Cutscene: Abjuration

April 07, 2018:

HoM. Sometimes, once the sparks take light, the ensuing fire is best watched from a distance.

Castle Magnus, Genosha


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Wanda Maximoff, Danielle Moonstar, Owen Mercer


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

From his balcony, the Prince of the Spire can hear the workers making ready for the gala, far below in the courtyards and the plazas. The castle practically breathes with their activity, the chatter of hundreds of voices echoing its halls with a hundred conversations.

Cloaked in heavy red samite, in his empty substantive titles as heir apparent to a fake throne, Pietro sits and nurses a full glass of one of the finest reds from his father's cellar. The bottle sits on a stand close by his chair, already nearly empty.

Uncharacteristic. He rarely sits for long. Yet here and now, he marks off an hour since he sat himself down and poured himself his first glass.

An eternity. Yet, in view of what is about to happen… no time at all.

It gives him time to consider the sins he has committed, and is about to commit. His penultimate one sighs in sleep behind him, strewn in sheets behind the half-drawn curtains of the bed. His final one is yet to come, when he does not appear at his father's side at the gala. As he should.

When instead, the planted seeds of awakened and angry sleepers spring into violent bloom.

Someone messages him. He looks without much interest at the missive. Agents Owen Mercer and Danielle Moonstar, missing, gone rogue. Would the prince have them found and dragged back?

Half a smirk crosses his features. He sends back a do-not-pursue, and pushes the communicator away. All of our time is so limited, now.

Time passes. He staves off the boredom by counting the slow, sleeping breaths behind him.

"I was prince of this world," he eventually says, almost tentative, as if tasting each syllable fully before letting it go. It is not clear whether he is really speaking to an audience. "But it did not have you."

He sets aside his glass. "So let it burn, as you burned."

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