Do I Belong

April 22, 2015:

Fenris wonders if he has a role in the JL:A and speaks to Oracle… Wonder Woman, Booster and Shayera all weigh in.

JL:A and Gotham


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Midmorning, after a particularly busy couple of days, Oracle is finally catching up on some sleep and doesn't look quite so tired as she did. Sitting at the dinner table in her apartment, the redhead is reading her data tablet, checking feeds and what's happening in her network. A cup of tea sits by her arm and every so often, she sips from it.

Fenris is enchanting. Which is an activity, not a comment on his personality. Recent events have cemented the need for a couple more Ley Guardians and while the God-Wolf is getting a bit busy, he has a feeling that some of his current allies may have some ideas on who might be suitable. As he's working over his 'forge' the taps his Oracle communicator to call Oracle. The two have some things to discuss about recent events.

The communicator buzzes and Babs taps it, "Oracle here. How can I hel…" Fenris' name pops up on the screen of her tablet "Hello Fenris, how can I help you?"

"Hello Oracle." Fenris is presently delicately carving out links of chain that will be used in a ley pendulum. Which is rather the opposite of the way usually done but he doesn't need many of them, so it works out. "How are you this fine evening?"

"Well, I don't know where you are Fenris…" Oracle laughs a little. That's not quite true, if she wanted, she could trace his communicator "But my morning is passable and I have my tea, so is right in the world for the next few minutes." Well, it is, until she turns her attention back to the Presidents assassination and just her normal day to day tasks.

"I'm at JL:A. Have I brought you by there?" Fenris isn't sure. Hrm. Ah well. "I was hoping to talk to you about the recent trouble in France and the JLA's role in it." The God-Wolf has a feeling that his opinion on the matter is rather different from many in the League.

Oracle shakes her head as she takes another sip of her tea and places her tablet on the table. "No, you haven't. And no teasing please about coaxing me out of my tower." The mention of France has the redhead sighing "Yes, Fenris, of course you can." Wonder Woman's busy, Oracle is sure, and the others haven't been in contact yet. "What's on your mind?"

"I'm curious what you think about it." The God-Wolf rumbles, forgoing the usual princess in a tower jokes. "My perspective on such things is… generally less human due to both my nature and my age." It can be valuable to have that kind of perspective but it means he also struggles to understand humanity at times.

Oracle pauses. Her view may be jaded… HYDRA and it's associated actions have, in the redheads mind, declared war on America at least. Taking her time to sip her tea, Oracle gathers her thoughts before speaking. "I think a lot about it Fenris. In general, the whole thing is not good. It's bad for America and will throw the country into a great degree of unrest." she sighs "Killing the President of a country. I would consider it an act of war."

She has been monitoring JL:A comms "It's how we respond to that, that makes the difference. What's your concern, Fenris?"

Fenris, or rather Jeremiah, is in one of the side offices off the Halls of Justice standing over his 'forge', which is a large hexagonal slab of stone inlaid with runes and glowing in several colors. He's working with a thin length of a bright silvery metal and appears to be carving chain links of some manner. Off to one side on the slab is a chunk of crystal and yet more carving tools. On the other side of the 'forge' is his Oracle comm which is currently on and open as he chats with Gotham's information goddess.

"Yes. There are very few members of the League that are… warriors. The people on the outside, they will protest and cry out. But that is normal. It is always the way of sheep to question the wolves that guard them. It's been that way for thousands of years. It's more the reaction of the League to its own that concerns me. The whispers I hear… mmm, it makes me wonder about my own place here."

Oracle considers Fenris' words "You're concerned that there is recrimination about the killing of the HYDRA agents? And you're wondering if you're views are antiquated, out dated?" The redhead lets out a long slow breath, her digitially disguised voice will be heard on Fenris' end "Perhaps Fenris, the world has changed a lot in those thousands of years. Perhaps though, we need reminding that hard decision and hard actions must be taken." A sip of her tea and a wry smile touches her lips "You know I work with the Bats and they use non-lethal force. There are days…. when I see those same criminals back out on the street killing and maiming innocents … that I wish we didn't."

Wonder Woman does not have to respond, though she can hear well enough, the comm to the JL:A, or a least her own channel on radio silence and for a reason. The woman needed peace of mind, not a piece of anyone else's because it would only make it that much harder to sort the thoughts of her own. But, she is a princess of an island in unrest current, now an ambassador to a country shedding old sin for new and in great unrest over the suddenness. Then there is the JL:A to lead, a group she has been a member of for years, and her mother before her. She had help, but some weight you feel you owned, you cannot shed, or refuse to.

"And what whispers would that be?" Wonder Woman may not be hearing the two way conversation unless it was open, but she had opened the door to the office Fenris was within just in time. "Let me make fallacies truths or lay them to rest." Her voice an unwavering tenor, one that does not even give way to a tiredness or emotion.

When Booster Gold is wearing his powersuit, his normal human senses are significantly augmented. Usually he just tunes things out as background noise and tries to avoid triggering x-ray vision because seeing people's insides is frankly off-putting. He never uses this power to eavesdrop, but sometimes things get overheard. Especially when things are quiet in the rest of the building.

Snippets of conversation about the incident in France, the killing of HYDRA agents and so on grab Booster's attention and he floats down the hall towards the source. Floating is much quieter than walking, but it occurs to him that this really makes it seem as if he were purposely trying to spy on others, and that is not his intention. He lands and walks towards where Wonder Woman is at the doorway, ensuring his footfalls can be heard.

The tall, lean man that Fenris often appears to be looks up at Diana's entry and smiles. "Good evening, Princess." Unlike with others there's no mockery in the title. Just respect. The Old Wolf seems about to reply when he hears - and scents - another visitor. "And hello to you too Booster." The greeting is polite. Also, it lets Oracle know who has joined their conversation.

"I was just speaking with Oracle, curious about her take on recent events. Understanding how mortals view such things is often a bit difficult for me."

"To answer both questions, Princess, Oracle, I hear whispers of backlash for the death of an enemy on what must be considered a field of battle. There is a difference, Oracle, between what you do in Gotham and what happened in France. I may question the effectiveness of the way your allies handle criminals, but we both agree that this is what they are. France…" Fenris shrugs. "An attack on that scale cannot be other than an act of war. Talk of trials and the capture of enemies live concerns me, for it speaks to a… difference of conception about the nature of the threat we face, and our role in combating it."

"Princess Diana, Booster" Oracle greets the two, even as she nods at Fenris' comments "That is true, Fenris. The parrallels between Gotham and France… there really are none. As to your concerns, from my perspective, I think we need a balance. If an enemy can be taken alive, perhaps we should." A wry look crosses her face "However, should we be shedding tears and casting recriminations at those, who in the heat of battle, took enemy lives? for example, Supergirls act in taking out the airship… she saved lives, in the most expedient way possible."

Oracle sighs again "I'm not certain of the disposition of the crew on the airship. HYDRA have a habit of making zombies… where they even alive?" Oracle shrugs and lets the question lie.

Booster's approach gets a shift of that cerulean gaze, a small smile up-tilting one corner of Diana's lips, and once acknowledged she steps within the office, fngertips skating over the face of the door to push it wider and silently give the sign that Booster was as well more then welcome. In fact it seems the open door policy is in effect.

"Hello Old Lycaon." Fenris, but to her people it was another word bearing the same meaning. "Oracle." Greeting them both now she stands behind a seat instead of taking it, her hands coming to rest on the back of it, tugging the rolling conference chair into its recline without seated weight. "The Justice League formed many years ago under the promise of trust from our people. This is not just locally, this is globally. Our people are not just who believes in the fallen President." Saying the title her head lowers slightly, reverently. "Our people are also the families of the many who died on the airship, perhaps even innocents on that ship. We do not know, there was no way to. If you take into account HYDRA and its /many heads/ yo never do know if who pulled the trigger is even of them truly and not just a scapegoat."

Stopping when Oracle inquires about the zombies, Diana shakes her head while speaking. "When I picked up those in my lasso - there was nothing. No coming back." And that night she was painted in the spray of their blood as well.

Per usual, Shayera has no idea what's going on nor what the conversation was about. But she does manage to enter into the room, slipping past Booster as best as she could to stand at the center, eyes placed upon the back of Diana's head, an angry scowl crossing her features yet soon turn to utter confusion. If she were ignorant to the ways of the world, she would want to know where the voice of this invisible or possibly tiny person came from.

The cellular device was clutched within her fingers as she takes a step forward, placing it in front of Diana so that she could catch a full view of the broken phone, her hip cocked with impatience.

"This primitive device has shattered in my grasp. I implore you to find Sirena so that I shall acquire one anew."

Then, there was talk of zombies. Things that she's missed while brooding away in her bunk. A slow nod is afforded towards Booster and Fenris together, which is when she decides to keep her mouth shut.

"Princess," Booster nods to Diana. "Fenris, hello, Oracle… sorry, I heard your discussion so I walked over. I didn't mean to intrude." He steps aside to let Shayera walk in, and enters the room properly himself, nodding to the hawk woman. "I know that Kara is really troubled about what happened with the HYDRA ship. It's been gnawing at her. I don't want to speak for her, though… I know she wants to discuss things with the JL:A and her place in it."

Clearing his throat a bit, Booster then says, "I've had Skeets gathering and analyzing data about this situation, just to get an idea of global public thought. But uh, I also have my own footage of the event. I haven't released that information but I wanted to bring that up now… I tend to record a lot of data when I'm in combat."

Fenris smiles a bit at the commentary and sets the now complete Moonsilver chain aside. With a practiced hand he selects a new tool and takes up the crystal. The 'forge' begins to glow and spark as he carves it into a six sided, pointed shape and then begins to inscribe runes upon it. "I do not mean necessarily to discuss Kara herself. What she has done has been done and it is not for me to speak for or deal with her unless asked. More worrisome to me is the… mmm, how to put it? The thought process behind the controversy. Does that make sense. Unlike most here, I am not a hero. I am a monster. A polite monster, true, that is often on the side of those meaning to protect this world, but a monster all the same." He muses on that for a moment. "I believe the Oracel might be able to arrange a more suitable, and durable, example for you… Shayera, is it not?" He's only met Hawkgirl the once.

"What is this promise, Princess? What is the this pledge you feel beholden to all the world to keep?"

"I used Kara's action to underscore the concern, only." Oracle sips her tea as she listens "I believe that Fenris is concerned that his view is one of the ancients, where laws do not apply on the field of battle." She likes the Old Wolf and his perspective on things "Let's work on the premise that the recent happenings in France were a declaration of war. A war of HYDRAs making against humanity. Is it reasonable and practical to apply laws under such situations… is problematic. Filter that through the perspective of one such as Fenris… I think I have that correct, Fenris?"

"I would like your footage, Booster. It may provide valuable insight into ways of combatting them at the very least." Oracle frowns as Fenris mentions Shayera "I can likely do that, Fenris, Shayera, if I knew what the primitive device was …. I don't have video on today."

The phone placed before her upon Shayera's entry gains no look of surpise from the Amazon, the device left to lay before her own comm goes tto the channel where the Amazons at the Themyscira House were tapped in. "Sirena…Yes another. No shop Amazon this time…No not joking. Blackberry. Yes, older device for her until she stops handling it like a son of Odin at a night in the lodge festivities." Pausing as Fenris extends another offer on Oracle's behalf she speaks again. "For backup." Too many smart phones in a short period of time! Blackberries are the effigy of everlasting digi-devices. You could kick them across a dancefloor of stomp they yard honkey tonk and they survive.

When Booster speaks up about the data gathered Diana releases the chair and pulls it aside in case he needss the table and space in front of her. "It does not matter who comes to strict question. It reflects on us all and the key beliefs, foundings, and premises of the League. We are in accord with every nation and every law when we cross over those waters and lines. They are to come to justice in their ways and on their terms, we deliver them and defeat them on those agreements. We are not judge, jury and executioner, we leave that to those in charge. The law is not to be taken into our own hands. We do what we must and we can for those unable to act to defend themselves, but we do not kill."

Oracle speaks and Diana listens, looking at the transmitter that carries her voice as if, even then, to give her the proper acknowledgment. "I know where he comes from in that. I was raised in the old ways and have had to adapt. This is what the patriarch's asked of me, of the League. They be allowed to handle their affairs and keep control within their own parameters. They do not like having control stripped from them by people they already know are…different."

Saying that final word she looks down at her hands, palm up, fingers curling into them. "If it is war, and the /world/ declares it so, consider it a different matter, but even then, if we can handle it without death, bing what we are we shoul show ther eis a higher road. A better road and even -we- can take it. We're supposed to be hope. Not fear. I know a war cry in my homeland is a thing of fear. It has no place here right now, nor did it then."

"What did Kara do?" The question was innocent enough, yet given the talk, it soon hits Shayera hard and fast. While she had other methodoligies when it came to war, that being bloody and how no one wins.. in that, to kill is almost necessary. The enemy will not afford you the same compromise.

Fenris gets a look, brows furrowing in concentration. Who was.. Oh! He turned into a big wolf. Ridable. Sturdy. Stout. She draws herself away from the chair to clasp a hand upon his shoulder in greeting, "Very well, War Mount. I shall leave this matter into your.." She gestures towards the comms as well. "Capable hands." There was a pause in thought, lips quirking in slight irritation. "And I do not wish to have a Stark-phone. If I knew the man of Iron I would swiftly jam my Nth' boot up his derriere just for the mere price of Terran currency that went into such a flimsy model of communicating."

And she was done. "I trust. Oracle. That you shall come through with my request."

Order from Amazon? Blackberry?

"Are you purchasing me fruit from your stores?" She stares at Diana now, expression blank.

Though, once the speech and talk of what they all stood for begins, Shayera politely sees her way out of the conversation, moving towards Booster to open her mouth.. then snaps it shut to save whatever was on present thought for later. She then reaches out to lightly pat his shoulder as she passes him again, taking up the seat with a lone laptop which was soon opened.. sat in front of.. and toyed with.

"If we have to band together to sing songs of love and peace and kiss little meatslugs to blast how just we are over this Self-Tube, I am taking my ship and going home." This was muttered, it was unclear if anyone heard her words.

Booster turns his head, to tell Shayera, "During the attack on the President in France, HYDRA had a huge airship… Kara blew it up completely and killed everyone on board." This is delivered without any tone of judgment; it is a thing that happened, and something that should be stated clearly. "Oracle, I'll send the data to you now." He lightly touches the communication console with his fingertips. Apparently this is enough contact to allow for a fast transfer through their connection, delivering a lot of data—visual, sub and supra visual, analysis, audio. It has particularly good footage of the destruction of the HYDRA ship, because Booster had been focused on it when Kara hit it.

"Receiving" Oracle watches the data transfer start and stores it away for later analysis. "Princess Diana, the Blackberry is a good device, may I suggest you order an Otterbox with it as well. That should withstand…. a lot of force. I couldn't think of a better solution myself." Shayera's commentary gets a wry grin from the redhead "It wouldn't be Stark tech, Shayera."

Diana's acknowledgement has Oracle nodding "A good point, Princess. In war, on the whole, using other methods are advisable where possible, but sometimes that's just not possible." another wry look crosses her face "I think Fenris was seeking a sounding board… " she wonders too what he's currently thinking, the Wolf-God must be thinking deeply right now, he's suddenly gone very quiet.

"Even Sirena was unaware and thought it a jest." But there is no jest in Diana's looks nor her voice, there is a very trained placidity there, if it wasnot for the Truth that always shines through it would almost be a forced apathy where a fount of emotion waits to be let free.

"You're home is here now, Shayera." Diana speaks now with a sturdiness that seems to come from the adjustment in her stance, the straiht backed posture not even the corset and girdle give her, this is all her own that squares her shoulders and shows the training of lineage and years. The how and why.

"Tell me how you would go about making your amends to the dead?" Wonder Woman asks, now looking at each of them, even the relay device Oracle listens in on. "We all have our own ritual. From old to new. From one culture to another. Death is glorious, but death is loss. It depends on how it occurred, and others still mourn behind their closed doors, clutching to memories -they- had we may not have. They stood for something, wrong or right due to our own backgrounds and stances it is not our place to become their executioner. We deliver them to justice, we seek to fix the wrongs, avenge them if we must, but we do not seek the weight of souls the Fates cannot mete out because we have overloaded them. We do what we feel is right. I for onee do ot feel it is right to leave a mother or children in mourning if I do not have to. We should not have to make those decisions, but we do, that is why we are who we are and were chosen to play this role. The world believes in us to do the right thing when they cannot."

Pausing she looks at Shayera. "We don't have to kiss them, we don't have to sing. I for one am lacking much of a voice or desire to answer any more questions about our integrity and what I believe in. Because in the end I will do what I must and what is right. The cost comes down to pittance." And then Wonder Woman's exhale comes out shaken.

The information from Booster had her turning her head slightly to stare down the man in gold as he relays the information of what Kara has done. She watches his body language, studies his feature, her right brow lowering downward as the other lifts to give an effective peoples eyebrow, courtesy of The Rock. "Hm. So she killed hundreds of people." This too, was without judgement. It was said matter-of-factly, and soon a shrug of her shoulders is given. Tis the price of war, but damned if she says it aloud.

She returns to fiddling with the laptop, the screen soon drawing up to show a video of herself, her head drawing back in a slight sneer as her fingers lift to pull and tug at her hair. She even opens her mouth a touch, drawing her tongue out as far as she could go, tilting her head left and right to snap her mouth closed.

Her home is here now? Diana had a point, one that doesn't need to be touched upon. "Understandable." She offers up casually, her expression gone blank as she closes the laptop to focus, for now.

The question was met with slight thought, her eyes glazing over.. "With fire." Whether the answer was needed, it was given.

"Diana. Surely you must understand that the 'right thing' is trademarked and suggestive. HYDRA believes, just as we, that it could remake the world into a better place with their own efforts. As we do. The line is blurred, faulty. Some say that we are in the right with our actions and that even Kara is. Some will say, this is the job that they have signed up for and fulfilled it to their fullest extent. Some will say that their deaths were deserving of a warrior or perhaps deserving of those of a foe in battle."

"War, and all it entails is not a beautiful thing. And peace, for that matter."

She stills then, her hands drawing up to clasp her fist; her pinky finger extended as gold soon oozes from the tip of the nail. She uses this to pick her teeth.

"Then say nothing. Keep up the good fight. Prove with actions and not with words." She sucks her teeth loudly, her gaze drawing down upon Booster. "Or something like that. Now summon Hans. A feast worthy of Warriors are in order. Oracle. Make your way to our station post haste. You shall not suffer with an empty belly." Her hand smacks the table.. and with that mighty gesture?

She turns to the laptop to open and continue making videos of her teeth and mouth.

"I don't think Kara intended to kill everyone on that ship," opines Booster. "Again, I don't want to speak for her, but … we've been discussing this incident extensively." He waves his hand, then. "The thing is… despite what happened to the President, and what happened to everyone on that ship… there were a lot of innocent civilians on the ground. Thousands. They were in peril, and we saved all those lives. I refuse to be sorry for doing that, even though I regret that we couldn't save the President."
Booster shakes his head, lifts his hands and drops them again. "Kate and I were talking, too. We think it'd help us all as a team if we did more training… not just for combat, but for tactics." He trails off, and then quietly adds, mostly for Shayera's benefit, "I don't do well with phones, either. We figured out a way to make a relay to the implants I have, it's how we handled communication in my era. Nothing to drop or break."

"Law…" Fenris says the word with a snort and it may come as a surprise to Oracle in particular the derison that's in that one word. "Humanity cannot decide what Law is. The strictures change with each passing decade even in those places mortals deem stable, and by lunchtime in those deemed not. Even here, on things men deem settled there is considerable variance. 'Do not kill' the law of this land says 'Except under certain circumstances.' Yet I can teleport a scant hundred miles into the next state and the circumstances deemed acceptable have changed. Bring a man from the time when the first laws were instituted and he would scarecly recognize the precepts you base yours upon today. Send you back from this time to that and the reverse would be true. Nothing so inconstant can have any enduring value and mortals make their laws based on the expedience of those who have the power to affect change and little else. I have no faith in, nor regard for Law."

He sighs and shakes his head. "Justice. Now that's different. But Law and Justice are not twin to one another. You are fortunate to live in a time and place where they bear more than a passing resemblence to one another, but it is not that way in most of your world, nor indeed through most of your history. To conflate the one with the other is a mistake. Justice must be constant. Law cannot be on this world. And it is this very thing that concerns me. If Justice is to offer enemies mercy in the midst of a joined battle, then members of this League will die, and those they protect will suffer greatly. I cannot, and I will not, treat those who come against me arrayed for battle as less than what they are. And I fear to bring trouble upon you for that. So tell me, then, Princess, Warrior, Man from a Time Beyond, Avatar of Information given Form… does a monster such as I really belong here?"

"I think you do, Fenris" Oracle would be speaking quietly if not for the communicator and the digital disguise. "If only to remind us of that fact and to challenge us." She shakes her head "I've seen what you're capable off and I've seen you hold your hand until the last possible moment." A shrug, the tea cools by her hand "But it is not for me to say…"

Shayera's invite to the 'feast' is forgotten. Fenris' question, the heart of the of the call he had placed.

Booster is looked to then, a small nod afforded his way but the matter of what to be done from here forward, or Kara's meaning.. Diana remains with that posture and that stance, also hearing the others, though the order for Hans and a feast is overlooked, her appetite not quite there. Though if Hans brought it, there is no saying her days of fasting would end right there.

"There is a phrase I have heard. Hindsight. We have training facilities in the Watchtower, I have been there, and I use my own. Daily. Train as a team and a unit, work together, run simulations together. Yes, every team does this and ours has never been exempt. I do not think because of a loss that /now/ it should be acknowledged to be used. Does the Lakehouse not afford the needed desire and space for training as I recall being told my old space and old ways should shift to the care of buildings of new, and stone of great money."

Diana now lifts her hands, as if bound together at the vembraces. "What occured the night of the President's death is not a matter of what has been done or has not. We lost many and saved many more but that will not answer the questions of the people we promised to be /heroes/ to. It is not a matter of trainin and tactics, it is a matter of her own decision making on Kara's behalf, but we all are being looked upon for it as well as we have to accept that tactfully and as a team. We have to accept the blame because people will place it upon us for the loss of the President and others, no matter right or wrong in deed."

Looking at Fenris then she cannot answer his question of personal insight, soul searching, or truth. Diana's Truth though: "We are to be heroes, not gods of old. We have to be accepting and bending and we have to be un-judging of someones right to live or die. You are one of us Fenris, but whether you belong here or not is not up to me. That's your choice. You have yet to kill and it should be a last resort. You can decide now or we can breach that subject when it comes to it."

"Intention or not; it still happened." Shayera points out. "No one is asking anyone to be sorry." She closes the lid of the laptop again, promptly shutting the video off. The mention of training gets a stern clench of her jaw, her eyes slowly rolling into the back of her head, body turning to face them all with spread knees so that elbows could sit upon them. "Training. I've trained since I've been able to shuck Nth and carry a sword. I've trained daily, no matter the time nor cost. I do not need the training. The training is needed in them." She lifts a finger, "I've yet to cross the line unheeded and when I came close, I was spared the rod. However, to say that lack of training is foolhardy in what happens. We all make that choice that someone, something will die or be destroyed upon the battlefield. Tis up to us to make that choice to push forward or back down."

"Besides. Cruel as I may seem; I am not the one who slaughtered millions in a fit." A slight shrug of her shoulders was given then, she wasn't placed into this world to be regaled and liked; which is why she often stays hidden. "Kara can train to her hearts content, Kate can help as well as the hidden few of the JL:A. But she needs to grow up. To learn from this. Carry her.." She pauses. "..what is the word that the one eyed man used? 'Accountability', like a grown damn woman. There is no crying in JL:A about spilled milk and doing your damn job."

She turns this time, tempted to reach for the laptop, her ears attuned to Fenris now as she draws herself to a stand. But in hindsight? As the word was mentioned, she glances towards Booster to study him, his armor, his last words. She must visit this advanced form of technology! It nearly excites her! Though it doesn't show.

Diana captures her attention now, her brows raised quite faintly. Soon, it was going to be a debate, but first things first. She strides closer towards Fenris, her hand reaching out again to clap him upon the shoulder.

"You belong." And it was simple as that. Clear, cut and dry.


"Wonder Woman. Tell me this. Why is a man of war regaled a hero and afforded metals and congradulated once he returns home.. having killed hundreds.. possibly more of insurgents with the power of a rifle upon his finger tips, and those like us.. as us.. are met with absolute scrutiny?"

"It's… not a matter of practicing to gain skill, although I'm always happy to learn more," Booster speaks with some care now, as if he were trying to choose his words correctly; this is the problem with trying to express one's self in a non-native language. "It's about knowing what to expect from each other, I think. I was never trained to be a warrior, I was trained to be a football player," he admits. "But that's a game of tactics, and you play your best when the whole team really knows each other, knows what they can do."

Booster straightens up, entering more familiar territory, now. "Fenris, you belong because you make a place for yourself. That's what we all do. Different approaches to a situation, different points of view, that's important. Otherwise you get that…" he gestures with his hands, holding them to either side of his head. "You know, that group think going on. You can't innovate in that kind of situation. Not everyone on this team is going to agree with how a situation gets handled, but I still have respect for how the rest of you approach things. So I hope you guys will hear me out on this, but we need to make a statement to the public before we get called in and questioned. Public relations are important, because it will color how people see us. We need to make sure they keep believing that we're here to protect them."

Fenris nods at each answer in turn. "I will remain, then, at least until such time as it becomes clear that the League does not benefit from my presence."

The Old Wolf muses for a moment, laying his tools aside and fitting the crystal to the chain. Then he attaches the other end to a small, flat medallion. The crystal sways and then hums, tugging toward the door. Fenris smiles. Another Ley Pendulum.

"To be at war is to judge in the space between heartbeats whether men live or die. To do otherwise is to invite ruin and those who cannot make such decisions do not belong in those kinds of conflicts." He looks over to Booster. "The public will not understand this. They cannot. And this is not new. No public has understood its warriors. Those with power, those unusual are always feared, Shayera, in every time and society. But this does not make what Booster says untrue, nor his suggestion unwise. There is something to be said for controlling the discussion. Or at least, not letitng others do so. I'll leave that task to those more suited to it, though." He's not himself in the public eye. For obvious reasons.

"There is another, related concern. My own investigations and experiences suggest that HYDRA intends to enact a great magical working in this area, soon. Allies of mine are already sniffing out where and why, but the scope of the threat is… existential. If successful, HYDRA will remake this world in fire and blood. If ever there was something that called for a League such as this…" Well, it'd be something like that.

Oracle listens as the others speak and reassure the Old Wolf. "I for one am pleased to hear you say that, Fenris." Then he mentions the HYDRA plans "This is very true. The information we've uncovered is chilling." The Data Goddess transmits a file with Booster to share with the others, outlining the use of the Power Grids and Leylines and how Gotham is the 'connecting conduit'

"When this comes to pass, the Tri Cities are likely to be in chaos. I'm prepping the teams in Gotham for the worst, but… unless we're all working together on this and prepared to make hard decision, quickly, HYDRA will get a strong foothold." The redhead sighs and looks extremely worried.

Hans must have had one of those little buzzers in his brain or that ring in his ear because the tray rolled up, a cart bearing food. Cooked meats, sliced cheeses, bread fruits and vegetables with according dips and kabob sticks for what had been steamed instead of left raw. Though he wants to come in with an announcement of the food he cooked for them, the atmosphere stops him mid-inhale and instead he lays the trays out on the table and leaves post haste.

Diana finally uses that chair and takes a seat. A slow motion that is careful while her hand rests on the table to ensure an even seating. Leaning back she does not yet even bother with the food, her vembracedarm resting on the table while fingers drum over th surface. "I have already been called to question, Booster. I have a feeling we all will be personally while the public handles the full affront."

When they all speak their desires for Fenris to remain and smils lightly, something hardly seen but it is there. "I wish for you to stay, but my opinion should not sway your own true feelings. I am glad for your choice Old Wolf."

"Those who have not fought our battles and will never fight a battle of any kind will not understand. But we try to get the, to, we promised them fair and just heroes, that is what we must be. Amazon's are female Spartans if you will. I have to set myself from who and what I am to uphold this standard. I have for years and will continue to until I cannot any more. But as I told Superman, it will be my choice as it is anyone elses. I will take my fall with grace and candor and on my own." A gesture to aside with Shayera's words in that regard. "But if any of you, any of this team have to fall it does not mean my hand will be absent if you need it to rise. My choice."

Though when Oracle and Fenris begin speaking about the HYDRA moves coming closer thistime, as well as their placement in Gotham. "What has Batman had to say of this threat to his city?"

"Of course it's not Booster. It's a matter of experience. You can be something if you just have powers. And you can be nothing as well. There is nothing earned there, for her place should have been in training to begin with instead of out upon the field putting toe to the ground." And she says nothing else after. "And if you are not trained for the art of war, you shall be along side of her."

There was a great pause as Hans draws himself into the room, a wide smile bearing upon her features as she waits until the plates were placed, her hand reaching out to pluck a kebab from it's place. But, before she stuffs her mouth?

"If I had any say in it. That is." She doesn't, so that's not on her. "If the team wanted to know me, they know where I am. At the Halls of Justice. Fixing my Valmorra." Her ship.

THEN she takes a bite, munching, her nose wrinkling at all of the mush-wishy washy that is going on, causing her to drop the kebab upon the table sans plate with a smack and dust of her hands. "If you baby the War Mount, he will not ride properly." The glance was given towards Fenris, who then moves onto the business of HYDRA.

There was a moment where she were to say something scathing about the group, but a smirk draws upon her features and cracks a sound laughter, her head tossing back as her hands begin to clap as if a show was put on. "This world is already made in the image of HYDRA. This is all we ever speak of."

Fourth wall? It went down.

"Batman possibly says the same thing I would say." And then she grunts. Because, that's all she knows of the Bat and the last words he's ever said around her were as such.

But she draws herself to a stand, giving a stretch, her wings unfurling to follow suit as she lets out a sigh. "I shall not and will not be questioned. I would only seek to incriminate us all further. The world does not need to hear the views of someone foreign and newly acquainted with your kind. Your backwards rules and ideals bother me greatly, something that I am not accustomed to."

She sniffs faintly. Her hand reaching up to shift hair behind her ear. "Terran culture." Another suck of her teeth. "Bizarre.." And then she stares off into the distance, lost in her own thoughts.

"Oh, I know how to fight, Shayera," Booster replies to the hawk, although his attitude is mild. "I had to learn. But it doesn't change the fact that my background is in athletics. I don't like to kill and I refuse to be ashamed of that. I'm from a society that went to that solution a little too freely and too often." He touches his hand to the star emblem he wears over his heart. "I just don't want the public to lose faith, losing faith in heroes is soul crushing. In some ways that can be worse than the death of the body."

The blond man's shoulders lift and drop in a little shrug. "I'm willing to go in and answer questions, Princess. I have nothing to hide from them, but I know how it can get if someone is pushing an agenda. I've dealt with this kind of thing before." Booster tries to focus on the other issue, then, saying, "I spoke with Zatanna about the Hellgate situation. I agreed to help her with that, I can shield her as she's doing her spells. Thank you for the data, Oracle, this will help… I had some ideas about dealing with their power source although I dunno if I can do much about it. But who knows." He brings his hand up, and a holo display flickers into life about a foot before his face, showing off the maps sent to him by Oracle.

Fenris steps back from his forge and waves a hand at it, tearing a Way open for it to send it back from where he got it. He is himself not worried about being questioned. Though the image of Congress trying to intimidate a godzilla sized wolf does briefly get a smile from him. That would probably not be prudent.

Funny though.

"I'll keep an eye on the situation." He takes a bite to eat. He'll have to get going himself soon. There's things to be looked into.

"You seem to have a good head for managing people, Booster. I suggest you work with Diana on the League's public response. I also suggest it not include me. I tend to unsettle people. Shayera, come by my house some time. If you need to spend energy sparring I'm quite happy to give you a match or five. Oracle, I'll be headed in your direction soon. There may be other things to discuss."

As he gathers up the food he passes Diana and pitches his voice low. "I could wish otherwise, Princess, but I fear this will fall most heavily upon you. To be Royal, it is said, is to walk barefoot upon a razor's edge." And then, with a wave, he's out the door and simply gone.

"Batman is aware, Princess Diana. He's left it with me and teams here to sort out." The Dark Knight has been busy of late on his own set of projects and some things have been devolved to the teams. "That's good Booster. There are others working on the power grids, right now, I'm watching Gotham. Just, be aware, that the JL:A may be needed in the other two cities, when this goes down."

As Fenris leaves, Oracle nods to herself "Isn't there always, Fenris? You know how to contact me." There's only a handful of people who know Oracles secret and even less know where to find her. Fenris is one.

"If that's all, Princess Diana? It's been a pleasure Booster, nice to meet you at last Shayera." Oracles' polite at least.

Diana watched, listened and learned from her mother. Even while training with her sisters in battle arenas her mother read her news, read her addresses, speeches, told her stories of the people she fought alon side. Captain America, Namor, Aquaman. All old faces of the JLA that is now the JL:A with a far greater reach. Despite her candidacy and knowledge though, Hippolyta still tried to keep her daughter from this, and in times like this she now comes to reasn as to why. To save her the grief, the loss, the delegation of right and wrong when even it seems so right in personal regards. Her daughter should have had time to be selfish, instead she plunged into havin to be selfless and a warrior all at once.

Laws must be followed always and wishes respected, and at one point Batman had asked her to keep the League out of his city. Or that was how it was taen. A fight that did not begin well but ended… In a damn date. She keeps the thughts to herself, Oracle the only one privvy to one part of it and when Fenris passes that slow stroke of fingers over the table ceases, making her eyes close only reopening when Oracle signs out as well.

"You are right Booster. The people put almost a… faith in us. We are idolized and watched in a manner that is questioned constantly. I just signed a little girls costume, mimiced of mine that she wore outside of the conference. Standing on the side with her mother of those who supported me - the other side those who shouted condemnation. After our team announcement I should not be surprised by the further hatred, but when I looked up… That crowd is getting larger. Their trust in what we had them believe of us is waning, and that breaks my heart as much as it does theirs. But that little girl… in her eyes you could see her innocence and her belief."

Shayera's demeanor is a breath of fresh air sometimes, if only for the fact that it makes her think of home. But other times… There are not enough chairs in the world to take that agression she causes out on. "Oh just eat your food. You're always so incorrigible when your hungry."

"Nnh. If you base your self-worth on how others view you to be, you are going to have a bad time." But, she enjoys the debate with Booster. He kept a leveled head along with her; however.. if there a twitch of aggression they possibly would have been two gold beings, fighting upon the dancefloor.

"Quite frankly." Shayera states, matter-o-factly. "You all are too sentimental, think with your hearts and not logistics." Wussies.

The offer from a battle from Fenris causes her to stand up straight; her hand clenching into a fist to give two war-ish smacks against her chest in honor. "I shall meet with you soon, War Mount. Our battles shall be glorious." If he could heal from a cut and was offering? She was going to go all out. That Amazon training. For srs.

Though, Diana's nostaliga causes her to wince out after Fenris had left, her hand reaching out to grip the back of the chair to hold, her head tilting .. deeply.. so much that it looks as if her neck would break from the weight of it all. And for once? Shayera had to admit the truth. "I do enjoy the look within the little meatslugs eyes as I lift them for flight." Yes. Shayera loves the kids, and the innocence and the way they adore. "Nnh." Bastards. Almost on cue with Diana's words, she snatches her kebab from the table to take a hearty bite, ripping it asunder with her teeth as she too, takes her turn to depart. Time to continue her work on Valmorra. The kebab was held into the air, a low rumble building within her throat as she exits out of the doorway.

"MEAT!" Is heard down the hallway. A signal to Hans to cook her a mighty feast. Who the hell told him it was a great idea for cheese and crackers? She must teach him a lesson for this travesty.


"It's not about self-worth, Shayera. Trust me," Booster gestures at himself, his expression frank. "I love myself. But Earth humans as a group will tend to react as they're told, if the telling is pervasive enough. I've seen what happens to a world when everything and everyone is controlled, and they agree to it because they've been taught that it's what they want, and it sucks." After a brief moment for thought he adds, "Sorry if that's inelegant. I'm actually still not familiar with, you know, cursing in this era. Trying to err on the side of polite." Before Oracle signs off, he adds, "I can siphon off energy, in case that can be useful. Like, a lot of energy."

Booster turns and watches Shayera go, his head tilted to one side. He looks to Wonder Woman and says, "I've had some really bad feelings about these hearings and what might come out of them. I think there are people who are eager to see the JL:A fall."

"It might well be Booster. I'll let the right people know and pass on your contact details." Oracle can play connector as well. "Thank you all for your time, now if you'll excuse me… " Gothams Information Goddess has work to do. "Oracle out."

"To be perfectly candid Booster, it does suck. You are right. I do not know all about you and where you are from, not from you at least, but where I am from there is no media, and lies are met with reprocussions. Here lies are rampant, moreso half-truths to tip the scales. The meeting is meant to tear us down, to make us feel and look bad for our failure." Pausing Diana pushes to a stand, looking at the projected map Booster had given and then back to him. "We saved many. You saved many. We lost one, and others out there lost brothers, sisters, husbands and fathers. We cannot forget that, and neither can they. We are still a light, we will not let them carefully dissect us with these lies. We will keep going, and be there when we are needed." She gestures to that map given by Oracle.

"We will do what we must and let them know their cries are not unheard, and we will prove them wrong. Or am I wrong?" She pauses now, not so openly conflicted byut there is something there, pressing upon furrowed brow.

"I'm from about five hundred years into the future from now, and media saturation is even more thorough and powerful than it is now," Booster quietly replies, reaching up to idly touch the holo-projection in front of him. It turns, three dimensional and translucent. "It'll be easy for people to look at these events and pick out the pieces that suit them. They can ignore the people we saved, because those people are alive… from there it's an easy step to claim they were in very little danger in the first place. They'll focus on the deaths, and claim we made decisions that weren't ours to make."

Booster's hands spread in a shrug. "Some will do that just to get attention… ratings… some will do it because they really believe it, or maybe they just want to take us down." He gesture at himself. "I put a lot of energy into how I look in public. I know people think I'm vain and shallow… I'll agree that I'm vain. But it's because I'm controlling my story as much as I can. Yeah, we need to keep doing the right thing and helping everyone we can help, but it won't be enough." Rubbing his chin, he says, "Your hearing was televised, wasn't it? I hope they do that for me."

"I have been here long enough that I know as much, but I still do not understand it. I understand the questions from them, their desires. I understand that of those in the team as well. But they have never sat amongst gods to know what they ask of them and how impossible it can be even to them. Or so silly the gods to not deign it worthy enough for acknowledgement amongst others… I have sat amongst gods and we are far better at times, even if your sin is vanity." A small slip, Diana is trying, she even smiles to Booster as she watches the projection and continues. "You cannot ever give enough to those who think they are asking of the divine and unending. Even the divine have limits."

Finally stopping in her slow steps taken Diana gets a small plate and plucks up a piece of fruit, biting off of it. The small plate gets exchanged for a larger one and soon enough in a fast pace with that melon held between lips and in clenched teeth she has the plate mounded high. Fasting over.

"Ethen wehh.." Moving the melon from her lips she holds it while balancing the plate. "Even we have ahuman side despite being who or what we may be. Human is not just a species, it's a state of mind, or being. That display will be enough." Tipping the half eaten melon his way she shakes it lightly as if in thought and then steps to the doorway.

"The human side of me says I need to eat, fight it off, and sleep. Yell me Booster from the future, care to dine and spar and carry on this debate? Or must you be well rested to maintain youthful looks, fasted for the bodily appeal as the congress and media will want to see you at the finest that makes even Aphrodite look twice?" Mocking him? No, using his own words but in her interpretation.

Sometimes Diana needs social 'help.'

Booster grins, and lightly smooths one hand over the side of his head, as if he were preening. "I just turned twenty-one, Princess, I can withstand a meal and even getting knocked around and still give them a good impression." Vain or not, he has no illusions about his fighting skills versus Wonder Woman's. "I'd be honored, I may pay a lot of attention to my shell but I don't want to be hollow. I'm happy to learn anything you can teach me."

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