Called before Congress: Wonder Woman

April 23, 2015:

Wonder Woman heads to Congress to discuss the failed mission that led to Pershing's death.

US Congressional Hearing Room

A room in the Congress. The deliberations are televised.


NPCs: Ballard, Traverstein, Ross, Jimenez, Stewart


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"Princess Diana of Themyscira," begins Henry Ballard (Tomorrow Party - Delaware) as he calls the meeting to order. "Thank you for coming. We appreciate your availability and your track record of honesty."

Around the room are four other members of congress. Co-chairing the investigation is the Speaker of the House, Hector Jimenez from New Mexico. Also, Pete Ross of Kansas, Sarah Traverstein of Washington, and Reece Stewart from California. All of the congresspeople are going over their notes waiting for the first question to begin.

"Princess Diana," Ballard begins. "Would you be so kind as to start with your recollection of the events at that night in Orleans, France."

Diana walks into the room in silence, there is not much to offer aside from that. She knows how these things go. Do not speak until spoken to - business as usual with politics in play. Booted feet bearing the black and silver mixture of old and new grecian style carry her with ease forward until she is front and center. "Anything to help." As she says that to those in the room her hands extend to her sides, fingers splayed, those silver vembraces flashing in the incandescent lighting, the lasso resting upon her right hip, no glow upon it, but the symbolism doesnot need to bear a beacon of permanence. It is there omnipresent.

Her hands come to clasp in front of her and the posture is assumed. That of one about to give address and receive on in turn, comfortable but statuesque. "I was in the Hall of Justice when the call came in. The one that let us know the President was under attack, the he needed us. We flew there within moments and unboarded the jet into the darkness of Orleans where the others that had arrived prior were already being attacked by the animated dead. When I descended upon them, the information was being relayed to me on the president's location, the help needed to get Captain America and the team there. I freed some of my allies from the hungry grips with my lasso, knowing they were truly dead in doing so, their thoughts empty - the only truth hunger, devour, destroy."

Pausing Diana looks upon each of the congress-people gathered, then continues. "I cleared a path, was the eyes in the sky for Captain America and Peggy to get to the place where the president was due to come out and we were to take him to safety. I became the distraction so they could succeed, was within a mass of the animated dead when I heard the explosion and the shot that followed on its tail. I vauely remember looking to the sky, seeing the shield Booster rose, hearing the words over the comm the people were safe, but heard the cry for the other we came to save. The President was dead, and when I arrived the grief was still in the phase of silent shock."

When Diana stops she now does not look upon any of them, she waits. She knows how this goes.

Pete Ross, a younger Congressman from Kansas and, ironically and unknowingly, very close to one of the Justice League: Avengers team members, is next upon the microphone. "Princess Diana, I have a quick clarification question and a follow up. You mention a woman by the name of "Peggy," would mind elaborating on her identity a bit."

Ross follows up with a question about the enemy. "Can you shed more light upon the enemy you faced that night? It seemed far different than any HYDRA agents we have been known to come across in the past."

Ross now gets the full slowed turbulence of Diana's ocean huen gaze, nodding in a manner that tilts her head only slowly. "A younger woman, light brown wavy hair, brown eyes… an agent that stands behind Captain America. He is who introduced me to her and I trust her as a capabl warrior as well, as I trust my friend Steve." Was there any more the men could ask for. A description of the woman and a description of diana's belief in her integrity. That about covers it.

Though when he asks about the enemy her eyes drop from him and snap back and forth as if looking for an adequate description. "HYDRA has many heads and perhaps you need to be looking for a new one that seeks a different approach. The heads of this Hydra do not operate like the smarter beast of my mythos. But the enemy, those undead as Fenris called them. He said it was magic that moved them, a powerful magic that uprooted the dead from their eternal rest. They had decay on them, they moved even when limbs had been torn or lost. They only stopped, really stopped when their heads left their bodies. even detained thy kept trying.." A small tic at one corner of her eye told of the surreal memory of it all as she looks back upon Ross. "They were a very well placed distraction, sir."

Sarah Traverstein then speaks up, sitting forward as she does so. She has a history of being a take no prisoners Congresswoman who asks tough question. "Well, really, that's what we trust you to do, right? To be looking for the new heads of HYDRA. Clearly you and your teammates missed the boat."

"In any event, Diana of Themyscira, I would like to ask you questions regarding the chain of command of your little group. Can you tell me about who was leading this little quagmire?"

When Sarah speaks up Diana offers the woman a smile, a light one that never even glimpses her teeth. "We bring the heads we find to the accomodating governments doorsteps. What is done with them after we have been told is none of our business. Each head severed two more come. It is not our job to be on wild goose chases, with all do respect Ms. Traverstein it is our job to find the root of the neck. Everyone missed that boat and has for decades, but we will never give up that hunt."

"We did not arrive all at once, as I stated before to Mr. Ross. Some were already out in the field but when I arrived, it was me." Diana was not here to waste time, and in truth it would come down to her and Steve and his loss was palpable that night… "But not unlike many governments, we have a few that sit at the table. What would you have of me, Sara Traverstein of Washington?"

"Better answers and better results," Traverstein quips back as the assorted media and those with passes begin to snicker quietly. "In your opinion," she asks. "What other measures could have been taken in order to save the President's life?"

The laughter and amusement in the moment due to the woman's word brings only the reaction that can barely be seen unless you know what you are lookin for. Sinew within forearm ripples just before lips part and then close. Another moment of thought before words come forth. "Could you provide any of this?" Let there be a mockery of a man's death now.

"I hear laughter and see amusement where there should be none. Hundreds died as well as our President Pershing. He believed in us and our results and there is no greater loss then that of a man who also upheld justice and what is right in his own way. We did what we do when we are called to any assignment. We do our best to save lives and bring those guilty to justice, risking our own in the process. We saved hundreds that night as well. There was nothing more to give then what we did. We gave everything."

"Yes, Diana, we know you're big on telling us how to live our lives," Traverstein continues, "But if you'd condescend yourself just to answer us a few more questions, we'd be ever so grateful. Going back to your earlier response, you agree that it was you who was in charge of the mission, yes?"

After the answer, Traverstein follows up, "A woman if your power and might is no doubt aware of the Geneva Conventions rule on war crimes being the responsibility of the commanding officer. So was it your order to have Supergirl incinerate thousands of enemies, or was it simply dereliction of duty?"

Ignoring the quips from the woman any further Diana responds. "Yes, I was in charge." Pausing to hear the remaining inquiries Diana blinks and the woman now comes under the weight of a darkening cerulean gaze, those waters bearing a turbulence…

And then Diana smiles, the teeth a flash of brilliant ivory against olive toned skin. "I am aware of the laws and statutes that are written for soldiers and those of military position. I gave no such order, but I also do not recall signing the League over to any government to put us in the place where you can proclaim that my stance was one that puts me under the category of a war criminal. My team, the The Justice League Avengers is a team of like minded individuals varying from people likhe yourself to that of those beyond normal reach that answer when your governemnt or any in need call upon us to do so. We decided to put our lives on the line, and some in the past have given them to uphold Justice. We are civilians protecting civilians and though this may have been considered an act of war, has one actually been made and responded to?"

"Oh," Traverstein, mocks, pretending to be shocked. "So you are above International Law. My mistake, "Princess." I have no further questions, Chairman."

"Very well Congresswoman. Are there any other questions from the committee?" The Senator from Delaware asks. The others give a short shake of the head. "Very well, Princess Diana. Thank you for joining us here, today."

"Your words, not mine." Diana states to Traverstein and then nods to each of those gathered before turning and walking out. Silently she was hoping there had been a declaration of war, because if that was the case all of the legalities that tied the JL:A's hands would be quite loose.

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