Thats My Chair!

April 27, 2018:

Scott comes to check on Remy in the medbay while delivering some news and info on everything. Rogue's throwing grapes at people's faces.


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The medlab is a required visit for Scott, he had already gotten a clean bill of health himself. The knock he took to the back of his head from the entire Malice / Polaris ordeal only a minor concussion, it didn't stop him from spending his day and night in Metropolis. Back now though, striding through the halls and knocking three times on the medlab wall before opening the door, a brown paper bag in one hand with the Big Belly Burger logo on it. Grease seeping through the sack.

"We decent?" The grey suit with the white undershirt Scott has on not sporting a tie, that came off much earlier in this new wave of heat.


Sitting up on his bed, Remy looks over at the sound of the knocking on the medbay door before he smirks at Rogue and shouts towards the closed door.

"No, don' come in, Ah'm wearin' Rogue's clothes!"

Yeah, he still has a pain killer drip and his cast wrapped foot is still propped up into the air. The cajun winks in Rogue's direction before he chuckles at himself and tries another joke. "Nah, ya know me, Ah ain't gotta shred o'decency in me."


Rogue is seated in a chair she'd brought in from the War Room, one of those nice ones with the tall back and the cushiony seat. She's leaning back in with her booted feet up on the doctor's rolly-stool. In her lap is a plastic bag filled with green and purple grapes. She's been munching on them since coming down here and watching the television while giving the Cajun company.

"Not a shred." Rogue comments additionally before Scott comes in and she smiles at him. She's wearing a beatup old straw cowboy hat that has the sides rolled up, most people around the school have seen her in that from time to time. She's got a hoodie on cause its cold down in this damn Base all the time, a tank top beneath that and jeans.

"What ya'll dressed up for, Big Money?" She asks Scott, grinning while popping a purple grape into her mouth.


"Had a meeting with Superman." He replies to Rogue, a smile followed by a toss has that bag of food lobbed at Remy. "Comfort food. Your foot still there?" A look is given at Rogue at the chair, "Thats… mine." He mumbles but grabs a stool, wheeling it over to drop down on to it. Loosening several buttons off his sleeves and hanging the jacket up over the small sink counter.


Remy points at Scott and then at his foot when a bag of food lands on his chest with an OOMPHF forced out of Remy's mouth. "Ah was gonna ask ya t'spread out an' enjoy yaself, but more dan anythin' Ah need ya t'tell me where Ah can find Lorna… I owe her somet'in'." The cajun's face lowers as he gets briefly serious.

Remy turns his head towards Rogue and opens his mouth as if he was expecting something like they've done it over and over. That might explain the grapes littering on the ground behind and around Remy's bed.


Rogue looks up when the name 'Superman' is said outloud. She immediately just has to ask. "Is he as sexy in person as he is on the tv?" As if Scott's going to give her a good answer on that. "With the cute little chin dimple and that swirl in his beautifuly kept hair?" And NOW she's swooning… but it only lasts a minute before she puts one hand on the arm of the chair. "While its in here, its my chair." She says to Scott in a warning-kind-of voice.

And then Rogue shoots a look over to Remy to see him gaping his mouth at her again. "What do you need t'give Lorna? She was all kindsa mean t'that boyfriend'a hers the other night, when she busted your leg."

Rogue throws a grape at Remy, it hits him right in the left eye!


Scott's palms rest on his knees and he gets comfortable, "Lorna as much as I want to say is at fault, she wasn't. The accident fell on Sinister's spy, Malice." A look around and at the mess, he doesn't remind them they get to clean it. The nurse Anne Ghazikhanian is going to have a field day with them more so than he would.

"Not my idea of sexy, but sure. Cute dimples and all, Rogue."

"You're not to date on that?" Scott adds at both, the Cajun he expected, Rogue though, always in her own space even though shes often right there.
"Marcos pegged it, she was acting off because she was possessed."


Remy's hand snaps up to his eye and slaps his own face with a crack. "Supaman is awfully sexy." The man says with a harsh nod before he squints at Scott with his one good ruby eye. "So, she was possessed by a Sinister spy?" Obviously he doesn't quite understand what's going on, or what all's happened with him in the medbay room.


Rogue is snickering at the sight of Remy getting hit in the eye with the grape and is about to grab another one out of the bag before she looks up and over at Scott. "She was what?" Rogue asks, because the information was more than a little stunning to her. "I… thought she was bein' kinda cool." And now a dumbfounded / confused look shows on the southern belle while she processes this information. "Huh… So because she had a choker on around her neck, Marcos… Wait, his name is Marcos?" Yep, thats Rogue. "Nice name." But she quickly moves on. "So because she had that choker on around her neck, he could tell she was possessed? Mm… I got a whole drawer fulla' chokers. They're fun t'wear. Really sexy with a low cut top too."

Rogue pops a grape into her mouth again, tastey treat and a hydrating too!


"Something of the sort. Yeah." Scott says, "We're still getting down to the bottom of it."

A usb drive is held up and turned around in his fingers, no sleight of hand trick or anything special like the thief is capable of, just nimble end over end. "There is a Kryptonian thats sided with the Brotherhood, Agent Carter and Superman wanted the X-Men aware. Should any of us engage with them, we're to be hands off… more so than usual." A look at Rogue, sidelong past his rose shades, "Though, thats also not accounting for our secret weapon here."

"Great aim." Scott remarks in his dull tone, "Yeah, Marcos." He trails off, his features going flat and if they could see his eyes hes gone distant.


"Ah'm sensing another time where Scott don' like bein' told what t'do." Remy says with a smirk and a nod towards Rogue. "Obviously we're not gonna be 'ands off, but we ain' gonna be stupid about it eit'er." Remy winks and starts to scoot a bit on his bed, the food in his lap rustling and a few grapes becoming visible on his bed sheets. "What's ya plan Scotty?"


Rogue leans back in her chair (her chair!) and she just sighs and sets the bag of grapes aside. "The stuff I pulled outta that cyber zombie's head was disturbin'. So I'm eager t'find out where the hell that factory'a the dead walkin' is so I can push the damn thing over inta a pile a rubble, like it deserves t'be. Any place thats choppin' folks up and turnin' them inta loud mouthed a-holes with robot body parts? Thats a place that doesn't deserve t'be in existence on this planet, ya'll."


"We were there." Scott remarks, coming out of his momentary daze. "At least that is what I suspect. Golcondo, the shoe store, we were there. The DEO tipped us off before these clowns even decided they wanted to try and attack us."

"No puts Scotty in a corner." He remarks to Remy about the being told what to do thing, a half smile showing briefly, "Yeah, several plans. Kryptonians are no different from us when it comes to mental defenses, I learned this from Superman today, we have the best weapons on that front and… we have Rogue."

"For starters at least." He adds, "Thats a basic approach though, I'm working on something more. We have too much to worry about on that front and not enough details yet."

"That front too I suppose, which is why were going on a field trip as soon as you're cleared."

"Unfortunately its one thing at a time and we have two fronts attacking us, Sinister and his Marauders and the 'Brotherhood'."


"We'll find'a way t'deal. We always 'ave." The cajun says before he reaches over himself and starts to move to remove his IV. "Ah'm ready t'go as soon as Ah can get mah jacket on." Remy says acting like he's about to get up and start fighting crime immediately.


Rogue looks up at Scott when he says 'we have Rogue' and she gives him a big ol' happy smile, the happ-happiest smile the southern belle can give a person. And then she reaches her hands up and points right at her chest. "I need me a shirt thats got a R inside'a a triangle. Oh, shit and a cape too! They love capes, don't they? I like capes too… but they hide your posterior and my posterior is about as beneficial t'the team as my fists are. The bad guys get sight'a my ass in my green'n'yellow and they just stun right up. I've seen it time and again." Green And Yellow is of course what she calls her sleek bodysuit that she wears now and then on missions, it was made here in the Base with her own insight on just what she wanted. Tight, wasn't a strong enough word to describe that form mulded suit.

"So we go back t'that shoe store and beat down that pervert that was workin' there? Speakin' a guys who're were stunned inta submission by my hotness."

Rogue's right foot goes over and she pushes it against Gambit's chest to shove him back into his bed. "Sit, boy!"


"Shes right, you're not ready yet. We have time. Enough of a hurt was put on those fakes that they'll need to recover as well. If anything they were testing the waters with us." Scott stands up, the stool shoved back by his calves.

Rogue gets Scott clearing his throat accompanied with a draw in of his cheeks against his teeth, if he was younger he might be blushing, hes not so much capable of that anymore. "Right, advantageous wardrobe choices."

"Yeah, the shoe store or near it. That general area requires a closer look. Remy is our best bet for getting in with stealth to be considered, Lorna blew our cover last time… so they'll be aware of us immediately. Which is fine, we can work with that. Details will be worked out further when I have a team assembled for this."


"Worse comes t'worse, Rogue can take mah stealthy skills and you an' 'er can sneak in." The cajun says with a frown though his hand lifts to rub onto Rogue's calf as if he was on autopilot.

"Shoe store's ain't really mah forte t'ough." The thief leans further back and even goes so far as to lay down on his bed fully with a yawn escaping his lips.


Rogue just grins at the both of them. "Uh… I absorbed Carol Freakin' Danvers… I know how t'sneak around. I just generally chosoe NOT to, cause its mostly pointless. I'm of the mindset that I like t'spring the traps and alert the security. Make'em all rush right over t'me and then be dazzled by my beauty… Moments before I rattle their brains with my fists."

She's grinning again then as she reaches for the grapes once more. She tosses one at the side of Remy's head. "What we need is for me t'steal Logan's healin' power, and then somehow find a way t'transfer it into the rest of ya. See, I go tthe suck power all figured out, what I need t'learn is the Blow power."

Rogue's definitely just fucking around at this point. She's been in this Base-ment (get it?) too long, she's getting the cabin fevers. (Its been like 45 minutes).


Scott collects his jacket, busying himself with folding it over one forearm as they continue to goof around and Remy looks half ready to pass back out.
"Right, not exactly my idea of a fun field trip either but, it's our closest lead on that front."

Scott grunts at the mention of Logan, the man last time having thrown a swing at him. "I, you know, thats one hell of an opening. I'll take that bait… I very much doubt your blow powers need work, trouble."

Scott headshakes slowly, now he can feel his ears eated up under the glasses hes wearing. "I should go though, let you two spend your time together. I guess we have no one around capable of reparing Shi'ar thermosyphon piping or capacitators. Malice damage thats not been approached yet… its days like these I miss Beast." Maybe Cable has a clue…. father-son bonding…


Remy was trying to follow along with the conversation when his eyes slowly get too heavy for his lack of will power and the cajun slowly draws his eyelids closed and is now officially resting.


And Rogue just give Scott a big ol' secound helping of southern smiles! "Awwww, compliments! You're so sweet, Scotty!" She says at him. "I'll even wheel your chair back inta the meetin' room when I'm done here." She looks over to see Gambit out cold. "And… I guess thats right now!" So she stands up and grabs her grapes and moves around the back of the chair to start to push it back, humming a little song to herself!


"Probably for the best. Man needs to recover, hard to do when you're being kicked and pelted with fruit."

Scott hesitates a half a second then hops in to the chair before shes out the door with it entirely. "Panel 5! Lets goooo." A moment of fun never killed anyone… maybe it's the knock to the head too.


Rogue starts to push the chair even faster while making engine noises with her mouth! And tire screeching noises! And holy shit is she pushing it fast casue she's strong and can fly!


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