Gathering of X

May 04, 2018:

X-Men gather in the woods to discuss the 'Brotherhood' attack and Trask.


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Cloudy, humid, wet. a massive change from the frigid towering piles of blizzard and snow no less than two months prior.
They are currently gathering at the very edge of the Xavier grounds just off at the point of entry where the 'Brotherhood' attacked them several weeks ago, right before Malice sprung loose of her Lorna skinsuit..

A wooded area just off the road that goes through Westchester. To an outside observer this looks like a casual gathering of the 'weirdos' and freaks from the mutie school.

Currently under a canopy of high trees the X-Men's tired looking leader is kneeling over remains of what appears to be a robotic torso plate, now, a portion of that giant mecha that was being used like a vehicle by their attackers. His dress a simple hooded sweater, jeans and tennis shoes. The robotic husk/chunk being used as a rally point.


Warren Worthington lands lightly on his feet, clad in what amounts to a costume for him at current - a bodysuit trimmed in red with a white strip down the center, bearing an angelic halo at the center of his chest. His long blonde hair tumbles to his shoulders and he looks every inch the angel - except the wings, of course, now changed, metallic and razor-edged, hanging over his shoulders like guillotines awaiting the aristocracy.

"Scott," he says easily enough, smoothing his hair back and waiting for others to arrive. He considers the massive robot piece with a wary consideration.


Bringing up the rear is Remy LeBeau, the X-men's plucky happy go lucky jokster — Wait — That's Bobby! No, Remy is the token cajun known for his sticky fingers and badboy charm that many members think is just a facade while others still have trouble trusting the former member of the Thieves Guild.

Today he trudges through the underbrush, every other foot fall crunching more sticks and leaves than the footfall before or after. Yes, Remy is still in his cast and it's starting to look pretty nasty on the bottom. He wears a pair of black work pants, Dickies or some sort, and he wears a peacoat with the sleeves bunched up around his elbows and he holds a fancy looking cane in his hand, helping to support him with the cast.

"The hell we couldn'a met in dhe perfec'ly good an' paved mansion fo'?!" The cajun speaks up and would like to know.


It’s spring turkey season in Westchester.

Nathan Summers; seemingly a man fused who has been fused with his pickup truck. He’s exactly the sort-of person the local sheriff would expect to be trudging through the woods picking off wild bird with an Armalite-15 style assault weapon affixed to his person via a three-point tactical sling. Dressed unseasonably warm he wears a tactical pants and a thick jacket with the a frog-skin camouflage pattern. The jacket is unzipped giving full view of a black T-Shirt and a plain Glock-22 handgun secure left hip.

He doesn’t approach from the direction of the mansion but rather another vector likely having teleported somewhere deeper into the woods where it was unlikely the flash of his digital transmission would be seen and then made his way here.

As he nears them he nods with a simple lift of his chin. No care has been made to hide his cybernetic visage except for a camo-ballcap over his head. When he gets close enough he moves to the hunk of armor Scott kneels before and adopts a similar posture. Steely fingers move over its surface, “Looks like I missed a fight,” Cable decides aloud and raps upon the plate with cybernetic knuckles to create a sort-of hollow ‘pang’ before shifting to stand as others move in.


Lorna floated, grumbling under her breath and her arms crossed as she trailed along behind or besides Remy. Her own cast wasn't half so destroyed or dirty looking as the cajun's. Of course, she floated everywhere. Her green eyes were ringed in shadows, her clothes a mess of borrowed and oversized T-shirt and Marcos' stolen boxers. Still, it was the first time she'd stepped outside almost all week with brief exceptions. She'd become so insular, and it was clear she wasn't doing well.

Still the robot parts drew her forward, she glided closer, bending to look over it with a wave of her hands to draw bits and pieces closer to her inspection without a word. Or at least the parts that were magnetic..


+MEET: Eclipse has arrived via +meet.


Nate has been scarce the last few days, after showing up ten minutes too late for the fight with the fake Brotherhood and Malicia/Polaris (Policia/Malorna?). At least today he got rid of the weird prescription sunglasses. His left eye is perfectly normal, maybe bluer than before, and his right one still rather bloodshot, but the pupil seems normal.

He wears his usual X-Men outfit. Blue and brown, tactical belt. An X here and there. Short-sleeved, he ditched the jacket due to the nicer weather. "So, what was really going on?" He asks, looking at Scott.


"Warren!" Scott says with a surprising bit of enthusiasm. Straightening up from his kneel to walk over and give the man's forearm a squeeze accompanied with a pat on the shoulder. "Not seen you in a while… "
That is a rather impressive level of warmth from Scott but also very brief, there and gone. Far too akin to a public display for comfort while in X-business mode.

"I thought I left you off that text, Remy. You just put crosshairs on me with you being out here like that." Half-joking in that, the other half full on serious. There are several vicious women in the X-crowd who are intent on making sure the Cajun has a full bill of health. Sending him on a waltz in to the forests and knolls around the mansion wasn't on his agenda. "Thats fine though…" He carries on. "Nathan. You did, yeah… I think we did more damage to eachother than they did though." A pause as he says that at Lorna's approach, "I heard and don't take that personal. I meant your passenger on that front."

"Rogue had the best intel when she touched the zombie thing, Corpus. This 'Brotherhood' attack was a set up to encourage more violence between us and them, rather weak on Trask's part as well. I don't think they expected our numbers or for us to be ready unless this was all a fluke."
He is just starting, theres others he messaged, Rogue, Storm, Eclipse, Iceman, Kitty, Piotr, Moonstar, Monet, Jean and on. He'll make due with whomever shows though. Times not a factor they have right now. Too many enemies circling.


Warren Worthington smiles to his old friend, "Yes, I'm going to try to…be a bit more available," he says. He had recently struggled a greal deal, his transformation from Angel into Archangel leaving him, for a time, mad and corrupt. While he's regained his soul now, it's clearly come at a cost.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless the enemy of my enemy is a delusional hatemonger with nothing resembling rational motivations," he sighs, crossing his arms over his chest. "So, what's the plan, Slim?"


Cable gives a low sound. His features twist in mild grievance as he considers what Scott has said without even knowing the backstory. The Askani’son says nothing in response though his confidence in his father’s ability to formulate a solid tactical response requiring that he provide no input until more has been revealed.

He looks then from person to person nothing who is present and who is unaccounted for. Eyes hold on Lorna and Marcos and then tighten upon the mutant princess. Still donning hand-me-downs after all these weeks at the mansion. Perhaps he’ll have pity enough to fabricate her some proper attire. Most likely he doesn’t fully understand her psychology yet.

In any event, he nods at Warren. What is the plan?


"So Ah'm out 'ere by mistake?" Remy says with a roll of his eyes towards Lorna as she'll sympathize with him. Right? RIGHT?

Remy sees the piece of machinery and sighs inwardly, looking from Nate, to Nathan, to Scott and says something to himself that no one else can hear, right? Speaking louder, "Ah'm already out 'ere and Ah'm not gonna make it a wasted trip, so, what can Ah do f'r ya fearless leadah?"


Eventually, Marcos arrives to this little get together because Marcos called to him! He'll stand closely by Lorna, an arm around her waist as he listens closely to everything that was said. He stays quiet though as the situation is laid out. Though it was good to see Remy up and about.

"Good to see you too, Remy." oh, he should slap him later for flirting with Lorna when she was all Malicia and all that. But, small things should be later. He looks to Scott, waiting to hear the game plan.


"Trask, uh?" Of all the people that hate them the Trask weren't high in Nate's list of suspects. Giant robots, okay? Fake Brotherhood? That sounded more like some scummy government agency doing. Or maybe Purifiers.

"I guess having that factory blown up last month has made them stupid," he adds. "Attacking the school like this. What were they trying to accomplish?" Even if they had killed a student or three and escaped, who would have believed Wanda and Pietro were behind it? Well, not Nate. Not Lorna. Scott? He got beaten by then.

Then he has an idea. "Hmm. Is this the first time this fake Brotherhood does anything or have they been around for a while?"


Lorna seemed to be contented with pulling apart the machinery, her gaze narrowed as she turned it this way and that way in her grip. She glanced up as Scott started to talk about where it all came from and she frowned, dropping it. "Nothing that I can pick up from what's left over.. other than they don't expect to find a magnokinetic using this. Or they shouldn't…"

She stood again, leaning against Marcos' grip around her waist as she glanced around the clearing. She was still floating off the ground, an inch, maybe two. But otherwise she returned to that silent posture she'd had before. Listless.


Scott's stare is heavy in regards to Warren as he speaks, the weight of it no doubt present on a level of familiarity thats not psychic just many years of being good friends. It's th chorus of plan questioning that hes looking at each of them, an upnod tossed Marcos way as he finds his way to where they're at.

"That is what we're figuring out right now. A course of action and who can be counted on in this, I'll admit, given everything going on some of you are harder to herd than cats, ornery, piss every where sort of cats." Now he does smile, its a tightlipped thing though.

"We've tangled with this sort of thing before. Years ago it was almost identical in make up, the teleporter was different, no big robot guy." Yeah, good technical term, 'robot guy'. "But its not unfamiliar."

"Well, several months ago we were given a lead to a location of interest, a town called Golconoda. Rogue, Lorna and i were investigating when it got derailed, there is likely given what the DEO has leaked about this incident a connection. Thats where we are headed first but… this is laced with Brotherhood threat. If something like this is being pulled against them as well, this could be a big spun out game. One we may not be prepared for."

"You all got my update about the Kryptonian running wit… " He pauses and pulls up his phone, a frown appears, "Nevermind. I lost that memo."

"They have a Superman on their side now… or a Superwoman I suppose. Threat of the twins, Frenzy, whoever else they're pulling in has escalated ten fold."


Warren Worthington meets Scott's gaze seadily, or, at least, as much as anyone can given the nature of Scott's eyes. "I forgot how complicated all this could get," he says. Much as he doesn't like being told what to do, he's never envied Scott the position of leadership. With the X-men, it was like playing chess but everyone thinks they're a queen.

"Let me guess: trap or no trap, we're sticking our heads in and seeing if something snaps?"


Remy sighs softly to himself. "Ah'll go in firs'… If'n ya gonna spring a'trap, migh' as well be wit' someone t'ats already outta dhe figh'." Remy says dejectedly and yet he's stepping up, with a clomp and a crunch. "Get ya telepat' inta mah head and send me in. Ah volunteer as tribute." He says with a wink towards Lorna and then steps closer to Scott and Warren again.


Marcos listens onward, though what -really- gets his surprise is whe nthe Kryptonian is mentioned. "….shit." he says then, "Well, can we call in big boy blue?" he references to Superman for that brief moment, He keeps Lorna close to him though, giving her looks that she would know what he meant.

Get your heads out of the gutter.

"Man…this is getting crazy…" he mutters under his breath. This is a little out of Marcos's element.


Lorna glanced back to Scott as he mentioned her siblings and Frenzy. She pursed her lips together, shifting her weight upon her feet for a long moment, as she looked away from Remy's flirtatious wink. "Trask is everyone's enemy… Brotherhood and X-men, right? Shouldn't.. we … I don't know warn them that Trask is doing this? They expect us to be enemies, right?" Her voice was low, and she bit her lower lip.

"Maybe they hope we'll kill each other off. Or break enough laws or kill someone accidentally that they can push through laws or something.." At the mention of the Kryptonian though she frowned.

"I don't know about .. I never met that before.. But I know Frenzy."


Nate fehs at the bad news. Kryptonians. He has a clearer idea than most what a Kryptonian can do, although those memories are now blurry and dream-like. Thank you, Phoenix. "S'ok, we can handle a Kryptonian as long as a couple teeps are in the team." He glances back, "or we can just send Rogue to kiss her," she adds, looking at the Southern lady with a smirk.

Pause. "We better assume it is always a trap, no surprises then, hmm? Where did you get the intel if we can know, boss?"


"Not necessary to go it alone, Remy." Scott says also confused by the tribute, clearly hes not seen Hunger Games, "We'll get a team together. An auxilliary for the prepration of a trap."

"If so we are not engaging if their 'heavy' is involved, not without a defenses in place."

There is a drawn out pause and his red shades level on Lorna, "We're not going to engage the Brotherhood or be in communicaton with them. If we find Trask's team we'll engage it and only them. If the Brotherhood enters, we pull out."

Nates dialogue about the Kryptonians gets a look at the young man, "I had to learn this from Superman himself, if you have any further details, do share them with the team."
"Rogue is already figured in to the equation." A sigh releases.

"Right now, we're doing recon on Golconda. Teams of two or more, no engagement wihout clearance, we find out if the leak is legit."

"Yes though, Marcos, direct line. He is our contigency plan now." Lorna gets another glance, one of those non-telepathic conveyance stares.


Warren Worthington nods in agreement with Scott, 'Even if we had an easy way to communicate with the Brotherhood, they aren't precisely attuned to listen. Rather their whole problem. If they were, we'd have a lot fewer problems," he says.

"I wonder if I can get a forensic accountant to look into Trask's funding. This kind of crap can't be cheap," he mutters, already trying to think about any suppliers that it might be worth investigating.


Lorna pursed her lips, her brows furrowed as she fell silent as Scott spoke of what was what. She leaned back against Marcos' figure beside her, and she grasped his hand, her fingers threading through with his. "I'll… I'm too recognizable to be of any use. Especially with what happened last time. Unless you want to capture Trask's attention.." Her voice was soft and brittle. Almost fragile in tone.

Another bad day it would seem. Warren's words gained her attention and she inhaled a breath, as if she would correct him.. before she thought better of it and swallowed her words.

Caught between anger and depressive strains of emotion, it would seem for the moment, the anger had been doused completely. "I'm going to go check on Aurora.." She whispered to Marcos, gave his hand a squeeze and pecked him on the cheek briefly. Her green eyes scanned the company once more before she drifted back toward the mansion.


Nate sighs. More reports to write. "I'll note what I remember. Kryptonian minds are almost identical from human. Pretty hard to spot. Only thing is they process sensory information much better, but see that requires some digging. No natural psychic defenses, though," there is a bit more. He will do some typing.

"Lorna, wait," he never got to talk with the green-head after the possession, so going to check with her now. More anti-telepathic training coming, yes! Or maybe they should go straight to Jean for this one.


Marcos listens as the debriefing keeps going then, and he takes a sigh. "Well, least we have a chance." he looks at SCott in the eyes before he looks at Lorna as she whispers in his ear, and he blushes as she kissed his cheek. "Okay. Love you." and he'll squeeze her hand and let her go to Aurora.

His eyes return back to the talk of Trask and he remains silent, clearly in thought.


"Give it a shot, just be prepared for the legal battles there." Scott doesn't have to say that twice or more to Warren, thats his arena. Not Summers.

It's the attempt for Scott to open doors again with Lorna, unsure if she read it right he lets it go, actions will show a lot in due time.
Nate's update has him cross-referencing his memory for things Superman enlightened him to. "More training all around." He states. Which is extra required hours by everyone.

"We always have a fighting chance, Marcos. We're X-Men."

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