Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door

May 01, 2018:

Donna Troy arrives at Universe-626. She does the polite thing, and asks to come in.

Waypoint, Universe-626

Somewhere in space, far beyond the sight of man.


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Mentions: The Monitor(s), Wonder Woman


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Fade In…

There really were not such things as great cosmic doors leading between one universe and another. At least not in the literal sense. And yet, if such things needed to exist, they did, in their own way. There were anchorpoints, waystations, holding spaces. Places where one might pass through without risking tearing the fabric of either the universe one was leaving or damaging the one you were going in to.

And more than that, there was an order of etiquette, that those who were deemed the multiverse's higher powers adhered to. Etiquette that dictated action, that outlined respect, that decried duplicity. And so, now, the woman who waited, in that place that was not a place, that time out of time, on the border of the universe she was departing, and the one to which she was traveling. And in that time out of time, a sound, yes, very much like a knock a chime. Not the higher power itself, but one of its harbingers.

Donna Troy stood still, weaponless, armored in that suit in which one could, if they looked deeply enough, find all of the mystery of the stars. Her left hand rested casually at her side. Her right was raised, palm up, an orb that burned with cool orange flame dancing above it.


The power ring's indicator is a flash of emerald that alerts Hal, his last location the Watchtower his now location? A warp point, out past the naked eyes of man, Earth and most telescopes the world uses. The 'bong' of distortion that accompanies Donna Troy's own followed with a ripple effect of green energy in waves, a 'drop' of substance in the watery reality of the void of space.

Floating there is now the designated Green Lantern of this entire sector, one man to police so many planets and his black domino mask is scouting the source of the rings 'discomfort' white orb eyes lock upon Donna Troy and he holds up his fist, it acts like a prow guiding him towards the dimension traversing Amazon.

"Princess? Wait… " A frown behind that mask. Confused is apparent.


The curl of Donna's lips is a gentle thing, a whisper of a smile, as she watches the flash of green, bright and brilliant enough in the darkness of space to cause her to turn her face away in deference, coalesce into a familiar stranger. The confusion on the green lantern's face feels…not quite like humour, but there is an element of that very emotion in her voice. "Princess? Perhaps I was once, or still am, but today I come to you only as the orb bearer."

Donna Troy makes no move to proceed into the green lantern's demense, instead, seeming to wait with infinite patience for the conversation to play out. "I am Donna Troy. I hold the Orb, and I come at the Behest of the Monitor to ask leave of you to enter your domain and observe." Old words, old formalities.


Hal tips his chin upwards gazing down his mask and nose at Donna, "If this is some joke… " No there are differences, as similar as Diana and Troia looked at first, he's seeing it now. Close but not so close… like siblings.

"Well orb bearer, Donna Troy, you look remarkably familiar to me. That object you're carrying, this orb, it's not exactly making for a happy ring." That glowing ring held higher as if he's testing it, waving it around then lowering it.

"Very Earth name you have by the way." As the words register his frown doesn't subside, the Monitor. An exhale from the man as if he could breath in space though it goes nowhere beyond his autoshields, that protective glowing nimbus faintly visible around him. She can likely tell he is stalling, like a phone call has been placed and he's on hold or his ring's galactic codex is 'buffering'.


"I assure you, this is not a joke. But I am not surprised that I would look familiar to you. I was told that there exists a true Princess Diana in this Universe. It would not surprise me that you were familiar with her. She is not the one that I knew, once, in the long ago, but perhaps I carry some echo of that Diana within me."

As Hal mentioned the Orb, Donna flicks her fingers, the Orb moving away from her, coming nearly to the edge of that barrier between her space and his. Closer to him now, than to her, as if she were offering it, as she might do a weapon, before asking permission to enter another's abode. "The Orb has no power save memory. Nor do I, in my capacity as its bearer. I…facilitate the record of each universe to which we travel, it and I. That is all."

The mention of Earth widens her smile, and she nods, "Yes. Once, that was my home. Though I could not, now, tell you which Earth, in which Universe. It has been too long, and I have been too many women." It's likely that she understands precisely what's happening, but that too, is to be expected. "I have no desire to break the peace of your domain, Lantern Bearer." And into this most formal of conversations, some thread of Donna's own humour.


"You understand my suspicions here about this joke bit?" Hal remarks as his hand opens up from that enclosed fist and palms out around the orb, letting the ring emit a green scanning ray down upon it.

"Gorgeous space Amazon Librarian approaches me, says, 'I come in peace, now hold my giant… " A blink. He pauses as if realizing he's in the company of a woman, possible alien threat or not he can hear his mother and father's voices pelting his past youth conscience, "Orb."

"You're right, threat on that front not as much as first indicated. Which says, the book keeper of the multiverse is more than what she appears to be."

"You're clear for now, Donna Troy, I'll even escort you to Earth if you like and lay out some of the ground rules. Which, not many, really, simplest one is… don't be a jerk. Second one being… don't test me."

A slow turn and he's studying Donna, "What about Diana, that just registered… I did not know she had a sister." Simplest breakdown again. Jordan likes easy. Straight to it.


The Orb offers no resistance to his scan, and seems to welcome the approach of his hand. Perhaps, in its way, it is a weapon, if knowledge could be considered such, but he would find nothing of animosity or threat in it. "Yes, I understand completely. I imagine I might have seemed more convincing if I had thought to wear glasses?" Clearly, in at least one of the universe's Donna's been to, she's become familiar with that stereotype, though she would not recognize the allusion to this Earth's Wonder Woman and her occasional use of eyewear.

"But I do come in peace. And I understand that the Monitors have not always been a friend to the Lantern Corps, but I am no one's enemy, unless they seek to make themselves so. Only one being might call herself such, and she is not anywhere near."

More than she appears to be? "I have had, and continue to have a long and complicated history, and if you wish, I will tell you." But an answer was demanded of her, and an answer he is owed, "I have lived a thousand thousand lives. So many, I…struggle to recall which is my life and which…" She lifts a hand as if to say, 'I will tell you, but not now.' "In nearly all of them, I was made in the image of Diana, daughter of Hippolyta. Or I was a foundling, saved from the sea and brought to Themyscira to be her playmate. Sisters born of love, or spirit, but not of blood. But that was not this universe, your universe. Your Diana."


"Maybe. Probably be awful cute." Hal blurts. Then as if he has to explain because he's in full Green Lantern mode he adds, "I haven't had my coffee yet."

"You come in peace, you'll show it. Don't come in peace, well, I'll take your orbs and books and whatever else away and have to send you to intergalactic immigration services. Seriously though, just, behave. I run a peaceful town here, I like it kept that way."

"You want to tell me your history? We just met lady, at least lets get to second base on one another before we swap life stories." The man's features display their first smile, though he's still wary, giving her that up down survey and remaining just out of arms reach with the orb returned.

"Made in the image.. a playmate.. oh man, this is rich, I cannot wait to talk to Diana again. We should actually go immediately to her first." A chuckle rolls free of Jordan, "Playmate." Maturity shines right now.

"I'm going to reopen the gate to Earth, arms and legs in." That serious tone returns again while that warp node sparks to life, a green 'bulb' appearing in the very central. The outward ripple of folding space visible briefly.

"Ladies first."


"I believe that is what they say of all Amazons, and so I cannot take credit for any physical appeal I might or might have had." The orb, having been duly scanned, skims back to Donna's hand, and a flick of her wrist winks it out of existence. Having felt its power, quite likely, Hal would continue to feel its presence, thought it was restricted only to her immediate vicinity.

"I do not wish to tell you my life story, no." At least she is honest about that. "But if more knowledge of me is what you require, then I offer that willingly. I was not brought here to keep secrets. At least, no secret save one." And even that, he can feel around her. That telltale thread of the orb's, and by reflection, the Monitor's power.

"I can ask for nothing fairer than to be judged on the quality of my actions and the truthfulness of my words." The smile, that she does return, an expression of genuine feeling, before she approaches the barrier, "This is, as they say, your bailiwick. I will go where you direct me, until you see fit to release me." He might be a jocular, and rather dashing example of the po po. But he is, still, the man. Once the gate comes into being, she does, indeed, step through first.


"I'm the one joking now." Hal half-assedly has been the whole time he'll admit, laced with that edged serious he's always sporting.

"You sound just like her. This is going to be eerie."

"Entertaining as all hell but, very eerie." A look at Donna while she travels past and through the warp point, "Share the rest as it comes. People will want to know." Then she's vanished and he follows suit.

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