Creative Destruction

April 16, 2018:

Kitty has her hands full with Groot, but she has a moment of triumph in making him productive for a change.



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There have been quite a few things going on with the Triskelion, the Guardians and the X-Men. Tonight, though, it is Kitty's turn to babysit the smaller Groot. She has come with distractions and back up in the form of Lockheed. The small purple dragon has been instructed to be good even if Groot pulls on tails or wings. Much like the good friend he is, he has reluctantly agreed to not set him on fire should that happen.

The other thing she has is Netflix, some music and some arts and crafts for little Groot. There are crayons, safety scissors, lots of construction paper and colorful tape and a bucketful of Legos.

It should be easy taking care of a child. Especially if it's a tree child. Alien children can be assumed to behave better than human ones, but that isn't the case here.

Groot, for the most part, still acts the same way any toddler will act. The distractions from Kitty keep him busy, but he has had his fill of bouncing between watching episodes of children's shows, trying to tear and cut paper before tossing the safety scissors across the hangar, and trying to wrestle Lockheed with all of his strength.

Fortunately, he has lost interest in pulling on the poor dragon's wings in favor of trying to eat some of the Legos. He's content enough to sit in front of the projector setup while tentatively chewing on some stacked Lego pieces to see if they would taste any better now than they did earlier. But he makes a face, his dissatisfaction evident as he inspects it after he draws it out of his mouth.

Lockheed has taken the wrestling with good humor. In fact, he gets into it every now and again - almost like a dog who gets engrossed in wrestling for a bone. He snaps at Groot, bearing his teeth every now and again, though he doesn't actually bite the small tree very hard. He is not a sheepdog that silently takes the wing pulling with labored looks to Kitty.

For her part, however, Kitty is trying to wrangle the small fierce Groot. "Groot!" She calls when he's pulling too hard on Lockheed. "No no, Groot don't—-" but he's already ripping all the paper.

As Groot focuses more on chewing up the Legos, she quickly moves to try and make sure he doesn't choke on them. "Groot, those are for building, not for chewing. Do you want to build something, maybe? Like, we could build a Lego Milano. That could be fun!"

The treatment Groot gets from Lockheed and Kitty, he's realized, are on completely opposite ends of each other. He has the time of his life with the dragon, which gives him a reference point of how puppies and dogs play whenever they're let loose. The enthusiasm feeds into his own, the energy crazy until they break apart for short periods of rest.

With Kitty, she's doing her best as a parental guardian figure. Each admonishment is met with an "I am Groot!", flip-flopping between amusement and annoyance whenever he's not allowed to do something. Like right now, for instance. His Lego chew is removed, making him grimace at the start of another protest. Except he sounds a little confused as to what she means by building a Lego Milano. "I am Groot??"

Lockheed lays sprawled amongst the ruin of a bunch of construction paper, purple scales rising and falling in quick succession after his play battles with Groot. A bit of smoke rises from his nostrils and he gives Kitty a bit of a look. He's both annoyed, happy and tired all at the same time.

Kitty gives a bemused, but also thankful look to Lockheed before focusing on Groot. Reaching forward, she tries to pluck the new Lego chewtoy straight from his hand and mouth. "Ah ah ah, no." His confused 'I am Groot' is met with a gesture that she can show him. She was, after all, a teacher for a few years. That was to high school to college students, but she can hopefully adjust for a toddler. "Look, here, I'll show you. We'll make a tiny Milano." Plucking a bunch of Legos out, she holds them up. "Look, can you find about six of ones that look exactly like this?"

Slow blinks allow time for Groot to process what's happening now, the show forgotten as he watches Kitty pick out specific pieces from the Lego bucket. He then gets to his feet, hopping over to the bucket so that he can dunk his hands into its contents.

"I am Groot," he chirps, pulling out fistfuls containing the six pieces and a whole lot more than Kitty is bargaining for. But hey, he's following directions!

There's is an immediate sigh of relief as Groot seems to take this new direction well. If he brings over way more pieces than is necessary? That's totally fine. He's, at least, not chewing on them or wrestling Lockheed while he needs some rest.

Plucking out the relevant pieces, she starts to build the top of the recognizable ship that Groot calls home. It's rough in its design right now, but it's starting to take form.

Holding it up to him, she raises her eyebrows, gauging interest. "See, look, the Milano! Do you recognize it yet?" She plucks a few more pieces, snapping them on. "Do you want to add something to it?" At that, she holds it out to him so he can add on as he wishes.

Groot plops himself down among the pieces scattered, watching Kitty closely as she pieces things together. If his eyes weren't big enough already, they're even moreso now. "I am Groot…" Once the Lego Milano begins to take shape, he recognizes it, perking up as he points at it, then to the real Milano. "I am Groot!"

So what if it's a rough design? He's fascinated by the fact someone can make it so small. "I am Groot," he replies, little hands eagerly searching among the Lego bricks to help it along. Or add a giant chunk that shouldn't be there. Either way, he's getting the hang of putting things together.

As Groot takes a liking to making the mini-Milano, Kitty takes a deep breath. Phew. Finally something she has managed to get him interested in that does not involve shredding, destruction or bodily fighting Lockheed. Even as Groot attaches things that are not part of the Milano, she does not seem to mind, encouraging him to add on where he wishes to go.

In fact, she pulls out other pieces and helps attach a few to the wings and the cockpit. It's really starting to come together. While it does still look like the Milano, there are certainly some strange additions. It doesn't need to be an exact replica after all.

"That looks great, Groot! We can build some other ships if you want, too. Then we can have a mock space battle with them!"

As another lump of legos are clicked together on the side, Groot pauses to beam at Kitty. "I am Groot." He feels so good, being productive. What is this?

The thought of making more sounds like a good idea to him. "I am Groot!" Again he sifts messily through the bricks, pulling out different sizes to give his current lump some wing-like structure. So much building!

As Groot keeps building, Kitty feels more relaxed. Phew. She has found a key to reining in his more destructive side. As Lockheed's eyes droop to napping, she keeps pulling a lot of different colored blocks out of the tub for Groot to continue to attach onto different builds.

"Yes, Groot! See? This is great, right? Creating things is fun." She can teach him! That's a good thing. Setting all the different things Groot has started to make in different places, she can't wait to show Rocket and Peter them.

"You're doing so good, Groot! What else do you want to build? We can make towers, bridges, buildings. Anything you want! There are ton of these."

The teacher prevails! The creative side wins out! Eat it, Peter Quill.

"I am Groot. I am. Groot!" His pitched voice sounds sing-songy as he continues under Kitty's guiding hand, her words of praise inflating his confidence and opening up the door to limitless possibilities.

Towers? Bridges? Things he's seen in real life can be brought down to size where he can hold them within his tiny grasp? Oh, he's all over this.

Excited, the tree sprout finishes another ship-like creation, then moves from his spot to start making something that looks vaguely like a building. Maybe it turns out to be a box, but that's close enough! "I am Groot!" he exclaims as he tugs on Kitty's sleeve, hoping she'd understand and help him make more of these items.

Kitty is more than happy to accommodate Groot. He is happily building box-buildings and ship-like creations. Eagerly, she brings him more Legos and snaps things into place, arranging them where he wants. Lockheed snoozes in his little nest of paper that he made for himself.

Things start to take shape - a bit of a city, more ships. They're getting low on the blocks but they have effectively managed to make quite a lot of things. It's a blocky city with futuristic ship-like things.

"Yes, Groot! It's looking great! Look, you've built almost an entire city! With ships and everything!"

The work is steady, yet frantic. How Lockheed can sleep through all of this is amazing, but being off to the side in his paper nest makes napping less hectic. Groot holds things in one hand, pointing out where to place some of the pieces according to his design. And it all comes together fast, plainly obvious, bizarrely abstract.

Even Groot is surprised at how far they've come. "I am Groot," comes a breathless response of wonderment. His eyes roam the half-city, seeing that everything looks good. Very good.

He then glances up at Kitty, rocking on his heels as he does so. "…I am Groot?"

They make it all the way through the building process. As Kitty sits back she looks at everything with pleasure. "Yes, Groot!" She agrees at his breathless wonderment. She's not exactly sure what that I am Groot meant, but she can hope it conveys the same amount of accomplishment that she feels.

His next questions is met with a bit of confusion. She's not quite sure what he's questioning. However, he has done so well, that she nods a bit. "Uh, sure Groot," she tells him. He's being polite enough to ask, after all!

'Uh, sure Groot.' Kitty had been so supportive. She helped him make this city, so it was only fair that he asked her for an opinion.

Her permission, in this case.

The moment those words are spoken, Groot stands there, a contemplative expression resting upon his face as he rotates the lego 'ship' in his tiny tree hands. His gaze trails away from the young woman, only to settle fully on the city before him.

…And then he roars.

Holding the 'ship' up in his left hand, Groot shakes it threateningly. He starts growling and grunting, stomping past a few of the buildings before he chooses his first target. The 'ship' is flung, spinning lopsidedly as it crashes into the bottom of the tower, sending it down like a tree falling in the wood.

He thumps his chest. "I AM GROOOOT!"

Kitty watches the decisive destruction of the city they just built together over the course of an extended period of time. She is completely surprised, though she probably should not be. Groot is a tree of fight.

There is a lot of conflicting emotions and ways she can handle this. She doesn't exactly want Groot to destroy this city, but she did actually give him permission without knowing exactly what it is he was saying. She can either yell at him or she can let it all happen.

Or, she can partake. With a sigh, Kitty lets Groot destroy much of the city by himself before she takes up one of his own ships and starts to help level the city they built together. She will never ever admit it to any of the other Guardians, but it's actually rather satisfying.

That kind of decision-making is always hard. Groot being Groot, this version of him relishes the destruction brought on by creating it in the first place. Although he's been influenced by Quill and Rocket, a lot of it is coming from him. Because Kitty is right - he is a tree of fight.

But he sees her join him in his casual kaiju romp, brightening once he realizes she's not scolding him for being so violent. He even shrieks happily when she breaks apart the ships. "I am Groot!"

He's so proud of her. So proud that he kicks a line of buildings into each other.

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