South vs North (pt.2)

April 23, 2018:

Following North vs South the X-Men engage in a conflict with "the Brotherhood"


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Fade In…

Less than a mile to the east a ripple of energy snakes through the air, much like a lightning bolt yet it arcs from the ground up and then spans out, widening in to a disc, much like Illyana's only vertical. Energy spews outwards, opening to reveal a shoulder to shoulder walking wall of silhouettes of varying sizes.

This group arriving far enough out no alarms of th school have yet to go off. Yet.

Rogue shakes her head slightly at the others and just steps around to lean on the cannon with both of her gloved hands on its midsection. "I'll aim it with my thighs when I sit on it. All ya'll guys are aimin' yours all the time, how hard can it be? Sides, I got the strength enough t'carry it here. I'm pretty sure it'll be putty between my legs." Oh god, she's taken it up to a whole new level of lewd.

Rogue's eyes look out toward the woods and she spots the strange light in the sky. She's not sure what to make of it though so she writes it off as fireworks or something and looks back to the others.

"So we gotta science ourselves up a shit ton'a gunpowder. Anyone seen Beast lately?"

Marcos looks at Lorna then as she scowls at him and protects that charm around her neck. "You know….where -did- you get that choker Lorna? It looks nice on you. Though I've never seen you wear it before, and I don't think you've left the Institute to go shopping." he looks at her then, eyes narrowed.

Then he looks to Gambit. "Yeah…she's picking it with me, not the other way around. It's not my problem if she wants to be angsty." he then turns his head to the light in the distance, tilting his head. Others may write it off as a firework…but they would have heard the 'boom' by now, right? he narrows his eyes softly at that.

Lorna straightened, scowling faintly in Scott's direction as he threatened to 'turn the cannon around'. Still, it was short lived as she waved a hand and the cannon floated up into the air and slowly spun. "C'mon Scott, like you of all people here could turn the cannon around anywhere." She drawled, smirking. Her gaze swung back to Remy and she winked once.

Her attention shifted to Rogue as she twirled the cannon around with a flick of her wrist. "Say when?" She teased.

All humor dying as Marcos spoke. Her lips twisted into a sneer. "I just got back from shopping. Good job noticing I'm not wearing borrowed sweats." She arched a brow upwards, her other hand settling back to her side and away from the choker.

Remy whispers, "Ah noticed, but Ah didn't wanna say nut'in'." The cajun teases softly before he steps back from the spinning cannon and shrugs his shoulders at Scott with a smirk. "Dhe green one 'as a grea' poin'. Ya couldn't turn a twinky aroun' wit'out askin' fo a merit badge." The x-man says before he holds up his hand and steps nearer towards the cannon. He's acting as a gentleman and step stone for for Rogue to climb up ontop of the cannon.

Then the sky opens like a disk of lightning. "Oh. Dat ain' good." The thief says idly as he watches the event unfold.

"We got Banner for the science stuff while Hank is on hiatus." Scott adds. A reappearance of his frown at Lorna and Marcos, lovers spat. Not a thing he is about to dive in to. Fortunately its happening while they're on down time. It's less a concern for him until Lorna is levitating the canon, whipping it around in a circle.

"Unnecessary." He says flatly. No humor in that. He just got it snatched away, may as well just kick over his sandcastle.

"You would be in for a surprise, Remy."

The mention of something not being good has Cyclops glancing over his shoulder, seeing only the after glow. "Hrm. Rogue, did anyone follow you?"

The line of strangers halts. A man in a red and blue costume steps to the front and points at a camera that is hidden as a spherical post along a line of fencing. A flash of fire off of his hands and it erupts in a blast of shrapnel. "Go!" He yells at those with him.

"Loudly, go!"

"FOR THE BROTHERHOOD!" Someone screams louder than the rest in a ragged voice. The half-decayed partial cyborg with grasshopper like legs then hops and sails through the air, soaring towards the mansion. No one will hear them making these sounds without enhanced hearing. The alarms on the other hand, at the destruction of the camera are going nuts, a low drone that patches through everyone's communicators or the app that is installed on phones. A home come - the Mansion is under assault. The last time this went off the Demon Bear tore apart half the grounds.

A musical sound shrills through the air, a streak of colorful tracers follows what appears to be a singular form running straight for the X-Men, green and white with crackling electricity trailing off of him… The speedster will make it close to them first followed by that 'grasshopper-borg'.

Rogue is clapping her gloved hands together while Lorna is making the cannon spin like a top. "Lorna, Loooorna, Loooorna!" She's chanting/encouraging the green haired metal manipulator on! But when it stops and Remy is offering his hand for her to board the cannon, Rogue curtsey's toward the cajun playfully. "Why thank you, Colonel LeBeau. I shall humbly oblige." She says, playing up her own accent for the hell of it!

But before she CAN do this, Rogue is looking over to Scott. "Hmm?" She says at him. "No, I mean… I don't know. I was wrapped up in flags and could barely see anything."

Now? Now she's looking back behind her toward the chaos coming at them? "Ah shit… what now."

Marcos looks at Lorna. "Bullshit, you've had that choker for days now. Though I appreciate your attempt to lie." he looks at her then, apparently fully prepared to call 'Lorna' out. The look he gives her is like one who knows that whoever that is, it isn't Lorna. but then he turns his head again at that battlecry of the Brotherhood.

His eyes widen, and he lifts his hands, blazing light burning from them. "Shit." He starts to fire beams of light at the brotherhood, but he has no hope of stopping that speedster.

"Defend yourselves!" he calls out to the others, Lorna being the last thing on his mind right now.

The green haired mutant looked about ready to cause bodily harm to one Marcos Diaz right then and there. The cannon dropped back to the ground with a thump and her hands curled into fists. "Come on then Diaz," She called, her voice sweet and sickenly calm. Then of course, came the attack by the Brotherhood. A sigh, a miffed sound followed as she tilted her head and remained still for a beat. Two.

She crossed her arms, and tossed the fork with the braut over her shoulder.

"Wonderful. Just wonderful."

She couldn't see exactly what was happening but she could hear people. More than just the people having a good time. She also could hear the alarm, see people approaching the mansion. With a woosh and a slam, Monet lands with one knee down and one fist planted before slowly standing up and looking over at the others, "Two incoming." Monet nods her head and rolls her shoulders, "Best part of the party has arrived."

Bruce Banner has another special super power, which is to wander in at, really, the worst times, it seems. Maybe it's just bad luck (or luck, depending on how one wants to look at it). He has a plate of extra neatly chopped sides, some cheese, and other things as his addition to the meal, and has wandered out to the patio to add the items to the spread there. But then there's battle cries, and action, and Bruce ends up standing there with his platter and looking like a bewildered teacher. "….What?"

As he was helping Rogue up onto the cannon, Remy's attention stays focused on the incoming attack by the so called Brotherhood.

Or he does for a brief moment, until there's a heavy THWANG from the cannon dropping onto the grounds, but the cajun happened to be between the two and his leg is caught under the great weight of the artillery weapon. The cajun screams bloody murder as the weapon snaps his bones of his leg and foot. Not only a scream but a deep, and loud explitive. The cajun isn't as worried about the brotherhood as much, but he does drop to his backside and his eyes clench tightly in pain, hoping he can pass out but he still has to fight and save his family. His friends.

"Damnit!" Scott snaps out as Remy's leg… also snaps. There is no time for anger. Just reaction time, Eclipse already firing off a white lance at the speedster, "Security level five." A shout at no one in particular. The school starts to make loud shutter clanking sounds and gates around it elongate, grow taller. A protective gridwork coming in to play.

"Doctor Banner, if you would please stay behind us. If we need you… we'll let Polaris drop something your way." No humor in that, no joking, a barb.

"X-Men, defend the school down't let them past the outer gate."

A burst of optical color joins Eclipse in chasing that speedster.

That musical tracer lined Speedster slides up between the X-Men gathered and starts to steal Banner's food from his plate, shoving it quickly in to his mouth. Around the mouthful of food the man taunts, "You guysmf are nothing likehf the poster."

A zip over to the canon and Remy the Speedster chortles, "Nice canon."

The leaping Cyborg lands just on the outside gate, the flesh parts of him look to be decaying, rotted and a glowing blue aura surrounds his cybernetic body, "Brotherhood!" It cries out again in that enthusiasm. Then hops high, soaring through the air.

"M, Rogue, one of you for air coverage."

The others are still yet to be in range this at least gives the X-Men a moment to collect.

Well that went unexpectedly. The cannon lifted back up and was promptly flung at one of the various attackers. Lorna didn't seem all that concerned about hitting anything or not. "I'll just make sure the kids are all tucked away." She called, and was promptly flying backwards towards the house proper. A snide glance shot at the speedster and a snort of disdain. But snark didn't follow as she slipped between the chaos and commands to do… whatever it was she was doing.

Rogue's eyes look back to see Remy screaming out in pain when the cannon was dropped on his leg? "Holy shi—-" She starts, but nows not the time to even be able to react to that. She just leans forward and shoots off into the sky after the cannon when Lorna throws it!

Rogue snatches the cannon up. "Bella, no!" She shouts, hugging the thing while flying with it now! "We got work t'do. Don't need no ammunition t'ride this train." The southern belle mutters to herself while getting behind the Civil War cannon and now aiming it TOWARD the Cyborg fella… intending to fly right at him and using it as a battering ram!

Marcos watches Lorna drop the Cannon right on Remy's leg! He gives Lorna the -biggest- death glare. He looks to Scott though snidely. "When this fight is done….we both know that's not Lorna." he looks at Scott right in the eyes before he keeps his eyes on that speedster as best he can! though eventually, he starts to move towards the enemy, blasting into their lines and lets someone who can keep up with the speedster keep up with the speedster.

"Rogue! think you can put the cannon to good use?" he calls out to her then.

There's two things - stay behind the X-men, and also, Remy screaming. Well, Bruce Banner can sort of do both. He blinks at little at the speedster suddenly right there next to him and zipping off. In no way is he anywhere near as fast, but he can shove the plate down to the table and dash to Remy, dropping to his knees next to the injured man to get stock of the injury, with evident awareness of what he's looking at: there's no panic. "Let's get you out of harm's way," Bruce says with an urgent calm, intending to drag or ease Remy back and out of the front line of whatever this is going to be: if Remy doesn't fight him about it, that is. Bruce isn't particularly strong and doesn't want to make the injury worse.

A look back at Remy and Monet sighs, shaking her head. She looks then over at the speedster and then the jumping guy. She looks up a moment and nods as Rogue has to look around for the speedster, "Another speedster." She laughs a little, "But just how fast are ya?" She asks, "I'm pretty fast, I bet you can't even keep up with me." She then takes off, flying low and fast, south toward the lake, "Come on speedy, see if you can catch me." And she'll go right out over the water hoping that this particular speedster can run on water.

Remy's on the ground, rolling back and forth trying to keep his leg and foot from touching anything else. But there's foes around, things have to be done to prevent people from invading their home. Remy's poor grey pants are completely ruined by his injury and the grass stains.

Remy's ruby eyes linger on Bruce for a brief moment before he tries to stop the doctor from dragging him away. "Momen' doctor. ROGUE! Bring me dat cannon!" The cajun says with a gleam in his eyes once again. Seems the cajun wants to charge the dang thing to blow sky high.

Upon the rooftop, there is a Greenhouse - One Storm keeps for Botany classes as electives, but at that moment she was ensuring that her small buds of 'Spring' were not suffering due to the prolonged winter and the climate was still 'controlled' enough to keep herbs, vegetation, and small flowers of Eurasian genetics budding.

Her eyes are closed as tanned fingers withdraw from the soil and the SCREAM penetrates the focus of ensuring the roots…

Pale blue eyes snap wide and her head cranes over exposed shoulder towards the door as an object blurs past the canopy of semi-translucent covering. A sure sound of chaos below that has her rising and with the motion the drapery of her 'robe' drags on the ground behind her, fingers laden in silver-colored rings grip up her comm unit, looping it back around her ear. "Scott, Jean, Rogue, Doc Ban—-…X-Men…?" A question, calm, placid, as if asking for a cistern of water. But when Storm comes to the edge of the roof and closes the Greenhouse door silently with a *click* and sees what is going on below her pale gaze begins to spark!

"They…dare.." a whisper, low but with it comes the slow rise of sod beneath the fellow X'er's feet in a rise of winds that start low but begin to spin and spiral around the grounds the Brotherhood has trespassed upon, overhead Storm is lifting from the edge of the Mansion's Roof to take in everything going on.

That cyborg hopper lurches to the side as the canon soars towards it, it judges that such a hit will miss if it was just thrown. It is not until its right near him that he realizes Rogue is riding/piloting it towards him, a screech noise escapes him, its human eye rounded, wide as the robotic eye glaring yellow-orange levels on her. "Traitor mutant whore you face the Brotherhood!" It shouts annoyingly, for the third time in it's auto-tuned rasp.

A loud CRASH signifies impact as she takes it's chest with the barrelhead of the canon.

The speedster zips back in a quick jaunty hop and another as the canon and Rogue take flight, Polaris fleeing to protect the children. "Did she just challenge me?" He inquires about Monet, a finger jutting at himself then he looks around at the X-Men. "She talking to me?"

"Oh shut him up already." He yells at Remy but then his voice trails off as he zooms after M, a tracer of sound and color following them towards the lake. "DAT ASS DOE!"

They did dare as a redheaded man with red and blue costume scales the fence. Fire engulfing one fist and cold mists the other. "Watch your heads!" He shouts to his team as that canon and Rogue whip past the 'Brotherhood'

A blonde with a slender body and a high pony tail in black and yellow stands up on the fence next to the first man, "You're hot when you get commanding, Thermal." She says with a thick accent thats likely German.

Its the Thud Thud Thud of a giant twelve foot robot behind them that quiets the two, upon it's broad shoulders perches yet another man with singluar red eyed helmet. A round gem in the center of it. Armor covering his body. That robot he perches upon starts to smash down the barrier that is the outer Xavier wall.

As if in challenge to Cyclops a red BEAM of energy shoots at the cluster of the X-Men (Including Remy and Bruce if theyre not quick) not concussive force like Cyclops but a plasma wave, it sears what it hits including their dinner.

"Targets acquired." The machine underneath the fake Cyclops announces and panels open up on it's back, small mini-rockets spring loose. Primed to just about take off.

"Not sure what you're talking about Eclipse." Scott says quickly, his own optic beams firing back, hitting the chest of the big robot and causing it to take one step back. "Thats the Polaris I am very used to." Maybe. Maybe hes not paying enough attention to her change in demeanor like he should. At this point theres a wall there… one that is a Work in Progress.

"Keep it tight and push them back. We don't want any of them near the school."

"Anyone recognize any of them?" He inquires loudly.

"Storm, if you can get us some cloud coverage that would be great. We don't need more trouble than we currently have."

Rogue clearly has no intention of taking her beloved cannon back to Remy to let him esplode it, and the "No way, Jose!" She shouts back at him would punctuate it. But moments later she was slamming INTO that Cyborg fella with it and then coming to a landing to set the cannon down off to her left. "What'd you just call me you freaked-up Sci-fi convention nerd?" The southern girl states at him, while keeping her footing wide apart and her hands pulling her gloves off.

"Who the eff are you anywho?" She asks. "I don't recognize you… You're with the Brotherhood?" She slides those gloves right off of her hands and forearms. "Hows about you come over here and gimme some sugah so I can get a better feelin' for who you are and where ya'll are comin' from."

Whether or not he accepts doesn't matter cause the ungloved Rogue is now lunging at the Cyborg to try to touch what skin he does have showing!

Marcos keeps on moving, though he does look at Scott. "Try looking closer. Notice anything different?" he says with almost an annoyance to his tone, but he focuses. "Talk more later." and he sees Storm in the sky, and he gives her a little smile. "We have eyes in the sky!" he lets the team know.

Regardless of such, he aims for the german-sounding woman, blasting a beam of light right for her chest to try and blast her back into the bushes!

Because they struck first, so no mercy.

He watches Rogue start going to town…and flirting, as she does. But he also sees Gambit, and hopefully Doctor Banner is fixing him up.

"A cannon? What /for/? Do you create cannonballs?" Bruce asks Remy, starting to wear thin on that whole calm thing he was doing, sounding more rattled. Unruly patients are ugh. He doesn't drag Remy unwillingly yet, but does try to focus on the injury, looking around for something he could splint with, if Remy is dead set on staying out here and doing … whatever power it is he does. Bruce hunts around, lingering near Remy with a restless attitude, and sort of standing in the way: as in, if something's going to come hurtling at the downed, injured person, well, Bruce can… probably make the situation so much worse. But leaving the injured person isn't really something he wants to do either.

Seems it's fortunate Bruce stayed close, when that plasma beam is suddenly aimed at them, and Bruce is at least close enough to haul Remy out of crisp-zone, though it's very /very/ hot right there. Bruce got a little toasted, and it's making him upset. Burns are no laughing matter, but he's focusing on Remy. Lifeline of focus. "Can you ease up and lean on me, to get to the mansion? You're too much of a target, I can't protect you," Bruce asks at Remy, urgently. If Remy will go along with this, Bruce will get him out of harm's way.

Flying with all speed, people would hear what sounds like a sonic boom going off as she flies. The little speedster races on after her and she knows he'll catch up. She's counting on it. For as soon as he is in range, she immediately attempts to slip into his mind. Nothing obvious. As a matter of fact, she's counting on him being so focused on chasing her that he doesn't notice her making him see her flying just ahead of him. Meanwhile, she dips right into the water.

Fying into the water, she lets him pass by and has the illusion Monet fly ahead of him, turn a quick left U-Turn and fly right back toward where the real Monet is underwater. If this works, he'll run right toward her, coming up out of the water, the illusion dropping just as his face nears her hand with finger held tightly by thumb…then she'll flick him right in the face with a super strength finger flick.

"It is a lot of metal, that Ah can- ARGH!" Remy cries loudly as his foot barely touches the ground as he's dragged away by the doctor to get out of the line of fire! "Ah can blow stuff … ah SCREW IT!" Remy says pulling out a whole deck of cards from his pocket and with a brlef touch of his finger tip, the whole set is thrown in the box towards the 'brotherhood'.

"Burn in 'ell ya rat bastards!" Remy cries while trying to drag his rear into the school. "Ah can try." Remy says, tugging on Bruce to stand up and hold onto the man's shoulder.

Remy LeBeau couldn't leave without legs!

"Understood." All that is said from the Nubian Storm Goddess, with a tilt of her head before her hands extend from a 'Namaste' fold before her to that of a Lotus and warmth sweeps upward with the curl of fingertips.

Overhead a cumulonimbus gathering of cloud formations begins to pregnate the sky, within the cotton-like confines lightning archs across the skyline in a cyclonic gathering, turning Westchester, Salem, that small longitude into an eruption that has too much of an electrical web of nature for digital feedback from outside of the skyline!

… but within the atmosphere…

Humidity will cause 'afro's' upon any hairstyles below! even that of her own pale mohawk that twists within the atmospheric shift! ((80's anyone?!?))

"Tell me where to focus.." That meant to everyone that can hear her or is on the comms! But, then again, Banner and Remy's… Gambit is back??


Their position needs cover for more reasons than just the… Many…


"Nevermind.." And with that Storm is suddenly dropping in a speed that causes friction across 'plates' enough to spark a mass BOLT of lightning between Banner and Remy's escape path and the Cyce-wannabe, hopping to hinder the attack and allow them escape as she descends.

"What the hell did you just call me? You skunked up redneck party favor?" The corpse and mechanical creature spits back at Rogue mocking her and somehow also imitating her voice in the auto-tune format. It's arms and legs twitching in different directions, realigning themselves after getting hit by the canon, hands and feet all on the ground together turning it from a biped to a quadruped.

"BROTHERHOOD!" It shouts loudly at her like a Marine sounding off to a drill sergeant. It's voice returning to it's raspy techno then it springs at her lunge, it's energy field enlarging. She finds her hand thrust through that barrier, skin touching down on 'decayed' flesh.

That German in the black and yellow holds out her hands and a light field catches Marcos own shot in to it, almost like it just absorbed it. "That one is mine." She says to her companion.

"How about we tag team him?" The man in red and blue replies, grinning at her and then hurling an beam of freezing ice at Eclipse.

The speedster a full grown man by no means little is keeping up with M, managing to get louder as he runs, that odd 'trance' beat following him becoming horrendously noise. There is a fast train of thought going through the man's mind, so quickly the illusion doesn't appear to want to catch hold quite as she wants, its there and gone. Just like him when she comes up out of the water, he side steps with afterimage like visions of him following her. "Soooo close, that was a neat trickkkk, let me show you mine!" He snaps his hands out and tries to handslap her in all locations, face, chest, buttocks, cheeks and ribcage. Fortunately for her. As fast as the speedster is, he lacks the standing motion to actually do more than shove her around and cause impact, no actual pain in his attacks. Not without some serious wind up. Yeah. It is annoying.

"Danger." The giant robot says, those rockets that snapped out of it's back now launch up and off, soaring to connect in a pocket of explosions with the cards that Remy tossed out, a pockmarking if thunderclaps heralds a popcorn ripple across the air as rockets collide with cards. Several of them slip past and connect with the wall, near the robot and it's passenger, it staggers to a knee.

The 'faux Cyclops' leaps off of the robot mount and races towards the fleeing Banner and Remy ducking under the hailstorm of booming only to come to a rolling tumbling fall as a bolt of lightning connects down in front of him. His teeth chattering at the impact and he looks up, at Storm and smirks, with the smirk comes a red beam of his own. A single searing plasma charge.

Cyclops catches the annoyance in Diaz' tone, his own aggitation causing him to an edged command, "Head in the game, Eclipse. You and Polaris' lover's tiff can wait until we're done here."

Scott uses that chance to fire an optic blast off after where Eclipse had placed his attack, shooting at the Fire and Ice man thats coming their way.

When the man lunges AT her, Rogue doesn't back down, she doesn't fear him… she doesn't fear death itself. She's been ready for it since her parents vanished years and years ago. She just glares at him and shoves her past past his technology to slap them on either sides of his face, her palms and thumbs going for his decaying flesh.

"Shut up, Nerd." Rogue says to the Cyborg-man as she squeezes his head between her naked hands and then starts to absorb everything he's hiding inside that mind of his. Her eyes squeeze shut at the memories while they rush into her own head…

Visions of him being chopped up like a human buffet… sights of a man she doesn't know, but he does… The name enters her mind and so much else!

After about 45 seconds, Rogue gasps and opens her eyes. She throws the man aside like a ragdoill and turns around toward the school. She speaks into her comm.

"None'a these people are mutants! They're all fake-jobs!" She announces to whomever is on the team channel… and then she's about to jump and take to the skies again!

Marcos looks at Cyclops and he just sighs a moment, but he and Cyclops likely do some damage to that fire and ice guy flying at them! "Take cover!" and he rolls out of the way where he thinks the man is directly headed. With that in mind, Marcos isn't the warrior these other X-men are, but he knows how to defend himself.

Eventually, he flashes a flash bang of light at their enemies, attempting to blind them temporarily so the X-Men can have the upper hand.

Then Rogue tells him through coms that these guys are fake mutants. "Fakes? Jesus…how low do these guys want to get?"

Storm did her duty….

That *IS* to be sure fellow X-ers are safe as they need to be, and when Banner and Gambit are inside due to her blockade her head turns in a whip-lash motion towards the Cyke wanna-be…

… in time to meet the beams with a surmounting of that storm she is causing that comes from clous to meet the tectonic shift, *sparking!* and eruption that has the Kenyan Godesss falling like a meteor towards the Earth with the Cybernetic blast that nearly shows her form in X-Ray!

The cratered landing has her fingers curling into semi-frozen hearthen mud, burrowing even upon impact where she looks up through a cloud of dust and mud, towards the Cyke-netic plant to throw the fistful of gathering into the air as Rogue's call is statically understood before she sends out the return-FIRE! like a Plasma Ball within her own vicinity!

"I got Banner and 'Beau! Wanna'be is goin'…" The electrical feedback is ear-piercing as Storm peels herself from the ground where she landed, the 'Plasma Globe' from her form is return fired!

"Not… Low enough…" In response to Eclipse if her ricochet-fire actually meets that Cy-Fake target!

A frown as she notes he doesn't get taken in by her work and she crosses her arms over her chest. She tehn sighs as she feels the attacks and rolls her eyes, "Really?" She asks and then she suddenly shoots straight up into the air. She is up there for only a moment before she flips mid air and comes rushing down right at the man. It looks like she's aiming for him but really…she's just aiming for the lake and looking to make the biggest splash she can.

The unfortunate aspect of that 'thing' Rogue just grappled is that its not really alive. The machinery laced through it is keeping it that way and once she absorbs a portion of it and it's mind it ceases function. She tosses him aside before she'll feel that final thought or sensation of 'life' in regards to it. It's body flip-flopping across the earth.

"Schiesse!" is released from the blonde as she tosses out a flare of light at Eclipse and Cyclops of her own. Too slow though as the Fire and Ice Man is already being hit by Eclipse own bolt, Scott is double blinded, strobes of light an black patches through his red vision but not before he rakes a blast across where male is, it strikes him center chest and launches him in a flail across the Institute grounds.

"Weak man. Why must I always find myself with weak men." The German hisses out and turns, now running back towards the wall, from the direction they came.

"Wait.." Groans the downed man. "Don't leave me, baby… you said you loved me… "

That Cyclopean attack still grinning lets out a triumphant 'woop' as Storm is hit and just before he can carry through again she flash fries him with a jumping voltage arc. A pained 'rrrrrrrughrrrrr' froths free of him, electronics POP free and wires show, singled underneath his armored suit he slumps in on himself, face down.

"Really. You got some tizzy-toight bunns baby." He chortles, then looks like hes about to sweep in to give her another hundred-handed superslap and patdown when shes soaring up.

"Oh really?" He begins to run in a circle to evade her until she hits the water with enough impact it causes it to bubble up, rise outwards and send him foothold less in a flail, the speed he picked up making him smash against the roil of waves and roll underneath the surface, water pockets rise up where hes at and hes soon sputtering and flailing to the surface.

"We are running! Ruckzug, ruckzug!" The blonde yells at them, their own communicators conveying this to each.

"Ack, gack" The man in the water releases before hes springing up and racing, running on air like a cartoon before he hits water again and zig-zag off, "NEXT TIME BABYCAKES!" He flips the bird at Monet on his way.

That massive robot rises back up from where it was at the wall, it's torso opens up allowing the blondie to climb inside of it and it turns around walking a few feet before a curvy female in all purple and black skin tight suiting runs towards them, having been hiding, she widens out, flattening like a disc and starts to glow, shining bright light as that crackle/ripple appears once more. Through the 'human portal' the three remaining run. The portal itself blinking out behind them in a POP of air collapsing in where matter once was. The 'fake' Brotherhood is gone. Yet, some of their number remain behind.

"This isn't the lowest we've seen." Scott says towards Eclipse, "Sound off X-Men." He adds in, shouting it this time. Making sure if they cant hear over the communicators or phone app. Yeah, smartphones are very utilized.

By the time that Scott is shouting for the team to 'sound off' into the comms, Rogue has already come back down to the ground and is now perched on the side of the cannon with her legs dangling off of it and her gloves held in her left hand and laid over her left thigh. She's dealing with the absorbed thoughts of a man who was being kept on life support… or something, the science behind it is a bit much for the southern gal.

"I'm here." Rogue says over the comms, her voice a bit quieter. "Is Remy okay?" She asks then, her eyes looking up across the yard toward the school. She was about a hundred yards out with the cannon and the 'dead body' behind her in the woods.

"He… fine.." Storm returns to Rogue in a 'quieter' tone, that flash of a smile is 'Kodak worthy despite the settling sudden eruption!

… and then settling of the bio-earth around her… and over the section of Westchester that has a moment of Bi-Polar (in the Weather? Yeah…)

A flake

..of snow…


But even if the Haiku is unrecognized the gust of winds goes from arctic to warm once more and settles into spring-time within the East Coast.

From the ground, now, the Mohawked Kenyan… Storm…

Storm strides outward in the 'Sound Off' and blinks once to settle the electricity around her pale eyes. "Storm… Reporting in."

Eclipse watches as his strike hits and he did roll out of the way out of the angry German lady throws lasers at him. Alas, he ends up looking to Scott as the Brotherhood retreat…the ones that aren't wounded or dead, anyway. "Right…figured as much. You guys have probably seen it all." he chimes in through the comms to Rogue.

"He'll be fine, Doctor Banner's looking after him. Don't worry Rogue." he says with warmth in his tone. Alas, his eyes eventually fall on Storm as she lands…and apparently, snow starts to fall…then it's warm! Strange seasons that storm brings apparently.

"Eclipse…reporting in."

Bursting back up out of the water, she reaches for the speedster and just misses. Monet growls as she looks after him and then looks at the others. She shakes her head, "Cowards." Floating over, she lands on the ground near to the others and states, "I'm here."

"Lets round them up." Scott says, "We'll find out more about them and deliver them to the authorities." He declares as they gather up, "Not all of it." He murmurs with the others with a frown as updates are exchanged. Ignoring some of it and focusing down.

"Good job, they didn't make it past the outer gates and we have plenty to work off of now. Rogue… when you can talk about what you pulled out of his head, I'd like to get details. The rest… " A foot clips out to kick the unconscious 'fake Cyclops' in the shin.

Scott is still very barefoot!

"We'll get out of them the less polite ways if they refuse to talk."

A hand rises up and rakes through Scott's hair, clutching his scalp. "They ruined my new grill… " He doesn't add anything to Remy or Banner, he knows as much pain as the Cajun is in, Banner is one probably one of the best places he can be right now.

Storm does not know Monet's voice, nor silhouette come the end game of this all, but when she passes the Cy-Wannabe, it is a regal *over*-/step/! of the corpse that has her aligning with Cyclops and Eclipse while facing Rogue and keeping her profile side-long to the Manse where their "wounded" have escaped towards!

"The 'Char-" Cannot read the rest! "Can be replaced?" The final lilt in her tone annunciates her un surety on Cyclops' Grill and it's worth, but the rise of her hand that places a gentle palm over Scott's clutched scalp is one of solidarity as the rest of their group chime in as still well and rising.

Even when the final snowflake falls and immediately melts upon the ground at their feet… "Anyone have a Jorge Foremun?"

Yep, accent *waaayyyy* off!

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