Hulk is Best Hero

April 25, 2018:

Malice finally goes on the attack, and is stopped by the X'ers.. then the Hulk. The mansion needed to be rebuilt this week anyways.


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The combat outside had hit all the alarms, the security systems in full blast and all of the students following the safety drills. They knew them and knew them well for different levels of attack. That said, it was easy enough for Lorna to slip between them and, under the pretense of making sure her baby was safe, into the more secure levels where the medbay was.

However, she didn't actually go where she claimed to have gone. Rather, she'd spent her time going into the sub-basement levels that Scott had expressly prohibited her from going. EMP fields shorted the simple circuits and cameras, but that was only the surface security. The rest took far more time. Enough that, she didn't have time to flee from the sub-basements and the mansion entire by the time Scott and Marcos returned to the mansion and the fighting had calmed. Not enough time for her to erase her presence either or her own tripping of alarms and security measures either.

Which left her striding out of the prohibited zone, Aurora's incubator hefted over a shoulder and her guise of 'friendly' Polaris left behind. She wore only a black bodysuit, her hair floating on magnetic winds and a wicked expression on her features. Delighting in finally throwing off the moping visage she'd spent her days in.


The assault on the mansion fortunately brief, no casualties beyond Remy's foot, Scott's grill and a lot of good food. The clean up taking place is automated trained for many of them, round up the badguys get them below.
Though, Scott had to call a halt to that. They have a breach still and it's not what anyone is expecting right now, perhaps.

Cyclop's bare feet pad through the empty smooth halls of the mansion to slide in to the elevator, mashing the button to descend quickly, more times than he heeds to.


Once the fight was over, Marcos took a moment to look for Lorna…then, suddenly, every parental instinct in his body told him to check on Aurora.

He practically zoomed past Scott.

he's sprinting. No time to be angry at everyone for being absolutely oblivious to everything. Alarms went off and Marcos was on the warpath.


As the elevator dinged and the doors rolled open, Scott and Marcos would be greet with a rather fearful sight. The black clad mutant ripping out beam and flooring above, metal screamed and lurched and rumbled. The school was going to face another unsettling need to rebuild once again. The whole of the floors above shook and trembled as the magnokinetic ripped everything out from above and hurled it at the path leading to the elevator. Doors crunched shut once more and delighted, horrible laughter followed.

"I see I've got some company. You're too late though, lover-boy. Time is up and the kid and I have a pre-arranged appointment to keep." She called, tauntingly, and more of the ceiling and floor from above was ripped open with a scream and heavy lurch of the foundations.


+MEET: Cable has arrived via +meet.


+MEET: Monet has arrived via +meet.


+MEET: Bruce Banner has arrived via +meet.


Marcos sees -definitely- not Lorna, and one can see the fire in his eyes as he sees his daughter being whisked away. "LET HER GO!" He shouts, sprinting down the hallway as Lorna tried to escape, a blast of flash-bang like light being tossed right st Lorna! He needs to take off that choker!


Bruce Banner originally was removing Remy from the battle outside, but there's more noise and danger, evidently, from the basement level under their feet. He puts Remy in as safe a spot as he can, hedges, and then follows the sound, near to where the floorboards are being torn apart. Dr. Banner ends up staring at that, pretty helpless to do anything about it at this moment. But things keep getting worse. Okay. He sits down on a chair in the hall just outside of where the floorboards are being rended, and shoves his shoes off…. and tries to remain calm. But if this keeps going the way it's going, well. He can save the shoes.


The green haired woman threw up a hand, Marcos' blast blocked by a mass of metal that reflected the light back without harm to her. "Not a chance, lover." She cackled and the hallway crunched in an explosion of steel flooring, supports, pipes and other hardware. The above floor was ripped open all the way, crashing down on Marcos and Cyclops.

Polaris? No, Malice, though she had yet to introduce herself as such. Flew up through the hole toward what she was hoping was an escape. She floated on the magnetic currents, hair a halo of green around her sneering features. She wore a black bodysuit, with heavy metal shoulder pads and mask. She cackled as she flew upwards, incubator with baby Aurora over her shoulder. Her hand flung out to rip and rend at the building at large, causing more chaos from within.


Marcos runs straight for her before she flows through the hole as she brings the floorboards down on him and Scott. He can save himself and make sure Scott didn't die, but Scott is down and out for the moment. But? Lorna-Malice's big mistake? SHe picked a bad day to be outside. Marcos was strongest in the sunlight.

His eyes narrow as he looks at that choker….and around Lorna's neck? It might get -extremely- hot there, like it was gonna burn off or something. "LET. MY. CHILD. GO or I will burn you alive!" His child was everything to him, and this…thing wasn't Lorna. This was also help possibly distract her as he made his way back to surface level.


Walking into the door to the mansion, Monet looks very displeased with her situation. She's covered in lake water and this was a good outfit. Was. She glares back over her shoulder for a moment toward where the A-holes went and then looks forward in time to get hit in the face with a fork. Yes. A fork. She squints at the fork that bent upon impact and did 0 damage to her. It hit the ground after trying to embed itself into her forehead.

She looks up then to see Lorna with the incubator and starts forward. She doesn't even stop as a TV slams into her and then breaks apart, "Lorna…I've heard of post partem depression but this is ridiculous." She nods her head, "Please put your baby down."

Then Marcos yells and Monet takes a slow breath and then lets it out, "Ok…"


INTERIOR - Classroom - Xavier's Institute

Nathan Summers felt it up and down the right side of his body. The lights in the mansion flickered momentarily as the electro-magnetic pulse was applied to the basement and concurrent with their flickering Cable felt a tingling sensation down his body. Fortunately, the Askani'son's techno-organic infection tied closely to his modified biology rendering him largely immune to attacks that disable electronics. Also, very recently, he has developed an affinity for the Xavier institute's STEM team the Xavier Xo-bots.

Unfortunately, Graymalkin's access to the war room has been severed and so when the floor starts heaving he knows only as much as everyone else.

"Get out," Cable commands the children as he pulls himself to full stature the classroom wall suddenly fracturing and then blowing outward. The children panic and scream because of the chaos, "/GET OUT/," he demands right-eye gaining luminescence. Suddenly, as if trained terriers, the children grow calm and rapidly begin to egress the building out of the sidewall.

INTERIOR - Hallway - Xavier's Institute

Cable storms into the hallway; the future's Messiah he wears only olive colored tactical pants and a black T-Shirt. As he exits the classroom he pulls a side-arm from the side of his leg. The collapsed FN-P90 rapidly expands in a whir of clicking machinery and he pulls the weapon tight into his shoulder and rolls forward. His footfalls are smooth like a treaded vehicle as he scans the corridor with his weapon and then focuses it downward upon the expanding room.

"Bruce Banner, I'm here to protect the children." he speaks in a gravelly baritone and stops before the man of the same name and drops to a kneeling position making him seem very much the fusion of a human being and an armored HMMWV, "The Hulk. Does it remember what tried to hurt your? What made you change?"


Caught in the blast of floorboards and various furniture that is now flung everywhere, Bruce was blown back into the hallway — still sitting on the chair he'd been on, but cracked back into the wall. Just a little bruised, rattled. And then there's Cable right there kneeling next to him. Bruce shoves some pieces of floor off his legs, battered and alarmed. "/What/?" Bruce asks, mostly just disoriented and trying to take in a hell of a lot of confusing information. People coming out of the floor. Being asked questions suddenly about the Hulk. People keep /knowing/ about the Hulk and it makes him jump every time.
"You're asking if Hulk holds grudges….? Yes. Big time. Why?"


Lorna glared down at the collapsed floor, and pushed up higher into the magnetic fields, and the wall to the outside blew open under a gesture of her hands. Pipes burst, water splashing everywhere, and wires snapping with electricity to make a deadly combination for those not prepared for it. She hefted the incubator before her, sneering at Marcos' figure as he hollared up from the basement.

"Careful what you wish for, boy. Or I'll smash it." She shouted back. Her green eyes flickered toward the others that now rallied to the main floor where Malice floated and she scowled.

"Sorry, no time for banter." She grinned and made to bolt for the hole in the wall she'd made to try to escape.


Marcos crawls out of the basement then before he calls out. "It's not Lorna! she needs to go down -now-! hurry!" he calls out almost desperately to his X-Men teammates because…well, Marcos can't fly. But what he does do, is that he places his palms downwards and he uses the power of his photokinesis to make a heat draft to cause him to launch himself into the air at Lorna. when he's close enough? He'll blast one hell of a blast at Lorna, which might pierce through her metal defenses if he can get close enough.

Though he looks to Monet. Oh good, she's here. Could help then!

at this point…Marcos's daughter's safety is in severe jeopardy.


"Oh…" She then quickly flies right for the hole Lorna is going for and a voice is projected toward Lorna's mind (and opotentially the invader's mind), <Do me a huge favor and get out. K? Not in the mood. Don't do it? I have to hurt Lorna.> She nods as she tries to get right into Lorna's path, <At this point, I am more than willing to hit ANYONE and I really don't care.> She nods her head and tehre's no lie in her voice. She's no Hulk but her mood has been ruined by a little speedy A-Hole and a swim in the lake so she is really at the hurt whoever point.


As the foundation shakes bits of drywall rain down upon Cable and a field flickers with golden light as the sight of impact as if some sort of invisible shield protects him.

Cable shifts from a kneeling position to a standing one, "No time to explain. Get behind me." He releases the fore-grip of his weapon and waves Banner behind, "I'll protect you." Then he starts forward.

Leveraging the cybernetic half of his brain his brainwave communicated as a purely digital signal, . . o o O O (Professor. Prep med-pod four. Prepare for hostage extraction.)

«Acknowledged,» Nathan's mind buzzes.

As Lorna emerges he tosses the rifle aside its metal-and-plastic composition futile against her magnetism. He thrusts his flesh-hand into his pocket and pulls out a small device affixed to what appears to be car-keys. To a feline it would appear very exciting for the Askani'son he wields a palm-sized laser pointer. Metal hand curls into a fist and his living blue-eye disappears as cascade of golden light obscures it from view.

Did Bruce follow him? Perhaps it matters.

"Hulk," he whispers, "smash," Then he asserts his will upon the scientist. Lorna. The destroyer. Who is trying to murder Bruce Banner. Who is trying to murder an innocent child. Does Hulk care about children? Perhaps he is made to feel fond of this one.

Cable sees Monet but beyond his physical presence makes no contact as if completely focused for the moment.


It isn't Lorna? Not the baby's mother? Marcos gave critical information. That changes the scope a huge amount for someone like Banner. It could have been the woman protecting her baby from something else. But a villain, stealing a baby? Stop her? Well. Banner can't do that just as-is. He needs the other guy. Well. He huffs a stressed out breath. But then Cable is sending mental pressure at him. There's some mental rise at the images, but Banner has some heavy emotional barriers and control. Which weathers it to a degree. Cable will sense that Banner's the one keeping things in check, on purpose.
Even so, he jumps over some pieces of wood (with a stumble), shaking his hands out, trying to not panic about losing control, and finally … deliberately lets the tight leash of control… go.
The change is liquid fast: Hulk was really ready to come out. Strides switch to bounds as anger is unleashed, ignoring the tearing shirt as back and shoulders flow up and out in thick mutant green, heavier and wider, veins and muscles exploding along with a throat rending bellow of a roar. He'll drown out villainous cackles for that time, with the pure rage expression.
The running start turns into a low (well, low for him) leap and sudden spring, both hands flung out and grasping, intending to grab onto Lorna low, if he can - inside her metal objects, or without, whatever— doesn't matter.


Bobby Drake arrives from Xavier's Institute.


The green haired mutant managed to fly to the exit, and was about to continue onwards, before Monet blocked her path. She snarled, and as Marcos screamed that it wasn't her the woman laughed. "Fools. Polaris and I are one in the same. We are Malice. And to rid her body of me will be her death. We are one being. One body."

Marcos' blast rippled against the magnetic shield that buzzed around her, the heat and light flung off an invisible force field.

"Stop me at the risk of your beloved and child." She snarled, and the whole house rumbled once more, as metal screamed and supports from above came raining down on the gathering inside.

Of course then there was the Hulk and Malice's eyes went wide as she tried to fly away, to escape. A leg becoming trapped in the lightning fast grip of the green skinned, bulk of the Hulk's hand.


Marcos bounces off her electromagnetic field as the creature who's taken Polaris speaks, but Marcos is smart, he tries to take his finger, and blast a single laser aiming for her choker necklace to try and burn it off of her!

Then he holds his hands under him like a little booster pack, allowing him to hover in the air through simple creative use of his powers. He does look to Cable.

"Cable!" he calls to him, and gives him a nod, as if asking him to read his mind. If he does?

«is there any way you can expel the creature who's possessed Lorna? I -know- a staplepoint for it's hold over her is the choker necklace. But if that doesn't work, I need to know if you can.»


"Ya know every freaking time I get to run my beach simulation in the Danger Room…" Bobby grumbles walking out of the Danger Room, "Who is attacking us…" His eyes fall on the biggest Green creature as he blinks and his body begins to shift from flesh to pure ice. His entire body now organic ice expect for the red speedo. He sighs, "Ahhhhh come on. Who pissed him off now…."


Frowning deeply, Monet is about to say more when the Hulk hits Lorna and grabs her. She clears her throat and then grinds her teeth, "Ok…" She nods her head and tehn looks over at Marcos a moment and hten at Cable before saying, "Going to have to someone about there being…well, the Hulk here." She takes a breath and lets it out, frowning deeply and then says, "Marcos, Cable…I need your help!" She then looks to Cable and attempts to connect with him mentally, <If we can get her held down, can you and I burn out the thing that is in her? Erase it? Marcos can help provide anchor for Lorna while we do it.>


Cable swings the laser pointer into both hands his metal-hand steadying his flesh hand as a thumb toggles the silver switch from 'UNMARKED' to 'CIRCLE WITH A LINE THROUGH THE TOP'. The tip of it emits a pulse of electrons every hundredth of a second which visually appears to be a red-dot upon incubator.

. . o o (Extract,) Cable communicates at the speed of thought.

A flash. The incubator is consumed by white light as it and its contents are rapidly disassembled to a sophisticated symbol that pieces visibly into the upper atmosphere.

INTERIOR - Medbay - Graymalkin

A bang. A sophisticated incubator bounces dejectedly across the floor.

A flash. A premature baby is assembled in Med-Pod Four which closes with a hiss. It cries out once before the environment seals. Its vitals appear as a holograph above the med-pod, stable.

EXTEIOR - Xavier's Mansion - Grounds

«Nathan. The infant is secure.»

Cable thrusts the laser pointer back into his pocket and glowers at the chaos he helped create.

. . o o O O (Don't know,) Cable admits, (We can try. Hulk is the primary threat. Can you subdue her?)


Hulk grabbed leg! Success! He'll either force her to the ground due to his weight, or hang on her. Either way, that's probably not pleasant for her. "GOT you," Hulk bellows in a sickeningly deadly tone, like a proper murderer in horror movie dragging prey back towards doom. Yet it has a childlike sense to it: maybe it's more like a game of hide and seek. And he won. He roars at her again, without words: which, if she gets that in the face, that's a whole other thing of awesome Hulk breath and intimidation.
"Hulk Squeeze!" Hulk announces, drawing in other hand, and starting to apply the same motion somebody would to a towel, intending to wring the resistance out of his catch. If there's much resistance, well, slamming her into things is the old standby, if needed. Hulk is ramping up, he's starting to gain mass and scale: his hands becoming more bulky, his height gaining. Having the Hulk in the middle of the mansion may be a bigger and bigger issue, literally.


As soon as Cable pointed the laser in the direction of the incubator the green haired woman shrieked and snarled, fighting against the grip the Hulk held on her as she tried to keep hold of the thing only to have it vanish in her arms along with Aurora. A howl of frustration and sharp wave of magnetic power blasted through the area, throwing back anything and everything with the strength of a supermagnet. The house's foundations rolled a anything and everything made of metal went flying out out the opposite side of the house.

Windows were blown out, electricity and electronics all over were burned out and shattered. A magnetic storm swirled as she struggled to try to get free of the Hulk's grip.


The Hulk's grip was strong, and as he flung her against the wall, metal shrieked, bending with the force-fields around her that smashed into the dry-wall. That wasn't particularly damaging to the woman, not so much as the grip on her leg that followed with a loud CRACK and snap of bone and metal.

She didn't stop fighting until then.

That's green haired mutant's body tensed and a shriek of pain followed as the world tilted and blazed through her mind's eye. At least she wasn't fighting just then?


Monet twitches as her pants rip at the side. SHe looks down at where her pocket was and so was her cellphone. She looks back toward the hole in the wall. She was staggered but now her phone was sent flying away. She clenches her fists tightly and sighs, "This…this is a shit day." She nods her head and then looks toward Hulk and Lorna. She rushes in and she attempts to put her hand right on Lorna's head and she says to the Hulk, "Show me how strong you are and make sure she stays still…no killing her." She nods her head and then she opens her eyes wide as she attempts to drive her mind right into Lorna's…and more importantly wahtever is in there, <One and the same? Eh? What would happen if I just start erasing everything that /isn't/ Lorna?> And she starts doing just that. If it is blatantly not a thought of Lorna's, she starts to try to delete it. Lets see how it likes that.


Eclipse flew upwards towards Lorna, only to see Aurora disappear. He looks to Cable as the information is flooded into his mind at what happened, thoug hhe sees the Hulk gripping Lorna, and he looks to Cable. "Help us hold her down!" and he soars towards the downed Lorna, and he puts a knee on her arm, a hand moving to rip that choker off of her neck!

"Cable, Monet!" he calls to the both of them to try and work together to ensure that whatever is controlling Lorna is expelled. Though he looks to Hulk and he looks to that green Monster.

"Wiat! wait! stop smashing please hulk!" he asks him desperately. Hopefully. then he looks to Monet. "We can still get her. Help me please."


As the ice gathers under his feet, Bobby lifts into the air and he begins to surf with an unnatural grace towards the choas. "Why is the Green guy squeezing…and what are we doing to not piss him off. Didn't we just fix this place." As his ice formation lowers down next to Cable, "What am I doing to help Grumpy?" As he raises his arm a shield of ice forms off it to reflect the shattering glass, He cocks his head to the side looking over Lorna, Monet and blinks unsure of what to make of Eclipse. He knows Cable and his skill base enough to go to him for it seems. Must be because he is a Summer's and they are known for their bossyness…(cough)…direction.


The force of the electromagnetic blast is intensified as it strikes Cable whom is comprised of approximately fifty percent (50%) metal. The blast catches his left side in particular and sends him twisting for a moment before sprawling him out upon the ground as windows shatter. Techno-Organic fingers dig into the dirt as he shake off the din of chaos and begins to struggle to his feet. The absurdity of this battlefield doesn't seem to give him much pause as right hand reaches outward.

The FN-P90 he discarded earlier spins outward from the rubble and into his grip. Pressing it into the pocket of his shoulder he sights it upon the Hulk.


The sub-machinegun begins shooting in-and-around the monster's ear. The 28mm ammunition causing no real harm to the World's Mightiest Mortal but serving as perhaps a direct distraction.

. . o o O O (Restrain the woman,) the words coming as an impulse but probably not as interpreted as meaning Monet.

Cable then chucks the weapons away again and raises both hands, "Hey, big guy," Nathan projects an aura of calm his tone placid and empathetic despite his grizzled warlike appearance, "You did a good job. The children are safe," he assured the jade giant, "I'm so proud of you," The right, human, side of Nathan's mouth curls into a contented smile, "See.." The image of the baby resting. Comforted. Settled peacefully into a warm environment sound asleep with its tiny arms clutched close to its chest and beneath its chin, "We're so proud of you."


/STOP/ smash? Not hardly, Marcos. Hulk promptly lashes out with a loose backhand when Marcos gets so close to his prize. It isn't terribly aimed, so, not hard to dodge, but will be a mack truck if it hits. So there.
"Puny man, not stop girl. /Hulk/ do it, best hero," Hulk asserts darkly, proud. And then stares at Lorna. "She give up?" Hulk partially asks Lorna, still hanging on to the broken leg, giving it a little shake. It is meant to just shake her into a response, but having a broken leg jostled around probably hurts massively.
Getting shot in the head makes Hulk round on Cable in rage, glad to get a new target to be angry at. "Tiny weak bullets! Hulk smash you." Hulk 'offers', taking a step towards Cable. The telepathy of the baby appears to be pretty much ignored in an anger-spree haze, though he hasn't done more than ball up his free fist and glower at Cable. And yes, he'll probably drag Lorna along. 'Restrained'? Sort of.


A groan of pain followed as Lorna/Malice shifted in the green handed grip. Her lips pulled into a twisting sneer. "You can't get rid of us. We're one. We—" She broke off as Monet started rummaging inside the green haired mutant's head. She would find Malice's signature, strong and everywhere. Supressing Lorna's but interwoven with so fine of strands that it was impossible to separate in whole from Lorna's own mind.

It was a tangle of electromagnetic fields, thoughts and powers.

With Lorna's powers running, the most Monet on her own could do was supress Malice's control. Still, whatever Monet deleted of Malice, it would tale parts of Lorna's memory too. Another scream tore from Lorna's figure and she thrashed against the Hulk's grip in response, only for the pain of her jostle leg to make her black in and out of concsicousness.

She went limp, and flickered in and out of awareness. As she did so, it became clear it wasn't just Malice in there.

A whimper, and she heaved for air. "Wh-where am -I?"


Marcos ducks directly under Hulk's massive hand, "whoa!" and he stays back, before eventually Hulk moves to set a new target on Cable…but then he notices Lorna starting to come to as hopefully herself, and he stays kneeled next to her, looking at her as he holds one of her hands. "Lorna? That you?" He looks her in the eyes then. He looks a little worse for wear…he powered through having a ceiling dropped on him.

"Please tell me that's you."


Bobby Drake blinks when the Jolly Green Mass turns his eyes on Cable and with Bobby standing next to him. He lets out an eek. Bobby says, "Normally I would say sure but SHE is not the issue." His hands come up as he begins to manipulate the air around him. The air in the hallway starts to become considerably colder, "Slow your roll Big Green! Do not make me turn your into a lime pop." As the ice begins to gather unnaturally at Hulk's massive feet as his pillars for legs begin to become in case in ice at an unnatural rate. The ice getting thicker and thicker as it moves up the massive mass of muscles.


"Hulk is the best hero," Cable agrees with a deep exhale and as the Jade Giant steps closer. The toe of Nathan's right-booth goes backward as if wanting to withdraw from this situation, "Hulk saved us," he admits lips pressing together and he slowly lowers to the monster's gigantic fist, "Without Hulk there would be no hero, here."

He nods towards the unconscious form the monster carries, "Thank you."

"Everyone, thank Hulk," he begins to gently pat his hands together in a mannerism synonymous with clapping.

. o O O (Thank the Hulk.)


"Thank….you…" Monet growls and looks to Cable and then states, "I need you to take over here." She nods her head, "I am keeping this thing at bay but I can't break her thoughts from Lorna's. I'm doing as much damage to Lorna as I am to this thing." She looks strained as she does her best to simply keep the thing suppressed and erase no more of the woman's thoughts and instead just work on keeping Malice suppressed, "I'm not super good at this."


"Slippery," Hulk observes of the ground, and promptly kicks out at the forming ice on one leg, showing it exactly what he thinks of it, but he doesn't immediately connect it to someone —- well, until Iceman threatens him, that is. Not that it made a lot of sense. Is a Lime Pop a bad thing? It is to someone that's angry. He stumbles a little, due to the icy ground, but hooks his toes into it to grip, crunching ice for traction.
Still, Cable handles things beautifully and diffuses. The praise and accolades make Hulk stop and stare at him. "Hulk saves," Hulk agrees, mollified, standing still for now, snorting and rubbing over his face with his free hand, giant shoulders stretched and flexed. Hulk is at least not attacking: he's now looking down at Monet and Lorna, as if being a good supervisor. "Hulk good at holding." Best heroic holder, yep.
Monet's statement of 'I'm not super good at this' is heard. "Hulk smash?" Hulk offers helpfully down at them, adding a growl. Smashing always helps.


Lorna was more or less limp in the Hulk's grip, her figure heaving with shivers as sweat broke out of her skin and her features turned pale with pain. "M-Marcos? What? Where.. what's going.. on?" She breathed, her chest rising and falling in shallow breaths. Her brows furrowed in a sharp, pinched, way. She was in pain, and clearly had no idea what was going on. Much less why her leg was hurting so horribly.. what the green thing was holding her half in the air by her leg.. Ow.

The last she remembered was her wedding. Of walking down the aisle.. saying her vows.

Fear and confusion blotted out nearly everything else save the pain and she whimpered as she twitched slightly in Hulk's grasp.


Bobby Drake blinks and with a wave of his hand, the ice is almost gone as quickly as it forms. He begins to whistle softly and mutters with a shrug, "Whoops."


Marcos looks at her. "Lorna, Lorna. I have you baby.." he caresses her cheek and hair. "You have someone trying to get into your mind. I need you to breathe and I need you to fight okay?" he holds her hand then, trying to help her desperately. "Breathe Lorna, you need to breathe….come on.."


Hulk slowly releases Lorna's leg, watching the others with the tense moment. And starts to withdraw, stretching and growling to himself, walking out through into the exterior — via the big hole Lorna made. He's still close enough to help (or hinder), but he's disengaging.


As soon as the Hulk dropped her leg, Lorna cried out in pain, her broken limb falling at a bad angle and leaving a breathless, shock through her figure. A choked, sickening sound escaped her as she breathed between tears and shock that threatened to twist at her. Between one moment and the next, she lost track, blacking out in a shared instant of pain.

It was Marcos' voice that brought her back around, with Monet supressing Malice's control, Lorna was left alone with her thoughts, dazed and pained as they were.

And those thoughts latched onto whatever it was that Marcos was saying, though it took her a long, long time to process it. She was definitely going to need medical attention again.

Her hand rose, shaky and pale to clutch at Marcos' grip. "Help me.." She gasped, breathing short, panicked breaths. It was hard to grasp onto the mental sliperiness that was Malice, even suppressed as the psionic-mutant was. But Nate's training was there on how to deal with mental intrusions and she tried to use it, even through the blinding pain.


Marcos needed no more encouragement.

In a swift move, he firstly caresses Lorna's cheek. "I promise." and he'll rip off that necklace! Hopefully ending Malice's influence on Lorna and tossing her out for good!

Here's hoping that worked.


Bobby Drake lets out a ragger frosty breath, as he throws his hands up and begins to walk back to the Danger Room, "Scott is gonna be pissy you guys put another hole in the wall." He shakes his head as his body begins to turn to flesh as he clearly looks like a European Swimmer in his bright red speedo. "I will go see if I can find Jean and send her to the med lab."

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