhouse if Superman is okay with you."

"I'll have to ask."

"Clubhouse, huh?" She laughs a little, her irish accent coloring out she speaks. She then looks over toward the area around before saying, "I am a reservist, then, I suppose." She laughs, "I am looking forward to working with you." She then looks at him, "And don't be a stranger. Just cause you're a hero doesn't mean you don't need to talk now and then."

Currently, they are standing in the office of the newest arrival to the Justice League, Dr. Vivienne Tulloch. She is apparently a druid and has only used a wee bit of magic so far though it is possible others might be attracted to it.

"Confirmed, yeah." Jordan says, "Likewise though, if you're a doctor and here mainly for support you're likely going to be spending most of your time putting bandaids on us. "

"So, Doctor Tulloch, there any questions you might have? Maybe want an autograph?" A lean and a leer, usual of the man, cocky space pilot and all that he is.

"We're uh no strangers around here. The League is one big team of more than ready to meet, greet and help a pal sorts."

A grin and she nods, "It's part of the reason I came." She nods her head, "I shall also be speaking to those in the Avengers as well. They needn't be unaware that someone can heal them up both body and mind if need be." She nods her head and then looks over at the cactus, "We're all connected, and soon, we might all be up to our necks in trouble." She smiles, "Never hurts to be a team on a grander scale."

She stands up and walks over to the cabinet and begins putting papers inside, "No autographs though, thank ye." She laughs a little, "I would be wonderin' if there's a communication's device beyond me own cell I might be needin'?"

"The Avengers?" Jordan questions, they'd been low key until lately. Maybe once again they're picking up steam as word is circulating again. Tony Stark probably the push behind that. Dude has charisma and a lot of umpf to back his world, Hal cannot deny that.

"Grand scale is all I operate on, it's in my application under one of those checked boxes.."

"Not a single one? You sure?" He pulls up a green translucent pen.

"There is yeah but gimme your cell, I can hook you up with a temporary line."

Remember, that we all are brothers,
All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind..

Meanwhile in another plane, adjascent t Asgard the barriers are beaten upon like War-Drums and a bright light of Greeen ascends to build up a prickling level of power before a 'Kursed' hand rises and plucks her from her ascent to slam her upon the ground in a manner fitting a 'Quake of Midgard's proportions!

Has the Enchantress is her tattered Emerald attire rising, and where a sword failed to come to call to the opened palm (she refused to rise to the armored and shadowed figure) and Axe upon the whisper "Sigrnir!" Sails into palm and is hoisted to batter in retaliation!

But as flames ascend in the backdrop, laughter bubbles from drowning lungs and once more The Enchantress backpedals - !


The portal opens in the midst of the Hall, the Enchantress' form spilled over the Foyer in a flutter of tattered and burnt Emerald Forest strips of fabric descending around her like streamers, the axe, Sigrnir, held by its wound and heavy wooden haft gripped in a bloodied palm, blisters cracked and peeled open like many wounds upon her form. Long pearlescent hair even stained pink to spill like tiny rivers of blood across the flooring as she pushes upright.

"Stynfríðr!!!" But when Amora calls that name, it is on a scale of rictor proportions, seeking to tremble walls of the Hall.

Her portal opened and dropped her where she felt a resonance of allies. Syn, J'onn? Hal??

Looking up at Hal, she chuckles, "That would be most helpful." She begins to say her phone number to Hal when she blinks and looks to Hal, "Something is comin'." She nods her head and then looks outside her office toward the main part of the Hall of Justice. She stares a long moment even as there's that Crack and suddenly a portal opens up and Enchantress spills out. She immediately starts rushing toward the woman rather than away. She stares, "Dear mother…" She then staggers a little at the cry and then blinks as she looks around before sayin', "I don't know what has happened dear, but calm down."

She pulls a bottle of water from her satchel and then idly opens up the bottle, "Just remain calm and I can tend to your wounds." She looks briefly back toward Hal but she already appears to be looking at this woman, "Ya won't be needin' that." She gestures to the axe and then gestures, "I'll see to your pain if'n ya let me."

"We just met, lady." Hal heckles Vivienne at 'something is coming' the phone taken up to snare an encrypted app of the Justice League's website, downloading it.

It's the sudden *crack* and accompanying noises that has him thrusting the device back to follow quickly along, Amora is immediately recognized and Jordan slides over actually setting to nudge the axe aside, hes met the Enchantress, once at her strange nightclub where some of her magical cohorts tried to make off with his date Bambi then the other time with Syn and J'onn on their strange extra personal Asgardian drinking festival.

"Amora… "

They're familiar but not cuddle friendly enough hes hefting her up or trying to coddle the woman in any form, more wondering what the hell shes doing here and why shes in such a disarrayed state.

Diana Prince arrived to the Hal via the private landing area in the back, she'd come in her jet but she wasn't in her armor or gear. Instead the Princess of Themyscira was in casual attire, a black leather jacket and a dark red wine colored top beneath it, with slim fit black faux leather pants and heels on her feet. Her black hair is tied back in a pony tail and she's casually moving through the Hall while looking down and up from a tablet computer in her right hand. She's ordering materials for a renovation inside of the Hall and is simply adding a few more things to the list as she spies 'issues' here and there inside the building's design— completely unaware of whats going on nearby in the main area of the facility, so far at least.

The Witch of Asgard called, and who came??

.. Nostrils flare and those deep forrest green eyes flash electric like her entry at Viv. A hand rises and fingers splay in a webbed decline of her opfferings! "I cannot… WILL Not!" Heels burrow against the floor and when Hal makes his presence known as well, her upper lip recoils, the axe gathered and held to lign her hip and thigh in her breathless crouch that spatters blood across the floor before the perched splay of barren toes.

"What allies have you ma—" A lift of her head is almost Gazelle-like when she turns the way Diana is on-coming.

A darty of gaze to Vivienne and she is rising…
But her posture holds a Pride while tongue sweeps the blood from her lips and hads seek to adust her attire over her contusions and lacerations.

No… Amora…

Would never be coddled unless without "life"..

"I ask for… Syn…" A pause as a breath thrusts her chest against the lacework of attire that is already singed and skewn from figure. "Asgard needs Her Warriors. Dead. Or. Alive." A turn of the Sigrnr at her side to bruish the blkade near her heel as she looks more upon Viv, while Di raises hairs along her nape and Hal causes Musculature to flux.

"So will Midgard soon. I lost…" A tremble of jaw and then it clenches, as well as her grip on the haft…

"But not fully.."

Ominous much?

Viv, however is lingered upon, a question there, unasked..
A blink as she stares and Vivienne takes a step back. She gasps softly to herself and then looks over at Hal and then at Amora again. She stands there staring for a long moment, "What do you speak of…?" She asks and then looks to Hal before she takes another step back, "Speak up. What do ya mean that Midgard will need warriors? What do ya mean of the need for Asgard to have warriors? Dead or alive? That do not make any sense."

She looks to Hal before saying, "I cannae do anything for her if she won't allow me." She then looks back to Amora, "However, I sense a great power here…for one so powerful to be so pressed." She shakes her head, "What has happened?"

The woman stares past Amora, into the distance as past memories of future events flow back into her mind and she licks her lips softly, "It can't be this soon…" She whispers to herself and shakes her head slowly.

"Amora." Hal says firmly, the smiles and jokes all gone. "You need to calm down and let the doctor here look at your wounds. Also slow it up, explain whatever happened to you so we can try to help." Or at the very least make sense of it.

The Green Lanterns palms are up, flat facing the Enchantress, "Syn isn't an option. I don't know where she is right now you've managed to find the Hall of Justice though and the League, we are an option."

"Start from the beginning maybe?" He heard Diana's unmistakable footfalls, the Amazon has a certain gait hes memorized but hes not looking her way yet.

Well by this point, even across the hall, Diana can hear whats going on enough to know 'something is up' so she diverts her eyes from her tablet computer and starts to walk toward them. As she gets closer she sees the three gathered, but her attention is going mostly to Amora before falling over toward…

"Hal…" Diana starts. "What is going on here?" She asks in her heavily accented English. Diana's eyes then sweep across Vivienne, who she is unfamiliar with, but its quite clear that the primary concern is for Amora.

"Svart.." Amora, The Enchantress, The With of Asgard - *coughs!*

A spit to tjhe side laden in blood that smearsand spatters like butterflies across the floor.

"…alfar. We're Kursed!" And in a shudder of the ground beneath blistered bare feet the shockwave of green aura waves out towardsViv, Hal….

Diana on her entry to bare witness to the:

Burning Planes:

Dark skinned, poiinty eared,plumes of darknessand shadow, while citizens either fight or flee only to be struck down!
The massive /Sigr/ at Amora's flank now in the Hall hefted by a gauntleted hand only to be struck against! Gauntleted hand heavily cast in a darker magick that can be felt by those like Viv, perhaps even Di as she enters to bare witness!
Blood spatters, sparks fly!
Earth crumbles….

Bones break…

Amora's cough is a ~rattle~ that flecks her lips in a vibrant visceral red.

Diana's question to Hal has Amora laughing, a liquid cough of malignance that drags the axe-head across the floor beside her feet. ".. So many, and so.." A peel of those fading virescent eyes from Di, to Viv, and then Hal.

"We need Valkyries again." But despite her words, those strands of pale platinum lap across her face, even the braided strands sway against the offering of help from Viv, even with Hal's persuasion.

"Not of My…" And Amora sinks, like a will' o-the-whisp… In upon herself to unconciousness.

War is coming!
((No, not Winter!))

Amora will not say Malekith's name, but… Odinson, a whisper.

Looking to Hal briefly, then to Diana, Vivienne then looks at the amazing scene painted before her and gasps. Only those with the greatest of talent in inferring a performance such as this could see past the fact that Vivienne is not at all surprised by the sight she sees. She's concerned…worried. She keeps up her surprise for a while longer before she blinks at the cough and watches the woman laugh out blood and then begin to fall. Vivienne pulls water from the bottle and drops it, the water floating before her.

Rushing forward, Vivienne sends the water over the fallen Amora with the ease of riding a bike or taking a step. She's done this many times. The water will flow over Amora, providing succor and relief at first but soon trying to knit and heal, "I care not if she wants this or doesn't, she's unconscious now and cannae tell me no." She looks to Hal and then to Diana, "Can ya give me any insight into what is goin' on?" Her broguish accent flowing out in an almost echoy sing song as magic flows through the water and out of her to try to heal the poor woman.

As she moves her eyes from wound to wound, directing water and druid magic all the same as she lets it flow around her, "This all sounds very Asgardian." She nods her head, "Did she really speak of the Dark Elves?" She asks and looks up, "And Valkyries?"

"Well, I was giving our new Doc here a cactus to make her feel welcome when uhm." Hal huffs and glares at Diana as if shes the one forcing him to speak in Tolkien Tongue, "To sound like an absolute fuckin' nerd, I was heavily engaged in conversations about druids when a magical sorceress who appears to be beat to snot just popped in speaking a whole ton of things that equate to nonsense to me. Also there is that." He points at the illusiory images being shown off.

"Hey you're both grown ass women, I am sure you'll figure that one out." A pause, "Sorry about the language but at least it is in English.I also learned 'Druids' isn't a type of European car."

"I know Amora though and Syn, they're Asgardians like Thor. If somethings going down… its probably pretty big a deal."

Diana is stepping around the other two to watch Amora and when the woman falls, she sets her tablet computer aside onto the edge of a stone pillar's base. "I saw Thor this afternoon, he spoke of no troubles that would cause something of this… style." Diana says then while her hand pulls a cell phone out of her pocket.

"We must have her taken to the medical facility." She sends the alert out and then places the phone back into her leather jacket, and even though water is being applied to the fallen Enchantress, Diana is kneeling down to pick the woman up. "War is coming… wonderful." No puns intended. Diana would hope to pick Amora up and means to take her to a medical bed within the Hall's inner chambers.

A frown over at Hal due to his language, but she then goes back to work. When Diana approaches she looks up at the woman, "Take care, she's been severely hurt and she must be moved quite carefully." SHe continues to work, moving with Diana if necessary, "I frankly didn't think my first day here would involve so much excitement."

She lets out a slow breath, thinking on what was said and why she's here. She looks over the woman as they walk and then looks over toward Hal, "They're like Thor? To do so much damage to a goddess." She shakes her head, "The enemy must truly be a terrifying thing." She then looks back forward, "Most certainly nothing wonderful here." She looks up at Diana, "Once we get her to a proper bed, I'll attend to her till she's out of danger."
"When isn't war coming?" Hal says dryly. Following after them as Diana picks up Amora, Asgardians always heavier than they look he's prepared to assist with a construct or his own arm but, Wonder WOman is also far stronger than any person should be allowed to be.

"We'll find out more when shes awake, looks like its on you to make sure she does wake up. I'll get a few onboard to keep up security." Himself included."

The axe is placed aside also, he does at least carry that and set it down beside the bed they choose before he is drifting away, floating off to begin preparing a detail also see what they can find out next…

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