Capri Sun and Pain Meds

April 26, 2018:

Rogue visits Gambit in the X-Men medical center. She brings him soup and a drink and tells him what he missed in the fight where he broke his leg.


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Remy is still in the medbay, with his arm hooked up into a drip, and he's seeming like he's loving every moment. The man's foot is hung in a sling and wrapped in a tight cast with his little toes poking out and wiggling in an odd twitch every once in a while.

The cajun remains on his back and is looking around the room and sighs as he drops the remote onto the sheets after turning off the tv. "A batrillion channels, an' ain't nut'in' on. Shame."


Rogue comes striding in the medical center with a metal tray and a bowl of steaming hot soup. She's got a grin on her lips and her gloved hands are holding the tray by its handles on either end. "Heeeeya, Cannonball, how ya doin'?" She asks Remy, of course having to poke fun at him for his injury beause thats just sort of her thing.

"Brought ya some home made chicken noodle soup, made it myself. Well, with Storm's help." She flashes a grin as she sets it down on the table at the foot of his bed and starts to sort some things out on it as she glances up at him from where she stands.

"Ya all right?"


"Ah'm goin' crazy mon ami. Jus' sittin' 'ere, not knowin' how the fight turned out, or really anyt'in'. Ah'm bored!" The man declares as he lifts his hands and flops them onto the bed as he sighs. "But dis drip is dhe shiiit." He says with a soft smirk.

Remy's red and black eyes drink Rogue in, from top to bottom to top again and he smiles softly. "Ah only let ya get away wit' dat joke cause ya so easy on dhe eyes." He teases before he makes grabby hands towards the soup like a three year old. "Ah'm okay, jus' remind me t' beat up dat Lorna chick when Ah get outta 'ere."


Rogue's wearing a green tanktop and some faded blue jeans with a black leather belt and a small silver X-buckle on the front. She's got a scarf on around her neck too, even though its warm out, she just likes the feeling of it and it never hurts to have some added protection against her bare shoulders should she need to wrap up a bit.

The southern belle grabs another pillow and walks over to him, she motions him to move forward. "Situp." She says softly before stuffing the pillow behind him. "And… well, turns out those things, that attacked? They weren't Brotherhood, exactly. They weren't even mutants. They were some kinda, science experiment, unleashed on us, almost like a field test'a some kind."

Rogue's bringing him his bowl of soup now, its loaded with goodness and a spoon.


Remy sits up and seems to wobble a bit as he does so. The drip is working very well. "Glad Ah met ya mon ami, ya dhe bes' girl in dhe worl'." The cajun says as he forgets to sit back and is reaching for the bowl of soup.

"So, buncha random bad guys. Dat means we ain' a very good secret group. 'Specially if'n we don' know who attacked us." The thief says with a soft frown passing over his face before the soup warms his soul back to his cheery drunk self.


Rogue has to grin a little at his words and her head shakes back and forth. She lowers down to sit on the edge of a doctoring stool beside his bed, Banner was likely on it last.

"Yeah well…" Rogue starts with a graveness in her voice. "I touched one'a them." She tells him then. "A cyborg man. I rushed'im and put my hands on'im to figure out WHO he was and WHERE he was comin' from." She shakes her head side to side.

"Remy, he was already dead." She glances back at him and his bowl of steamy hot soup. "The cybernetic bullshit, it was keepin' him alive. And when I touched him, I disrupted it all and shut it down. Shut him 'off', so t'speak. But I caught glimpses'a what happened to him. Someone cut him up, like a turkey."


"So Ah broke mah leg fightin' zombie robots… Ah suddenly feel much bettah about dat." Gambit smirks afterwards with a huge grin that slowly fades back into a deep and regretful frown. "He was already dead." The cajun lets that thought linger in the air as he considers it. This is a disturbing discovery.

"But you all kept 'em away, right?"


Rogue shows him a light grin then before she shakes her head at his boyishness about it all. "Leave it t'you t'turn inta a horror movie reference, ya big nerd." She replies before glancing over at the drip thing that is going into him. "You on some pain killers?" She asks him then. "I bet you feel pretty good right now then." But that was just a idle comment, a side observation.

Rogue looks back at him then, staring past the white bangs framing her face that are draped over the fronts of her shoulders. "Yeah, we kept'em clean offa school property. The guy I fought never made it past the fence line. I ran that cannon right up his ass… so t'speak anyhow." Another flashed grin.


"Dat's a shame. Ah t'ought Ah was supposed t'get mah ass rammed. Prolly for dhe best, non?" Remy retorts with a wink before finally slumping forwards and slowly picking up his spoon to try a small bit of his soup with a slow slurp. He giggles quickly as he realizes he's not using his manners like a grown man, but he's too happy right now to not worry about much for long.


Rogue just gives the cajun a side glance at the giggling and she responds to his comment with a bit of shadow to her voice. "They got phone apps t'help ya find that kinda thing, if thats what you're afte'ah." She says back at her fellow southerner mutant. "Stop lookin' like you're havin' so much fun too. Or I'm gonna start gettin' jealous that they're givin' you all the best drugs this place has t'offer." And with that said, Rogue stands up (cause she has that antsy issue of not liking to sit still for long) and she wanders around to the tray she brought down. She gets him a Capri-sun pouch and tosses it onto his lap. "Here." She says. They go through a lot of those at Xavier's School, the students inhale them in bulk.


Remy oofs and a bit of soup dribbles onto his chin and the table below. "Warn me nex' time." The thief says with a giggle again. He sets the spoon down and reaches into his lap to find the silver pouch and starts to fumble around with that crappy yellow straw.

"Ah might need some 'elp mon ami." THe cajun says as he keeps stabbing and missing the mark only to poke his thumb or nothing.


Rogue just grins at him before she sighs at the pitiful display with the straw then moves to pull her long gloves off and step around his beside. "Nurse Marie'll take care of it, ya big child." She says to him. "Go back to your soup and your pain meds."

It only takes her a moment or two to spear the pouch and then she takes a quick sip of its contents, her red hued lips wrapped about the straw. Afterward she offers it over to him and nods her head once. "Not bad, if ya like pure sugah. Which I know that you do." And then she's smirking at him and sitting back down on the stool.

Her eyes go over to the television on the wall and she reaches for the remote. "Playoff hockey is on. I like watchin' the men beat each othe'ah up…"


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