Narnia Lacks WiFi

May 07, 2018:

Agent Rin Nakano is still struggling with her incorporeal state. She gets a little unexpected help from an unlikely source.

New York, New Jersey

Because sometimes a single building just won't do.


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This last month has been a torment for Rin. While she can occasionally get work done, her limited use of her powers and the inability to phsycially interact with reality makes it very difficult to get work done. She has a preliminary suit from Stark, but even with that her work is still slowed. To say that she's frustrated would be the understatement of the year. With no way to burn off her anger, she usually resorts to screaming. Floating down into the data center in the middle of the night doesn't seem to disturb people, but floating around the office does. Go figure.

She's gotten enough looks from the higher ups that she knows she needs to get out, even it for a little bit. It's late, so no one really seems to care that Rin is walking through things as she roams the city. Her thoughts race, she has so many ideas that she could be excuting right now if her powers wern't depleted. Normally she could down some energy drinks and keep herself going, but now she has to stop and wait.

Rin hates waiting.

Phil experiences entire stretches of time where he just…finds himself places. He doesn't understand why he finds himself there, but sometimes he just ends up there for a long long time, staring at the world like it doesn't entirely make sense.

Then something will bubble up to the surface of his consciousness, and he remembers.

He needs to protect his team. Needs to help them.

When he at first sees the incorporeal Rin, he races to her. "Rin? You're dead too?"

But then he realizes…she…can't hear him. So what's wrong with her?

He spends awhile studying the problem.

She might be aware of people randomly complaining about sudden chills all around her.

In time, it comes to him. He knows some of what was in that warehouse, and he groans. "Right. The spheres. It must have phased you somehow. Fortunately, kiddo, I think I have a solution. Let me…"

How to do it though?

He's been practicing, when he can think, and he sort of…reaches out.

Her cell phone starts ringing.

Rin pauses in front of a tiny diner, it's a hole in the wall grease pit, but it's one of her favorite breakfast spots. Even though she doesn't hunger, the need to eat a bomb of grease runs deep with in her. She makes a fist, but she has nothing to punch. It's taken several weeks but she's finally stopped punchhing things that she can't hurt.

She's turning to walk away when she hears her phone ring. "What the fuck?" Her cell phone, which was on her when she was shoved part way into another dimention, hasn't functioned at all. She still fiddles with it out of habit but, it's never rang before. Her hands shake slightly as she holds the precious device in her hand and answers it.

"Who the fuck is this?" It seems that even in this form her manners are in tact.


Bursts of static, and a faint voice.


It sounds…familiar? And then distorted, creepy, even, a little bit, rattling off an incomprehensible series of sounds that might be words, but which…just don't quite ever make it into language.

Phil recoils. That's not what he's supposed to sound like. "Damn it!"

The phased out cell phone is just a cell phone, so he should be happy he reached it at all, but this is coming out all wrong, like some part of the Blair Witch Project that ultimately hit the cutting room floor. He might have to go about this another way. He's been practicing materializing too, showing himself, but it's hard and exhausting and leads to more of those strange fugue states he's been coping with.

"What? Who is this? Do I know you?" That voice sounds familiar, but the static is getting in the way. If she wasn't tapped out she would try and fix it, but she isn't sure if her powers work on incoporeal devices. So she does what any sane person who has static on their phone does, she moves around, trying to find a better signal.

"How did you get this number? Who is this?" She'd hang up, but something is urging her not to, maybe it's someone in the other dimention? It's something!

She moves around and gets another signal, and lo and behold it works.

Maybe it's her doing that. Maybe it's Phil concentrating. But suddenly they're getting somewhere.

"Rin. 225 East Corbitt, Jersey City."

Clear as day.

It sounds a lot like Phil Coulson's voice. Or it does until all the static and creepy, garbled stuff starts up again.

It's coming from another dimension alright.

Is he aware this might freak her the fuck out? It hasn't really crossed his mind yet. He is a being of singular purpose right now. To help. To do that, he must communicate.

Finally the static clears enough that Rin is able to hear the person on the other end. Though when she hears that voice she can't believe who it is. She knows this voice, she'd know it anywhere. After all she still can't bring herself to delete his last voicemail, she's even saved it some where it won't get accidentally deleted. Her legs give out from under her and she has to brace herself on the ground as several realizations hit her.

"Phil?" It's probably the most uncertain and shakey he has ever heard her voice to be. Her mind races, as she to logic the whole situation. If he was alive, why didn't he find her? Though if he was alive he wouldn't be talking on this unreal phone. No living person has been able to call it since she phased, so he must be some sort of ghost. Which opens up a can of worms of do ghosts exists. However that mental path will have to be explored later.

She has so many questions for her mentor, but there is one burning question in her mind since she learned of SHIELD's plans. "If it's you… do you… do you want to be dead?"

Does he want to be dead?

Phil Coulson stares in confusion. What kind of question is that?

He's so taken aback by it that the connection dies. It bursts into static and then the call drops. No signal. No bars.

Dryly, he addresses a woman who can't hear him. "It's not exactly voluntary. Come on, Rin, we gotta fix your situation, not mine."

He rubs his head. He's tired. He also swears. Damn it. When he gets too tired he ends up with a bloody front, and bloody hands, and streaks across his face. They'll go away if he calms down, he knows they will, he's seen it happen enough time, but it's damned unpleasant. The remembered pain in his chest throbs as life blood that never finishes spilling pumps across his clothing.

It's the most important question to Rin. Everyone else seems gung ho to play god, trying to bring their fallen co-worker back to life. She has been skeptical. She knew that Phil wasn't going to retire, or get a desk job. Death was the only way he was going to stop, and if he wanted to stop, if he wanted to be done, than he should be done! It's why she hasn't helped because some part of her believes it to be wrong.

When the call drops with out an answer she gasps. Shaking again she snarls, and nearly throws her phone down, but she isn't sure if she'd be able to pick it back up again. "Damnit!" She says loud enough that the few people who are on the street turn to look at the strange woman.

She's about to turn away and go home, leaving work was at terrible idea, but… then she remembers the address. What the fuck is in Jersey City? Having little else to do she turns in that direction adnt aeks a few steps, before she shakes her head and heads in the right direction. She really misses GPS.

It's a long trip with radio silence from the Other Side. But when she gets there, she'll find she's staring at a SHIELD facility. It's little used. It's one of those warehouses that has minimum security, especially to a phased individual, and which houses all manner of things. What she's looking for here is anyone's guess…

But it's certainly a legitimate piece of intel that she got dropped on her…

Justice phone of incorporeal madness?

The silence doesn't keep Rin from looking at the inept phone. Even as she walks through the streets and buildings getting to her destination her mind races. Normally she would have this place looked up and the inventory ready to go, but she's really having do all of this by hand.

Normally she would have used ther clearance to get in, or typed in a code, but she's at the fuck it level of following work rules and she walks through the wall into the warehouse. She looks through the items she can see with in, and evenn sticks her head through a few boxes but she has no idea what the hell she's supposed to do here. Especially since she can't touch anything.

Pulling out her phone again she stares at it. "A text could help. Maybe the number on the box? Or are you hiding in here? Honestly if you're still dead, this is probably the worse city to be stuck dead in."

Rin provides ideas, and Phil nods. That's a good one. He concentrates. Little dots appear on her phone.

The number it appears from, just as the number he seemed to be calling from, is 444.

But the numbers that appear are painstaking.






And then…



?? Autocorrect gets ghosts too.




It's very difficult waiting for each text to come through. It's almost as bad as Phil texting in real life, he even signs his text like an old person does. Still her patience is wearing thin and she's rapidly tapping her foot against the floor, even if it doesn't make any noise. Finally once it's all said and done she nods her head with a sense of resolution. "I really hope you're not trolling me Phil." Though there is hope in her voice, maybe he is helping her, he would, that's a very Phil thing to do.

She starts dashing through the shelves, trying to find a box with the lavel 85397, or Delta, Author? What the hell is Zane doing in there? This is so confusing. Still she's determined to figure it out. Maybe that's the pin code to open the box? Hopefully it uses voice recognition.

She finds the box, and it's about a wardrobe sized thing. It is also protected against Phasing. Which is curious. Few things are really given that level of security, it's just not worth it. There really aren't enough people who phase.

But it does have a voice activation lock, along with a few other options for getting it open.

There are no more texts for the time being, not even to reassure her that he is not trolling. The lights do flicker, as if they are all having trouble.

Rin stares at the wardrobe and looks around the room, watching as the lights flicker around her. Either the generator here sucks, or that's Phil. "You better not be sending me into Naria. Even if they make me queen, they lack wifi." She says as she tries to phase through it and can't? This is new. So far nothing has kept her from going through it. Already she's curious. What is this stuff made of?

She really wants to study this material, but this is obviously leading some wherea nd she wants to know what sort of goose chase she's on. Still it looks like it has a voice controls, which is her only saving grace.

"Author, Zane, Delta, 511?" She says, reading from her screen. She's pretty sure the PC is his signature. But he has some question marks in there? "Author Zane Delta 511? Do I need to spell out Delta?" She tries several different combinations, determined to either get in or drive herself mad.

Phil stares at Rin. Where is she getting Author Zane from?

And then he floats over and looks at the phone.

"Son of a bitch…"

And then he's just there.

He flickers. In and out of existence.

But it's definitely Phil. Smiling his slightly exasperated smile. Bleeding perpetually. Not looking in great shape at all, with some indefinable quality that says all is not well. But there. Materialized.

Calmly, he says: "Authorization Delta 511, Phillip Coulson."

With his own voice.

And the doors swing open, revealing a sleek black suit that looks almost skin tight. It looks like it is meant to cover the entire head and face, too, and is just covered in sensors from head to toe, though they are well protected from damage. She could wear this under Tony's suit, for more protection at the expense of nimbleness, or she can wear it alone. It will let her type, at the very least. Maybe more.

"I don't think this is right." Rin says as she doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with the door. It's then that Phil materlizes, and she jumps back several places. "Holy shit!" Though seeing him, even deader than he was when she last saw him. He's still bleeding from the wound that she couldn't plug. Her hands went right through his body and it useless for her to even try. But she did, over and over until his body was taken away. "Phil you're…"

It's not that Rin looks much better. She's dressed in the same clothes she wore for the mission. Her uniform has seen better days, and is complete save for the sleeve that took the blast. Her arm is blacked where her implant is, but whatever has happened to it seems to be frozen in stasis.

"Even after the door opens she's looking at the ghost, carefully wrapping her arms around herself as if she's trying to keep herself contained and inside. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I couldn't stop him." She can tell that this is taking an effort, she's not sure what being a ghost is like, but seeing how he flickers in and out she guesses this is taking a lot of ghost points to do this.

It's then that she finally turns to the suit inside, and curiously reaches out to touch it.

"It's not your fault," Phil says, gently. "Tell the rest of the team, okay? If anyone's feeling guilty. It's nobody's fault. This is just the jo…"

Flicker. He's gone. He can't keep it up. Lights pop and go dark, but she can still see the suit.

When her hand passes through it she will find that it has a sort of…holding. Quality. It's not impossible to pull her hand out, but instead of slipping right through it's like pushing through something viscous. Like tar, maybe, or jello. Furthermore, it's reacting to her.

The sensors and other items sort of ripple to a strange blue light. This is high class alien tech right here. Apparently SHIELD knows of enough phasers, works with enough, to have designed a contingency in case someone gets stuck.

"This is just the job." Rin finishes for him. He's said it a thousand times, but it doesn't make it any easier to ear. Once he's gone and the lights go out, she nods her head. This was important enough to Phil that he made the effort to be visiable and present and lead her to this wardrobe. It eases some of the bitterness and anger she's been stuck with lately. It helps that the suit responds to her, that this isn't another dead that she's run headfirst into.

Is it going to be weird? Yes, but Rin is embracing the weird right now, she just had a full conversation with a ghost. So when the suit sticks to her, she steps right into the wardrobe and attempts just walk herself into the suit. "Time to step into Narnia." She says dryly.

It conforms to her.

And responds to her.

She'll find it gloving over her fingers, and it has weight. It's solid. But flexible. If she wriggles her fingers, they wriggle. If she steps out of the wardrobe? She can step. It's like moving in her own body. The vision bit is weird as hell. It's all a sort of weird read-out with nightvision. But she can see. And hear, just as she could already hear. Taste and smell are still unavailable, and the thing has no mouth, but if she speaks she'll find her words broadcasting out of the face area in her own voice anyway.

It's not going to facilitate date night or anything, but she can work a keyboard. Fire a gun. What she can't do is walk directly through walls anymore, not while in it, but that's the compromise apparently. She can always just step out of it if she needs to. And none of the security doors are meant to keep anyone in, just out, so she should be able to walk right out of here.

Rin wasn't sure what to expect, but once she gets intisde of the suit it wasn't anything that she expected at all. This is definatly some alien tech, and much as she'd like to study it. She 'feels' her foot hitting the floor. She actually spends a few minutes touching things, realizing she's almost forgot what it feels like to interact with things. Sure, she can't walk through walls right now, but she could punch things. PEOPLE. She can punch people. "Exellent." Though she startles at the sound of her voice leaving the face… area of the suit. It's going to take some adjustment, and she's going to look weird walking back to the trisket, but.. this is progress.

She starts walking toward the door when she pauses looking back at the spot she saw Phil standing only moments ago.

"Thanks Phil." There could be more she could say, but really that's all that really needs to be said.

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