Breaking The First Rule

May 02, 2018:

The first rule of illegal underground meta fight clu- SHhhh!!!
Juggernaut and Colossus spar lightly and send the audience running in terror for the hills.

Abandoned Subway Station

Man, abandoned subway stations, what can't they do?


NPCs: Underground Fight Club MC & Audience

Mentions: Illyana Rasputin


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Fade In…

A massive abandoned subway station is the perfect place for the type of shenanigans that go on in Mutant Town's more down and dirty areas. An infamous Fight Club and Bar has sprung up here, welcome to all comers be they human, mutant, meta, alien or otherwise and the eclectic collection of abilities and assorted powers that make their way in and out of Mutant Town keeps the place hopping and interesting. One never knows who they might run into given the ability for any all types to it in around here and the station is large enough to hide just about anybody if they want. At least at first.

Bets are being placed and two mutant bruisers are going at it in the ring. The force of their punches can be felt all the way through the fifth row seats and shakes the walls. Reinforced material by some super tech or other (stolen probably) keeps the ring from breaking but they're going at it with the crowd roaring or jeering in approval or disapproval depending on how the fight progresses.

In the back lurks an immense presence. Cain Marko is used to this place, having visited it once or twice. A corner table reinforced for his massive weight is dominated by his hulking physique and he watches the proceedings with a look of utter, irredeemable boredom. Cyttorak is unsatisfied. Therefore he is unsatisfied. A tee shirt sporting Godzilla looming over a skyline, stretches across his gigantic torso, swelling visibly and stretching under the behemoths heavy breaths. A sign of his slowly bubbling and boiling ire and dissatisfaction at the entertainment this evening.


Soft. Piotr feels the word rumbling around his head like the marble in a spray paint can. His last real fight with a flesh and blood opponent was a poor outing in deed with Frenzy getting the drop on him and then more than once completely missing his target. Much as he trains in the danger room or in the gym he still knows there's an element missing. The human element, or mutant, or meta. And so he's out to do something about that.

Piotr is large, not quite Cain big, but easily draws people's attention when he steps inside the station. He frowns and looks around, not sure what he was expecting when he first heard about this place, but still disappointed somehow.

This is definitely not X-Men approved, so Piotr is dressed down as best as possible in simple white tee shirt and tan canvas pants. He tries to find a corner to blend in as best as possible and survey the place and the competition.


Indeed - if Piotr looks like the incarnation of the ultimate defensive line team all unto himself..Cain looks like he ate said defensive line, moved onto rugby, strongman competitions and bodybuilders and that was just the first round. Still..a place like this does good to let him blend in as even at his most restrained, he still looks like a wrecking ball with arms and legs.

But as bored as he is..he's still observant with the pulse of his Cyttorak corrupted spirit searching out a potential champion to sate his desire to some violence ..and his eyes lock onto a certain X-man who cuts an immense figure of his own..and yet somehow still seems out of his depth in a place like this.

Cain's eyes hood slightly, squinting to near narrow slits as a slight smile his expressive features that is nearly 'Grinch' like in how it unfolds.

Meanwhile - a loud *BOOOM* ersounds as one of the big mutants in the ring lands a thunderous uppercut on his opponent sending them flying up and -out- of the ring to go crashing against a distant support pillar with a spray of concrete resulting. The station shakes..

"Winner by ring out! Bruiser Kong!" roars a disembodied announcer voice as the crowd erupts into a mix of chaotic cheers, boos. "Who will enter next!?"

"Huh." Cain's deep voice rumbles. He then stretches up to his feet, slowly seeming to pack on more size as he moves. His huge body swells with muscle. Straining his garments, to nearly the ripping point as he begins plodding towards the ring. The crowd parts for him like a stream letting a boulder roll through. The room briefly goes quiet before breaking out into a chaos of roars and jeers as he nears the ring His huge shadow falling over Piotr as he passes in front of the young mutants position.


Piotr is more concerned with watching the match at first to gauge just how vile he finds this ill advised idea. But when he finds that the level of violence seems at least within reasonable bounds he relaxes enough to look around at the crowd. In doing so he makes eye contact with Cain and to his credit, doesn't change his expression. He simply offers a small nod of recognition, while internally hating that he doesn't have the moral high ground that he might normally occupy. After all what is he going to say to Cain, you should not be taking part in illegal underground meta fight clubs? Oh wait…

When the bell rings signalling the end of the match and the roar of the crowd rises, Piotr turns back to the ring. He is distracted just enough that he doesn't see Cain rise, until the shadow falls over him.

Well, Piotr didn't come here to beat on easy opponents, so might as well. He heads right after Cain, unsure of how one goes about signing up for this or whatever.



Cain expected Piotr to see him, expected him to follow him. Wanted him to do so. He's taken the measure of everyone else present and not a single mutant or meta is even close to his league. His opinion of Colossus seems a touch higher. That'sgood?

When he reaches the ring he squeezes his monstrous body through the cage doors and then stretches up to his full size, seemingly taking on his more 'Juggernaut' persona, without donning the armor..meaning that all nine foot plus of his immensity towers over the quaking ring personal who suddenly find themselves staring at a midsection as wide as some small garage doors.

The crowd hushes again, and then goes wild with a flurry of bets being made as Cain slowly surveys them and then reaches into his pocket to pull a wad of cash free. He stuffs it into the torso of a bookie, pushing the man backwards as he rumbles, "Put this all on me.."

He then turns and lifts a gigantic arm high over his head, fist clenched as he turns to face the crowd, His muscles swell even larger, a bicep the size of a Buick flexing as he brings the arm down to cause the boulder sized muscles to freakishly expand, shredding his tee shirt in the process.

Holding the flex for a few seconds to allow the crowds to take him in he then uncurls his arm and points directly at Piotr with a big grin creasing his face. "Him." He rumbles at the ring workers. "Let 'im in."


How pure is poor Piotr? He didn't even consider bringing money to bet on the fights. It didn't even cross his mind. He may not have come here to fight, but he did come here to fight. And so he is already making his way towards the ring when Cain points him out. Looking around as people murmur seemingly concerned that anyone who goes in that ring is about to be sent out in pieces.. or eaten. Piotr however has faced this beast before, and while he may not have ever had what could be called a resounding victory, he is obviously still alive.

Piotr enters the ring and slowly removes his tee-shirt. His muscles would normally be impressive, he's no slouch and certainly not what anyone else would consider soft. But in comparison to Cain it certainly makes him look less impressive.

As Cain starts to swell, Piot smiles and says "Good. Let us begin properly. There is no need to waste our time." And in a flash, his height and mass grow. Now instead of a shirtless jacked Russian is a living steel statue, bands of steel wrapping his entire body. Even the man's hair and beard seem to be transformed into a metal version.


"What're you doing here, russkie?" needles Cain, his deep bassy voice carrying that annoying jock like, bully like tone that is usually associated with those boorish frat boy types that probably put 'taking lunch money' on their resumes.

"This place aint normally for you types. What're you trying to prove?"

As Piotr transforms, Cain simply grins once again, teeth full and expression like that of a Great White Shark smiling cheerfully at potential dinner. "You serious?" The thought that other X-men might be nearby does briefly cross his mind but he lifts a vast arm once again, flexing it as he curls his fingers into a fist the size of a wrecking ball. Knuckles cracking like tree trunks splintering.

"I'll tell you what.. Take the first hit and just lie down and don't get up. I'll even put one hand behind my back.. I'll split the money with you.. You look like you didn't even bring anything to bet! C'mon..all you gotta do is live through my Sunday Punch!"

The behemoths muscles tighten and then engorge even larger, swallowing the steel giant up in the red haired bruisers shadow. "Whaddya say? Easy money, right?"


"I found myself in need of something to punch. Thank you for being so obliging." Piotr doesn't seem bothered by the taunts. He may hate bullies but only when they are picking on the weak and defenseless, two things that even Cain might begrudgingly admit do not describe Piotr.
"I have nothing to prove." Which is in fact, not even close to true. His list of reasons include proving that he is capable still of handling any fighter, and feeling more relatable to the community here in mutant town.

"Cain, if you think I am going to willingly lose to you I would be worried that you have been shut down by too many telepaths and are losing your memory." See? He can get some digs in too. Except he genuinely is worried. Oh, Piotr. "I did not come here for money Cain. Now then, let us get this fight on." He turns to signal to the announcer that he is in fact ready to fight, despite the apparent size difference.


Cain frowns. Yeah that stung a little. He likes to claim nothing on this Earth, Galaxy, yada yada yada can stop him but the truth is ..there's a list and the X-men happen to have a good number of members who qualify on that list, including the man himself, Cain's (not so) beloved step brother. His glower is glacial but he recovers.

"Nothing to prove eh? Is that way you picked a fight with The Juggernaut..because you got nothing to prove. Right.."

"Begin!!" shouts the announcer.

Cain just..stands there, true to his word, one massive arm slips behind his back and his shark like smile becomes a tight lipped grin as his eyes widen and both of his eyebrows lift. It seems he's giving Piotr opportunity at first shot. Will he take it?

The crowd has -no- idea who Cain is..but once Piotr goes metallic form..whispers begin to indeed stir among some of them. The X-Men are obviously not an unknown element here in Mutant Town. How many armored form giant mutants can there be..?


Piotr himself has started to get a little bit of a reputation here in Mutant Town, or District X as he so formally calls it. He has even gotten in a fight with the Brotherhood in metal form, so he's not a complete unknown. And he did take on Frenzy somewhat successfully, so those who know of them would know he's capable of something at least.

At the shout of begin, Piotr brings his fists together and narrows his eyes at Cain. Cain's placing of his fist behind his back causes Piotr to shake his head. But yes, he will take the first shot. He advances quickly and takes a quick jab with his left before taking a big swing with his right. Normally it would be a head shot, but it's more aimed at Cain's mid-section.


The impacts would be enough to obliterate a mortal and send most other mutants hurtling backwards. The problem here is that..Juggernaut is, when on easy mode, still a 'boss fight' to entire teams of individuals. Piotr might as well have been striking a gigantic padded wall of adamantium. The brutes muscles mute the impact into a muffled pair of *BOOMS* that shake the ring, but don't even skid Cain backwards or do much by way of movement aside from send his muscles bouncing and quaking while he looks balefully down at the X-Man.

"Do I -look- like my name Is Strong Guy?!" he bellows before suddenly his free arm comes arcing around with a full on upper cut intending on slamming into Piotr with barely restrained force coming from a brute who once back handed Rogue over a city skyline. A loud sonic boom echoing from the impending blow that causes those closest to the ring to tumble backwards violently, eyes wide, as if starting to get a hint that this little fight club might be in over its head.

If the punch lands it might send Piotr skywards towards but not through the ceiling, unless he can brace himself in time. Regardless, Cain's not playing on easy mode.

"If you're going to hit me then HIT ME!"


Ooh boy. It's been a while since Piotr took on Cain, or punched anyone even remotely as strong. The shock of almost no reaction to a haymaker from Piotr causes a look of concern to flash across his face. But he's not distracted enough to no see Juggernaut's incoming uppercut. Piotr manages to get his arms crossed before the fist impacts. He still goes flying up and back a suddenly tangible net stopping his momentum from sending him out of the ring.

Landing with a thud on one knee, he looks up with a furrowed brow of anger at his much larger opponent. The crowd is at first shocked by the noise of the blow and then even more shocked that the fight is not already over. But it is far from over.

"Do you require witty banter to win fights Cain? Or have you just grown so used to opponents who pose no threat that you got bored?" Is that even a dig? Seriously, Illyana needs to sit this farmer boy down and teach him how to rile up his opponents or at the very least not be so damn courteous to them.

Though Piotr's trash talking skills are poor, his fighting skills are still quite good. He launches himself at Cain this time trying to draw a punch that he can grasp and turn into a judo throw, maybe use some of the larger man's mass against him. Plus he reasons that few people have the strength to actually toss Juggernaut so that's not something he might expect.


It's a fair tactic, especially with Cain self-sabotaging himself by keeping one arm behind his back just for a sense of superiority. He looks mildly disappointed he didn't send Piotr truly skyward and so resolves to come harder next time. Thus when Piotr makes his approach, Cain lunges forward and swings out with his free arm, sending it hurtling around with a wide open palm swat that drags a shockwave behind it which ends up toppling spectator tables and sending drinks, cash and patrons flying.

A swat that misses all together as Piotr ducks around it and seizes Cain's arm. "What the—-!"

That's about all the giant can get out as a combo of Piotr's strength and Cain's momentum being used against him adds together with the skill of the Judo throw, to up end the giant and send him toppling through the air towards the edge of the reinforced ring.

He impacts like a small asteroid, rocking the ring and nearly tilting the entire thing up and over before it resettles back down again. Cain's eyes are squinted shut but then they pop open, compressed to near pinpricks as he rolls over and uses both arms to press himself up slowly, "Alright, so you wanna play rougher.."


"I did not come here to coddle anyone." Piotr answers with his usual even tone. There is no anger, no venom or even tension in his voice as if he were completely unperturbed by the fact that Juggernaut is one of the few foes he's faced that could actually do him some lasting harm.

"But why are you here Cain? Did you get stopped by too many heroes you felt the need to assert your prowess by beating on some weaker opponents? Or are you just out of cash?" Okay, that's getting a little better in the trash talk area.

Piotr however is not waiting for Cain to get up. No as he's speaking he's also rushing to catch him with a violent kick to the face while he's still getting up. It's not very sportsman-like in any martial arts or fighting school but Piotr knows he is up against an extremely strong opponent so he's reverting to Wolverine rules: use whatever advantage you can.


Well now -that- is unexpected as well. The dirty tactic slams into Cain's face with enough force to jerk his head to the side slightly and cause the audience to roar in appreciation. Cain grimaces, eyes narrowing from the white flash he experiences at the kick - but he continues to loom upwards towards a bended knee position and his now freed arm lunges upward, overshadowing Piotr with massiveness comparable to Piotr's own upper body if not greater. He then drops it back down towards Piotr's back in a thunderous elbow drop with enough force that seismometers are triggered not to far away.

Quick to not relent, the elbow drop is followed by a straight punch that plummets down with crater forming force. The force of his strikes growing more intense now. The lights flicker, the under ground chamber shakes and debris is broken loose from the ceilings. The spectators look on nervously. Some moving closer to the exits.

The giant deeply rumbles, "None of the above, russkie. Nice try though. Let's talk about you instead. You're here to vent and prove something to yourself. So prove it!"


It doesn't feel good to land the kick per say, but it's not about feeling good, it's about winning. Hopefully. It is rare that Piotr has to resort to dirtier tactics, but when you are outmatched in straight power you need to take your wins where you can find them. But he realizes it will also have the unwanted side effect of pissing Cain off and signaling his willingness to play dirty.

The elbow is dodged with a twist and a side step but the straight punch lands directly on the back that just twisted away from the elbow, sending Colossus sprawling out to the mat. The fact that the mat doesn't split in two or simply fail and allow the large Russian to smash through it is a true testament to someone's engineering ability. The force shakes the walls and rattles Piotr's head.

But it's going to take more than that to knock Pete out of this fight. Once he gets a breath, he rolls quickly to the side and springs up. He might be made of metal and extremely large but he's surprisingly spry as well.

"My reasons are my own Cain. Not all of us need to talk about our feelings and emotions like teenage girls." See? Now that's some good trash talking. Maybe his time with his sister has started to rub off after all. Or maybe his danger room sessions with some of the other, less noble minded X-Men.

And as if to prove his point, he advances at Cain, hoping to drive a knee up and into his face if he is still kneeling.


This time, Cain is more ready. A massive palm reaches up to block the incoming knee, less for reasons of protection as the behemoth is indeed truly invulnerable, but to better position his hand to curl its massive fingers around Piotr's leg to try and grapple and hold him in place with one leg extended out to put the X-Man off balance if he succeeds.

"I can see right through you boy. These sloppy dirty attacks aint like you. You're just trying to you're not a loser. That's why you came to this dump." Cains' deep voice pushes and prods, needles and mocks, "You X-brats -are- losers..but be a loser with some integrity! You think I care what people think about me? I'm gonna always be me!"

With that he ups the intensity once again. Each attack he's been ringing against Colossus shows an escalation of more strength and overwhelming power as a two prong assault is unleashed. A punch to bear the giant X-Men towards the ground and then another body blow intending on hurtling him sky high as if a meteor had been hurtled at him. Collateral damage is not a concern..if it ever was and a madcap grin is on Cain's face now as he unleashes more and more force.


The knee is just caught. Piotr's eyes widen just a touch as his attack is simply stopped en route to its final destination. He doesn't wait for Cain to taunt him, or to see what Cain plans to do with his leg, instead he's throwing his torso to the side and down to raise his opposite leg to connect with Cain's head.

This tactic is all well and good except it opens him up completely to a crushing series of blows. The one-two from Juggernaut connect and Piotr is again airborne, this time his metal form breaks through whatever energy netting managed to hold him before. His steel bulk smashes into the actual station ceiling sending debris and stone everywhere. Stone, dust and steel man all fall back down together landing with a teeth chattering bam.

Staying down though, is not in Pete's nature. Just as he's standing though the announcer, now far away from the ring yells, "That's it! It's over before you kill us all!" a note of true fear in his voice at what the two mutants are unleashing on one another and the poor, previously indestructible ring.

"The X-Men have defeated you every time Cain. Do not let this victory fool you into remembering it otherwise." Piotr has managed to stand, but he is a little shaky on his feet and covered in dust and debris.


This entire time, a rather unassuming young mutant wrapped up in a floppy denim jacket and looking utterly strung-out behind a pair of buggy black sunglasses has been sitting on the edge of the audience, watching with a piece of pizza dangling from her lips. Rose slurps up a melty string of lukewarm cheese, and then pauses looking offended by the announcer's call. "Hey!" she shouts back at him, "What if we wanna die!" She lets out a huffy breath through her nostrils, and sulks a little, unhappy that the show is coming to an end.


"Humph. Try and do a guy a favor, give him a chance to vent his frustration..and all you get are insults and empty threats." Cain snorts abit as he walks closer to the edge of the ring and leans over its ruined borders to address Piotr. He gives the announcer a withering glance and then looks back to Piotr, "Beat it russkie, before I change my mind and stop pulling my punches. Not like I was actually out to dent you like tin foil.."

He takes a massive step over the edge of the ring and then drops back down to the floor of the place, shaking it violently on impact. His eyes sweep briefly over Rose as he steps past her and then he turns towards where the booking agents are , intent on collecting his winnings.


There is a slight relief that the fight is called off, even Piotr can admit that much. He was not looking forward to trying to stop the Juggernaut using force alone, which their past encounters have shown to be a fruitless endeavor. But he is also a little saddened that the encounter is cut short. It did feel good to be able to really punch something or in this case someone.

"I will admit it was a good match." Piotr is polite for the most part, even with people he's fighting or has fought many times in the past. But he doesn't exactly stay to chat. He looks in vain for a few moments for the discarded tee-shirt, but after that he makes his way out of the ring. The few people left to watch look at him as if checking for dents in the tin foil but he pays them little attention. He was not here to fight for money or admiration, no he came here to prove that he can handle himself. Little did he realize he'd be proving himself quite at that level though.

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