Harry's Dirtbag

May 06, 2018:

Rogue and Remy chat while out at Harry's Hideaway Bar.


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Fade In…

Rogue is standing in front of the jukebox with her gloved hands on the edges of it and she's just kinda leaning against it while the current Guns N Roses song plays. She's eyeballing the selection of music tracks… here on this late Sunday evening… and she's wondering what she should choose to play next. The southern belle smacks her lips a couple of times and then reaches forward and picks a Aerosmith song, cause hey… she likes them.

Remy steps out of the bathroom and sighs as the cast, knowing he stood in something that he absolutely doesn't want to think about. "She still pisses me off." The cajun reports with a sigh before he clomps over towards Rogue and smirks as he hears the song come on over the system. "May Ah 'ave dis dance?" Remy asks with a casual smile and his hand lifting up as if he was offering a ballroom waltz.

Rogue looks over to the man when he thuds his way over like Frankenstein and she smirks at him. "No." She says at him then. "Ya got a broken leg, dummy." She does take his hand in her gloved own then and walks him back toward the bar where she motions him toward his stool. "Just sit and relax. Can dance later when you're healed up and not leavin' scuff marks on the floor everywhere with your monster leg." She motions to Harry to get them another round of drinks and the bald man in his 60s saunters over to them. They were all regulars here, so Harry knows what they're both having and he gives Rogue her Sam Adams beer bottle, and Remy.. whatever it is Remy's drink.

"Make it a double Hair. Ah am off pain killahs an' Ah need somet'in' extra t'deal wit' 'er t'night." Remy says with a smirk as he sits down and waits for Harry to pour the Cuba Libre. With his ruby eyes he looks back to Rogue and sighs softly, "So Ah'm s'pposed t'sit 'ere an' watch ya dance wit' every guy in 'ere like some sorta floozy? Ah can' abide dat an ya knows it!" The thief says with a knowing, teasing wink after his words.

Rogue is about to take a drink from her bottle when she hears these words from Remy and she reaches over to shove his shoulder with one of her gloved hands. "Shutup." She tells him, laughing a little then. "I ain't danced with anyone as'a yet, but if ya keep going on like some kinda sad puppy, then hell… Maybe I'll start askin' around."

"I'll dance with you, Marie." Harry says in his thick and gruff voice. Rogue looks over to him and gives him a big grin. "Awww, Harry. You know I'd dance with you too, sugah." She tells the bald man with the hard-edged stare, giving him a big grin even though he's like way older than her!

Remy holds his hands up in surrender, "Aight, aight." Remy says before he looks to Harry and rolls his eyes. "C'mon, man, Ah'm right 'ere an' Ah'm still payin' fo' dem drinks." Gambit says, before he looks back to Rogue. "Ya 'urtful, ya know dat?" He winks again before grabbing his tumbler and taking a sip of his booze and tapping his cast against the wall of the bar. "An' Ah t'ink we set dhe wors' example fo'dhe kids back at dhe schoo'."

Harry just shakes his head at Remy and smirks at the man. He didn't like Remy all that much, he didn't trust him at all and he figured he was bound to do something bad to the X-ers. BUT, Harry minds his own stuff and doesn't speak out much unless it effects his bar. "Marie, when ya drop this dirt bag, just wander over here." He says and then just grins at Remy before he wanders off down the bar tossing the towl over his shoulder and gliding a hand down the edge.

Rogue laughs at what both of the men say before she puts her foot up on her stool and sets her bottle down after a drink. She puts her eyes over onto Gambit's. "I ain't a bad influence on none'a those kids. Speak for yourself… But still, they all love ya. The girls eyeball ya, the guys try'n act like ya. God help us all." She states with a grin.

"Dey bettah damn well not be actin' like meh." Remy says in all seriousness. He lifts his arm up to prop himself up against the bar top and situates himself in such a way so that he can do that and still take small sips from his cup. "Dat would be dhe wors' case scenario and ya know it." Remy smirks as he tries to cross his leg before another THUNK from his cast hitting the side of the bar.

"Stop hurting my bar, Peg Leg!" Harry yells from several stools down, apparently hearing the thud against the wood. Rogue just grins and slides herself up onto her own stool while turning to face Remy on it. "They don't know enough about you t'get inta the bad stuff that they definitely don't need t'be copycatin' off'a you. So don't fret on it, Swampy." She says back to him in as caring and kind of a way 'Swamy' can be delivered to someone as a nickname. "Sides, lotta the kids at the school need someone t'look up to. So its bound t'happen that some'a them pick you! Or me… but mainly Jean and Scott."

Remy rolls his black eyes and even faux gags. "Dose two are dhe wors' one's t'look up t'." Remy says before he shakes his head. "Mistah an' missus perfec'. Ah'm gonna t'row up in mah mout'." The cajun says with a shared grin towards Rogue. He itches at his leg below the knee and above the cast. "Ah can' wait t' get dis t'in' off'a me." He bitches some more.

Rogue just smirks at the Cajun. "Thats why people look up to them, stupid." She says back at him in a teasy/flirty sort of way. "Most people WANT t'be perfect and not, ya know… unperfect?" She's not sure if thats a word or not.

Her eyes watch him scratch at his leg and she has to narow her eyes at it and furrow her dark brows down a bit. "Thats gotta be awful." She says to him. "Glad… glad that I ain't ever had t'experience that." Not that she hasn't experienced pain. She's had her powers turned off before and been through some bad stuff, but never a broken bone at least!

"I hear that your cast makes ya stink after you take it off, so I don't wanna be anywhere near ya until after you shower one it does come off." She flashes him another grin and sips from her beer bottle once more.

"Ya kiddin' Ah expect ya t'be in dhe showah wit' me! Ah'm gonna need 'elp gettin' t'dem 'ard t'reach places." Remy says with a chuckle as he leans back against the bar and smiles around his glass before taking another sip.

Remy motions out towards the floor. "Ya missin' ya song mon ami."

Rogue shakes her head at the man's first words and laughs lightly. "Not a chance in hell. I mean, don't get me wrong. I could rip that cast off'a you like it was made outta klennex… and then just run off and let ya take care'a the nastiness. But a shower? Yeah right… thats gonna lead t'good places. Me, in a shower. Thats how folks end up in comas!" She gives him a right big ol' smirk. "Much as I wish I could a'course." And then she takes another sip of her beer, perhaps the alcohol was getting her to speak a bit more honestly.

"It's a problem we's gonna 'ave t'solve soonah o'latah. If'n we gonna be da couple t'show up Scott n' Jeanie." The cajun says with a smirk and a wink before he leans forward, his hand dropping to her leg and squeezing slightly. "We'd be much mo'e realistic goals fo' dhe studen's t'obtain an' reach fo'." Remy says before he looks away and lifts his drink all the way up to down it's liquid contents, the ice clinking against the glass before he sets it down on the bar, avoiding Rogue's eyes.

Rogue laughs softly at him. "Obtainable… yeah." She says back at him before she sets her drink back down on the coaster on the bar. "Scott and Jean ain't even together." She then says, looking back at Remy. "Jean's been off… doing what Jean's do. Scott's been left in the dirt. I've felt bad for him, as much work as he does for this team and the school. He's pretty busted up, inside, but ya know how he is… won't open up about it t'anybody." She flashes Remy a quick smile then. "So yeah, things may seem perfect on the outside. But they ain't."

"We bot' know dat, but dose kids don'." He says with a solemn look across his face briefly before he smirks again and motions over towards the dance floor one last time and yet he slides down off the barstool this time and takes a step towards the opening. "C'mon, give dis cajun anot'ah dance?"

Rogue releases a heavy sigh then and she does the same, dismounting the barchair and moving over to take his hand. "Okay, okay." She yields to him. "Come on then." At least she can hold him up rather easily by her hands on his waist, so its not hard for her to keep him from falling over… he's basically as heavy as a blade of grass to her. "You gotta pick the song this time though, since we missed my pick up."


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