What's for Dinner?

April 20, 2018:

Scott and Lorna have a chat about her staying in the X-mansion.


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Mentions: Magneto, Marcos, Alex, Nate, Illyana


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The afternoon was deepening into the dinner hour and Lorna was on her way up from the medbay. Between her and Marcos, someone was always there, watching over Aurora in the incubator. Most of the time it was Marcos alone, Lorna only ever remained when Marcos left for food. The green haired mutant kept away from him since their rather horrible fight when they'd first arrived and she'd been in the medbay for her own health.

This time had been no different, who knew that internal organs and things like that needed time to heal?

Outwardly, she looked fine, the tank of whatever Sinister had placed her in had done wonders for healing weeks of injury. But movement and, or, bending a certain way left her gasping in pain still. Another check up and some more pain killers had been needed it would seem. Along with more rest.

At present, the green haired mutant shuffled in slipper clad feet, a loose fitting, borrowed pair of sweats as well. There was no wedding ring on her finger, and oddly the only jewlery she wore was the black coker around her neck. Her hair was a tangled mess of green and shadows ringed her eyes heavily.


Scott's lack of intel has him irritated towards the entire crew around Illyana and Nate but the man's done a good job of being silent about it, what they have been through is enough to keep him level, a peaceful medium for the moment. This will last until they're all accounted for and recovered no doubt.

Striding the halls of the subplex Scott's in uniform, the cowl down around his neck like a hoodie, his visors on and his brisk pace says hes headed somewhere. It's a stop at slipper clad feet that has him gazing at the source, Lorna.



Green eyes lifted from the ground to land on one Scott Summers and she blinked a few times, as if coming out of a slight daze. She shook her head, dragged her hands through her hair and a smile flickered to life on her expression. "Hey Scott, saw your other future kid around? Seriously, what's up with them, they always pop up." She teased, though the inflection was wreathed with the sound of strong pain killers.

Still, she made a change of direction to find a place to sit, pressing her hand against her middle without so much as a wince when she bent. Fresh poking and prodding certainly hadn't helped.

A sigh, and she turned her gaze back to him. "I suppose this is where I start begging to stay and not be shipped back to Genosha?"


"My other… " Scott full stops and brushes it off without a hitch, carrying on. "No one needs to beg around here. Thats not how we operate."

A look at Lorna and he motions further down the hall with a gloved hand. That direction opens to the small sub-lounge lounge, it has benches. It doesn't take a mind reader to see physical discomfort.
"I'm not even going to press for an apology. Be pointless. What I do want is information, what went down, details on the Brotherhood, everything. Point A to now."

A blink beyond the red as if Scott realizes he is coming off his usual cold robotic, "In time."

"Please, take a seat somewhere. We can talk more if you're up to it." Katherine and Major Christopher didn't raise no rude boy.


Lorna arched a brow as she considered Scott, but sat none the less as he directed in the sub-lounge, not even so much as blinking as he plowed onwards with all the details he wanted. Then, a smile tugged at the corners of her lips as he continued onwards with the 'in time'. A weak laugh followed that and she waved a hand. "Look, I'm sorry I messed up and shit. Sorry I went off on you. There's a lot of reasons I should apologize. It'll take too long though. I'll type up the other stuff if you want though. As far as what happened at the wedding.." She sighed and reached up to rub her temples.

"I woke up when Alex broke the containment pod I was in. I don't remember how I got there.. or anything from before my vows." She yawned, and shifted as she leaned back in the bench. "From there I can tell you what I know. But I was knocked out part of the way.."


Scott doesn't sit, he instead finds the wall opposite of her to stand against, arms folding over his chest. The injuries he had before present still but not as inhibiting as they were before. Wraps bind up his left arm and ribs, protectiv enough at present. He looks nowhere near as bad as those in the medical facilities do.

"This will take time but while you recover, you have it. You stay here, you remain off the second floor, its off limits. Medical bay and up. A long ways to go before I'm comfortable trusting you, a long long ways."
"Giving us information on your family, the Brotherhood, even Genosha ad your father. Thats a good start."

He fixes his gaze upon the floor, a barespot before his booted feet as if something there just became extra interesting, "Make this screw up worth it."

"The wedding, horrible, I don't have words for that and even worse your child being put in danger. It is enraging and I've been keeping an eye on her, shes beautiful. You and Diaz should be proud."

Clearing his throat, "Anyways, Alex, right, the attack and why you're here, just tell me what you remember."


Lorna grimaced, pressing a hand to her middle again as Scott leaned against the wall and mentioned that so long as she was healing, it was okay. She sighed and nodded once. "It'll take a while, but sure. Loan me a tablet sometime when the meds aren't making me extra loopy." Or if she wasn't drinking. With Alex. Or Remy. Really those two were only helping with that.

Then onwards to what happened during the wedding. She sighed, leaning back as she pursed her lips together. "Sinister.. never mind, that's out of order. Right.. So I woke up. Alex and the Cuckoos… Nate were there with me. Some reporter. Lois something? I don't know. She ran off. Illyana got woken up. Uhm.. I got pissed waiting and charged down the hall. Got knocked to the head and ended up.. well.. it was this people called the Marauders..? Nate said something about them. It's scrambled."

A long pause followed as she looked back to Scott. "They'll have to tell you what went down. Nate got blinded? Someone's arm was broken. Alex got knocked hard too…"


"Sinister and the Marauders." Scott repeats with obvious recognition. His jaw clenches but he doesn't interrupt more than letting her carry on with the story. His arms remaining fixed in that usual posture, one that shes no doubt grown used to.

"I'll be asking everyone. I've been waiting for Magik or Scion to give me an AAR, it has yet to come." It will, eventually he is sure.

"How did you all escape?"
"Do you know what they were after?"


Lorna shrugged and nodded, "It was, I guess. I didn't see the Marauders, but I saw Sinister. Or an illusion? Hell if I know, Nate had Alex blast a hole in the wall. We ran through it and into some dinning hall. It's where Sinister was, or I guess, the illusion of him. He said he just wanted to save us. Said Nate was dying, and that … the baby was going to kill me." She grimaced and looked down at her lap.

"Said that he could help Alex with his power issues and knew Illyana's grandfather or something." She looked up at Scott then, her expression closed off tightly. "Nate blasted Sinister, it went through him and he vanished. We went through a door and escaped.. Illyana teleported us here." She pursed her lips together and sat up from her lean.

"I don't know why they attacked my wedding Scott.. if Sinister was lying about … Aurora.. or anything.."


"Lying about Aurora?" Scott's head lifts up and he studies Lorna's features, "Did I miss something there?"


Lorna shrugged, and her lips twisted. "He said that the baby would've killed me. I don't know if he was lying or not. Likely, but.. I don't know Scott. Why else would he.." She trailed off, and wordlessly waved her hands at the flat of her stomach.

"I don't know why he'd attack my wedding, where so many people were there to run security and it being broadcasted.. I just.. I don't know Scott. I didn't even know where I was until Nate pointed it out, until he commented about the technology. He couldn't contact anyone with telepathy. Illyana couldn't teleport out directly either.."


"It's Sinister. His name alone says he can't be trusted don't over think anything that monster says to you." Scott states.
"You should have been on Muir Island this whole damn time." He stops himself, he doesn't let himself begin a 'I told you so' preach.

"It was stupid on his part and not a usual way for Sinister to operate, not so publically. Hes not like your father or so many others. Whatever he wanted was important to him and I really doubt he was having a moment of warmth in regards to you or your child."

Scott sighs long and low, "We'll get to the bottom of this, once I've heard from everyone and we can figure out a plan. There are more things than Marauders and Sinister to be concerned with. Your health and your childs are once again, priority. You worry about that, the rest we'll figure out."

"Magneto been in contact with you yet?"


Lorna's brows furrowed and she looked away as Scott started in about Muir Island and then caught himself. "Moira didn't say anything was wrong before. I didn't feel anything wrong. Magneto had me re-tested by the doctors there in Genosha. The results didn't come up weird or anything. Maybe Sinister was lying, maybe he wasn't.. I don't know. It's not like it matters now. Aurora.. is.." Not going to be born in any typical fashion. That was for sure. And no one knew what the incubator was going to do or not do either. It wasn't technology that was standard anywhere and it needed study too.

The thing didn't need to be plugged in either.

"I'll be fine when I heal up, health wise. I just had a surprise C-section and am half way healed up already.." She snorted and shook her head at the last part in regards to Magneto.

"No, but I sent an email onto someone to tell him I'm fine. That Aurora is fine. Last time I was gone without doing so he got pissy. And I know, you don't want me to contact him or shit, but … He's a crazy ego-maniac with extreme paranoia that was proven 'right' in his eyes.." She dead panned.

"I told him I was staying so long as you let me. I wanted to try to make it clear I have no interest in going back to Genosha at all."


"Shes safe and will recover." Scott interjects. His confidence solid in delivery.

"Hes not welcome here. I don't care who he is or thinks he is. It is unlikely hes able to leave Genosha anyways." Likely it would be an acoloyte or a medium that will show to check on them, visibly. Who can be certain.

"Probably a wise call, considering."
Scott presses away from the wall and his head turns to the side, craning his neck, "I'm going to check on the others, we'll see how this all goes Lorna. You're here, you'll be protected but you're still not one of us, you drew that line."
"The Professor wouldn't want me to close the doors on you, so they won't be. Trust though, you don't have that anymore."

"Hope you like chicken nuggets and broccoli, it looked like thats whats for dinner."

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