Questions of the Lady

April 20, 2018:

Thor and Vivienne speak about her abilities and nature.

Hall of Justice: Vivienne's lab


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Sitting in her office, Dr. Tulloch (as most know her) is currently working at her computer while to her right an x-ray lamp is on with two x-rays hung up from it. She types at her computer for only a moment before standing up to study the x-Rays. She looks them over deliberately and carefully as she scans them before saying to herself, "No major breaks…luckily." She nods to herself and begins to take them down.

As per the usual, she is working well into the evening and most folks who work within the JLH have left and the building is darkened in many areas except for her office where the door is left cracked with light flooding out.
There's some noise in the hallway, loud footsteps of someone that really doesn't do subtle. Thor doesn't do subtle into the doorway, either, he approaches and looks in, scanning quickly with bright blue eyes. He is not quite as vibrant as usual due to being in the darkened hallway door, but he steps forwards automatically into the lab - "Ah! /Here/ it is! This building is odd to navigate, and I-" - and he remembers to not just interrupt. Thor corrects himself.
"I apologize. Am I interrupting, Doctor Tulloch?" Thor questions, upbeat, but with a little more self-restraint this time. Thor is dressed casually, though his mortal wear is always a little bit strained on his large physique.
Looking back, she peers at the man before nodding her head, "Only a little but 'm just wrappin' up 'ere. No worries." She nods her head before looking to her work again. She slides everything away carefully and then looks up at him, "Are ya hurt or somethin'?" She asks as she moves to the front of her desk and leans back against it, "Or perhaps ya might need a talk? Ya know, I'm both a doctor of the body and mind. Never hurts, even for gods, to get things off yer chest from time to time." She nods her head and gestures, "You can 'ave a seat if ya like."
"Excellent!" Thor says, moving over immediately when she says she's finishing up, with an interested tilt of head at the items being put away. He accepts the seat that she gestures at immediately, with a pleased smile. "I am uninjured; thank you for your concern," Thor replies evenly. "I did come to speak," Thor continues. "I wish to take time to understand and connect with my allies; so it is less about burdens." Thor adjusts with ease, leaning back in the chair with a low creak, resting one ankle across a raised knee, one open palm against heavy shin.

"I observed, from afar, two things, and hoped to ask about them. First— I wished to inquire— does having a great deal of water assist your combat?" Thor asks, entirely direct. He is upbeat, though, as if he were pleased to bring good news.

A smile and nod are given to him as he speaks about wanting to get to know more about his allies. She simply moves idly around her desk toward her own chair when she stops and looks back, "Well, yes." She states to the question about water. She nods her head, "The main portion of my talents for combat definitely fall in the area of water control. I use druidic magic but that's definitely where I hold the most power." She nods her head.

"The amount I know about magic is probably not as large as it could be," Thor admits, with a soft laugh and easy shrug. "It tends to amount to what I've watched my brother do." He rubs a few fingers over his jaw gently, pale eyes relaxed, but thoughtful. "And, naturally, what I can create or summon. Is a rainstorm as equally good to you as a large lake?" Thor asks. "I don't summon lakes," he says, by means of apology. "I have found many allies do not prefer to fight in those conditions."

"Water is water." She nods her head as she settles into the chair and then looks across to him, "Unlike some of your allies, I suppose, I prefer the water. I can use it to heal and to fight." She nods her head as she looks at him, "I don't necessarily need a lake." She shakes her head, "Is there something you truly wish to ask, Thor?"

"Is electricity a problem?" Thor adds, still on the former tack. "I am trying to deduce proper combinations to gain tactical advantage in future battles," Thor explains evenly. There isn't a sense of him dodging: not really. He was doing that, in addition to the next question.

"But my second question is more personal, I suspect. As it is directed to you, and the sequence that happened during that battle. I didn't see all of it, as I was busy in my own duel, but enough." Thor settles more in his chair, which draws a grave seriousness over his features for a time, and enhances his own divine presence, when he calms in that manner. "I can understand some secrecy, if you need to keep it cloaking you. Secrets are kept for reasons; I am not a fool. But I would be entirely remiss to not ask about what happened, with you."

A look down and she shakes her head, "Electricity doesn't bother me any more than it would bother anyone else." She nods her head, "Not unless ya aimed it directly at me." She then shrugs, "Then I'd probably not enjoy it but I'd survive." She then looks down at her hands and folds them together before looking up at him and stating, "Ya're askin' about why I acted and looked different there for a moment in battle?" She hmms at him before shaking her head, "There's reasons for me not to simply walk around boastin' all my power like some folk do." She nods to Thor.

She then glances down at the ring on her hand and hten looks up, "Some folks might take exception to me bein' about without a leash, so to speak. Some might be over protectful, some might take advantage, and still others might come snoopin' around for things that they know nothin' about."

Thor blinks a little, tilts his head. "Do you consider my honesty to be boastful?" Thor asks, reflective. He doesn't have an offended tone, more of a curious one. He looks at his hands a little while, then back to her, and seems to simply let it pass, either way, though he is wondering about if she sees him in that manner.

"I do not take exception to one being who she truly is, though I am open to finding that I am wrong," Thor chuckles softly. His eyes follow to the ring when she inspects it, but he doesn't focus on it strongly. "Well. I suppose it is however comfortable you feel, with what you can or can't share with me, then," Thor declares. He isn't pushing on her, at all. Not his way.

Looking at Thor, she shakes her head, "YA people have always been fully open about what yA are and who ya are. To some degree or another. Who I am with did not." She nods her head and then she looks at her hands a moment before looking up, "I am not faulting ya for your actions but those who are my family are not always the most trustworthy sort and might be interested to know I was running around on Earth."

She settles her hands on the desk and looks up at him, "If ya keep it between us, I don't mind tellin' ya." She looks up at him, "I'm better known as Niamh Chinn Oir. Many today in the mortal realm would prefer to call me The Lady of the Lake."

"Simply because I am open with who I am, and where I come from, does not mean I do not protect others' secrets and respect their reasons," Thor says, in his brash way. "I find it unfortunate that your family is such," Thor adds, with an empathetic little frown.

Indeed, Thor quiets to listen as she explains her name and her mortal title, with a thoughtful little expression as he works back into his own memory to place those things. "Hrm. The mortal name seems more familiar, from legends, perhaps?" Thor guesses. He's more open than most about legends being real, for obvious reasons.

"indeed, from the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table." She nods her head, "But who I really am, is far deeper than that. I'm a goddess of lakes. All lakes. I control water as such a goddess should and I am a daughter of Mannana McLir, one of the Tuatha de Danan, as well as Fand, The Fairy Queen." She nods her head, "I am both Fae and goddess."

If she expected a big shocked reaction from Thor, it isn't there. He does brighten, though, about her being a goddess of lakes. Then again, he's the god of lightning, so there's some acceptance here. "I understand. I am also a blend of things. Dual heritage comes with both positives — and things that some find more negative," Thor answers. "There are those that find my connection to this plane troublesome." Thor nods firmly. She has more of his attention, as well, suddenly, as if before he was more in his own head or not tuned in fully. That she rose in his estimation. "I am glad you shared your truth with me. I will not betray your trust, Niamh Chinn Oir, Mannanadottir, Fanddottir. — And I will not refer as such again, without your leave."

"That much, ah can appreciate." She nods her head, "Having held a weapon of power as well, there are those who think I might be able to find it again. Further, fae in general tend to simply like trouble." She gestures to the ring, "It keeps ma power in check." She then shrugs and looks up to him from the ring, "It also hides my divinity." She then looks down at again, "Either way, I appreciate your discretion in the matter."

Thor is more interested in the ring, as it is referred to. "May I see? I will not draw it from you," Thor asks, sliding to sit forward onto the front of the chair, looking towards the ring, with just a genuine curiosity. "What do you mean, 'in check'? Is it uncontrolled?" Thor asks, without judgement.

A laugh and she shakes her head as she offers her hand over, "No, no, meh powers are fine. They're just great and if I'm to hide my divinity, then I have to hide that power." She nods her head at him, "The only way for the ring to work is to keep my powers in check lest tehy reveal who and what I truly am."

"Aha! Of course. Should I be shot with a bullet, that would reveal me. Perhaps it is like that?" Thor questions, distracted by the ring. "Or more that the tumult of power fluxes around you without the ring, and draws the eye of enemies?" Thor queries. He will touch her hand if she allows, but doesn't do anything more than just inspect the ring closer, and then draw back.

She doesn't seem to mind him touching her hand and then says, "Fae tend to give off a magical signature that others can sense and notice." She nods her head at Thor, "Those of the magical spectrum can see and feel such things." SHe nods her head, "It's just the way it is." She then looks down at her hand and tehn up at him, "In much the way that Cersi knew precisely who I was as soon as I removed the ring."

"Well, I have taken enough time, and have to get back to my own duties. Thank you for talking with me about this. I appreciate knowing more about you," Thor says, in his overly grand way, and rising towards his feet. "Should anyone threaten you for who you are, do not hesitate to call upon me to assist," Thor adds, serious. "Have a pleasant evening, Doctor."

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