In the Bone Orchard

April 21, 2018:

The Lilin arrive at Cypress Hill Cemetery and meet a quartet of unexpected foes.

Cypress Hill Cemetary

A bone orchard, much like any other.


NPCs: Meatmarket, Nakota, Lilith, Dark Legion, Outcast, Various other Lilin


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Fade In…

Normally Ozymadias visits this cemetery to pay homage to some old friends, but this time he is doing some "intuition detective" work. He speaks into his personal com unit, "The subject known as Lilith appeared in Cypress Hill Cemetery. Her current whereabouts are unknown. She seems to be allied with several beings that she calls her children. The occult texts I read name her children as the Lilin."

"Did anyone ever tell you not to speak evil's name? If you do, evil will certainly appear." Dark Legion states as he walks out of the portal. A portal opens up near Ozymandias and out steps a dozen Lilin, Dark Legion, and Outcast .

Ozymandias takes his Zulu style shield off his back, and pulls out his Ilkwa, transforming it until mystical energy as he does, "Impress me." Dark Legion claps his hands and 20 more versions of himself appear. Ozymandias smirks and points his Ilkwa at the duplicates, "I got confess that is impressive." Ozymandias calls on his comlink on all channels, "This is Ozymandias, Back up requested at Cypress Hill Cemetery.

Enchantress has no access to such things as comlinks, or networks of allies, save those to whom she has been bound, through no will of her own. But? Roaming free as she is, wandering the streets of this new city? She can feel the ebb and flow of magic and power as a hand, dipped into a stream, might feel the eddies and flow of the water around it. And not only the water, but the creatures within it.

It is that sensation, of power, sudden, direct, appearing where none should be, that turns the timeless creature's head, her form flickering as she begins to move in the direction of the place where she can sense power.

Its been a while since Zora actually ventured out of Metropolis. Still, the occasional trip to NYC isn't exactly the worst thing. Even if she has to take her less then conventional means. That was the plan anyway. She made the trip just last night, using the cover of dark to hopefully dissuade prying eyes and cause a few calls about strange lights in the sky.

After a day filled with busking and stopping to occasionally, help out, using her abilities discreetly, Zora is quite content to go for a walk. That walk has lead her towards Cypress Hill Cemetery. Her gaze falls on the madness which is beginning to transpire in the cemetery. She is just in time to hear someone call for back up. Walking into the Cemetery, she simply starts acting like a rather lost pedestrian tourist type.

Johnny Blaze has no contacts at all really, aside from maybe June. but he doesn't know that she's the Enchantress. Either way, he's just riding his Yamaha V-Max motorcycle throug hthe city. Alas, it certainly doesn't take long for the sense of darkness to reach Johnny's attention….and his eyes glow red wti hthat Hellfire.

Without hesitation, he drifts his motorcycle into a sharp u-turn, driving straight for the anomoly that Ozymandias happened to be at.

Soon enough, the Rider arrives, drifting to a stop as he dismounts. "More of you foul filth." he looks to the Lilin who walk out of the portal, his chain wrapped around his torso. "Get. Off. This. Plane." clearly he means plane of existence…preferring them to go back to the hellscape they came from.

The weakness of the mystical barriers, especially in Cypress Hill Cemetery has cause all sorts of creatures to be able to come into earth's realm. Those connected to magic will realize that these new Lilin have not come from another dimension, but have come from another place on Earth. It seems that Lilith is growing her army, or has brought more of her demons from the Shadow Realm to this world. Outcast growls, "The Rider! He easily picks up two tombstones and throws them in the direction of Ghost Rider.

One of Dark Legion copies breaks away from trying to flank Ozymandias and joins the battle with Outcast against Ghost Rider. Dark Legion cracks his knuckles, "I think he was impressed would be a fitting inscription on your tombstone, and it seems to be in the perfect place for your death. Ozymandias rolls his eyes, "Stop your singing, and let's get to swinging." Ozymandias charges into the nearest Lilin and places his mystical energy spear deep in the creature's skull.

Another Lilin, Meatmarket turns visible over the opening of the cemetery and sniffing the air. "There are other beings here with power. Something dark is coming."

Something dark is here. Enchantress, using the webs and weavings of magic to guide her, snaps into being just on the outside of the cemetery gates, not yet inside, but close enough that she can see the demonic thing clinging to the gate of the cemetery, taste it's power on her tongue. And in its power, the power of the thing that birthed it. Whatever else she might see in the cemetery beyond, it is this first demon that garners her attention, and her derision. "Weakling. Why are you here?"

The violet haired girl quietly moves through the area. Her eyes catch sight of the Rider. She had heard of him but thought it was a myth. Almost like the myth of a weird angel using a halo to help people.

Finding a place a little out of the way, the marks on her body ignite, glowing in a soft blue color. An energy ring forms in her hand and she quickly sends it flying towards one of the Dark Legion. Another follows. With that, she rushes in, flanking to aid the others in the fight.

Oooohhhh the rider was indeed there. Two tombstones are thrown at him in rapid succession, and Johnny Blaze simply punches through both of them, those eyes like seething Hellfire, before he growls…his flesh melting off of his face, layer by layer, his eyes turn into like the pits of the ninth circle of hell…bottomless, wreathed with flame. When all is said and done, Johnny's head is just a bare skull…which is completely enveloped in Hellfire.

The Ghost Rider was here.

The Spirit of Vengeance immediately targets Outcast, summoning hellfire in both of his hands to throw a fireball at him!

Meatmarket disappears and reappears on the ground in front of the cemetery,crouching slightly. "Someone who will be rewarded by his Mother for telling her about another player in the game. He sniffs the air, "You are not Lilin, and not one of Chthon's get. Meatmarket turns invisible again as he continues talking to Enchantress. He circles towards her back as he continues to speak. "If you wish to join, My Mother or wait to feast on whatever remains after she rules this realm, I am sure she will be please to have you." Meatmarket raises his hand to strike the Enchantress if she refuses, "IF not, you will have to suffer the fate of her enemies.

Outcast dodges one hellfire, but is hit be the other. He lets out a huge growl as he falls to the ground. As he growls, the sounds of hundred squeaky could be heard. As Outcast struggles to his feet, one of the Dark Legion copies has reached the Ghost Rider, and takes a swing at him.

Outcast continues growling as he summons a horde of rats to the cemetery to also fight the heroes. Most of them run close to where Zora is standing.

Ozymandias continues stabbing his way through the Lilin until one of the Dark Legion pick him up from behind and toss him into a mausoleum, stunning him for a moment and causing his Iklwa to turn back to a normal weapon as it drops to the ground.

Enchantress, in truth, did not need her eyes to see the ebb and flow of the mystic around her, and as the demonic thing came to earth to approach her, she turned her mystical senses, tracking his movements, her expression bland, ebbing towards bored, as she listened to its (Meatmarket's) words. And that was hr true purpose. To know, to learn, to discover plots within plots. "And you will suffer the fate of mine." When the demon moves to strike, he will not find the witch there, Enchantress' body, phased in the way that allows her to pass through solid objects, flicking away, flitting to and fro as she teleports to gain herself a better angle. And in her hand, a sword conjured out of light and magic that she brings down in an attempt to disembowel the demon who dared attack her.

"Rats! RATS!" Zora could smack herself right now for that aweful pun. No time for that right now. The marks on her body ignite again. A pair of energy rings form under her feet and lift her off the ground. She starts forming more of the energy rings, she grabs them and begins whipping them at the rats, hopefully destroying them as she goes. "Okay This will deal with the rats, Now where is the piper drawing them out!"

It doesn't take much for her to find the target. Outcast. She also notes that the Ghost Rider is targeting him. "Does that mean I shouldn't help out? Nah." A pair of energy rings are sent flying towards Outcast.

Outcast goes down and howls and pain from the wrath of the Ghost Rider. then a duplicate of Dark Legion rushes at him to take a swing. The Rider does let the Legion man hit him…but his head barely moves. Instead? The Rider attempts to grab the Dark Legion duplicate by it's throat and burn it alive with Hellfire.


Though at the sound of Outlaw summoning rats, Blaze brings his chain into his hand, whipping it at Outcast with that silver, hellfire chain, attempting to decapitate the creature!

Aureole's ring attack quickly puts to stop to the second most disgusting thing that happens to be wandering this cemetery. The rats are completely destroyed. Outcast was preparing to dodge the Ghost Rider's chain attack, and then attempt to move in to attack him, but Zora's rings knock him directly into the chain, and by the time the chain returns to the Rider. Outcast's head is rolling on the cemetery ground. Zora's attack against Outcast now has caused the Lilin below to notice her. Three Lilin take to the air to bring the hero down to earth with their demonic claws.

The Penance stare from Ghost Rider destroys the copy of Dark Legion with ease. Seeing the battle shifting in favor of these defenders, Dark Legion makes more copies of himself. Dark Legion sends most of his old copies and his new copies in the direction of Ghost Rider and Enchantress. Dark Legion and his copies speak in unison, "You will pay for the spilling of Lilin blood."

Meatmarket will once again need to brought back to like by Lilith, but just like Ghost Rider, Enchantress faces a new threat from the copies of Dark Legion.

Ozymandias curses himself for not having brought his sickle sword along with him as he sees how many Lilin he would have to fight through to get to his short spear. "I really perform the hands on approached when I kill someone." Ozymandias lets out overly dramatic sigh as calls upon Ma'ats boon and unleashes mystical blast at the Lilin around him.

A mildly disdainful Enchantress is one thing. That's, more or less, her usual mode of operation. Usual enough, that as the body of Meatmarket drops to the ground, just in time for her to behead the thing with that sword of dark energy, she was set to just walk past and be about the business of finding the Mother, leaving the sons for the trio within the cemetery to deal with. But an angry Enchantress is something else entirely. And as the Legion swarms towards her, she relinquishes what restraint she had held on to, her magicks lashing out around her, dark energy coupled with elemental lightning, which she sends with unfailing accuracy to tear through the oncoming horde. Ask her not for mercy. She knows not the word.

Taking a deep breath, Aureole rises a bit higher. She needed a slight break. What she got was more attention. "You really shouldn't do this. Just be good little demons and go back to hell." Yeah thats not going to work. It was a hopeful thing but, well, what else can you do. "Okay then!" A pair of rings form in front of her hands, ready to take whatever they are planning on giving. Shielding herself she takes the hits of the three. Then with a quick move, she sends them flying at 2 of the Lilin.

She takes off flying toward the third Lilin. Within a moments time she collides with the creature and begins fighting it. She isn't actually that bad of a fighter. Not as good as most other heroic types but she isn't exactly a pushover either.

Ghost Rider turns his head to the horde of Dark Legion demons coming for him. But the Spirit of Vengeance knows no fear. Only that vengeance must be done. The Rider roars an ungodly roar that might even make Enchantress feel a small level of terror. It punches and kicks away Legions who come for it…and when they start to dog pile on the Rider?

He gets a little heated.

With a roar, hellfire bursts around him in an explosion, the Rider looking dauntless as it just moves forward, approaching the core and attempting to wrap it's silver hellfire chain around it to watch it burn…

Lilith continues scrying the scene by using Nakota. There is a wicked smile on her face, "I remember when I was young, and I was the only woman who wanted to control the dark forces. The darkness was my friend." Lilith focuses her view on Enchantress, "Now, it seems that the darkness will go with any woman that bats her eyes at it. It truly breaks my heart. Her eyes narrow slightly as she watches Enchantress unleashed a barrage of mystical and elemental energy at the Dark Legion horde that was approaching her, and quickly destroy them.

A dark laugh escapes her lips, but the laugh cannot hide the anger that is expressed in her clench fist at watching Enchantress destroy her children, even it if just copies of her children. "I see now that to go to war with the heroes, the Fae, and now this being.

Lilith turns to Pilgrim as she continues watching her children fall, "She made the same mistake the Fae did. This world is already mine.

They are just slowing down the inevitable. Send word to my millions of children in the Shadowside that we will begin to weaken more barriers to bring them to this world, and they will be greeted with a million more children. Lilith peers again at Nakota as the last Lilin falls and shakes his head., "Next year, I believe this day will no longer be called, Gaea's Day. I much prefer Queen Mother Day. Recover the body of those Lilin dearest to me."

Lilith tosses her throne across the room in anger as she watches the destruction that Ghost Ride inflicted on Dark Legion copies. The thrones smashes into a bunch of pieces. Lilith whispers, "I believe it Is time for my grand-son to be brought into this battle. I have grown impatient with this Rider.

She watches Zora for a while. "I have not seen this one before. When I bring Meatmarket back, I want him to follow her too. She might have a future purpose. "

As the horde falls before her, and, finally, though not blessedly, for would that not be the ultimate insult, begin to dissipate, Enchantress finally allows her hands to fall, though the power she drew on continues to crackle and pulse around her, eyes taking in the trio who remain standing within the cemetery. The one whose power she has watched from afar, now manifest in his hellfire form, the one whose power tastes of age, and of a world long since turned to dust, and one so new, nearly innocent. Innocent enough to bring a momentary, predatory look of avarice to the witch's face. "These were only the pawns, and not the Queen."

The violet haired girl does a quick barrage of attacks, finishing with an energy ring slamming into the Lilin sending it flying backward and into the ground. "Not to say that this ain't fun but, Its really getting boring. What the hell is going on here and why are we fighting hell spawn?" She asks as sends another ring flying at the fallen Lilin.

Once the last of the demons are dead and gone, the Rider growls then, standing there as it eventually turns it's head sharply to the Enchantress….and thus does June and Johnny's story and relationship with each other get strangely similar. The Rider watches Enchantress, speaking in that ghastly, deathly voice that could make an Archangel shudder. "These are the pawns. Bring. Me. Lilith." It pauses then, taking a moment.

Before suddenly…

It starts to turn it's head as it senses the subtle scrying magic. "We are being watched."

It then roars at it, like a beast staring into the eye of a camera.

"Enough of this show, Nakota. You have serve mother well tonight." Lilith smiles wickedly gain as she walks closer to stare at Ghost Rider and hte others, before Nakota turns off her powers. "Find me some innocence to turn to Lilin too. I will like to see how far these heroes are willing to go in our next encounter, and see if they are truly unified in stopping me."

Ozymandias goes over to retrieve his Iklwa from the ground and shaking his head in disgust. "I think I am really getting too old for this sometimes. I think I did better against the Mongols. He sheathes his spear and shield. "No, Lilith hasn't only been seen twice. Something is keeping her hidden. It is got to be a side effect from the dimensional barriers being weaken all over the place." Ozymandias peers at Ghost Rider, Enchantress, and Zora. "Thanks for assistance."

Enchantress remains in place, eyes studying the trio, a thread of some inner amusement curling her lips. The smile, however, is not at all pleasant. "She will not show herself while she can send these, her minions, against all who would oppose her." As Ozymandias approaches, her eyes shift to him, studying his form as he moves, "Hers is an old evil. She does nothing by chance or transient effect. But there exist ways to find her, in this plane or in another."

Zora lands near Ozymandias. Her markings stop glowing and return to looking like normal tattoos. She looks between the Him and Enchantress. "You know, if you're going to throw a wild party, late night in a Cemetery is usually not the best of ideas." She smirks as she jests. "Seriously, what in the world were those things and why the heck are they adding to New York's already bad rat infestation? Also… Hell Spawn?" She shrugs, "Umm… Didn't mean to interrupt if this was some kind of private practice."

Ghost Rider growls at the disappearance of the magic, before it turns it's head to Ozy as he speaks. Only being met with a demonic growl, but it's not hostile…some how. Regardless, his eyes look to the eyes of the Enchantress after a dark growl. "Her lair lies with the Underworld. Many gateways exist." a snap of the head then in a certain direction…before the flames die out….flesh and muscle growing back over the bare skull until only the original face of Johnny Blaze is revealed like nothing had happened.

He looks at Enchantress. "That explains that…you gonna bring June to the conversation?" with a single motion, the chain is wrapped back around his torso.

"We all have much to talk about."

"Not Hell Spawn. They are Lilin. They are created by being known as Lilith." Ozymandias taps his left food a few times as peers around the cemetery, "There is a lot mention of her in some ancient texts, and I have heard rumors of her in my travels. It is hard to separate myth from reality these days." Ozymandias raises his eyes behind his mask at Zora, "You just shot rings of energy and he has a skull that is on fire. I know in my youth a lot of those things would be perceive as something a madman, drunk, or a master storyteller would describe."

"If you wish to help track her down, I sometimes visit the Oblivion Bar for those who have access to it." Ozymandias tilts his head a bit as he looks over Enchantress again, then turns to Zora. "I don't know the nature of your powers. If you don't have access to the Oblivion Bar, I patrol around the docks from time to time. I am sure to run into you.

Zora St. Pierre looks at them, "Umm… Well I'm a meta I believe. A few years back, I was a science project for some not so good people. Not magical really. But I am sure I will see you all around. The name is Zora by the way. I think I need to get going though. It was a blast!" Her markings light up and a pair of energy rings form at her feet. She quickly launches up into the air and takes off.

Enchantress seems, for the moment, content to remain with this new trio. Information, truth, discovery. All of those things fuel her power and further her goals, and at least two of these have what she requires. The third, well, innocence was ever an attraction for the ilk that dwell beyond the mortal realm. "No." A simple, succinct answer to the now, more human, Ghost Rider's question. Dr. Moon is not, it would seem, currently on the menu. Only the witch. Who shows absolutely no surprise that he would recognize the human whose body she inhabits. "I will find you there." That, to the offer of the Oblivion Bar. As the girl flies off, the smile Enchantress offers is dark, and cruel. "They will find her a tasty appetizer." But with the offer extended, Enchantress too, seems to be ready to depart.

Johnny Blaze narrows his eyes at Enchantress, clearly intent on getting June back. Alas, when the group seems to have formed their own little Squad, Johnny sees fit to stay amongst them. "Heard of this place….alright, I'll meet you there stranger." he says to Ozymandias, looking at Enchantress for a long moment, before his motorcycle drives itself up to Johnny, and he mounts it, clearly ready to leave himself.

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