Bugsy Squeals, That Dirty Rat!

April 29, 2018:

Diana Prince discovers Remy LeBeau in a park at night, about to get a mob shakedown! She stops them! and helps Remy find his way to safety.

Central Park at night


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Central park. Why does it have to be Central Park? The most cliche location of cliche locations. Of course the clients demanded the meeting place be in Central Park.

An orange cast plunks into the ground, followed immediately with an ornate carbon fiber and fuschia collored stripe wrapped around the cane that ends in a deep purple pearl like knob. "Ah can' believe ya deman' t'have dis meetin' at midnight in Central Park. Y'trying t'get shafted by some o'd'e creepier folks dat go bump in d'e night now-a days." A smooth talking cajun man says as he looks up, tilting his head up with his free hand to brush the hair out of his eyes to look closer at who he's talking to.

A trio of men in black suits standing in front of a large black SUV with one talking and the other two on his wing holding what obviously are concealled weapons. "Remy, you dumb shit. Just know the New York Chapter of the Thieves Guild are pulling their weight on this one. We need you to get that information. One way or another."


Diana is in this oh-so-cliche place because its simply the best place to find trouble on a night like tonight. See, Spring brings about great weather which brings people outside and that brings the crime rates up… And though this isn't the kind of crime Diana typically fights these days, its enough to make her feel proud of herself on a night where she's waiting for 'larger things' to unfold.

Diana walks the pathways of Central Park late at night, her mind on a great many things, but her ears listening for strange noises or sounds, or… people talking about shady things?

When 'Thieves Guild' crosses her super hearing, she immediately starts in that direction! Its only a matter of time before she's there, observing from afar dressed in a dark navy blue cloak that looks black at night. She just stares at the figures in the distance, and listens…


"Dis ain' no John Wick kinda thing, ya know Ah ain' gettin' involved in anyt'in' any mo'e" The thief says with his legs shuffling already to turn away and leave the scene when the sound of guns being armed rings out and the weight of fully automatic weapons level on his back causes the man with a cast to stop though he doesn't turn.

Stepping forward once, and speaking his mind, the main Thieve's Guild member smirks and even that is audible. "We gots something you're going to want. In fact, it's something your little skunk friend might want more than you."

"What do you know about her!?" Remy snaps, though he doesn't move, the cast putting him at a disadvantage.


Diana doesn't need to see much more after seeing the guns rise up. For a long time now she's been fighting off men with guns and she's not about to stop now and let these guys do whatever it is they're planning to do… So sadly before Remy can get his answer, the sound of her boots are clicking against the concrete on the ground and the woman in the hood is approahing, she won't be easily identified, not yet anyway, but she'll definitely draw their attention as she's walking right toward them all.. a tall dark figure in the night and poor amounts of light at this hour.

"Excuse me, Gentlemen." Diana speaks in that heavily accented voice of hers. "I seem to have taken a wrong turn, do you know how to get to Strawberry Fields?" She asks them, referring to the memorial for the old famous Beetles singer who was shot dead many years ago.


The three gangsters all turn to aim their attention and the two guns towards the newest arrival. The gunman furthest from Diana speaks up. "Strawberry Fields are abou-" WHACK! The guild member without a gun has quickly turned around and smacked the heck out of his muscle, but is turning back to Diana. "This isn't a safe place for a lady like yourself, please, join me in the car and my driver will take you and I to where you need to go." He may be a mobster but he still has decent manners.

Remy however, is still with his back towards the trio and Diana is off to his side and he guesses right away that someone wearing a hood and cape like that isn't a normal woman, but he keeps his dumb southern mouth shut, though the Guild's offer still has him curious.


Diana's armored boots are sort've visible beneath her garment, but they may just looke like some kind of shiney dress attire thing. She pauses her footsteps to look at the men with the guns and then she raises her hands up to her hood and she drops it back off of her head, showing her dark locks all pooled around her head and over her shoulders. Her face is still hard to see in the dark though.

"You men are so sweet." She tells them. "But why do you have guns?" She asks then, trying to sound naive. Diana's eyes look over to Remy then as well. "Oh… is this what you call, a 'shake down'?" She asks, her eyes going back toward them. "How exciting!"


"D'is is what ya call a 'shake down' yeah. D'ese guys is tryin'a t'grab mah wallet and take advantage o'd'e cripple. Ah'm d'e cripple." Remy says in order to make himself look better than what reality is. He certainly doesn't need to be getting in a fight with one of the strongest women on the planet.

Remy's low light vision certainly coming in handy right now.

"We're armed because it's dangerous at night in places like this."—"Yeah, we're just exercising our second ammendment rights." The guards say carefully with a knowing smirk while the speaker for the guild turns towards Diana, "We are discussing business, so you can certainly take me up on my offer for us to drive you where you need to go, or things are going to get, messy."


"Messy?" Diana repeats as she glances over to Remy and then back at the men with the weapons. "All of you big strong men need guns to keep you safe in the park at night?" She asks, tilting her head, amusement is probably clear on her voice. "I find that to be kind of adorable, if a bit… hard to believe." Her right hand comes up and she puts two fingers together very closely. "Just a bit."

Diana then lowers her hand and starts to walk toward the men. "I will take you up on that offer if you put the guns down and leave this man be, he seems nice." She says, motioning toward Remy then.


The men all lower their weapons when they're given a motion by the middle guy. "Remy, our discussion is not over." Then headed towards the SUV, the guild member opens the back door and motions for his men to climb in before he invites Diana to climb in and he notions towards the driver, starting the machine without speaking a word.

Remy squints at Diana and shakes his head, but he grips his cane tightly again and starts to march slowly down the path towards the edge of the park.


Diana shows a quick glance over to Remy and he'll see that she's offering the man a smile. She then proceeds to move toward the gun men and offer them each a smile as well when she steps into the light and they'll definitely be able to see who she is now since she even has that tiara on her forehead, glinting golden in the light from their cars.

"Gentlemen." Diana says to them, knowing that they can see her now. "I'd be very interested in knowing more about what it is you do around here and where might it be that you do these things." Her hands go to her hips and her dark blue robe is slightly parted down the middle showing off the armor beneath it that they would 'likely' also recognize. She's a world reknown figure afterall, for her… everything.


"It's the Princess!" Shouts one guy as he falls backwards away from the SUV with his finger squeezing tightly onto the trigger and firing several rounds into the air and some landing into the side of the car as he scampers away.

The other guy hears the gunfire and reacts in much the same way, squeezing his trigger, but unlike the faller, the second gunman aims the end of the gun at Diana. "ARRRGH!"

The true thieve's guild member dives away from the shooters, dropping onto the ground with his hands covering his head as the s hits the fan.

Remy however isn't surprised, though he too hits the deck and tries to scamper as quickly as he can around a tree to get some cover.


What happens next is a series of quick actions… all of those bullets that are sent at Diana are suddenly blasting off in random directions as sparks brighten up the night time around them! One after the other, quick bursts of light reflect off of her golden bracers and loud metalic noises join the sounds of the automatic gunfire!

Immediately after that, the man with the gun firing at her is assaulted by the woman moving like she was shot out of a cannon! She flies AT him and slams her bracers INTO him, hoping to send him back onto his ass and likely sliding or rolling away!

Diana then turns toward the other who shot his gun in the air and aims to rip his gun from him and toss away!


The guy gets a bash of Diana into his belly and he doubles over around her arms before he is sent sailing backwards several feet before he hits the ground and rolls away. Yeah, he wont be getting up for the rest of this fight. The second guy however has his wrist almost broken by the removal of the gun by the goddess.

"What're you doin' t't'em men?" Remy calls out as he leans out a bit around the tree to get a view of what's going on. Thankfully for the cajun, the guild member has taken the chance to sneak into the suv and is harrassing the driver rapidly to get his foot down and get on the road away from the wonderous woman.


And Diana doesn't hesitate to move around behind the SUV right as its about to squeal off. She reaches down to pick it up by its bumper and lift its tail-end up off of the ground. Diana looks over to Remy and she then speaks out. "Little help?" She asks, assuming that the rather mysterious looking Cajun is more capable than one might think.

The driver and the man inside the car are likely frantic by this point. "I need to question their Leader." She adds over the sound of the SUV's engine roaring while she holds the vehicle from fleeing!


Remy pulls out a single playing card with a flourish of his wrist and with a flick, the charged card sails through the air. Spinning rapidly, sideways, cutting through the atmosphere with ease before it touches the front spinning tire of the SUV and a purple hued explosion ruins the front end of the machine with an atrocious sound of cracking metal and groaning structures.

The cajun will regret that later but as the car tips down where the wheel was, the driver stays in, yet the driven man climbs out and tugs at his lapel as if he was super suave. "Okay Wonder Woman. … We'll talk. What do you want with us simple businessmen?"


Diana watches the tire explode out and then she settles the car back down onto the pavement and steps around it… Her blue eyes go over to Remy to show a look of being impressed, because that trick he just did WAS impressive and a bit more of a surprise than she had expected out of the man. Mutant or Meta, she isn't sure which though yet.

When Bugsy steps out of the car, Diana's eyes go back toward him. She walks toward him and slips her left hand out and forward to loop a length of rope over his wrist and then she pulls it tight!

"Your name." Diana tells the man. The rope begins to shine brightly and burn if the man tries to resist the question. "Why are you here tonight?" She asks further. "Why did you have guns aimed that man?" She asks, looking toward Remy to indicate him.


"Ah, ow Ow OW!" The man cries out before he grits his teeth and grumbles his name out. "Bugsy." And then he lifts his free hand to try and claw the rope off his wrist while the answers Diana seeks spill out of his mouth.

"We're here to get Remy back into the Thieve's guild. We need him to get information. A flash drive. The guns are a way to give us insurance, as we have information on the girl he thinks he love. We have to use every advantage we can." The man spills like he's being tortured.


Diana looks at the man as he tries to resist the will of the lasso. "This is the Lasso of Hestia and it will compell anyone who falls within its hold to tell nothing but the truth." She says to the man under its power, though Remy may likely hear her too and likely be intrigued by this kind of power.

"It will only burn if you resist it, so it is pointless to resist, Mister Bugsy." She doesn't hold it overly aggressive as nothing about this man frightens her. "I'm telling you now, to leave this man alone and any other who may cross your path. This is not your city and you do not decide when and when not to break the laws of it. Do you understand me?' Wonder Woman says to him, though that question is pretty cut and dry.


Bugsy quickly nods and then adds before he stops his motion, "Let me go now!" As if he was demanding the Wonder Woman, and not asking her politely, thought it's quite obvious he was shaken up by the ordeal.

Remy a ways away has started to stand back up, and his immobile foot is making it hard for him to hobble away quickly as the thief isn't going to linger long as he wants to get back to the mansion. Blackmail is the worst.


Diana removes the rope hoop from the man's wrist and she takes a step back. "Take your men and go now. And if you make me regret releasing you here tonight, so help me… I will find you and afford you the same." Its a solid stare, a serious stare. But its then broken by a soft smile. "Have a good evening now, and please turn your guns in to the nearest police station on your way home."

And with that said, Diana is turning to walk toward Remy. Apparently its his turn? Uh oh, hobble faster, Remy LeBeau!

"Hello." Diana says as she approaches the Cajun now. "Did they give you this injury?" She asks him, offering him a steady hand to take for stability if he so desires.


Bugsy quickly ushers his three other men out of the area, leaving the SUV for now, as he'll have a crew come get it in a matter of minutes.

Remy however limps along with his cane clutched tightly in one hand. He jumps slightly when Diana appears beside him. "'Allo." The cajun says with a shy smile towards the overly gorgeous woman. "Ah t'ank ya fo' ya 'elp, but nah, dis was somet'in' a got a few days ago." He replies, his hand reaching out to take her offered help, impressed by her concrete like muscles, though it's not as alien to him as it would be if she helped someone else. He's got a strong woman back home.


Diana doesn't budge an inch when he uses her hand for support. "I am sorry to hear that. It looks very uncomfortable." She's never had a broken bone in her life, so she doesn't truly know what that feels like, but she imagines it is pure pain! "Do you need assistance getting anywhere tonight?" She asks him then, having no reason to believe that HE is at fault for anything that happened here tonight. Even if he is a bit suspicious. "And that was an interesting thing you did back there, with a… playing card?" She asks, while dipping her chin after posing the question.


"It's not pillowy sof' no." Remy says, his black and red eyes looking up to Diana and he smiles with that boyish grin as he hobbles along, but leaning on Diana with most of his weight, catching quickly that she can handle his weight like it was nothing. "If ya could jus' get me t'a roof top, ah can take care'a mahself." Meaning he'll call Rogue to come pick his hobo butt up.

"Ah… yeah, t'was a playin' card, kinda mah specialty." The southerner winks playfully but he doesn't explain much further than that. "Ah like t'keep mah secrets." He chuckles.


Diana listens to the man's charming style of speaking and that swagger of his, unrelated to the injured leg, surely! She shows a faint smile at him and nods her head one single time. "So long as you use such skills for good and not for… Thieves Guilds, then I suppose I have no ill will toward you." She replies to the man before motioning ahead. "There is a castle just over that ridge. I can take you two it if that is a high enough roof for you to… do you fly?" She asks him then, showing a curious expression before she fades it and smiles once more.

"I can fly… Not to sound boasting, mind you, it is just merely a conversation connection." She can be charming too!


"Nah, ah don' fly." He says, though he does roll his eyes, of course she does. She's Wonder Woman. Gah, Rogue would be pissed at him if he ever told her he held Wonder Woman's hand. She'd be pissed if he told her several of his secrets, but that's what he does. He has secrets.

"Ah t'ink dhe castle would be a great place, once d'ere, Ah can take care'a mahself. But a'course Ah would never use mah skills fo' evil, Ah may look like a bad guy, but ah'm a pretty good one." He smirks, still hobbling along next to Diana.


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