HoM: Sinister Farewell

April 09, 2018:

The X-Men limp out Sinister tesseract, but before leaving their 'host' has some words for them.

Sinister's Lab in a folded space pocket, somewhere in Norway


NPCs: Mr. Sinister, Madelyne Pryor

Mentions: Lois Lane


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Fade In…

Mostly blind, but following the memories he saw in Prism's mind, Nate blasts through a side door and leads the small group of wounded mutants into what looks like a Spartan dining room, metal table and chairs, smelling of half-burnt food and gun oil.

They must be in the Marauder's living quarters, which is certainly not a safe place to be! But it is the way out, and besides Nate can't feel any other mind in the immediate area. "Anyone badly injured?" He asks, rummaging around for some kind of medical supplies. No luck.

What Havok brings in firepower, he tends to lack in durability - The grenade seems to have cracked the makeshift team's glass cannon. He's disoriented as Nate brings him to his feet, and fails to support his own weight the first couple of tries. "Sorry…" He grumbles, getting his footing with the help of a heavy lean on Nate.

Glancing about, he abruptly winces and brings his free hand to his temple, "Damnit. Gonna have a headache for a week after that. Who throws a grenade inside? Careless, really." Deadpan snark ends on a brief coughing fit as his lungs take issue with lab explosion smoke.

In answer to Nate's check-up, "Just dizzy, I think. Probably be sore as hell in the morning, though."

Lorna was up and moving, knock outs typically don't last long unless there's massive head trauma. In this case, she woke up to join the shambling group into the living area. Her brows furrowed as she walked, flicking a hand out and idly turning over the table and chairs without so much as a consideration to what a loud crashing sound they would make.

Oh well.

"Just peachy keen," Green eyes flickered over to Alex and she came up beside him with a glance over his person. "I think you'll live yet, Alex. Though at this point, I'm surprised we've made it this far."

The grenade - and her attempts to shield Lois from it - shook up Illyana, too, and as she pushes away from the wall the blast smacked her into she weaves a bit and has to put out a hand to steady herself. She shakes her head, blinks a couple of times, and manages to at least focus on Nate when he speaks.

"If the alternative is you trying to give me first aid, I'm fine."

She might not be feeling one hundred percent, but she's not going to admit that if she can help it. Dropping her hand from the supporting wall, Illyana moves more steadily over to where the grenade dumped Lois, dropping down to one knee beside her. "She's still with us." Illyana calls out to Nate, who's already on his way out. Her expression strongly suggests she's wondering how she got this job, but with a grunt of effort Illyana manages to get Lois up, get one of Lois' arms over her shoulder, and half-drag half-carry her after the others.

Nate pauses, looking up with a grunt. "No one is going to die," he mutters. "I am going to kill Sinister, I swear. Again." He looks distracted, and those who know him might suspect he is in a telepathic conversation. "Looks like the Cuckoos are fine, at least for now," he adds.

No details given. Although Illyana might notice he is trying to establish a telepathic link through her natural defenses. "We gotta keep moving. There is a way out nearby, we are going to need some serious blasting, Alex. You up for it?"

Responding with a simple grunt at first, Alex follows up with a bit more clarification, "Might need to point me in the right direction if the room doesn't stop wobbling around by the time we get there."

After a moment's consideration, Alex offers a crooked grin, "Need to get Banner to make you all some plasma-proof suits. They don't get to jump out of the way when you just blast the entire room."

As for killing Sinister, Havok voices no particular disapproval.

Lorna directed the table over toward Illyana and her load of Lois. "Just put her on there. Then no one has to carry her." She drawled, and glanced toward Nate and Alex once more as Nate waved off the concern for the Cuckoos and then returned to discussion about leaving. She frowned.

"What before it was 'Alex don't blast the stuff' and now it's 'Alex blast the stuff'?" She rolled her eyes and held back a huff as her hands settled on her hips.

"Or are you just trying to plot a way to get us into a room so you can try your hand at poking out Sinister's brain out?" It was spoke in a flat tone, with an eyebrow shooting upwards and her gaze swinging toward Alex once more. "Need a hand or are you good on your feet?" She held out one such hand toward him in offer.

Illyana doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth. As soon as the table comes in for a landing next to her, Illyana hefts Lois' comatose body onto it. "Better." She states, and nods an acknowledgement to Lorna. "Thanks."

Released from her casualty evacuation duties, Illyana moves up, but makes sure to keep out of Alex's line of fire. "I'll take 'way out' over 'kill Sinister' this once." Illyana offers, a bit distractedly. She can feel Nate scratching at her brain, and she knows he's unlikely to stop any time soon. « What? » She thinks pointedly at him, her telepathic defences lowering a bit grudgingly.

« I gotta assume Sinister can read the minds of the others – so this is only for you » sends Nate into Illyana’s mind. « The Cuckoos have found Monet and Marcos and are going to rescue Aurora. We need to make some noise and draw attention. »

Then he speak outloud. “Alright, way out. Blast that way, Alex,” he points to the metal wall behind the kitchenette. “It is Marauder-proof, so don’t pull punches. I can shield us.”

Giving a shrug, Alex looks to the wall in question, "Ok. Get back."

Allowing for a couple moments for everyone to get themselves clear, he adds, "More back." Bracing himself against the recoil, Havok fires directly from the chest… Little concern for accuracy, here, just a single loud wide beam of plasma punching through metal wall ( And through a goodly bit of kitchenette ).

As the air clears, Alex holds out a thumbs-up to Lorna, "Alex blast the stuff."

Lorna rolled her eyes, "It's metal.. why are we… whatever.." She muttered, directing her focus to keeping the floating metal table around them and out of any direct blast zone as soon as Illyana deposited the human onto it. She stood back as directed, annoyance following clearly on her features as she crossed her arms and waited for Alex to blow a hole in the wall.

Still, once it was over, she whistled faintly once, and them promptly made to continue onwards. "Right.. moving on then?" Sure she'd been knocked out before, but she didn't smell all that cautious about hanging back or anything as she made for the hole in the wall.

Illyana might enjoy her mind being out of reach of telepaths, but she's familiar enough with the experience - when she's allowed it - that she doesn't react when Nate's voice arrives inside her head. She doesn't look at him, either. She's good at keeping secrets.

« We have Alex. » Illyana points out. « Making noise isn't going to be a problem. »

When Nate immediately calls upon Havok to do just that, Illyana smiles faintly to herself. She takes a look at Alex, judging how wobbly he still looks, and the silver armour covering her left arm and shoulder spreads until it's a full metal suit. Having shown that much confidence in Alex's aim, Illyana smiles and steps smartly back to clear the blast zone.

Once the hole in the wall has been made, Illyana looks curiously at Lorna's back as she immediately makes for it. "I'd let Nate go first. He's a better bullet sponge." Illyana suggests, but moves quickly to follow all the same.

There is a pretty impressive explosion, and it is not just the plasma blast blowing up the metal wall. There was a small arsenal behind, or maybe a gas tank. Nate forcefield flares brightly to stop flames and debris. The whole lab complex shudders, violently, lights going off and on. Reality itself seems to 'wobble' as the extra-dimensional space weathers the shockwave.

Behind, a Victorian style living room, mostly blown up to bits.

Nate smirks, stepping forward. Nevermind he can barely see. "Door out just ahead."

A deep voice cuts in. British accent. "Indeed. And you should stay here. For your own good." Essex is very tall, and solidly built. Chalk white skin, red eyes. An old fashioned expnsive suit. He smiles, standing on the way. "Your are dying, Nathaniel,” he points out.
“Your child would have killed you, Lorna. I can make your Powers easily controllable, Alexander. I can make you human, Illyana - did you know your great-grandfather, Grigori, was one of my dearest friends."

The thought of simply blasting before Sinister is finished talking does enter Alex's mind. After the Marauders' greeting, likely under Sinister's command, he's not anywhere near taking Essex at his polite and helpful word.

Navigating debris to enter the room fully, he smirks and quips instead of blasting, "I think I'm getting the hang of it, thanks, and I think Illy's just perfect as she is." As for Nate and Lorna? Well, if he's actually prescient, they've got bigger problems than false promises.

"Wouldn't mind directions to the exit, though, if you're doing favors." Sarcasm is still probably more polite than blasting. Again.

Perhaps it would shock others, but Lorna didn't look at all ruffled about the concept of Sinister's little dining room. She stepped through without pause, despite the large amount of debris and otherwise destroyed section of wall there was. She glanced side long at Nate as he mentioned the door ahead, but as Sinister spoke a smile bloomed on her features.

"Very kind of you, removing that issue for me. Thanks." Her voice was smooth and she sauntered toward the table, picking at whatever was there with an idle hand. Her glance was spared toward Alex and she arched a brow with faint amusement playing over her features.

If there was any actual food there? Oh she was definitely going to eat some of it.

Illyana's full suit of soul-armour dissipates once the complex stops shaking, though her left arm and shoulder remain covered. As the armour goes, however, the Soulsword appears in her hands. She might have been offhand in her comments about using Nate as a meat shield, but she's not taking any chances, whatever's on the other side of the hole blasted by Alex.

She wasn't expecting a wrecked but still recognizable Victorian dining room, but her surprise doesn't make her miss a step. She's through the hole and taking a couple of long steps to Alex's left. Still clear of his field of fire, with enough separation so they can't both be easily taken out in one strike.

Apparently she does pay attention in the Danger Room.

"You say the nicest things." Illyana tells Alex, not taking her eyes off Sinister. "And as for you… maybe you should have tried to tempt us before you drugged us and dunked us in slime? You'd seem much more convincing." She smiles, and it's distinctly unfriendly.

Make her human? She just tried that daydream, and it didn't take. Besides, that would leave Limbo without a ruler, and then who would keep the demons away from her friends?

Illyana's not even tempted, but it's Lorna's reaction to all of this that's hitting a discordant note. Illyana's been in the running for 'X-Man least interested in Lorna's pregnancy', but even she's picking up that something's a long way from right, here.

"I have had quite enough of your 'helping', Sinister," growls Nate, stepping forward. "Your little illusion failed to keep us caged, now you want to negotiate?"

Sinister doesn't seem displeased at having his entreaties rejected. "The life-support unites were perfectly safe," he points out. "And I would have talked to each of you in person during the next few days. You are all interesting individuals of great potential. And now I know exactly what you want."

"Bored now," replies Nate, blasting the mad geneticist with a telekinetic blast. But it goes through him and hits thee far wall, as if was… "An illusion. Not even the real bastard is so chatty. Lets get out of here."

The conversation between the others and Sinister seemed to bore the green haired magnokinetic as she walked around the table idly. Her brows furrowed as she glanced up as Sinister claimed to know 'exactly' what each of them wanted. Still, she didn't argue or even offer more snide comments as Nate blasted through the … illusion.. and hit the far wall instead.

Because of course.

Lorna snorted and rolled her eyes, her gaze swinging toward Illyana and Alex briefly, snagging a grape and popping into her mouth as the table floated into the room finally now that it was fully cleared of Sinister. A brow shot upwards, "Lead on, oh fearless leader."

Illyana snorts quietly when Sinister assures them that they were 'perfectly safe' in those goo-filled test tubes. Because that's the only reason they're tearing his complex apart in their efforts to leave. The fact they were kidnapped, knocked out, and in at least one case apparently had surgical procedures performed on them is surely just incidental. The creature really is delusional.

Illyana doesn't need telling twice that it's time to go, and marches through the wreckage of the dining room to the door in the far wall. Lorna gets a glance as the Russian passes her, though. If she was someone other than, well, Illyana… maybe she'd be concerned enough to say something. But she just wants to leave.

Hauling the door open, she's greeted with a blast of icy, but clean air. Stepping outside, her boots crunch on fresh snow and she looks around at an honestly rather picturesque mountain scene. But she's not really taking in the view. Instead, she closes her eyes for a moment, as if trying to sense something, then smiles and opens them again. Stepping aside from the door to let the others out, she makes a grand and wholly unnecessary gesture.

A stepping disc blazes into silver-white light, holding steady this time. "Last call for boarding." She throws back over her shoulder, long blonde hair whipping in the wind, as she steps through the portal and vanishes, trusting that the others will follow.

"Wait five minutes, Illy," because they have more escapees coming. Another trio of injured mutants with a baby in a portable incubator limp in, having barely survived their meeting with the other half of the Marauder team. Nate waits for them to co through the portal before he follows.

He almost fails to hear Madelyne's telepathic farewell.

She is still creepy as hell. Damnit.

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