Get Out of Jail (not free)

April 01, 2018:

Nate goes to pick up Darcy when she is finally out of Rickers Island jail. Some catching up to do, and he learns about her sentence.

On the road in NYC


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It has been a troublesome time for the X-Men lately. Genosha on one corner, the Brotherhood in other, visions of the Phoenix and plenty personal drama. Darcy’s own troubles seem to have passed unobserved to many of her mutant friends. But then again, some seem to think she is a traitor because something she said to Lorna ended up in the Brotherhood hands.

Seriously? Since when the X-Men worry about a few thousand dollars of stolen medical supplies? Those saved lives.

If anything the problem is losing their firm alliance to SHIELD. At least Nate thought it was firm. Apparently some X-Men do not trust Nick Fury. And they call him paranoid.

Oh no, Nate has not forgotten Darcy. He checks with her regularly, tried to get her a lawyer to find out SHIELD is a military organization and seem to handle things outside normal laws. Oh well.

But eventually a deal was done and now Nate has borrowed an old Toyota from the school garage to pick her up at Rikers Island penitentiary gates. And for once he is right on time.


With all of that over and done with, Darcy stands at the gate in the comfy meant for warm weather clothes she had left the palace at Genosha in. The only thing that had kept Darcy from completely losing her mind to boredom was Nate’s check ins. Having anyone to chat with was helpful, even if many of those conversations were just Darcy ranting about the food or the temperature or the wall color or the chipped paint or any number of unimportant topics. They were good enough to let her vent her frustrations. Now, seeing Nate in that old pick up truck. Darcy found an actual honest to god smile.

“Hey there handsome. Looking for a good time?” she quipped, leaning into a window before smirking and climbing into the passenger seat.

“fuck, good to see you. Thanks for the lift too. I wasn’t looking forward to walking.”


“Nah, and actually you can keep this old thing if you need some wheels.” Mentions Nate, opening the vehicle’s door. Which is why he came driving instead of flying. “Y’know Lorna has been pretty worried about you. And she had to put Monet in charge of the wedding preparations.” Which is… intense, and not half as fun as when Darcy was in charge.

“Fortunately you got out in time,” he adds. With a few days to spare, really. “Where do you want to go?” He asks, grinning to the woman as she settles in. “Hungry?”

“Oh God…” Darcy laments, dropping her face to her hands. She peeks out through her fingers as Nate.

“First… please tell me you didn't steal this car. Second, Monet, really? Ugh, and Third: time for what?” By now, Darcy has uncurled and turned to face Nate as best she can while being buckled in.

“Starved, but I’ve got zero cash in me. You buying?”

“I am a starving stage magician, but I can buy us some burgers or hotdogs I think,” replies Nate cheerfully. “And don’t worry. I checked this thing out and I bet it will be a month before someone asks me where I put it. At that time I will just return it and pick up another old one if you still need a car. But I do hope by then you are back to working in the mansion.”

He drives them out, through the bridge to New York.

“And I mean you got just in time for the wedding. It is next Saturday,” explains Nate. “I am sure there is a bridesmaid outfit for you. Monet is good organizing things. Just not… y’know, fun about it. That girl has some issues.”

“Nate. Honey. It’s fine. Public transportation is fine,” Darcy replies, turning to look out the windshield without really looking where they are going. She chews at the inside of her cheek as she mulls over working at the mansion still. Clearly, she hadn’t even considered still being allowed to work there. Her eyes track to the world zooming past outside her window.

“Can't leave the country, Nate. I'm not going to the wedding. And it's fine.”

It really isn’t but Darcy will tell herself that it is.

Can’t leave the country? What the fuck?

“What happened in the trial, Darcy?” He asks, glancing at the woman at his side. Her comment about public transportation being okay is… well, okay. He knows many New Yorkers avoid using or owning vehicles. Since he usually goes flying everywhere he has no strong opinion. He did thought in giving Darcy some options, though. “You shouldn’t miss the wedding,” he adds.

Darcy rolls her shoulders in a shrug eyes still out the window near her.

“Something about working with terrorists or something. I dunno. I think they were full of shit but whatever. I’ll find someplace to work to pay my bills,” she adds. There is confusion about some of the charges. But, not having been given much of a chance to really say her part in things she hadn’t been able to stress enough that she had no idea what Brotherhood they were talking about. After all, what the fuck did the Aryan Brotherhood have to do with mutants. The two seem so completely at odds that she had finally just shut up and waited it out since it had grown closer to her that she wasn’t going to be listened to. She’ll do some research now that she’s out. Maybe it’ll clear things up.

“Don’t have much of a choice do I? It’s fine Nate. I’ll.. facetimg her or something…” not what she'd really like, but whatever. Darcy’s tired of it. This is why government jobs suck.

Nate hrms. “I think Lorna gave Pietro some information she should have kept for herself. The Mutant Brotherhood is considered a terrorist group in many places, and Wanda and Pietro have been attacking politicians.”

So somehow SHIELD tracked down the information leak ot Darcy? Or just blamed her because she was in Genosha and they don’t want their agents talking to Magneto’s folks even during ‘vacations’.

Yep, Lorna and Darcy need to talk.

“Come to Genosha anyway,” he adds. “Wear a wig or something. Or maybe Kurt will let you borrow his hologram projector thing.” Looking for a burger joint now. Telepathy is often better than google.

(We had to pause - assumed Nate took her to have lunch and then to her apartment).

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