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May 01, 2018:

Emery calls Dani for a favor and Owen stumbles on in. All the awkward.


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This is the biggest deal of biggest deals. Really, Emery is at yet a different 5 star hotel, living in one of those suites towards the top floors (Okay, its a pent house suite) as he deals with seeking out another apartment for him and his daughter. But he originally invited Dani over for dinner, wanting to talk to her about something important. The kitchen has been worked out.

There's a dinner table, and it has some basket of fresh rolls that probably have cheese in them, and there's something roasting in the oven and he himself is in laying out a fruit and cheese plate.

Dressed in a pair of comfortable black designer jeans, a light grey fitted henley and his long hair pulled back in a man-bun, hint of scruff going on as he has an unlit cigarette tucked behind his ear and is placing the apple slices juuuust right. He may have forgotten that he gave Owen the new address.

Dani isn't one to ignore friends. Especially for the BIGGEST of big deals.

As such, when she received Emery's message, the Cheyenne woman jotted down the new address and headed over at the appointed time.

It's only as she rides up on the elevator that she mutters with a note of humor, "Of course you're in the penthouse, Emery." And when the doors open with a *ding* the woman steps out. Automatically Moonstar's gaze flicks left and right and all around herself, before she approaches the penthouse door.

Once in front of it the woman gives a perfunctory knock upon said door.

And for a minute there's a vague feeling of deja vu -

There was another door, similar to this, in another place. Only someone is missing at her side.

It has been a hell of a week for Owen. Sure there's been fairly normal stuff like capers with Harley and a side mission for Waller, but then there was the whole crazy seizure / awakening thing that just happened. And just like that Owen knew more about his past than he ever thought possible. And all about a life that never happened. And it's spurned some changes. First he packed up most of his stuff out of Gotham apartment and just left. He's been couch surfing around NYC with bartending buddies and occasionally sleeping in a lab at Stark's. He's also been attending Narc Anon meetings. Which is kind of what brings him to Emery's tonight.

It's a big step for Owen. He's already started letting Emery in on some of the stuff in his life, but tonight he's hoping to take Emery up on a specific offer. And a few other things, but mainly that's what brings Owen to yet another penthouse in yet another fancy hotel. He tries his best not to get hung up on why exactly Emery is choosing to work as a butler when he has this kind of money but that's because Owen can barely wrap his head around having a steady income let alone real money.

On his way up the elevator he sends a text. "Got a gift for Kennis, and a favor to ask. On my way up." He exits the elevator and sees Dani. The elevator drops off right at the entrance to the penthouse. There's no hiding. He drops his phone in surprise at seeing her and speed blurs to catch it before it hits the ground. And then he just awkwardly kind of gapes at her. Too many memories and thoughts hitting him at once to do anything useful like talk or exit the elevator. The doors close, Owen still on the elevator.

Cheese is carefully placed next to the bunch of grapes before the butler's phone starts buzzing. His hand wraps around his phone to check the screen with a blink, he's in mid-typing 'Did you smell the food across the city?' pressing send as the door swings open and he flashes a dimpled grin at Dani. "'ello there luv, come on in…"

A finger swipe pulls up the app with the security camera for the elevator and he just stares for a moment before raising his voice. "Oi! I'm not feedin' ye in the bloody elevator." Then he steps aside to let Dani enter.

The deja vu only lasts for a second and then Moonstar waits patiently for Emery to open the door.

Before he can do that, however, the sound of the elevator arriving snags Dani's attention. It's enough to cause the woman to shift slightly, so she can peer over her shoulder and when her eyes fall upon Owen, that feeling of deja vu prickles along her scalp. There's something there, and while that causes Dani to frown with apparent confusion, that confusion soon turns to something close to wry amusement when Owen just stands there. "Wrong floor?" She calls out, before her attention shifts to the door as Emery now opens it.

"Evening Emery." She's quick to add, then it's back over her shoulder to see if Owen exited, and when she sees the door close upon the open-mouthed man, the Cheyenne woman allows the smallest of frowns to tug her lips downward.

Then her attention flicks to Emery, "I think he missed his stop." She allows, and while he invites her in, Moonstar lingers a minute before she steps inside.

Seriously. He's seen Dani maybe 4 times total in this life? Why is she here? And why the hell did he think dropping in on Emery was a good idea? This wasn't supposed to happen? It's only been a few days since Owen suddenly gained a life's worth of memories that prominently featured Danielle, but not this Danielle. Gah. This is even more frustrating that time travel. Which he now also remembers.

Exiting the elevator with a sheepish grin when the doors re-open he steps out into the hallway and then follows into the suite. "Yea uhh.. sorry. Got distracted by my phone…" No, it's not a very good lie, but he's sticking with it.

He has a small black duffel bag with him, that he sets inside the closet and shuts the door on. He tries to be casual about it, but it's still kind of weird. "Sorry to barge in.. I.. I'm interrupting?" Is this a date? That'd be weird. … Would it? No. Aaaah. Owen's face freezes in a half smile as he tries to process all of this.

"Good Evenin', help your self to the cheeseplate, and there's drinks in the fridge." Emery offers ever so hospitable to Dani before just watching Owen with a shake of his head. "Roasted cornish hens are almost ready, also there's cheeserolls."

The Butler rolls his eyes and shakes his head at Owen. "No you daft bagel muncher, ye are not 'barging' in or 'interrupting'. Come in and 'ave a seat." As an aside to Dani he shrugs his shoulders. "He's like a feckin' shark, just replace the smellin' blood with smellin' food."

With the reappearance of Owen, Dani finally steps inside, and then follows the enticing smells of food toward the table.

Owen's hasty excuse earns a look from Moonstar, but that's about it. It's a speculative sort of thing, something that might read as 'mm hmm, we sure do believe that!'.

At the sight of the cheese and fruit platter, Moonstar says, "I should have brought wine - or flowers. One should always bring a gift." She remarks apologetically to Emery, and then with that mention of interrupting, Moonstar adds with a quirk of a grin, "Emery has it right. We're just friends - " She states and upon seeing Owen put the duffel bag in the closet, the woman can't quite stop the light quip of, "- though I suppose I could say the same to you both? Having a sleep over?"

Keeping her attention on both men, Moonstar gravitates toward the cheese platter, "And besides, Emery, anyone passing up your food should be committed."

The skeptical look from Dani causes Owen smile to grow just a touch. It's funny to be able to read into her gestures like he knows her. But then he too is distracted by food and Emery's mention of his shark nature. "That's true actually. I can be summoned with a ritual of pouring whiskey into a cup of coffee surrounded by freshly baked bagels."

He is starting to regain his sense of self and ability to function around Danielle like a normal human being thankfully. Much of which is due to Emery's graciousness as a host and ability to smooth out awkward situations. Maybe it's best he see Danielle here for the fist time after all.

Grabbing himself a plate but waiting for Danielle to serve herself first he laughs at her asking if he's having a sleep over. "Yes, actually. It's lingerie and pillow fight night. You're welcome to join us." See? He's back to his old self. He can do this.

"Ye brought your lovely self, that's better than any flowers or wine." Emery replies smoothly, winking and making sure the door is secured. Then he's moving back towards the kitchen rather quickly, to check on his cornish hens. "Its not much tonight, Miss Dani I needed your advice on a matter of girliness."

Then he turns a look to Owen and just raises an eyebrow slowly, looking the man over with a small smile. "Aye, we're always 'avin the sleep overs. Braiding each other's hair. Talkin' about boys and sh-stuff." He uses mitts to pull the pan with the hens out of the oven as he exhales softly. "Speakin' of boy talk, what did ye need to talk about?"

The remark about lingerie and pillow fight night earns a quick snap-look from Dani. Something that Owen might likewise be familiar with too - almost Dani had a kneejerk reaction to what he said, but she caught herself. "As *tempting* as that really sounds -" Which means it's really not, "I'm going to have to take a pass. Maybe next time." Comes her rejoinder, even as she selects a few pieces of cheese and fruit.

And while there's a question as to where exactly Owen is living (since last she saw he was waking up in Stark Tower) that personal question isn't broached by Dani.

Instead, her attention shifts to Emery at the mention of girliness. That's enough to earn a rather dryly amused look from her, "Well, I can't say I'm the most girlish person I know, but I'll give it the college try. What's the situation?"

Of course, the last bit Emery said about braiding hair and gossiping about boys earns a snort of amusement from Moonstar as awhile. And perhaps a quick shake of her head too.

Loading up his plate and then looking around as if again wondering who all this food is for, Owen pops some fruit in his mouth. Danielle's fast turn and look at him just gets kind of a dopey smile as he chews happily. Almost as if he knew what her reaction would be? Weird.

Agreeing with Emery, Owen continues on. "Yup. Painting our nails, practicing french kissing. Standard sleepover stuff." While Dani talks about whatever it is that Emery has invited her over for, Owen makes short work of his plate and is back filling it again by the time Emery asks about what he wanted to talk about.

"Oh! Uh, I brought that gift for Kennis. The yellow sparkly.. wand." That is totally a weapon. But it's kind of hard to explain why Owen is making custom weapons for small children. So yea. Wand. He does add to Danielle, "It's not actually magic. I'm not /that/ irresponsible." It's too bad though. A real magic wand would be a bad ass present for the tyke.

"And.. I need a favor. You offered to help me…" ugh, word choice. "Clean up? My old place. Help me dump some… junk?" Why does he keep saying these things like they are questions? He's normally better at secrets than this.

Emery is fixing plates as he listens, head tilting to the side from time to time, a hen on each plate with roasted potatoes and carrots and he places said plates on the table. "Well, Kennis will be turnin' six soon…and she is very obsessed right now wit two tings now, the militant faeries and her Captain Bucky's Boyfriend and Bucky stuff, all the teddy bears and comics and saints preserve us."

Then he is distracted for a moment by Owen, adding an extra hen to his plate. "She will love it." There is a glance to Dani and then back to Owen before he just gives a tiny nod. "Aye, offer still stands."

That dopey smile earns a vague narrowing of Moonstar's eyes, but when nothing more happens the woman turns back to the conversation at hand.

There's a roll of her eyes at the mention of nails and French kissing, and with another sound from the woman, Moonstar mutters beneath her breath. Thankfully, though, the conversation from both men seems to just be getting better and better. In point of fact, Owen's question-statements. That brings the woman's gaze back to him, her expression holding a note of droll humor, "That doesn't sound suspicious /at all/. Really."

And while more could be said, Emery's next words bring a rather incredulous look to Moonstar's features. "Militant faeries? And what's this about Bucky?" Because yes, Dani definitely knows who Bucky is.

And as Emery plates the food, the woman brings her half-eaten fruit and cheese plate over to the table.

The realization that 'Captain Bucky' the bear is based on the same Bucky that Owen has now actually met finally dawns on him. A slow low laugh escapes him and he has to repress it and look away to try and stop from dissolving into a full on fit of laughter. Oh goodness. It's Captain America. The bears. Oh Emery, only you. Owen sets his plate down at the table as well and heads to the fridge, pulling out a beer for himself and Dani. Still laughing he cracks them open and sets one down for her and then sits down with his.

And then he realizes what he just did. Shit. Oh well, that's not super weird. Maybe.

"Whaat? He offered to help me move. I just have a bunch of shit at my old place that I don't want to keep hauling around. That's not weird. I mean, the shit is weird. It's mostly old porn mags and broken sex toys. I was trying to be polite and not be specific."

With that bit of classy cover story out of the way, he takes a sip of his beer and waits for Emery to sit down as well.

"Ye know how the whole hero ting works, do ye tink if asked The Wicked Bitch…I mean, the esteemed war hero and his trusty gold retriever would be willin' to make an appearance at Kennis's birthday party?" Emery asks of Dani, smoothly settling down at the table after pulling out a chair for Dani.

There is a pause though as he looks between Owen and Dani and then back again, an eyebrow raising slowly as he just tsks softly. "It was a fecking pig stye…just horrible… now its almost finished right Master Boom?"

There's no way around it - it's weird. Especially with him opening it for her.

Dani, however, is polite enough to say, "Thanks.", when Owen brings a beer over for her.

She doesn't quite pick it up yet because, yes, it's still weird.

It's enough that Moonstar watches the man as he offers the purposefully tawdry explanation. "Mm hmm." She says in response to his words, not the least bit embarrassed by what he just said. Settling into her seat, Dani politely waits for Emery to sit as well and when he finally gets to the crux of the matter the Cheyenne woman grins.

"Well, I can't promise /anything/ Emery, but I can at least ask them for you. I have a sense they wouldn't find this request too hard to fulfill." A smile then, for him, even as she flicks a look back to Owen. At the Master Boom that causes Danielle's eyebrows to twitch upward slightly.

Just move past the awkward, that's all Owen can hope to do at this point. And hopefully, he can maybe stop being weird? But that's unlikely. At least in the short term. It's a lot to process and DAAAMMIT how does she smell the same? Is he imagining things? Oh that's super weird.

Owen tries to follow the conversation, but he has no idea what Emery's talking about, so he just focuses on the food. Which of course is ridiculously good and not at all a task to focus on. Even if Owen has no idea how to eat these weird little chickens. Are they pidgeons? Again, he's not really great at animal identification.

"Huh? Yea. It's getting there. I think." He gives Emery a half shrug and head tilt that is not exactly reassuring. But he looks fairly clear eyed, at least for Owen. That's a good sign.

So much weirdness. Emery is flashing a grin at the response from Dani. "Bless ye." And he is nodding sagely to Owen. "One step at a time aye?"

Then he just has to ask, "Okay. I know without her soul she gave ye a phobia of birds…but why are ye acting like the frat boy douche who forgot to call the night after?"

Emery's grin is returned by one of Dani's own and finally, the black-haired woman reaches for that beer. "Yes, one step at a time."

The beer is raised to her lips for a prospective drink, only it never makes it, not when Emery states that last fateful line of his.

That earns two looks from Moonstar - a wince at the mention of phobia of birds - and then something more wry, as she turns a look back to Emery. "No." She states easily enough clearly not finding what he said so shocking, "Not quite my type." She adds, and now her gaze automatically swings to Owen; possibly expecting him to echo her own words there.

Apples and oranges, after all, in Dani's mind at least.

Raising his beer likewise to toast the one step at a time that he will be living for basically the rest of his life. He readily agrees, "Yup!"

Though like Dani his beer doesn't even get to his mouth before the record scratch of Emery attempting to clear the air. Owen looks at the ageless ancient Irishman askance, completely in awe that someone could be so blunt in a way that surprises even Owen. He coughs slightly and then agrees readily with Dani, "Definitely not. Either… of our… types." It comes out awkward but he means it, in this world it is very true.

"But …" Oh goodness. "I had a weird alternate reality experience. There was another version of you. And another version of me. And I'm still feeling like I'm getting over a bad acid trip getting my head on straight." There, that's honest enough but vague enough as well to not let on, maybe?

The look Owen gives Emery is clearly -are you really going to ask follow up questions?- but considering he felt free to just toss out the first, Owen is at least expecting more.

"Mm." Emery looks between Dani and Owen with a quirk of an eyebrow as he toys with his beer thoughtfully. But he is making sure everybody has their plates of food, and their beer before he finally settles down himself. "That's too bad, I mean he's a wee bit quick when its least convinient but…I'm sure he has a charmin' personality somehwere in tere."

The Irishman does smirk gently when Owen echoes the sentiments, rolling his eyes. "Well, if ye aren't worried about shagging in poor judgement, mind tellin' me why you're squirming like a witch in church?" Then there's the mention of an alternate reality and he just blinks slowly. He holds up a one moment finger as he excuses himself from the table.

He returns with a bottle of whiskey and three tumblers, setting the glasses down and starting to poor. "Just once, I want one of ye to come to me with a story that ends with 'I was totally wasted' not 'Alternate Reality Acid Trip'." He holds up a finger. "Not 'I was totally wasted and woke up in an alternate reality' or 'I woke up in an alternate reality so I had to get totally wasted."

Again there's that awkward vibe from Owen and it's enough to cause Moonstar's eyebrows to pinch toward the midline of her face. A vague frown begins to form upon her lips too, tugging them downward, and when he finally admits his experience with alternate realities that frown only deepens.

"Which reality was this?" She immediately asks, straightening from her somewhat relaxed posture to something much more alert, "Was it total apocalyptic landscape or something gentler?" And while her tone is serious there's still a softeness at the end there, allowing for a certain understanding from the other woman. She's had quite a few trips elsewhere herself.

When Emery rises from his seat, Moonstar glances aside to the vacant chair and only after the Butler has settled back at the table with that whiskey and those tumblers, does Dani say with a rueful sort of amusement. "But Emery that'd be too easy. Your life would be so boring if all the problems we brought you were simply from hangovers."

"In fairness. Nearly all of my stories start or end with I was so wasted. So don't even try to front like I'm holding out on you. And!" Here he looks to Danielle, "I just want to clarify, we" indicating Emery and Owen, "aren't sleeping together, and haven't. .. At least as far as I can recall." Here he glances questioningly at Emery but brushes that off. "I mean who knows, there's probably an alternate reality for that too which.. poor people of that reality. I imagine we'd be insufferable." How did Owen get on this topic again? Right. Well no point in continuing to protest.

"Which reality? I dunno. Do they have names? It was.. different but good mostly. Especially for mutants or metas, humans had a bit of a rough go.." which is putting it lightly. "But Magneto was king and we both worked for SHIELD." It does feel better to say it out loud, rather than try, very very poorly to hide it. But that will rarely if ever be Owen's first instinct.

Glasses are pushed before Dani and Owen as the Butler shakes his head slowly, a hint of a dimpled smile is offerred to Dani as he shrugs a shoulder and picks up his own glass. "Aye, but I know 'ow to fix hangovers…this is next level shite"

That brings his attention back to Owen as he blinks slowly and takes a sip of his drink. He does look more amused that offended. "I'd shag ye in any reality Master Mercer, but in this one ye sometimes smell like hot garbage and while I may be a shameless and talented man whore, that puts me right off." He looks thoughtful and then turns his attention to the rest of the confession.

Another long sip of his drink and an encouraging nod. "Aye, that's it. Use your words boyo…" He murmurs.

This conversation is just running the gambit, or perhaps that's gauntlet.

Either way, when that glass of whiskey is offered Dani isn't one to pass it up.

Her beer is abandoned now as she hefts the tumble up and with a tilt of her glass at Owen and then Emery, the woman murmurs, "Pretty sure hot garbage doesn't appeal to a lot of people - though you two would make a cute couple. Something about both of your senses of humors complimenting each other." She ends with, her words turning amused again.

Then she takes a sip of the fine liquid, eyes narrowing as Owen describes more of the reality he was within. "Some have unofficial names - like hellscape, hell, good God get us out of here, that sort of thing." Her amusement wains though at the mention of Magneto being king and of Owen being a SHIELD Agent, "There's some irony there." She states and now comes the most obvious question in Dani's mind, "How did you return to this reality?"

There is very little question of Owen accepting a glass of whiskey, even if it were of far inferior quality.

"I don't smell /that/ bad. Usually" Okay fine, Owen knows that after a solid bender or run on H, he's been known to smell worse than that but still! "And no one is arguing with your man whore label, even if you won't /literally/ fuck anything that moves."

He takes a drink of whiskey and then looks at Dani with a head tilt and half smile as she actually cracks a joke! That's not really a side he ever saw much of but he smiles at it. "Oh it's more than a bit ironic. But it was …" He trails off trying to think how he would ever summarize it, but gets distracted by the question. "Yea, the return was weird it was like I suddenly woke up, but I was already awake and doing something? And I.. I think that universe ended. Like.. just someone switched off the power."

Its Emery's Whiskey, so its high quality stuff. His way of showing he cares as he alternates between sipping his drink and cutting into his cornish hen. "Cute? Aww, aren't ye sweet as can be." A quick point to Owen. "Oi! There is a lady present!" A pause. "I 'ave standards after all." Then he's taking another sip of his drink, letting them discuss that freaky alternate reality stuff, shaking his head quickly.

Owen's language doesn't seem to bother Dani and even when Emery offers that reprimand, the woman just offers quirk of a smile. "We all have standards." She agrees dryly, though she doesn't stay long on the topic of Emery's well established label.

Instead Dani returns to the conversation concerning alternate realities and because of that, Moonstar focuses back upon Owen. Her attention returns just in time to catch Owen's head-tilt and smile and that earns a cant of Moonstar's own head. Still, there are definitely other things to ask and onward the Cheyenne woman goes. "Shut off like a switch? Really?" There's a pause now as she considers that thought, "That's odd. Typically returning home involves teleportation or magic, or even some type of higher being helping you home, but to just shut off? I've never encountered that. And you're sure it wasn't some type of outside influence?"

The reprimand only gets a blink and a confused look from Owen. He literally doesn't know what he said to bring that about. That's how cluelessly uncouth Mercer is.

"Like a switch. But I think we knew it was coming, or was possible. Magneto's children of that world.. well, cray-cray princess Wanda and her lover slash twin slash overly protective crazy in his own way prince Pietro discovered something was off there. Maybe it wasn't it's own reality?" It's just striking Owen now that it didn't function the way he expected it to. He takes a sip of whiskey and says "And I'd just shrug it off as some crazy trip but some of the things I remember are still true here? And there's no way I could know them. So… yea. Trippy alternate dream world crap happened."

"…I did this weird Romanian brand of Acid in the 70s. Woke up in Naples 2 weeks later naked as a baby and twice as thirsty. SO I feel ye there, those dreams were so real. I could've sworn I had ice cream with John the bloody Baptist." Emery muses this over as he takes another sip of his whiskey and eats some more food, shaking his head slowly. "Well, its time to pull your head out of that reality's arse and start carin' for yourself a wee bit better in this reality. It may or may not 'ave been real, but if you saw or learned somethin' from it…hold on to that. Have a good wank and a cry." He gesture vaguely towards the food. "And remember that I may need ye for babysittin' soon and if ye tell my daughter about alternate realities at this age…I'll buy ye box of bagels, and eat those motherf*ckers right in front of yet without lettin' ye have one. I'm already on the hook for 'Disneyland', I don't need that kinda trouble in me life right now."

Then to Dani. "How is that handsome winged beauty of yours doin'? Staying out of trouble?"

She was good with that first part. 'Like a switch.' - she followed along. 'Knew it was coming' - check, but those next words? They bring a second pause from Dani as she parses just what Owen said, trying to figure out if he's just being comedic with concerns to Magneto's Twins and their relationship.

She stares at Owen for a brief second and then shakes her head, opting to go with comedic for now. It's easier on the brain. "What things?" She once more questions, "Though by all means you don't have to say if you'd rather not. I understand." She adds even as she quiets for when Emery speaks. His first words bring another one of those vague grins from Dani, before she nods at his more serious advise.

"There's truth with what Emery said - sometimes what you take home from that reality is what will help you most, not necessarily all that occurred." And while his threat of bagel-torture pulls forth a grin from the woman, she will add, "You could have a telepath look at you, Owen, to see what they might see. It could help with finding answers." She offers seriously, "Though that means having someone else in your head."

The question of Brightwind brings her attention back to Emery and the woman grins again. "Trouble is his middle name." She allows, "So yes and no." And finally now before the food becomes too cold, Dani reaches for knife, fork and plate.

Owen is certainly tough to read when joking about sex and various people doing various things, but of course in this instance he's being completely straight forward. He looks at Dani and gets rather sly grin on his face before saying "Yer birthmark for one." It's not exactly what he meant when he said he learned things, but hey she went and asked! But of course it also allows him to evade the question without having to say he'd rather not talk about it.

He looks at Emery, with all the hurt he can muster when talk of demo'ing a box of bagels in front of him is raised. "Yer a fuckin' monster Papsworth."

But Owen does seem to at least listen openly to the advice, which is rather new. He's not shifting uncomfortably or trying to push past it. He nods and says "Yea. I .. am working on that." It's the difference of remembering what it was like to grow up with parents, with family. The difference of having people he trusted to speak into his life. It helps him not immediately shut the two well meaning dinner companions down.

"Yea, I don't need a telepath. I think I just need some time to adjust. And Emery here's gonna help me out with getting a few other things on track. Especially after that bagel /joke/"

"I'll have to make sure to send over some fresh produce next time I go by the farmers market." Emery offers to Dani in regards to Brightwind, flashing a dimpled grin before he is just looking now at Owen, studying his features thoughtfully before he takes a deep breath and gives a small nod. "Aye, I'm the absolute worse." A small smile but there's a promise in his eyes and a silent acknowledgemetn in the form of a tiny nod.

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