Are You Kidding Me

April 18, 2018:

Owen and Dani's paths intersect from their respective jobs. SHIELD and Suicide Squad.


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No matter what state of affairs might be going on within SHIELD home base their mission continues to go on. Even with the death of a respected member of the SHIELD community the Agents still have various duties and responsibilities to fulfill.

As such, Danielle Moonstar, Level 5 Agent, finds herself on one of those missions.

It's something of a covert mission. Pose as a buyer of exotic weapons, the kind of exotic weapons a cell full of Hydra Agents might have. To complete her undercover look Moonstar wears a very severe business suit of black and while normally her hair is parted into two braids, today it's simply pulled back into a severe pony-tail. In her hand is a generic looking brown briefcase and upon her face sit a pair of blocky tortoise-shell pattern glasses.

It's a great disguise. Really.

Her point of entry into the warehouse full of Hydra and weaponry is a small nondescript door. In front of it stands a hulking brute of a man and only after her 'appointment' has been confirmed, does he finally step away from the door. There's also a professional frisk of Dani for weaponry and when nothing is found the door is opened.

Inside the Cheyenne woman goes and with a thud of that door, her potential avenue of escape is blocked off. That doesn't stop her from walking down the narrow hallway to a second door, with an equally massive man standing in front of it.

"I've an appointment." She states, her words an echo of what she told the first guard.

The man gives Moonstar the once over and when clearance is once again received, he steps aside.

So far so good. She's inside. Now comes the hard part.

There is a buy. Whatever it is that HYDRA is selling Waller ostensibly wants to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. In practice she would prefer that it like all other dangerous technology, weapons or people fall into hers instead. Owen doesn't have much information to go off, but that is hardly new.

It's a fairly straight forward solo mission that Owen doesn't expect he'll have any issue pulling off. He has made his way into the warehouse so far undetected as far as he can tell. He's already set some charges to cover his escape or provide a timely distraction. His plan and his night are going fairly smoothly until he gets eyes on the buyer.

"Are. you. shitting. me."

Even after painstakingly slinking into the base, without so much as a peep, Owen can't help but give voice to his incredulousness. How? How is she showing up everywhere? There's a word or term for this, Harley probably knows it off the top of her head. It's that thing where once you think of something you are suddenly seeing it everywhere? Except it usually doesn't involve parallel world love stories… probably.

Regaining some measure of cool, Owen flips on a pair of goggles to figure out how many people he will need to take down. They are all just numbers, he doesn't expect much fight from low level Hydra agents… but how is he going to pull this off with Dani as the buyer. And more importantly, should he?

Once through the second door Dani finds herself in a rather open space. It is, after all, a warehouse. There's only so many configurations that's typically seen with a warehouse.

In the middle of the room is a table and around the table are several of those low-level Hydra Agents. Once Dani steps through that second door four sets of eyes turn to the black-haired woman to watch her approach.

All four Hydra agents are men, two large, and two more on the thin side and all are armed to teeth. Bristling with guns, if you will.

And while Dani doesn't hear Owen's utterance of disbelief, something causes Moonstar's expression to twitch. It's a ghost of a frown that flits quickly across her features, before her expression smooths out again.

When she's close enough to that lone table, surrounded by Agents, Moonstar says, "Good evening, gentlemen." Her briefcase is hefted up and then set upon the table with the vaguest of thunks, "I hope you're prepared to make some deals tonight, because I'm prepared to spend money on behalf of my client."

It's that mention of client that brings one of the slimmer Hydra Agent's eyes up - we'll call him Bob - and with a faint narrowing of Bob's eyes, he says, "We are." He agrees, "But remind us - Mrs. Smith - just who is your client again?"

And here is where the hairs on the back of Moonstar's neck stand up. A silent signal that something might be wrong -

"What game are we playing here?" Dani says calmly, her polite mask tightly in place, "I've forwarded my client's credentials to you earlier for the express purpose of moving this meeting along. My client has deadlines to meet."

And while the majority of the agents can be found near that table, there are a few that are scattered around the various boxes of 'product', but with some unseen signal the four other Hydra agents all begin to make their way toward the middle of the warehouse. Right where Moonstar and the others are.

With some added help of tech in his earpiece, Owen can pick up the conversation easily enough even in his hidden space. His teeth clench as Dani is challenged on her client and her response causes his lip to curl. He silently urges to her to break someone's hand or somehow show that she is not to be trifled with in a more meaningful way. Of course the Dani he knew was a bit more prone to violence than the Agent Moonstar of this earth, so his wishes are likely in vain.

With a count of men and their general positions in place, he flips off the visor. He is looking for the item, trying to see if it's even here. And then it occurs to him that with Dani in the mix he's likely going to have to use his speed. Which means his metabolism is going to speed up. Which means he's going to burn through the methadone currently help him keep his head. Super. So he's going to have to deal with HYDRA, an alternate reality ex-girlfriend who thinks he's a shit stain in this world AND withdrawal symptoms.

Yay for Owen.

Yay Owen, indeed.

It seems their luck isn't going to hold out much longer, not with that challenge and like some badly scripted movie the lead Hydra Agent sneers.

"Oh do pray tell, my dear. Or should I say Agent Moonstar. Tell us just who your client is?" And while Owen may wish for Moonstar to lash out and kick their respective butts, for the moment she doesn't. Instead she tries to push the false narrative of her cover onward. "Agent Moonstar? Gentlemen you are *mistaken*." She states, her expression and her voice still forcefully calm at this point. "If you prefer not to deal with my client then I shall take my leave."

And while the four Hydra Agents offer a momentarily confused look between themselves, that doesn't stop them from uniformly reaching for their guns and drawing them. "Oh I don't think so. We know who are, Agent, and now you're ours. We know some people who'd love to get to know you better, especially all your secrets. That makes you quite valuable." And with that said, Moonstar now finds all four guns pointed at her.

If she could she'd swear, vehemently, but she can't. Not yet. Instead all Moonstar can do is finally react -

"Sorry boys I'm not for sale." Snaps the Cheyenne and with that said, Moonstar throws her briefcase at the lead Agent as a diversion and while Agent Bob grapples with the empty briefcase, Moonstar calls forth small daggers of psionic energy. Those daggers form readily enough in her hands and while she flings them at two of the other Hydra Agents, she's too slow. Too late. The two that will soon find themselves psionically stunned, still have enough time to depress the triggers upon their guns. Three handguns bark loudly in the confine of the warehouse and while Bob yells, "WAIT NO you idiots, we need her alive!" That warning is likewise too late as three bullets fly towards Moonstar, aimed primarily for her torso.

And if she could see above her own head her powers would allow her to view the sudden appearance of a hazy image of a crazed bear. A familiar bear. A herald to Death coming for her, thanks to the shots fired.

And while Moonstar knows she doesn't have enough time to escape those bullets, her body automatically begins to turn, intending to try and dodge out of the path of those incoming slugs.

Really Dani? They just called you Agent Moonstar, you are burnt.

Owen's thoughts on the matter are blurred as he can only remember his Dani and their training together. How she would react. What she would know. It's enough that it slows him from moving the boomerangs fly out to knock away drawn weapons, but Owen knows when they're launched that he's too slow.

And then with a burst of speed, he isn't too slow. He zooms down enough to try and move Dani six feet to the right of where she stood. Of course in his movements he has time to watch the psionic daggers hit their marks, which causes him to tilt his head. That's different too, wasn't it normally arrows?

Hopefully having gotten Dani out of immediate harm's way, Owen is moving, albeit at normal speed to aim for where he expects the other ten or so HYDRA agents to start appearing from. He crouches down and fires, kill shots if possible. There is no thought of trying to get fancy with his shots. He has other options, but needs to try and locate the weapon before he starts 'sploding anything.

His boomerangs zing outward and they do knock away the majority of those handguns, but still the bullets continue on their way, seeking to harm the Agent of SHIELD.
As for Dani, one minute she's looking at the specter of death coming her way and then the next it's gone.

Or not precisely gone, but moved. Or she's moved. Yes, she's definitely moved. It becomes apparent she's move when she finds herself six feet over. That's enough to earn a surprised, "What the hell?!", before realization sinks in upon the sight of Owen.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Comes the automatic question and then she mentally kicks herself - priorities. She needs to get her priorities straight and right now it's staying alive.

And while the Hydra agents offer their own version of surprised gasps and boggles at the boomerangs, the seemingly miraculous movement of Agent Moonstar and the appearance of Owen, that doesn't stop them from reacting further.

"Scatter!" Shouts Agent Bob, and like leaves upon the wind the four agents do just that.

Only now they're too slow, as Owen's own shots lash out with deadly accuracy. One agent goes down, then the next, a third, and finally Bob. They all fall to the ground and for a moment Dani's privy to each of the Agent's vision of Death -

The Hydra.

"Wait!" Dani says, realization dawning too slow, "We need some of them alive dammit!"

But not to worry, those agents that were heading toward the middle of the warehouse suddenly appear. One appears straight ahead and the other three appear off to the side of the two would-be partners. "Maiming shots!" Snaps Moonstar, and this time, when she calls forth her powers it's in a more familiar form. Psionic bow and a psionic arrow.

The first arrow is sent to the nearest Agent that's off to the side, "Time to sleep." Mutters the woman, even as the other three raise weapons. All three guns are pointed unerringly at Owen, seeing the man as the bigger of threats. All three guns bark harshly as the three agents fire simultaneously at Owen.

Kill shots, much like what he's aimed for.

The angry look at that Owen gives Dani in answer to why he's here could make even a native New Yorker look away. He grumbles something not quite audible about Satan, but doesn't elaborate. Instead he just grunts. "Less blah blah. More bang bang." Because it's Owen and he couldn't just be helpful or forthcoming with anything if he tried.

He makes for cover and is lining up his next shot when Dani tells him to wait. "What? What the fuck do you mean /we/. I don't need them for shi-.." Crap. She's right. He doesn't know where the weapon is and he really should at least make an attempt to make sure HYDRA doesn't have it. Of course letting it fall into SHIELD's hands or Waller's hands is a toss up in Owen's book. They fall marginally ahead of HYDRA but are about dead even with trying to fence whatever the heck this is on his own for a bit of coin. … If he thought Waller wouldn't trace that back to him which is unlikely.

"Fine. Maiming shots. Unless they shoot first, then they're dead. I have a very strict rule about trying to kill me." And almost as if his words drew their fire, he has bullets coming at him. He can move fast. Fast enough to dodge a bullet, but not every bullet. Owen moves quickly to get out of the way but in the midst his gun falls from his hand, his arm struck by one of the bullets.


And then he's behind his attackers pulling a razor boomerang with his left hand. Thankful that he can throw equally as well with his 'off' hand. He lets it fly, hoping to take them quite literally at the knees.

"Maiming shots! This is what happens when you take maiming shots Sweet-" Oh shit. Seriously, get it together. It's like you've never been shot or worked with an ex before. Why is this so confusing? Focus Mercer. "- Cheeks." he finishes a bit lamely.

The look Owen sends her way is seen, but not commented upon. Not when they have other things to worry about. Priorities again. His mention of less blah blah and more bang bang pulls forth a serious grumble from the woman, but she does comply. Like Owen the Agent is moving for cover and in this instant, it's the table. The heavy wooden table is tipped over and dropped upon its side, the thick wood an impromptu shield against those bullets.

Kneeling behind that overturned table, Dani only pops up to fire another arrow, this time at the person that's straight ahead, versus off to the side. "/Good night/." She growls, and while Owen earns a flicker of a glance at the mention of maiming shots versus kill shots, whatever thoughts pop into Moonstar's head stay there, as she stays focused upon this firefight.

When Owen seemingly disappears what Hydra agents that are still awake and/or alive shout in confusion, "What the hell? Where he'd go?" And while those questions are asked it soon becomes quite apparent just where Owen went as those razor boomerangs hit.

Shouts of pain and surprise can be heard from two of the men and they go down with meaty thuds. Both their guns go flying away from their hands, as the two weren't expecting an attack from behind. The last man standing starts to turn, tries to run, but before he can get two paces away Dani's last psionic arrow hits him between the shoulder blades, with a grunt he likewise goes down.

Rising up from behind the table, Moonstar just focuses a hard look upon Owen. "Sweetcheeks?" She says with a growl, "Buster you better walk that right on back. It's Agent Moonstar, or Moonstar, or hell Danielle, but not /sweetcheeks/."

The still alive men upon the floor groan quietly and with another look aimed at Owen, Moonstar stomps right on over to the nearest one. Time for questioning it seems.

The gunshot wound to his arm needs to be tended, but Owen is still counting bodies making sure there are enough incapacitated or dead agents to account for everyone. He figures it's close enough that it's worth at least doing a cursory check.

"Yup. Sweetcheeks. As in I just saved your sweet cheeks and got shot in the process, so maybe worry little less 'bout what I'm calling you and a little more about getting the information so we can blow this popsicle stand, Dani." Obviously not one of the three options given, which is why Owen pointedly uses it. Normally he would be careful with real names but they already called her Agent Moonstar and she just said her full name out loud so it's fine.

He grumpily checks his arm and produces a bandage from a pouch in his vest to wrap it hastily. With that done, he pulls another sidearm and grits his teeth, trying not to think about the list of drugs he could request from the doctors for a gunshot wound on a mission.

There's a flare of nostrils from Dani and for a minute the woman looks dangerously close to yelling.

Up until he mentions his gunshot wound. That brings some responsibility back to Moonstar. Some of her levelheadedness. "How badly are you hurt?" She asks, even as she steps toward the injured man and likewise the nearby downed men. "I've got a medkit near - " Nearby. That's what she was going to say, but that word trails off when he produces his own bandage.

"I'll take that to mean it's not terrible." And then she's stepping away, moving closer to one of the downed, but awake men. Crouching down, the black-haired woman says, "Where's the weapons?" The Hydra Agent has enough wherewithal to shake his head and offer, "I don't know what you're talking about." That refusal causes Dani's expression to tighten, "Listen either tell me know or I'll rip it from your mind - your choice." And here the man pauses, his eyes widening in surprise, "Where?" Dani states again and then man shakes his head.

"Fine." She finishes with and with a quick side-eye to Owen, the woman makes her decision. Then it's back to the Hydra agent and with the skill of a surgeon, Dani reaches out with psionic fingers to pry out the man's worst fear - which now happens to be giving up the intel.

Above the man's head a hazy image appears for all to see and in the image both Dani and Owen can see a specific box. It's unmarked and Owen might be able to see enough reference points within the image to know the box is on the other side of the warehouse. In a darkened corner, surrounded by marked and other unmarked wooden crates.

Within in the pair will find grenades, only these grenades glow a putrid green in the dim light.

As Dani begins to ask for the information Owen snarls and is about to speak when she gets a move on with it. He knows enough about Dani's powers to be looking for a spectral image. He studies it and mentally lines up with his reconnaissance and what he's seen so far. And quietly he slips away, using a combination of speed and stealth to hopefully not call Dani's attention to it. He finds the grenades and has the case in his hand before hesitating.

Sighing Owen pulls out a marker and scribbles something on a crate and divides up the grenades, leaving half in an open container. He takes the rest in the box and attempts to slip out the back before Dani can come find him.

"Moonstar- We split the take. Leave me out of the report. XoXo"

Obviously signing the note would ruin the whole, I wasn't here and Owen resists the urge to sign something outrageous like he might have in another time or place. Now though he has to further decide what he tells Waller and more importantly what he doesn't tell her.

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