Tech Returned

April 23, 2015:

Gogo and Honey Lemon return some stolen STAR Labs tech to Harrison Wells.



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It's roughly midday on a weekday. STAR Labs should be abuzz with activity. It would've been a few years ago — before the particle accelerator blew. Now employees have become fewer and further between. Not that there aren't any. Just fewer than there once was.

In STAR's glory days, Harrison Wells couldn't be reached except through the red tape of multiple assistants, appointments, and ample time. Today, however, Doctor Wells is incredibly accessible. The one assistant that chose to stay on despite the Lab's major set backs, certainly hadn't been the best of the bunch, but she'd gotten accolades from the lead scientist for her continued loyalty and, well, assistance: filing was never Wells' forte.

Consequently, when it comes to accessing the scientist, anyone seeking him out generally gets a same day face to face without any semblance or warning. Which is likely why, when Honey Lemon and Gogo Tomago come, they're quickly ushered into the lead scientist's office (despite him not being there).

While the office is unoccupied, it is by no stretch of the imagination, empty. Two chairs rest on the 'visitor side' of the desk with the computer screen facing away from them. No 'worker' chair is on the other side. Various degrees, accolades, and awards line the walls, and a single framed photograph sits beside the computer screen for Wells' viewing.

"Please have a seat. I'm sure Doctor Wells will be out of the lab in short order," comes Betty's sweet voice as she allows both of the women inside. Evidently keeping Wells' files secure isn't a concern.

Also, it might be important that GoGo and Honey Lemon just saved a STAR Labs shipment from being heisted by two would-be mad scientists. The two used a sky full of red balloons filled with stolen StarkWatches as a distraction before they ripped open the secure armored van. Luckily, GoGo, Honey Lemon, Spider-Woman and a few others were there to save the day.

At Spider-Woman's instructions, the two former San Fransokyians brought the package, which is just big enough to carry but not so big that it is unwieldy, to STAR Labs. And now? They wait. GoGo falls into a seat. A touch retracts her face plate so she can pop in a fresh piece of wasabi bubblegum.

Honey Lemon arrives a bit behind the speedy GoGo Tamago. The fact that she doesn't just arrive the next day owes much to her constant update of GoGo's encrypted GPS locator beacon, and her own chemical wonders: she skates really, really well. In late April. When it's nowhere near freezing outside.

Eager and bouncy, though, Honey Lemon is also tired. She still had to come up with the muscle energy to do all that skating. So she drops into the other visitor's seat, if more gracefully and less flumpily than GoGo. And then pulls out another of her seemingly magical 'balls' and this time squeezes its contents out as her own face shield retracts, drinking it down, its juices programmed to rejuvenate her tired body. "If you wouldn't strangle me, I should put a harness on you so I can tag along. No Baymax to fly us around, and no helicopers either." And no Wasabi's van, either. "Somehow, I expected a lot more activity at STAR Labs than this."

The door opens again, and sees a very confused-looking Harrison Wells, wheeling himself into the room. While he might appear confused, he certainly still has an air of presence. Dressed in a buttoned dress shirt and simple black slacks, his style has eased some since he became discredited by the particle accelerator's failure.

He pauses in the doorway and calls over his shoulder, "Betty?" but the assistant is nowhere to be found. With a somewhat self-deprecating smirk, and a manila file folder resting on his lap, he shakes his head and wheels the rest of the way into the room, "Hello?" it's a question because he's not entirely certain who's here. "I assume Betty let you in — " he manages to navigate the chair around the desk to his particular perch and he issues them both an easier, if somewhat still-tired smile. " — I really hope you weren't waiting long. I was in the lab with the fumehood on. If my assistant called," he shrugs, he definitely couldn't have heard. "I'm very sorry. How I can I help you both?"

GoGo blows a bubble, pops it, then chews the remnants back into her mouth. "Wells, right?" She asks as she stands up. "You almost got robbed." She sets the high tech box down next to the wheelchair. "Two idiots opened up your armored truck." She steps back and shrugs. Then she touches a button and her faceplate slides down again. "One of the spiders told us to bring it here."

Honey Lemon stands when GoGo does, nodding to the good doctor. "She told us to deliver it to you, or to a Ms. … Stacy? Gwen Stacy, I believe she mentioned?" Honey's accent is noticeable, but rarely impedes communication. And she smiles broadly. And offers her hand. "I'm Honey Lemon. This is GoGo Tamago. We're originally from San Fransokyo." Not that she expects him to have heard of them, even if they /are/ scientific wunderkind. Maybe if they used their real names?

Surprise colours Wells' expression, prompting both of his eyebrows to arch and his blue eyes to widen with surprise behind his glasses. His smile eases some and he drops his chin to admire the box for several beats. When he looks up he shoots the pair a rather toothy grin followed by a small nod. "Thank you. Genuinely."

Blue eyes flit between the pair, back and forth several times over in careful consideration. It's only then his hand moves to the folder on his lap that he places carefully on the desk. His smile grows and he actually stifles a chuckle. "Sorry." He holds up a single palm in apology. "One of my employees would be beside himself with joy to meet both of you. He's quite familiar with your hero-ing work, but then, Cisco tends to be familiar with a lot of hero-ing work." His smile grows. "I, however, am more familiar with your scientific work. You're both ones-to-watch." He inhales a deep breath, "When did you move from San Fran?"

"This week." GoGo answers. She glances around the room but quickly returns her attention to Wells. After all, it isn't like there's super tech she can disect with her eyes right here in the waiting room. "Working with Stark at THINK." She says. Not for Stark. With. "Think you used some of my gyroscopic tech in your accelerator. Sorry it went down. Sucks." There's no note of accusation, though. She understands sometimes experiments go wrong. And she doesn't have the facts.

Honey Lemon smiles, pleased that Wells actually knows their scientific work, not /just/ their costumed efforts. "Thank you, Doctor. We're glad to have been able to help." She nodded in agreement to GoGo's assertion about THINK and Stark. "Would you mind terribly if we asked what it was we were able to save?" Yes, she's curious. Scientifically so.

Gwen steps the office smoothing out the skirt she is wearing, because there was /no/ way she had just recently changed and arrived at STAR Labs; no way at all. Smiling pleasantly at the group as she knocks on the glass door to announce her presence she takes a single step into the room and says, "Sorry to interrupt you and your guests Doctor Wells, would you like me to bring in some coffee or tea?"

The smile fades at the memory of the particle accelerator and what happened, but STAR Labs' director keeps it together. "I did use some of your tech," Wells replies to GoGo. "It was solid work." Pause. "Impressive work." The notion about it has him nodding again, "I don't think that we'll ever be able to make up for what happened. But we're trying. A lot of lives were lost. We lost good people here. The city lost good people." He swallows hard and then clears his throat. "It's why our efforts have moved somewhat. We were all about creating clean energy. The cleanest that could be made, but now we're refocusing our efforts to help meta-humans, and moving our research into genetics more than energy." At this he manages a vague smile.

Even as Honey Lemon asks about the device they'd saved, Wells seems vacant, at least for a few moments. Evidently the memory of the particle accelerator's destruction is something he carries with him. His throat clears, "Well, it's to help us in our new efforts. Right now we're working with a lot of samples from meta-humans who have voluntarily chosen to work alongside us. We're aiming to help them however they want to be helped. Some would like to see their abilities disappear. Others aim for better control. Whatever we can do, we're offering it."

He peers away from the metallic box at Gwen's entrance, and issues the junior scientist a warm smile. Carefully he waves her into the room, "Not at all, Miss Stacy. You're not an assistant," he issues her a grin. "But do come in. This is our latest piece of tech. Cisco was designing it alongside our sister lab in Starling City. We needed some keen minds to be able to find more efficient ways to do what we wanted."

Carefully, thoughtfully, he reaches out and clips the top of the case, pressing down to open it with simple vibration. The mechanical marvel that is Cisco Ramon's latest invention leaves something to behold. "We developed the blueprints here, and then they built it up there. We're resource poor in terms of people, these days." He clucks his tongue. "Using simple sound vibrations it's designed to better detect abnormalities in genetic samples. The sound waves can then be used to separate the samples without adding any steps, and they can then disrupt the cells as needed to better understand things like chemical make-up, stability of cells, and the ways in which the cells regenerate."

"Why anyone would want to steal it?" He shrugs. Of course, Harrison Wells wouldn't consider the military applications of such a piece of technology. Why would he? He's just Harrison Wells.

"Stacy." GoGo says. Again she runs into the blonde. Her eyes flicker over the very fashionable outfit and she grunts for a moment, before turning back towards the doctor. "Sell it. Use it to find metagenes so they can be duplicated. Super soldiers. Criminals. Whatever." GoGo shrugs her shoulders. "Idiots." She blows a bubble, lets it grow to about the diameter of a quarter, then pulls it back into her mouth and pops it with a crunch.

For the first time, Honey Lemon's face forms a frown. It isn't long, but it is definitely there. "It seems a mind twisted to darkness will find ways to misuse almost anything." Clearly, she's thinking about someone, or some event, that she and GoGo know all too well, not unlike Wells' particle accelerator affects and shapes him and his future. "Glad we could keep it out of misbehaving hands, then. It might be worth discussing certain ground-up built-in security and safety protocols for technology you design like this." Cisco, be careful what dangerous future weapons you design! "Like proper interlocks to prevent it from powering up except when used by your personnel. Nothing will be entirely foolproof, but it might be best to start with something."

Honey Lemon turns and offers a smile to the other blonde who has entered; she, of course, towers over everyone in this room, especially with those platforms. As if she needs more height? "Hi! I'm Honey Lemon. You know my friend, GoGo?"

Gwen smiles just a little more at Doctor Well's words before moving in to take a seat, nodding politely to GoGo, "Nice to see you again GoGo! I didn't expect that I would um, see you at Star Labs though.

Extending a hand to Honey Lemon, "Gwen Stacy, it's a pleasure to meet you Honey. Any friend of GoGo's is a friend of mine, I hope." Of course, Gwen Stacy sounded a lot like Spider-Woman; that HAD to be some kind of coincidence. There was no way that could be her.

Wells makes a quiet hmm noise. "Security isn't quite as tight as it once was around here, I'm afraid." There's no question there, particularly with the open lab spaces and fewer bodies to occupy them. "Cisco does a lot of tech work perhaps I'll strongly suggest more protocols around it next time — even around seemingly innocuous projects like this one." With a sharp inhale he shrugs, "But I am indebted to you. We don't want anyone misusing our equipment, especially as we've already experienced one disaster."

His eyes flit towards Gwen for a few beats, "These two were kind enough to retrieve some of our tech. Evidently we were being robbed, and one of those Spider folks(?)," his eyebrows draw together around the near-question, "advised them to bring it to us. It's good to still have some people on side around here," his tone softens.

There might be some voice data analysis later based on onboard recordings built into the GoGo and Honey Lemon suits. For now, though, GoGo's less focused on "is Gwen also Spider-Gwen" and more on "is the tech here safe". "You should talk with Stark. Maybe he can help out. Doubt he wants idiot bad guys getting the tech either." And Howard has money STAR apparently doesn't have.

Friends! More friends! Honey Lemon beams brightly at Gwen's welcoming comments. "That's great! We'll have to meet up another time, when we won't be wasting Doctor Wells' time. By the way, I love that outfit. Maybe we can talk shopping?" GoGo definitely does not shop where Honey Lemon would, so she doesn't exactly have a 'scouting report' on proper locations of interest. Unlike the detailed reports on the best pizza joints in the city. "I know THINK is all about cooperative ventures. So if there's anything we can do to help, please, do let us know." This last is offered to Doctor Wells, naturally.

"Thanks! I know some really nice boutiques and shops in the area. I'd love to go out for a day of shopping and show you around. We can have a girls day out." Gwen smiled at the other girl before she peered over towards the box to get a look at the piece of tech, "Maybe someone at the Starling City lab was responsible for informing the men who tried to steal it that it was being transported." She furrows her brows in concern, telling Harrison, "Doctor Wells, we may want to begin checking the employee records for anyone who may have had contact with either of those men. GoGo or Honey, neither of you managed to get the names of those men did you?"

The mention of Stark is met with the slightest cringe. "Unfortunately, I'm leery to let anyone outside in at this time. While we're working with several metas, I want to respect their privacy as best we can, and having anyone else in our facility…" his lips turn down slightly, "especially anyone with former government ties such as Mister Stark." He shallows hard. "You'll forgive my caution, and despite what some might think, it's not about trade secrets, it's genuinely about the people we work with," and he strongly suspects Bruce Banner wouldn't want to be identified on some Stark tech.

He pauses. "That's not to say though, I wouldn't appreciate a conversation. Chatter is something I could use, and ideas for what could be done may be warranted. While I don't think you've met him, Cisco has a keen mind for mechanics, and has helped with tech pies we hadn't really imagined ever having our fingers in. Caitlin is working in biology we hadn't anticipated. And even Gwen here is working with biochemistry we hadn't expected. It's a new world for us. Keeping the Pipeline — that's what we typically call the particle accelerator — safe was easy. It was, and still is part of this building. No one could easily walk away with it. We also had a massive staff, scientific laurels, and commendations to that effect." He pauses. "Now?" he winces. "We're a little bit at others' mercies. So any way I could meet with Mister Stark to discuss such things… then I would appreciate that. I never had to think about these things before. We had an entire staff that did that."

Wells nods once at Gwen's assessment. "Certainly possible. We are connected to some police officers, thanks to the Pipeline's failure, who might be willing to aid us…" his jaw tightens.

"Dave Kwan and Marty Singh. Used to be in the genius program at SFIT." GoGo says, stringing together more words than normal. "Decided if we were heroes they should be villains." She shakes her head as if not understanding the stupidity of people. A regular occurance for GoGo. "Cops should have them now since Honey Lemon gooped them up. Her stuff doesn't disolve without a solvent."

"I did leave a note with my armor's number, so they can call when they want them released." Honey Lemon offers helpfully, with a smile. Oh, there shall be SHOPPING in the future! Honey Lemon and Gwen are going to be fast friends, for sure! "We could probably manage to arrange a meeting with Mister Stark." Probably. No guarantees. After all, they're all so new together. But Stark is like them; a genius, with a mind overflowing with ideas. Give him a chance to talk with someone else who would actually grasp and understand even a half of what he's saying? He'll probably jump at the chance. It's why the SFIT program was so amazing. And why many of its graduates are still so close. "We'll at least ask."

Gwen grows quiet for now, marking the names down on her phone for later use, it definitely wouldn't be good to forget about them. Of course, she couldn't go shopping or meet up with Honey without some sort of contact info and so she exclaims cheerfully but quietly to the other girl, "Here let me give you my number…."

"Excellent. Well thank you both for your efforts in returning the device." Which Cisco will probably give a name later. With a slight smile, he leans back in his chair and then issues them both a small wave. "If you'll all excuse me, I have some work to get back to." He reaches for the file folder. "Thank you, again."

GoGo offers the man in charge a wave. She waits until he's left before she turns back to her fellow female crimefighters. Even if one is in disguise. "Anyway." She says, then shrugs. Job's done. Bad guys are caught. Package is delivered. She's already uploaded her video footage to the cops so they can use it to make a case.

"Sure. I'll give you mine. It rings through to my armor, too." Isn't that convenient? Honey Lemon exchanges contact details with Gwen, then turns to say goodbye to Doctor Wells. "Talk to you again soon, Sir." And then she turns to GoGo. "So. About that pizza."

Gwen takes the number and waves after the two girls, "Can't wait to talk to you soon. I should be getting back to work but I hear there is a great pizza place called Marios down on 60th and 5th. Let me know if you try it out I haven't been yet." Gwen offers one last smile to the pair of superheroines and heads off to do biochemistry type stuff!

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