Cajun in the Middle

April 23, 2018:

Remy gets caught in between an argument with Marcos and Lorna.


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It had been a 'relaxing' few days since everyone had returned from Sinister's labs, or at least as relaxing as one could get in the X-mansion with mutant registration looming large, classes being held, and other X-men coming and going at all hours. It was just after the dinner hour, the sun sinking low outside where Spring was just coming into bloom.

Pollen was high and flowers had burst into being all over.

That said, inside was filled with students playing in the rec room, and others doing dishes downstairs. Scott had been informed by various reports, and for now, Lorna and Marcos had been given permission to stay. So long as they remained above the sub-basement and the secure rooms they'd once enjoyed access to. Or at least Lorna had had access to.

The green haired mutant had kept away from most everyone, even Marcos himself after their fight. She'd taken an abandoned room in the faculty wing, and kept more or less to herself unless it was to venture to the medbay for more painkillers or to the kitchens to snag leftovers after meal hours. This was one such time, as she shuffled down the steps barefoot and in the same sweatpants and T-shirt combo she'd been wearing all week.


Seated at the island with a bowl in front of him, the man in a fuchsia button up shirt on and a pair of black slacks, has a spoon in one hand and a smartphone in the other. He's blowing on the spoon before he pulls it into his mouth while his left hand twists slightly so that the screen can scroll down to the next article.

Without looking up, Remy says over his silverware, "Lorna. Glad t'see ya in dhe land o'dhe livin' again. Whatchu up t'?"


Marcos ends up moving back downstairs to the kitchen after a rough nights rest. He and Lorna were just barely talking to each other, still recovering after their big fight. Alas, as soon as he gets there, he sees Lorna.

and Remy.

He takes a breath befroe he starts trying to fix things. "Hey."


Lorna set green eyes on Remy, and promptly made her way to plop down on the stool beside him on the island. She didn't even so much as ask as she came over to steal his bowl and try to swipe the spoon out of his grip to eat whatever it was he had. A grumbled response followed, and she arched a brow. "I'm not drunk yet, still hung over.." She muttered.

And then her gaze swung toward Marcos as he entered and her gaze soured, lips twisting into a frown.


With the appearance of Marcos, Remy quirks up an eyebrow and turns his gaze to Lorna as she steals his bowl of gumbo. "T'ere's a 'hole pot ova' t'ere." He says with a smirk while his hand drops and with a hooked pinky he pulls the bowl back in front of himself and holds out his hand so Lorna can return the spoon of her own volition.

"Ah'm Remy, dhe team cajun. Who're you?" Remy asks, not having met Marcos before and for some reason he's trying to kill budding drama.


Marcos looks right at Lorna then, and while he knows that she's angry at him..wanting to be hurtful, Marcos already forgave himself and her for what had happened. So what does he do? He looks at her right in the eyes. "Hey Lorna." She would -know- that look.

Then he looks to Remy, and he moves to get himself a little bowl of Gumbo. "Thanks. The name's Marcos Diaz. Nice to meet you Remy." he'll move to that island then, sitting down.


The green haired mutant stuck her tongue out at Remy as he pulled the bowl back in front of himself after she'd snagged a taste of its contents. She eyed his hand as he held it out, huffed once, and then returned it to his grip with a roll of her eyes. "It's half as interesting when I have to get up and get some for myself." She shot back.

Her focus returned to Marcos, catching his look, and her own look deepened into a scowl. A green eyebrow shot upwards as she propped her chin up with her hand, but nothing further followed. Then her gaze swung back to the bowl, and a drawer somewhere behind her opened, a spoon flying over to her hand. Which she twirled between her fingers idly.


"It's twice as interestin' when ya make it yaself lass." The cajun remarks with a chuckle in his tone before he slurps another spoonfull of the soup. His eyes remain on his phone as again, the fighting is something he prefers to avoid when it's not directly involving him, though with Lorna at such close proximity to the cajun, it's very likely he's in range of any kind of crossfire.

"Before words o' physicalities get tossed around by you two, gimme a warnin'. Dis is a very nice shirt Ah'd like t' not have t'get dry cleaned yet." He teases with a glance away from his phone and to Marcos and finally Lorna, before he winks and looks back at his news.


Marcos watches Lorna without dropping his more affectionate look. He didn't know why Lorna was angry with him. Maybe she was just traumatized…but…what did he do? Well, after this conversation, he intended to find out why she's been so cruel to him lately.

Though as Remy speaks, comically breaking the tension in the air in the process, Marcos looks at him. "I'm not going to be physical, but she might be. As it stands it's the only thing she -hasn't- been." he looks at her then, looking at her apologetically.


Lorna snorted at Remy's comment about getting herself a bowl or cooking, funny. She rolled her eyes, crossed her legs and bounced her foot up and down. She still lacked any sign of her engagement ring. It would seem that had been lost to Sinister's labs. Along with most of her jewelery save that black cameo necklace she'd worn for the wedding. She made to dip her spoon toward Remy's bowl as soon as his attention returned to his phone.

Marcos' words earned a flat look, and she curled a finger, Marcos' own eating utensil would find itself flying to the roof and staying there.


Remy's gumbo is stolen once again and yet the red eyed mutant doesn't seem to do anything about it as he slowly lowers his spoon to grab some broth and a shrimp on his spoon to savor slowly.

"Ah'm not gettin' dat." The thief reports with a side long glance towards Lorna and up towards Marcos. "Not gonna tell you what t'do boss. Jus' be careful wit' ya words. Like Ah said, Ah don' wanna get caught between you twos." Remy says but he doesn't move, he was already here, why should he leave?


Marcos looks to Lorna then, not even flinching as she makes a little gesture with her finger and makes his eating utensil fly towards the ceiling to get stuck up there. Though in honesty, Marcos's wedding ring was missing too….likely from the same place Lorna lost hers. He watches Lorna but doesn't say a word. A sigh then as he now starts to sip his gumbo instead. What else is he gonna do without an eating utensil.

Though he does make light reflect off of the metal on her choker, likely making her feel all warm and fuzzy there.

He looks to Remy. "Relax. It's between her and I anyways. If I comes to that, I won't be aiming for you." his eyes move to Lorna then, watching her. a flat look from him.


Lorna grinned at Remy, leaning a shoulder against his as she continued to snipe a few more spoonfuls off his bowl. Even as he glanced side long at her and Marcos in turn, she only smiled his way and pretended to look innocent. It was entirely ruined of course, as she leaned back and twirled her spoon once more. "Hey, not my fault your food lured me down here." She teased, but whatever lightness remained in her voice died with a glance to Marcos.

Her smile vanished as his light bounced off the cameo pendant, a hand flying up to cover it protectively.

"Stop that." Her voice going cold.


"Most mutant's Ah've met 'ave a problem wit' aim in one way o'anot'er." Remy chimes in with his dangerous self before he looks left and right and decidedly shuts up as the drama continues to build and he lowers his head to look at his phone and take another spoonful of spicey flavorful broth.

He doesn't shy away from Lorna's shoulder lean and he willingly supports the green haired woman, but the back of his neck is starting to warm up with flush and worry at the awkwardness.


Marcos watches as Lorna leans against Remy. Wow….she was trying to rip his heart to pieces, wasn't she? He looks her right in the eyes, and in the end, he sighs. "Then give me back my utensil." he looks up at the ceiling then, and her necklace goes even warmer.

"and then you'll speak to me about this. Privately." he looks to Remy. "If you don't mind."


Lorna's expression darkened as Marcos heated the necklace and anger, true and stormy twisted her features. The spoon came flying down from the ceiling to thwack the floor in a resounding crack that left an indent on the wooden floor. Her hand tightened on the spoon in her own grip, which had molded into some kind of a mimickry of a brass knuckle.

A silent sneer followed and as she kept her gaze trained on Marcos, she shifted to press her weight more firmly against Remy's side. Her head leaning against his shoulder.

"I have nothing to say to you, Diaz."


Remy stays seated and his head looks up before he looks over at Marcos' direction. "Are ya askin' me t'leave dhe kitchen while 'oldin' onta a bowl of dhe dinnah Ah made and aimin' ya lights at ya love's neck? Dat don' sit well wit' dis cajun. Non. Not one bit." The southerner says. He's old fashioned in some ways and this is a house for raising and trainning children. He wont fight, but he wont surrender his public space for someone else to fight either.


Marcos looks firstly to Remy. "I don't care if you stay or leave. I'm not going to fight her in the way you think I'm going to fight her." his utensil is plucked from the wooden floor and he sets it aside, along with the Gumbo as he stands up.

His eyes move to Lorna. "Clearly." then he goes siletn. "Whatever I have done to make you despise me…whether it was our daughter's existence or whether it was our wedding being ruined." he looks to ehr. "But I won't tolerate this any longer. You act with only the intention of being cruel towards me. Even now. As far as I'm concerned, Xavier's is no longer a place for me. Stay here and be spiteful all you want, but I'm going to get done what needs to get done."

he looks to Remy. "Thanks for the Gumbo Remy." and he turns to leave without another word.


Lorna's manic grin returned to her lips at Remy's words and she eyed him sidelong. "What a gentleman." She drawled and dropped the twisted metal of her spoon to the counter top. Of course, then her gaze was swinging toward Marcos as he took up the dropped one and he straightened once more. She arched a brow, propping her chin up with a hand as she eyed him.

Finally, after several beats of silence as he announced his leaving. She wiggled her fingers in his direction, and arched one fine green eyebrow upwards.

"Don't let the door hit you on your way out." She called.


Remy nods his head once. "Glad ya liked it." The cajun says quite as friendly as he possibly can. He knows better than to get other mutants upset.

Gambit turns his gaze over to Lorna and he lifts his spoon back up to his lips to take another slurp of the catchall soup.

"What's going on Lorna, somethin' seems like it's botherin' ya."


Lorna blinks, glancing up as Remy turned his attention back to her and his gumbo. She tilted her head, sliding off the stool to fetch her own, a bowl was plucked up and the bent spoon reshaped itself into something used for eating. She grinned, and rolled her eyes as she served herself and came back to sitting down besides Remy.

"Why would I be upset? I've got gumbo and great company."


"Cause you and y'… Ah'm not sure what t'call Marcos. Ya friend? Ya ex? Whatevah, it doesn't matter, since you two seem like ya's gonna kill each ot'er. Ah want ya t'be safe an' 'appy." Remy says with his shoulder bumping into her own this time as he leans against the green haired woman once she reclaims her seat.


Lorna snorted once lightly, as she shook her head and continued to help herself to spoonful after spoonful. She paused as if considering what to call Marcos, and her lips pursed together once. "A mistake. That's what he was. A very bad mistake. And one that is now out of my life. So, I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good just now. I am much happier now." She winked and returned the bump of her shoulder against his.

She was silent for a bit after, eating in seeming thoughtfulness. "I wish I could get out of restlessness in the Danger Room though," A pout, "Scott has told me I can't go downstairs anymore. Which, is totally pointless. I might have screwed up, but c'mon. I lived here for throughout high school and immediately after. I know everything that's down there. It's not like I haven't seen it before." She drawled.


"Ah don' t'ink it's about you seein' what's down d'ere. It's about —- Ah don' know. Scott's a weird one, Ah hardly know what he's t'inkin' about." Gambit says with a smirk on his lips as he lowers his spoon to get a more meat filed bite this time.

"Ya wanna get ya restlessness out. Ah can certainly 'elp wit' dat mah green haired frien'." Remy says with a wink and a nudge of his foot against the stool Lorna was sitting on.


Lorna snickered softly as Remy called Scott a strange one, a green eyebrow raised upwards as she idly twirled her spoon between her fingers once more. "He claimed he can't trust me. Which is a load of bullshit. It's not like I killed anyone. Or gave away their secrets to Magneto. Or got anyone else killed. Scott really needs to lay off the righteousness." She drawled, sighed and pouted.

Of course then Remy bumped her foot and she hooked an amused grin his way, bumping him back lightly with her shoulder.

"You're too kind, but this is a school filled with mutant children and people with enhanced senses. There's no soundproofing either."


"Lorna!" The cajun says, his voice a mock exaserbation tone. "Ya naughty woman, thinkin' Ah'd do such t'in's like t'at in dhe school!" He tsks a few times while shaking his head, attempting to shame the woman in a teasing manner. With another bite he chews for a moment before winking at the magnetic woman. "Ya know Ah got a place away from 'ere." He chuckles just over the brim of his spoon.


The green haired woman shot Remy a look as he offered her mock exasperation and she rose with her bowl in hand. She arched a brow upwards, and wagged her spoon in his direction. "Shame shame on you, Mister Lebeau. To offer a strange place to a woman just healing from such emotionally taxing situations as eating gumbo." She teased right back, and grinned.

"I need my beauty rest. So perhaps another time." She winked and made to return to the staff room she'd taken over.

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