Blaze It!

April 20, 2018:

SHIELD sends Agent Romanoff to a part of NYC that is being filled with a very particular festive smoke for the stoner holiday. With the help of a Spider-man, Black Widow stops the very serious threat to the snack food supplies within Manhattan.


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Fade In…

"This is SHIELD Bio-Hazard Response Team Echo, we're in need of immediate assistance!" The voice carries across several channels and to the Triskelion itself. A clean up advised downtown New York having gone madly sideways.

Spider-Man or what people think is Spider-Man is soaring above the rooftops, descending rapidly towards a MASSIVE greenish brown smoke cloud that is covering several city blocks, the stench of it hitting his mask covered nostrils immediately and hes pinwheeling through the air, defensively almost while hands flail around and the deep blue on red clad Spider smashes roughly in to the side of a billboard. The entire upright structure shuddering.

Fortunately there is no one around to see that.

Groundside the pulled up SHIELD Chemical-Bio control Vans are horseshoed around a cloud thats fast expanding, covering the area in a fogbank of green that simply cannot be pierced. Whatever is transpiring… it could be grizzly.
So much for a calm NYC night. If such a thing exists.

Natasha was already on her motorcycle when the call came out across the SHIELD wire. She picked it up inside of her black motorcycle helmet… her eyes staring out of the visor of the helmet which contained all manner of high tech HUD overlays and augmented reality displays for the Black-Widow to benefit from while riding.

"I'm en-route." Natasha says over the comms, her voice being enough for SHIELD to know its Agent Romanoff.

The black sport motorcycle she's riding begins to flash with white and blue strobe LED lights signaling other drivers of her presence and to keep out of her way.

With a loud vibrating rumble of the cycle's engine, Natasha is soaring down the streets toward the location of the incident unfolding. It doesn't take her too long to get there either and when she does she halts the bike near the SHIELD vehicle and then sits back on its seat as her left hand goes up to the side of her helmet, pressing against it… the entire helmet folds up on itself and disappears behind her neck like an Iron Man helmet might.

Natasha's green eyes now look around from her perched spot on the motorcycle's chair… she kicks her right leg over and dismounts the bike, moving toward soem of the SHIELD people on-site.

"Copy that." One of the Biohazard Operatives responds, "Do not proceed past the caution line without a full suit! Warning do no—- " Silence abruptly.

From where Natasha is she can see the green cloud engulfed sector of the city streets, the rise up of it smells familiar, both horrible and oddly familiar. Like just a scent people know or can imagine.

Where she is perched she can also see the staggering figure on the rooftop above the vans, it wobbles left then right before shaking its head and firing what appears to be a zipline or cable off at a antennae, a tall standing one that collects radio signals and fires them around the city, a booster. He clambers up to it and like her is watching the massive cloud bank.

There is coughing from inside and screams, cries and possibly even laughter?
Then she sees it, a shiny silver form ASCENDS in to the sky above the cloud on two long pillars, legs perhaps. The glimmering armored form rising above the gas release to start walking. Held in one hand is a large briefcase and over his shoulder is a man in a silver and red body suit. A strange 'ray gun' in his hand with tubing come off of it.

Natasha starts to walk away from her bike, her holstered guns shaking/wobbling against the outsides of her thighs as she moves. She's got her eyes up the whole time watching all of this unfolding before her. She doesn't recognize any of these people/things that she's seeing and that somewhat concerns the firey-redhead, but hey… there's always new stuff popping up in this world, isn't there?

Agent Romanoff's right gloved hand comes up and she speaks against her wrist. "Do we have any information on whats going on here or is everyone in the dark on this?" She asks. "And no, I don't want to hear any Inspector Gadget jokes." Her husky voice says over the communication line, which just about everyone in SHIELD knows when Natasha is talking as her voice is just that recognizable.

The redhead is weighing her options in this fight while she starts to walk to her left while keeping her distance from the gas as best as she can.

Static. Full on fuzz upon the radio in regards to the biohazard team.
There is a blip-click sound and one of the SHIELD dispatchers pipes up, "Black Widow? Situation update is the bio team was called in to investigate a foreign chemical release, it was a small leak at first, they traced it and we found evidence of a digital code 5-I, an inhuman pod. The NYPD called it in, we beat the DEO here." Some pride in that. "Following reports stated there was hostiles. We have nothing else so far.'

There is a 'thwip' sound above and a 'splat' as a webball connects with the big walking man, which, hes not so big so much as encased in a suit with long legs, a codex update instantly identifies him as 'Stilt Man' a D-list criminal who can hardly be considered a threat. The man with him, Chemistro. Yet another D-lister. Their tech borders on warranting SHIELD advanced recognition.

That extra costume? The one now ramming in to the two and causing them to stumble through the fog, Spider-Man. With a question mark. Something is off. Though, there has been documented more than one suspected 'Spider' in and around New York.

Natasha is walking past a pair of SHIELD personnel who are observing on the street-side like she. One of them is pointing up at the Spider. "At least Spider-man is here to save the day, right?" The Agent says in a sardonic sort of way, even if he expects that results.

Without looking at the two of them, Natasha passes them by and she keeps her eyes up to witness and observe. "Thats not Spider-man." She replies to them both, causing the two men to look her way. They don't question her though, since they're well aware of who she is.

Agent Romanoff isn't engaging yet because the situation doesn't yet call for her. There are two D-List Superpowered Villains on the scene, and a mysterious Spider-individual who she is now watching to see how capable or incapable he is. Its interesting to her, for that reason. Is he even on the 'good guy side'?

Several hard hits and Stilt Man is actally laying against a tall building, sort of crushed there by the impact of each punch, squishing Chemistro behind him.

Fighting back now there is a spray from the figure on Stilt Man's shoulders a gas cloud erupts out and blasts Spider-Man full on and like a bug that has just been sprayed by RAID he drops heavily, descending towards the streetways below.

Roamnoff continues to observe the fight up to the point where she sees the Spider-individual start to drop and thats when her helmet is reactivated and covers her face and head again while her left hand reaches out and she shoots up a Widow-Line into the side of a building. Within a second, Natasha's small form is zipping through the air on an intercept course for the Spider-guy!

Though she's small, she does have enhanced strength that makes her tougher than the average woman of her size and build. So she snares the Spider-guy with her right arm and then swings the both of them over to a roof.

Within moments, Natasha has him sat down safely and is moving around to stare at him. It might be a bit disturbing because her black helmeted head/face has six glowing green 'eyes' on it, over her real eyes and over her forehead as well.

"You're okay. I think." Natasha's modulated voice says out to the man from inside the helmet.

The impact of Spidey in to Black Widow's surprisingly strong arms is felt, hes dense, taller than the usual Spider-Man and his body suggests hes likely older. No teen here. Not even a Parker of course. Closer now she also realizes his costume is red skull spider logo, ragged hanging glider wings under the arms.

"Oh my." Spider-Man murmurs, "So swole and.. deep voiced." A wriggle of his muscled and wirey form, he rubs the back of his neck, blinking at the protective mask. "Boba Fett is that you?"

"I'm okay. Just incredibly… buzzed. Those shocking idiots are spraying hyper concentrated marijuana as a weapon. I smelled it on my way in. I thought it was a joke but there is some of your SHIELD guys down there who may be seriously injured. Jammit I am sooo hungry."

The walking of Stilt Man has begun again, he actually steps over an entire building in their escape. Around them that fog bank of green continues to gas out the city, spraying in concealing cloud over them, inside of it they can hardly be seen.

"Super potent." S-Man adds.

Whether or not Natasha knows how Boba Fett is (probably not) goes without a response. She looks away from the jokester and up to the stilt-man. "He's spreading… highness… across the city?" She asks, with a confused sound to her modulating voice. "Of course he is."

Natasha's 'Widow Line' is retracted and she turns then to go after the Stilt-man. "If you're still in the game then why don't you do me a favor and web up his legs!" She shouts as she starts to run off again and this time? She's using her Widow Line to try to attach it ot the back of Stilt-Man! And suddenly the Black Widow is off the rocky rooftop and launching up into the air after the D-Lister villain with his pot-fogger-machine!

A females voice sparks to life from the Spider-Man, the source his wrist, "It is April 20th. This is an unofficial holiday for substance abusers or stoners as they have been called." A pretty voice. Definitely not the Spider's.

"Thats uh, ignore that. It sounds like these dumbasses are genuine dumbasses." Standing upright and brushing himself off a salute is fired after Natasha, "Sure, anything for you right now my strange new friend."
"Do not flirt with her." The AI almost commands. "She is a SHIELD agent."
"Flirted with those before and I'm not flirting, I'm being friendly."
Bickering with his 'ai' is a part time gig some days, there is a blast of of webbing from his wrist, the spinnerettes producing a string of it that snatches Stilt-Man's legs and launches Spider-Man 2099 back towards them, another fired off and another.

Chemistro is laughing loud, "Best idea ever, best. This is sure to make the news. 420 BITCHES 420!"
Stilt-Man laughs only to release a yelp noise when hes yanked to a stationary pul by Spidey.

"Crap! Crap… " Chemistro panicks as Widow is airborn, sailing towards him and hes aiming his chemical blaster at her and firing, its a powerful jet, lots of compressed air but not painful. Just covers her in a fogbank and would get her stoned out of her mind.

With the Spider-man's attack to Stilt's legs, Natasha has an easier target to glide along her cord up toward and when she sees this Chemistro firing his Pot Shooter at her it clouds right over her… but her mask filters it out so it won't have any effect on her (She plans to enjoy her 420 later tonight when she's off duty).

For now! Natasha raises her own wrist and she fires off a Widow Bite dart that aims for Chemistro's chest, with enough voltage to put him OUT if it is to connect to the Burnout!

Black-Widow connects with Stiltman then and is in the process of climbing up him like a spider all herself, until she's able to speak out to him. "Impressive suit you have here." Natasha says from inside of her Widow Helmet, staring at the man with her six green eyes from his right shoulder. "But I think its time for you to stop this and go back to your Call of Duty and your Mountain Dew."

Her left hand comes up and she blows a kiss across her glove, which sends a cloud of purple knock-out gas right at Stilt Man's face!

Two can play at this game!

Chemistro jitters and shakes like hes just had a seizure as the voltage strikes home. Bypasses his suits protective layers and even to those who can smell beyond the stench thats been created, the gift of burnt skin. Likely he no longer has any chest hair to brag about.

Stilt-Man surprisingly maintaining his footing lashes out at Natasha but shes in close, dodging him and theres not just her on his shoulder but Spider-Man scaling his left leg, "Shitshit, get of me you creepy shit… Faygo, bitch, its faygo… "
"Say AH" Spidey calls up and then, his fist collides in to Stilt-Man's lap. A solid blow to the crouch and the man opens his mouth up right in to that purple mist, "EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" A squeal, a genuine squeel and then he lets out a slobbering 'erp' as he begins to topple forward, bending at the waist. A failsafe in the suit activates, the long 'stilt' legs LOCK in place and he doesn't fall, he just stays slumped with arms dangling, Widow on his back and Chemistro hanging by a cord off of Stilt-Man's harness. They look like the oddest Mad Max Masterblaster couple this side of Earth 626.

"Hes a soprano." Spidey jokes up at Black Widow. Then he springs away soaring with a long leap towards the nearest rooftop ledge.

Natasha stares as her purple mist goes right into Stilt Man's mouth after he got nut-punched by the spider-man down below. When he sagged and went 'out' she looked over and down to this strange new Spider-man and she heard his words. "It would seem so." She says through her voice filter from inside of her helmet.

Natasha's hands drop to her belt then and she pulls out a black combat knife that she uses to detach Chemistro from the harness of the Stilty-One and then together they drop down to the ground as Spider-man swings off to a rooftop.

Natasha lands near to where SHIELD Agents are coalescing around them and she offers over Chemistro's body to two of them. Her left hand goes up then and she taps her helmet once more causing it to fold up and back behind her head. Her red hair now blows about her face in the evening breezes and she raises her natural green eyes up to look at where the Spider-man had gone.


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