April 28, 2018:

Pepper meets with Foggy, and Foggy derails it with his worries about Matt.

Pepper's Favorite Mediterranean Place

It's a restaurant. Good food.


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Mentions: Matt Murdock, Kinsley Sheridan


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Fade In…

Pepper Potts has an unsurprisingly busy schedule. When she asks to meet, it's often a working lunch, as that's just about the only time she can get a midday meal without figurative dozens of interruptions. Today is one of those working lunch days.

The chosen restaurant: one of those little mom and pop type places that are so NOT trendy only the locals know about it. This one in particular is mediterranean fare, and based on the language the menus are printed in, about as authentic as it can get.

Seated in a booth near the middle of the small restaurant, Pepper waits patiently, enjoying a bit of mint tea the proprietor's wife insisted that she just had to try. And is really is good.
Foggy Nelson knows all about the working lunch — particularly with Murdock ghosting both him and Kinsley. With the calls from Kinsley, he's gotten more worried. Much more worried. This may explain why he's a good ten minutes late to showing up for Ms. Pepper Potts.

He comes pushing in through the door, running his hand back through his mop of blond hair, and adjusting his tie and messenger bag both with the tell-tale anxiety of someone who hasn't been sleeping too hot. When he finally spots the bright flash of red that is Pepper's hair, he starts toward her with an apology already building along the way and spilling out when he's in range. "Hi, Pepper… Ms. Potts… I'm sorry I'm late."

Pepper looks up as Foggy rushes into the restaurant, already offering him a smile before he's stumbling out apologies. "Totally fine, Mr. Nelson. Please, have a seat." Her sharp-eyed gaze watches him for a moment though she waits for him to be seated before asking in genuine concern, "Is everything okay?"

One of the wait staff brings Foggy a glass of ice water and an empty mug, presumably for the mint tea.

The Nelson half of Nelson and Murdock slumps down into a seat, tugging his messenger bag off over his head and setting it aside. He stops worrying at his hair, tugging at it lightly so it ends up drawn back, tucked behind his ears, and well out of his face. He looks up at Pepper at her concern, and he hesitates.

Friend or client? He considers Pepper with thoughtful green eyes, and then he nods slightly as he makes his decision.

"I haven't seen Matt in a week, and he hasn't returned my phone calls… or his girlfriend's."

Pepper straightens a bit in her chair, her concern evident. "That's not good. Is there anything I can do to help?" And yes, when Pepper says anything, she means ANYthing. She almost immediately thinks of no less than two people she could task with helping to locate the lawyer. At least she doesn't ask the stupidly obvious questions.

"If you need to access the retainer accounts, don't hesitate to do it. I'll make sure any withdrawls are authorized."

The offer bewilders Foggy a bit, leaning him back. He opens his mouth to speak, hesitates, and then starts to rub at the back of his head again with a heavy sigh. "I don't know, Pepper," he says those words softly. "Maybe… I don't even know where to start. He's… done this before. But, usually Kinsley isn't in a panic." He looks across the table to her. He hesitates again.

"Thank you… really." He clears his throat, repeating. "Really."

With a nod, Pepper accepts the thanks. "It sounds like you have enough to worry about right now without having expenses blindsiding you. I can also, if you want, ask some of my contacts to try and help locate him." Tony has got to have at least one 'white' hacker around somewhere. Maybe she can find that person and have them track Murdock's movements from the last time Foggy saw him.

She reaches a hand across the table and sets it near the newly arrived water glass. "Don't hesitate to call me, even if you just need a friendly ear, all right?"

The idea of using Stark Industries resources to find Matt causes Foggy to relax a bit — like he has something in his back pocket in case Matt doesn't show up soon. The reaching hand from Pepper relaxes him a bit, and he gently pats the top of the woman's hand, squeezing just a bit to convey his thanks through the simple, silent moment.

"Alright… my guess is that you have about, oh… twenty minutes left to your lunch. And you called me here for more than listening to my woes." He smiled a bit, and pulled open his messenger bag for his notepad.

At that, Pepper offers a sly smile. "If I really wanted to, I could extend my lunch as much as I need." Of course, that would mean all the work she didn't get done would still be waiting for her, but there are times when the work can just wait. People are always more important.

"But I did have another reason for asking to meet with you." She goes on to explain, the food she'd apparently already ordered arriving in the meantime. It's mostly vegetarian as is common with mediterranean dishes, but the lamb is truly divine.

Foggy's brows arch expressively over his eyes at that. He seems flustered a moment, smiling while awkwardly brushing his hand back through his hair again. "Oh, well… then I won't feel too bad that I'm wasting your time, Ms. Potts." Such an awkward flirt, and he distracts himself with his cheap ballpoint pen. The firm has been doing so well, and he's still buys those cheap pack of Bic's.

He leans back a bit when the food arrives. A lunch meeting, but food is apparently the last thing on his mind. He looks surprised, but thankful by its arrival. It distracts him a moment to get his lawyer brain back on, and he looks back up at Pepper more seriously. "What can I help you with?"

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