Hive of Scum and Villainy

May 05, 2018:

A trash bar. Heroes/villains spoiling for a fight, one Amazonian killjoy, and some haters with guns.

Paddy's Irish Pub

A wretched hive of scum and…well, you know the rest.


NPCs: Various thugs and bar patrons.



Mood Music: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

Fade In…

Paddy's Irish Pub is about as Irish as sushi and about as clean as a subway bathroom. The place is a dump. Among it's very few redeeming features are extremely cheap drinks and extremely loose rules of conduct. The place is known to attract a rougher sort of crowd and tonight is certainly no exception. The place is full of some pretty rugged looking dudes wearing mostly leather, tattoos and the meanest expressions imaginable. The atmosphere is not helped by the blaring TVs playing some extremist commentator giving their vociferous opinion about the latest turn in the registration debate. The crowd seems in agreement with every hateful remark about people who are different and every fear mongering bit about protecting those poor children.

Finally, one of the other bar patrons has had enough of the noise. A coaster goes flying with near impossible accuracy and switches off the TV. The roar of protest from the crowd has barely started when a pint of beer is shattered across the face of a burly biker nearest to Owen. He of course was also the source of the coaster and is in no mood to listen to any of this.

It takes maybe 3 seconds for the scene to completely devolve from there. Tables are flipped. Bottles are smashed over heads. A stool goes sailing through the much maligned front window that was replaced just two short weeks ago. It's chaos. And Owen could only feel more at home if there were a woman smoking, playing scratch off lottery tickets and ignoring him.


The place is such an irredeemable shit pit that Valkyrie feels like she's back on Sakaar. It's funny the things you can miss. She too is wearing leather, but there are no patches or ties, and she's pretty far from a burly middle-aged white dude. Still, there's a raw sort of glee on her face as she walks through the door just as a pint of shitty beer explodes in a shower of shards just by the door.

The next thing that happens is a handsy guy with bad BO and a ripped REO Speedwagon t-shirt goes Wilhelm screaming across the bar and lands flat on his back on a table with legs that promptly give out under him. There is a moment of stillness in her immediate vicinity as a few of the more savvy thugs connect the toss with the tiny woman standing near the door with a wild look in her eyes. "C'mon, boys. I haven't had a good tousle since I landed in this backwater." She cracks her neck, and taunts the nearest 6'4" burly mass of trouble.


For her part, Scandal is not in her usual business attire she prefers to wear when making her way around town. She is instead in a pair of black leather pants with a silver belt and buckle. Her top is a black belly shirt with a slightly dipping neckline and short sleeves. It fits tight and she was at the bar drinking when everything went crazy. She looks up from her spot and peers at the action. Her head shakes from side to side as she drinks and a slight grin up turns her left corner of her mouth at the sight. Then Valkyrie comes in.

She hears her and peers over her before a tongue deftly flicks over her lips at the sound of her. She isn't her usual type but that attitude is nice. Of course, Scandal has her own distractions a moment later when a chair slams into a man in front of her and then she looks down as a piece of the leg hits her arm and scratches it. She then looks up at the man who swung the chair who doesn't seem to care he caused her to bleed.

Right up until she grabs him by the shoulder and yanks him in to slam her knee right into his gut.


There is a log to say in favor of places with cheap booze. And Paddy's is actually not such a bad place compared with the places Grifter has gone to con people, get drunk or pick fights.

Today it was more the second than the first, but Cole has an eye on business and was actually about to convince the leader gang of neo-nazi bikers he could get them mutie-detector scanners for a few hundred because his uncle really works for Trask and he has connections, man. Think on the children.

Cole wasn't even really drunk yet, he was spinning a good story and quite sure at the very least the drinks were going to be free.

Then someone drops a table on the group, knocking out their fearless leader. "Those bastards, go get them!" Encourages Grifter, crouching to help the biker recover. And incidentally relieving him from his wallet.


Diana Prince is certainly in the bar while this fight is happening. No, she's outside on her way back to her vehicle which is parked across the street. Dressed casually though, and not in any flashy Amazonian Armor, she's about to get into the passenger seat of her car (her driver is already inside) when she hears the sounds of the fight through the amplified levels of her hearing ability…

Diana pauses beside her vehicle and sweeps her blue gaze over to the place. She hears the sounds of a scuffle and with a soft shake of her head she closes the passenger door after a small exchange of words and she starts to cross the street, tucking her hands into the pockets of her black leather jacket she's wearing.

Curiosity is leading her to check on this fight, to make sure it is not something TOO serious, just drunks? Right?


What might have started out with noble intentions like fighting against racism (okay, it didn't but it could have been misconstrued as that) for Owen has now devolved into just a good ol' fashion brawl. He doesn't really care who he's punching. He is not concerned with the ideology that drives his opponents. No, he's drunk and was looking for a fight.

Smashing bottles and punching people is working out quite well until Owen catches sight of a rather nasty looking knife coming out and a few glints of other weapons in the room. Technically Owen also has weapons on him, but that's basically cheating for him. Instead he picks up the nearest stool and uses it to snare the closest hand with a knife, twist it and be rewarded both with the clatter of a knife and a scream of pain from the brute. It's going rather well until another stool comes crashing over Owen's head. Staggered and maybe a little confused Owen throws his stool at the first person he sees, it just happens to be Valkyrie.


This is where Asgardian reflexes come into play. Valkyrie catches the stool Owen swung and holds it by the leg with one hand. It's held straight out like it's a string of balloons and not a reasonably sturdy piece of beer-soaked wood and fabric. "Hi. I'll not take that personally and imagine you were trying to give a concussion to someone else wearing leather." She swings the stool around and bounces it off a skinhead with a shiv. "…like him, for instance."

She drops the stool down, then uses it to climb on top of the bar. She grabs a bottle off the top shelf, uncaps it, takes a swig, looks at Owen for a moment, then grabs another and slides it down the bar towards him. "And if you give me a bloody lecture about paying for my drink, I'll hit you with that." She points at the bottle. Then from her vantage point, she examines the growing chaos. She makes a clucking sound. "See? I knew Midgard had some potential."


And frankly, Scandal could use a bit of release so this is nice. Plus, there's enough morons in here that deserve a beating. Even as she smashed one man in the gut with her knee, she had a friend of his taking offense at that and coming at her from behind. She turns as he arrives and she sends a fist right into his nose with a satisfying crunch. Then sharp burning pain slams through her shoulder.

A knife is buried in her left shoulder and she winces but then turns her gaze back toward him with a whip of her head. The man blinks at the look on her face.

A moment later the front window of the bar crashes outward as that same man goes sailing out it into the street. Then a knife goes flying after him and thunks with a solid thunk right into his left arm which causes the nearly unconscious man to scream out in pain…then pass out. The big baby.


And its that front window that is smashed out, like this is some gawdy Hollywood Western that just makes Diana pause for a moment on the bar's sidewalk. Right in front of the person is cast out of the window and rolls onto his side. She releases a heagy sigh and steps right on over him toward the window.

Up onto a bench, the Amazon steps, her heeled black boots crunching on glass shards, then up onto the window's sill she steps again. Now, Diana Prince stands in the broken-out window and stares into the bar and the fiasco that is unfolding within the place…

"What on Earth…" The woman's Greek accented voice speaks out in disbelief at the sight of it all.

Her hands come up, and she unzips the cuffs of her leather jacket's sleeves, then pulls them up and tucks them into the golden gauntlets around her wrists.

Diana steps into the bar and calls out. "Whatever this is, it ends here and now!" Would they listen to her? Maybe if she was in her full armor? Depends on how drunk they are, right?


Almost three hundred bucks in that wallet. Not bad for an idiotic neo-Nazi. He probably robbed a supermarket or something in his way to the bar. Sure made Cole's night, now to get out without getting a concussion.

The blond man does not really throw punches. But he trips, dodges and judo-throws a few of the most enthusiastic thugs that come to smash his face. All in the way out where he…

Stumbles into a shouting Diana.

Full. Stop.

"My goddess. Where have you been all my life?" He blurts out.


Valkyrie leans on the bar and watches the show for a moment. One of these things is not like the other. She rolls her eyes a little at Diana's appearance, if only because she can see a killjoy a mile off. She stands there, sipping high proof cheap whiskey straight from the bottle. Some lowlife tries to take the bottle from her but finds he can't break her grip. She gives him a warning look, but he tries again and mumbles the word 'bitch' under his breath. "Now, you see, that was just…" she reaches up and grabs the back of his hair and bounces his head off the bar. "…rude."


Blood leaking from her shoulder slowly, Scandal looks over at the window as Diana speaks up and then frowns. She looks her over a moment and shrugs her good shoulder. She then turns her gaze over to another man who seems to be coming to and kicks his face. She then watches as some more people fight and she chuckles, "Ends here and now, eh?" She then looks up at Valkyrie before looking back at Diana, "Doesn't look like it is ending." She then grabs a pair that are fighting and simply slams their heads together. Why? Cause she can.


Diana looks right down at the man who stumbles up to her and refers to her as his Goddess. She stares right down at his face for a brief moment but her attention rises back up toward the others in the bar and when she sees them not taking heed of her words she just releases a light sigh.

When her right hand disappears behind her back, it comes forth again now clutching the glittering material of a golden rope. Diana steps down off of the window sill and into the chaotically destroyed bar.

There are men fighting in front of her and her hands go between their bodies to pull them apart with little to no effort. "The fighting stops. Here. Before someone is killed!" She shouts again, the two men can't power past her grip but a third one does now charge right at her intending to shove her between the two she holds apart!

To which the Amazon's boot rises up and she kicks him square in his chest, but its more of a counter-shove to knock him onto his backside and send him across the bar floor like a meaty-bag-torpedo!


You might think that someone with Owen's speed would catch that he's swinging this stool at someone he recognizes, but no. The combination of beer and adrenaline and general attitude of not caring means he didn't realize who he was swinging it at.

"My bad space lady!" Is yelled back across the din to Valkyrie before Owen actually starts getting smart about it surveys the landscape as it were. He starts to formulate something of a plan of attack, but then there's booze. "Sweet!" He grabs the bottle and hoists it up, "Pretty sure it's on the house right now!!" No, there will be no lectures from Owen about paying for booze. His loyalty to bartenders only goes so far.

The appearance of Diana, gets only a mildly confused look on his face. Not that he's surprised someone is trying to stop the violence, no, that's pretty normal. "I don't think I've ever seen three tappable chicks in this bar before at the same time. It's like a frat boy's blue moon… or balls, up in this place."


Valkyrie leans on the bar and taps the toe of her foot against the ground. She sighs heavily and takes another swig. She's downing more hard liquor than should be humanly possible - which is a clue in and of itself. She looks at Scandal for a moment, then over at Diana. "The slayer of all joy and chaos has arrived. With a shiny piece of string to subdue us." She tilts her head when Owen speaks, brows arching. "I didn't understand half of that. I feel if I did, I would have to hit you below the belt."


A sigh escapes Scandal as she watches Diana and then she throws up her hands. If the shoudler wound is bothering her, it is hard to tell though the blood has stopped flowing. She looks over at Valkyrie a moment and then at Owen before frowning, "Barking up the wrong tree." She states to him before looking back to Diana, "You really belong here, princess?" She hmms as she looks at Diana. She then tilts her head, "This really doesn't seem like your scene."


Oh no, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen is ignoring him. It must be Tuesday.

Cole manages to stay out of the Amazon's way thanks to keen survival instincts that take over his legs when his brain is still somewhere else. "I mean, hello!" He manages, lamely. Oh well, if he can't talk with Diana he will at least watch her in action. Yes, now he realizes who the tall woman is, he watches the news and pays attention. All he needs is… some bottle of hard liquor that is still whole. That is his new quest.


The taunts from the others in the bar don't really phase her. She's heard them all before for the past hundred years of being away from her home and the past several of those spent as a public figure to be judged more harshly and by far more people than ever before. She didn't let it phase her… because Diana Prince always knew that she had a job to do.

Its not until a chair is brought up behind her by another person and hit across her back that she feels a level of annoyance in her spirit however. So when she turns around to see who did the chair-bashing, she glares right at his old grizzled homeless-man looking face.

And thats when that shiney piece of string ignites into a brilliant blazing show of golden light! Diana lunges at the man who hit her with the chair and he's instantly wrapped up in the glowing gold rope. His eyes wide as saucers as she takes control of him and literally spins him like a top right out of the bar's open front door!

With a twirl of the rope she spins her whole body about as well in the opposite direction of the door and the two men whe'd pushed apart were now ensnared in her 'shiney string' and are being sent across the bar behind it to slam into the bottles back there.

Diana lunges forward then and gathers up a table by its central leg, using that same shiney string she sends the table swirling through the air into more of the bodies causing chaos inside this bar.

Diana comes to stand not far from where those at the bar who were taunting her were and she looks over at them. "I belong wherever I please."

And then she looks back to Cole. "Hello." She says to him, holding that shining bright little string… wrapped around another person that she yanks back over the bar who was trying to steel booze!


The ruffians as a whole are fairing rather well against most of the non super patrons and against each other. They are well versed in bar fighting and are armed with various knives and makeshift weapons like broken stools. One guy is even wielding a goldfish, though truth be told it's not super effective and he keeps calling it a shark. Their teamwork is rather admirable though as they all pick up one of the unlucky other patrons tryng to crawl away and send him flying at Grifter like a human missile.

Over at the bar, having had at least a couple gulps from the bottle feels emboldened to at least make use of his speed. He zips through the bar, stops next to Diana long enough to look her up and down and smile dopily and then zips towards the group of four who just launched a man at Grifter. With an audible "Yoink!" Owen rips an earing out of one man's ear and sends it flying with precise aim at another's eye. At this point, Owen is out not to harm, but to humiliate if possible. He also shows no sign of listening to Diana's commands to stop.


"So are you here to join the bar fight, or stop it?" Valkyrie eyes Diana and sucks air between her teeth. She looks unimpressed, despite the other woman's theatrics. "Because to me, that looks like joining it." She points to the unconscious men, then takes a long, long pull from her pilfered bottle. She lowers the bottle and belches softly. Someone hurls a bottle at her from across the room. Yet again, she makes a little show of her reflexes and catches it while barely turning towards it. She gives a 'what are you going to do?' look to the would-be hero, then easily leaps over the bar.

She's got a bottle in each hand and a good deal of swagger. She's not spoiling for a fight, but a big guy wants to make some kind of point and comes up to her. Standing toe to toe, he's got more than a foot on her. He reaches out and lays a meaty palm on her shoulder and squeezes. She rolls her eyes, and then shifts down, around, back to him. And somehow, somehow all 5'3" of her manages to flip the giant man over her shoulder and down onto the ground, meaty paw bent backwards into a pressure lock. "You made…" the man squirms, "…me drop my drink. That's not on." She kicks her foot and the empty bottle she was wielding bounces off the man's nose, drawing blood.


Grifter managed to find an intact bottle mostly full of whiskey when he gets hit by a living projectile. The bottle shatters. The blond man curses loudly. There is probably some moral lesson there, but right now he is not seeing it.

He should have paid more attention, but in his defense seeing Diana in action is pretty distracting. Even if what she is doing is quite pointless. "You can't fight for peace," he points out. To Diana and to the universe in general. "On the other hand you can't fight if Wonder Woman is in the bar either. So… I'll give this place two weeks before it opens again, till then."

And with those wise (drunken) words Grifter sneaks out, not without having to duck a few times to avoid punches and thrown bottles.


Diana looks back to the woman who was speaking to her. "If they fight me, then they cannot fight each other… If they cannot hurt me, then they cannot hurt each other. Besides. My assistant has already called the police." Her eyes track the speedster who rips the jewelry out of the other's body and she just releases an exhale as she clenches the shining rope between her balled-up fists. "My job here is not to stop the fight dead in its tracks. It is to deflect it until the authorities arrive."

And with that she starts to move toward more of the fighters and she snares two of them with her lasso and then just drags them toward the front of the bar where she expels them out onto the street.

"Besides." Diana adds after a light grunt. "It is better to do something, than nothing at all."


"Aww. What is it with lady heroes stopping all my fun fights?" Owen complains to the air as the men we was harassing are suddenly lasso'ed and dragged away. But it's a short lived complaint as the sound of not sirens, but engines fill the air. It's backup time ladies and gentle.. Owen. No less than twenty more members show up to set things right, this time fully armed with guns and maybe a bazooka? Where would you even get a bazooka?

Owen seeing the incoming waves, smiles. "Aww. See? They brought friends to play, because /they/ are thoughtful."

Almost as if they can sense who the real threat is, Owen and the others are ignored and the guns and yes, rocket launcher, are aimed at Diana. These are proper meta hating folks who think a good old fashioned AR-15 with illegal bump stock or an illegally acquired shoulder rocket launcher are the best way to 'keep their city safe.' They shout slurs and hateful things that are best not repeated, but more importantly they open fire on the bar. And while yes, much of it is pointed at Diana, they are not great at aiming and soon bullets and at least one rocket are flying towards the bar.


If anyone is paying attention to her, Scandal isn't really bleeding at all anymore. She's just standing there at the bar with her drink hearing all this crap from Diana when she notes all the people with weapons. She blinks a few times and then says, "Well, now it's a party." She laughs and then they open fire. She winces as a bullet tears right through her gut and she looks down at it, "Alright…who did it?" She asks of no one in particular and then suddenly runs…right for the people with guns. Even as she runs a pair of knives are in her hand, "Come on! I was just getting bored!" Another bullet hammers right through her shoulder but…it does not at all stop the forward movement of the grinning Scandal.


Valkyrie looks like her eyes are about to roll right out of her head, she rolls them so hard at Diana's speech. She picks up her bottle again. Most of it's either finished or now spilled, but she chugs what's left. "Well, I guess the party's…." a bullet tings off her bottle and shatters it. Another bullet bounces off the leather of her chestplate. Well, it may be tanned hide, but it ain't cow. She reaches into her belt and pulls out a pair of blue blades. Without hesitating, she runs forward as a tiny ball of fury. She drops to her knees, slides across the ground, then whips out, aiming to slash tendons - especially of the more heavily armed thugs.

In all the chaos, a stray bullet lodges into a nearby jukebox. Despite how unlikely it is, this actually kicks the thing into gear. Suddenly Freddie Mercury's golden voice is carrying above the din. 'Don't Stop Me Now' is apparently the soundtrack of the fight. It's a good tune to bust heads to.


When the bullets start to fly, Diana's eyes spin around to look out the front windows (as do most others who're still inside the bar) and her hands raise up high as she takes the brunt of the shots!

Yellow sparks begin to spray and scatter in front of the Amazon as the bullets begin to zip and zag off of the bracers covering her forearms! She whips her hands up and down, causing the bullets to ricochet in differing directions, until suddenly she is leaping out that broken window she'd walked through when she entered.

Back outside, just in time to have her feet collide with the concrete and her wrists to come together in a cross-pattern in front of her face when the bazooka is fired at her! The rocket propelled grenade is hit by the resulting concussive blast from her arms slamming together that it sends the projectile down and to the south, into a parked car!


"What in the actual fuck are you doing?!" Owen watches in horror as one of the other bar patrons gets shot and then keeps going and gets shot again. "Gross! Stop … why…" He is almost distracted enough to not remember to speed up and move through the hail of gun fire himself. There are splinters and ricochets and little sharp bits of glass everywhere that need to be dodged, but Owen manages to move through most of it in little bursts, reappearing throughout the bar.

From behind the relative safety of an overturned table Owen launches three former bar stool legs at some of the incoming men. The wooden projectiles are not meant to maim them, merely disarm them. Owen would still like very much to get some more punching in, but he's not about the get all shot up in the process if he can help it, unlike /some other unnamed people/.
The crowd of goons is gleeful at the sight of Scandal's blood, but less happy that it hasn't stopped her from coming at them. Someone pulls an automatic AR15 in her direction to try and finish the job. If two bullets didn't stop her, what about 45 rounds per minute?

Valkyrie manages to drop one of her targets but it only causes more people to turn on her, firing at her from much closer now.

*BOOM!* In the confusion few saw exactly what caused the RPG to be sent flying into a parked car, but Owen managed to. "Wow. Are you just really anti car? I didn't realize that was part of your hero platform. Like Batman hates people, you hate cars? I bet Superman hates fun… doesn't he?"


Running out, into the fray, Scandal slams a blade far less carefully than Valkyrie does. She isn't going for tendons. She's brutal and efficient and while her attacks are not killing blows, they are nasty as can be. She slams a blade right into a man's side and pulls it free as he gasps and another goes into a guy's shoulder from the top and then is yanked free.

She has been shot twice and is simply going with wild abandon as she slams a knife right into a man's leg, purposefully missing the arteries before she slices the other right across the hand of another guy holding a gun. He is relieved of some fingers and both go down.

She stops and looks over at Valkyrie with a grin, "Hey…you sing-" and then she goes wide eyed as a hail of gunfire drives her back. She goes flying backwards and lands in a heap as she takes seveal bullets across her form and slides to a stop, face down lightly into the leg of the man holding the bazooka.


The Themysciran can hear the words from the other, chiding her for the car, but Diana is at least relieved to see that some of these other bar fighters were super powered and are seemingly interested in stopping the gun firing madmen, that is at least SOME support here in this fight and seems to be drawing some of said gun fire off of her… So… bonus!

"Diana!" Her assistant shouts from her own parked vehicle across the street. The Amazon looks over to her friend and sees her tossing a sword straight up into the air, then holding the rounded shield up high.

Wonder Woman lunges up into the air rockets across the street to grab hold of the shield and then come down to land atop her own parked car. She catches her longsword and then lifts her shield up to block any bullets that may come her way while she scans the field of this wild fight.

She sees Scandal getting bombarded with bullets and this is now where the Princess launches herself, with shield up and sword ready, intending to put herself between Scandal and the ones firing at her! To literally provide her with additional cover.


"Do you always talk…" says Valkyrie with a grunt as she moves inhumanly fast to land strategic blows aimed at either disarming the thugs or hitting something vital that makes them disarm themselves, "…this much…" she swings her knife blade around, cutting at a man's heavy belt. As he bends to reach for it, she lifts a knee to catch under his jaw with a sickening crack, "…when you fight?!" A few of the bullets are hitting her. A few are even drawing a glancing bit of blood. But most don't seem to be doing more than stinging her. And somehow, she manages to do this all in time with the back beat of one of Queen's biggest hits.

Scandal just gets a look, an eyebrow raise, and, "I do enjoy a good drinking song, but I do not know the words to this melody, as pleasant as it is." A bullet bounces off her midsection. She reaches out, grabs the end of the weapon, and squeezes gently, crushing the barrel. "Ohh, I'm sorry. Were you using this phallic replacement?" And then she pushes back on the weapon to slam it against the man's face.


In the midst of the chaos Owen decides that he doesn't really want to stick around in case Wonder Woman decides to ask some questions about what actually started this thing off. No, he might just take a note from Valkyrie's book and find one of those bottles of booze and slip out into the night. Of course, there's no harm in just one more.. Owen appears in front of one of the men firing at Valkyrie and straight punches him in the face, laying the man out and from the sound of it, breaking his nose in the process. And with another blur, Owen is three blocks away, happily gulping from the bottle. Ahhh.. there's nothing like a good bar fight.


The man with the bazooka looks down at the seemingly dead woman and gives her a kick with his foot only to scream out in pain. As Diana is facing the man firing, behind her a man is falling over holding on to what is left of his foot. Slowly Scandal is standing back up covered in blood and the man firing at Diana stops fo ra moment to mouth 'What the f***?' Then suddenly there's a scream and Diana sees Scandal run by her right for the man…where she buries two knives right into each of his shoulders and rides him to the ground.


Diana's shield is used to taking the brunt of a lot of damage. The Themysciran forge burns hot and it yields some pretty impressive armor! So when the injured Scandal rushes past her and disembowels the gunner with knives, Diana just… well, he had it coming. She had no pity for those who brought death down upon themselves and she'd seen enough tonight to know that these gunmen had done just that.

Turning, the Princess lunges for the Bazooka shooter and with a sudden gliding drop of her body she takes his feet out from under him and then slices her sword through the air, and right through the middle of said Bazooka weapon! She spins around and lands on her feet again, with her sword aimed right at the man's throat. "You made a very bad decision here tonight." She warns him.

And yes the sounds of a horde of Police Sirens is drawing very near from the streets to the south and north directions.


Valkyrie has been on Earth long enough to know what sirens mean. She flicks blood off her blade and eyes the rage-filled move from Scandal. She nods in appreciation. A few more heads are busted, but that's just to make a hole in the pack. One guy gets picked up and thrown into his buddies, and a few more bullets ting off her back for her trouble. She just gives them the stink-eye, sighs, then starts to move off at a steady clip down the street.


Unless Diana makes a real close look, she'll not see Scandal. It seems once she got that guy, she dragged herself off. If Diana tries to follow a blood trail, the trail simply comes to a halt at some point. Either way, Scandal heard the sirens and thought better of the situation and took down the guy who shot her before leaving.


And for her part… Diana has a lot of explaining to do to the police in this area, but luckily she's quite to used to that and most of the Police… most of them, are happy to work with her on all of this. Cops are often okay with a 'Super' taking all the crazy gun fire and bazooka fire in their stead.

So the Amazon remains behind while so many others flee. Her weapons are returned to her car and she helps those who remain that are injured get to the sides of the street or into a safe place until they can be gathered up by the authorities. She'd know that Scandal was injured and HAD intended to speak to her, but the woman was gone… hopefully to find medical assistance.

Another day in the life of a Justice League member! Or something. Bar fights, yay!

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