Getting There

April 26, 2018:

Marcos and Lorna try to figure out what to do next.


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Fade In…

It was a brand new day at the Institute…kids were running about, as you do, doing homework, or simply laying about the school chatting with their friends or being about themselves. Eclipse was one of the mutants who was simply hungry and wished for something to eat.
Though he was also preparing Lorna's breakfast, because he loves her.
That in mind, Marcos wears his classic clothing, but clearly meant for comfortability, including sweatpants, a plad pajama-style shirt that's only partially open in the middle to reveal his physique here and there, but he was barefoot and his hair was kind of a mess. But that's okay, it's been an odd couple of days.
It had been a tough few days for everyone, or few weeks honestly. Yesterday, however had jostled Lorna out of remaining in the mansion and healing up. She'd dyed her hair black in the early hours of the morning and run out to Mutant Town to look at apartments down there. Then returned.. it was like an itch, to stay inside doing nothing particular all day seemed to only make her restless. Of course, by the time Marcos had seen her last night, she'd washed the dye out of her hair and once more it was back to green.
For now, she floated, cast on one leg and the incubator holding Aurora floating along side her. She'd been serious when she said Aurora wasn't going to be left alone for any reason. There was always an X-man or Marcos or her with the still developing child. And when there wasn't, Lorna floated her along on the magnetic currents, like a tug boat.
Aurora seemed calmer whenever one or both of her parents were around, doubly so when Lorna's powers were slightly active and encasing the structure. Same with Jhiao's warm purring or the recording that someone had made of Lorna's heart beat. And considering no one knew for sure what the baby's powers were.. keeping her calm was a very good idea.
Lorna sighed as she came over, spotting Marcos with a look of utter exhaustion. She wasn't sleeping well at all, nightmares plagued her when she did sleep, which was rare. She wore an oversized band T-shirt and sweat pants. Her feet bare as she floated along the tiles without putting weight on her broken leg. Powers were sometimes useful, it would seem.
It was a good thing that Marcos didn't see her dye her hair. He always did love it in it's natural color, but he knows Lorna does it to try to be incognito. Lady with Green Hair is a popular discussion topic if she were to be seen. Alas, Marcos turned his head to see his lovely fiance (since they never uttered the 'I do' at the wedding) He smiles to Lorna and their child.
Setting the newly made meal for two down on the table practically immediately, he moves over to Lorna to help her over across the tiles, and he set her down -gently- so she could sit and eat, taking Aurora's chamber in his arms to set it down softly in a safe place beside them. His eyes look up at Lorna, and he wraps his arms around her, kissing her on the lips lovingly.
When he pulls away? He already knows. "Why ahven't you been sleeping, Lorna? I know it's been hard baby…" he takes her hand in his, producing the borealis, as they do.
Lorna rolled her eyes and huffed as Marcos immediately dropped everything as soon as her saw her, tugging her over and Aurora to a table. She knew he was trying. Knew he cared and that he was doing his best. But it rankled. Lorna wanted to be strong and able to do whatever she needed to on her own. As always. It was difficult to let go and let someone else help.
Even if that person was Marcos.
Still, she settled without argument, her shoulder tucked up against his figure as he wrapped his arms around her. Green eyes settled on the chamber holding Aurora and tugged it close until it bumped her hip opposite of Marcos. "Do I really need to say, why?" She grumbled, reaching for a mug of coffee after giving his hand a brief squeeze. She loved him, and it wasn't out of coldness or anger like Malice.. Just out of a need for much wanted caffiene
Marcos saw how -annoyed- she looked that she couldn't do things on her own. She's always been fiercely independant and Marcos always let her…but he was always there to pick her up in the event that she fell. He keeps holding Lorna close to him, the two pretty mcuh cuddling where they sat and his eyes falling on their baby.
Eyes looking at Lorna, he nods a few moments, resting his head on her own as she reached for the coffee that he had prepared for her. It was her favorite of course. "I know…." he takes a small breath then. "sadly…I don't know what I can fix when it comes to nightmares…but I'm here if you need to vent, okay?" he loved Lorna desperately. She and Aurora were the most important things in his life, so much so that if either needed help, he'd drop everything on a moments notice and rush to their aid.
He looks to Aurora then, before he smiles softly. "She has your ears."
Lorna lightly nudged Marcos, rolling her eyes as she sipped at her drink and huffed a breath. "I'll let you know if I need to talk. Okay?" She murmured softly, and though her voice was groggy, it held a hint of amusement at his worry. "It's.. I'll be fine." She added after a long moment and a sigh pulled from her lips. She settled the mug down on the table before her, reaching to snag a bite of bacon off her plate. She fell silent for a beat. Two.
Then her gaze moved to the little chamber window that showed their daughter the world.
"Her ears aren't developed enough to know who's ears they belong to." She shot back, her voice dry.
Marcos is nudged and he laughs a little bit, looking her in the eyes as she sipped her coffee and set her mug down. "Alright.." he replies to her saying that if she wants to talk, she will. and he knows it….because she's very…ehhh…how you say, obvious, when she wants to talk.
Though his eyes fall upon Aurora and he chuckles a bit. "But see where it starts? Her ear is a bit attached at the lobe…or at least that's how it will start." he teases her softly as he takes a small breath.
Lorna shook her head slowly, breathed a sigh and continued to pick at her breakfast. She wasn't able to muster a smile, even at the sound of Marcos' laughter and she leaned heavily against his figure instead. Her hand on the chamber twitched, static crinkled at her finger tips as she moved her hand carefully. As her fiance's gaze settled on their child, she pursed her lips and shook her head. "I don't look at my ears that much." She drawled.
And then shifted in her seat, looking up at Marcos. "Do you think it's wise that we … stay here? I went out to Mutant Town yesterday.. looking at apartments."
Marcos looks at Lorna with a warm smile on his face, and as he notices that she's apparently not noticing of her ears at least, so what does he do? He actually leans forward and nibbles on her ear some. Not painfully, of course, but enough to tickle. "You have pretty ears." he compliments her, attempting to draw that smile out of her.
When he hears she went to Mutant town? He nods in agreement, seemingly, and he seems to think. "….honestly? I don't think we should…they know we're here, and they have powerful mutants….It might be safe if we go to Mutant Town, but keep the X-Men as a contact." he looks her in the eyes then. "We need to play it safe, now."
Marcos' actions earned a sound of surprise as he nipped at her ear and she jerked back to the side with a sharp, almost bark of a laugh that she broke off all too soon. "Stop that." She muttered, heat crossing her cheeks as she averted her gaze and tried to resume her grumbly demeanor with some meager success. She huffed a breath, swatting at him as she reached for her mug of coffee again.
The moment faded however and she nodded. "They know we're here. The rest of the world does not. As far as anyone else knows we're on Genosha with my father. He never released anything saying otherwise. He shut down Genosha fairly fast and I didn't see anything about what happened to us. It would make him appear weak if he did." She whispered, her gaze swinging to Aurora.
"I figure.. fake IDs, a bit of a disguising of our looks, and hiding Aurora might be better else where. Far from the X-mansion. Mutant Town is a good place to start and get lost. Muddy the waters. The Brotherhood is there still, so there would be more eyes on strangers. Not that that would help with the likes of Malice.. but still."
She pursed her lips. "We either have to go to ground Marcos… or … I don't see how we could keep Aurora alive, how to keep her safe.."
Marcos looks at her as she seems to actually laugh at his actions, and that's exactly what he was going for! and he looks her in the eyes with absolute love, he holds her close to him again, the two leaning against each other even still. Though his smile fades too as they speak of far more serious matters.
He looks her in the eyes then as she speaks, and he takes a breath then a moment, and he nods a few times to her. "agreed….agreed." he looks to Aurora, the arm around Lorna's waist moving to touch the chamber that Aurora finds herself in. a deep breath taken.
"…as soon as your leg is better, we pack up and we leave. It's enough time for us to buy an apartment and live quietly."
Lorna seemed content to simply lean against him, a sigh pulling from her chapped lips as she leaned back to meet his gaze. A hand reached up to press against the line of his jaw. "Do you think that we can manage? Against everything? Marcos… I don't know how we'll get by. What we can do to support a baby on our own. Never mind protect her from everyone out there that wants to kill her or use her. On Genosha it was different.. here.." Her hand fell away with her gaze.
"How can we be parents…?"
Marcos looks at her as she moves her hand agains the line of his jaw, his own hand coming up to caress her scalp to help calm her, looking on as he takes a breath, clearly in thought. "…I don't know. But what I do know, is that we can try. This one's ours…and not a soul will touch her without our consent." he smiles to her softly as he holds her close. "Of course we can…worse case scenario, we have a conversation with your father about Sinister."
Lorna sighed heavily, the tension slowly escaping from her shoulders as her figure sagged against him. Her forehead coming to rest against his own. "Not a soul except already.. Sinister, and Malice and who knows what else.." She muttered, rolling her eyes. Her hands pressed against her own cheeks as she leaned back from him. A sure sign that she was struggling to fight off panic.
"I'm not running back to Genosha to hide behind my father's cape. I'll send a message to warn them about Sinister, they deserve that much.. but.."
Marcos rests his forehead against her own, listening to her words as he takes a small breath, looking at her in the eyes as she patted her cheeks to avoid panicking. His hands moving to hold onto her own, squeezing them lovingly.
"Then we won't go to Genosha. We'll go and stay in Mutant Town." he'll lean forward so he can look her in the eyes. "Sound like a plan?"
Lorna stopped mid-panic as Marcos stole her hands and held them tightly in his own. She swallowed hard, her chest seized with a stolen breath. Her gaze fell and she pursed her lips together. "Genosha isn't safe.. Not with everything.. I just.. I don't know what to do Marcos." She admitted, and she tried to draw.
"I wish I knew what to do.."
Marcos nods then a moment, looking around before he once again rested his forehead on her own. "I know….hey…I don't know either. But that's life. We can do this. We can." he looks at her then with a fire of determination in his eyes that never has gone out since the day they first met. "I love you, Lorna. and I love our daughter. You two are my world."
He looks into her eyes so she can process that. "We will get through this okay?" and he leans in to kiss her.
Lorna's eyes squeezed shut as Marcos tugged her close and rested his forehead against her own. She only opened those green eyes of her's as he spoke up again and met her gaze. She knew he loved her, logically, knew that he loved their daughter. And that made everything so much more difficult, so much more painful to navigate amid the pain of her panic-attack that struggled to take hold of her.
"I don't—" And then he was kissing her and she returned it, slowly, achingly so. She pulled away with a shallow breath, her brows furrowed.
"I'm sorry.. for… for everything, Marcos."
He kissed her with everything he could offer. Love-related. It's not a dirty kiss…it's not a messy one, no it's a kiss that a lover would give to another. He holds her close during it, until they finally pull away from one another. As she apologizes to him? His hand caresses her smooth cheek, never moving away from her.
"There's nothing to be sorry about, Lorna." he smiles softly to her. "It wasn't you. and nothing is your fault."
Lorna returned the kiss, with a slow, careful movement. As if she were afraid she might hurt him. Still, she leaned away all too soon. Her gaze sweeping the room and back with a raised brow. But it was empty, kids still asleep and refusing to be up so early. Still, her hands reached up to smooth through his hair. "She wanted to kill you. She wanted to hurt you so badly Marcos.. When Nate went through my head…" A slow shake of her head followed.
"I feel like it was my fault." She whispered.
Marcos noticed how careful she was with kissing him…when she's definitely normally not. Either way, he nods a few times, holding her close as he looks at her. A soft sigh leaves his lips before he feels her perfect hands smoothing through his hair.
"I know…I knew it wasn't you. It took me a day, but I knew it wasn't you. It might feel like it's your fault…'re not to blame for that, Lorna."
Lorna settled her hands to frame his face, before she let them fall away. Her lips pursed together as she glanced down as he spoke of knowing it wasn't her soon after Malice had taken control. "She nearly got away with Aurora. And .. and that.." Her voice broke off, as she swallowed hard. "I couldn't even protect her from myself." Her expression hardened with anger briefly and she reached up to pinch the bridge of her nose. Her anger struggling against the depression and panic that made a toxic cocktail in her mind.
Marcos rests into her hands, closing his eyes as he takes that breath, and he nods at her words. "You're right…but you weren't yourself." he reaches for her hands then to hold then. "Hey…look at me baby." he'll try and get her eyes to lock onto his own.
"Don't get lost in your thoughts, okay? I'm still here, our Aurora is still here." he kisses her nose. "Come on…let's et some rest, huh?"
Lorna smiled weakly as Marcos he pulled her close again and captured her gaze to try to pull her from her thoughts. Even as he kissed her nose and offered to go back and trying sleeping again.. she laughed. And reached for her coffee mug. "You can try to convince me to rest, but I'm not going to actually sleep.." She murmured.

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