Enter the Monkey

April 12, 2018:

A fireball approaches NYC and crashes into a park revealing that this seeming meteorite is far more than it seems.

Park in NYC

A small park in a residential neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC


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The alarms had gone up fast. People had no idea what was going on but out of seemingly no where a fireball appeared in the skies above the Atlantic Ocean moving at high speed toward what appeared to be NYC. Already people were scrambling to find out where it'd end up for sure but time was of the essence and the only thing they could figure out was it was heading toward somewhere west of New York City, possibly going to be hitting in or around a suburb.

For those not in the no, they can look up and see the fire streaking across the sky at a speed so fast that as it passes overhead, it is soundless till the boom hits after it passes. The whole event takes only a couple of minutes and even as people scramble to try to catch this thing, others scramble to get out its way.

It appears that a small suburban park is about to become a small suburban crater.


Alas, Vivienne is not one of those people in the know. While she does have concerns besides the feeding and caring of her good self, those concerns tend to be the sort which are relayed to her from across the pond and just a few thousand feet above the Equator. So a flaming hot cheez ball of doom? That's not really figuring on her radar. What is though, is her first bowl of phaal. In point of fact, she was just about to step under the awning of the curry house, when she heard the boom of sound, and scooted back far enough to catch sight of said flaming hot cheezeball.

'Always when I'm eating.'

The door drops closed without the woman even having a chance to do more than glance inside, and she's off again, dashing back towards where she parked her car. And, with a full meter too, because of course it was. But give her points for effort as she pulls out of the parking space and starts driving like she learned how to drive in a country with no speed limits. Which…in point of fact, she did.


For Caitlin Fairchild, her options for help are a little more limited. What's she supposed to do, catch it? The big ginger gapes at the cracking doom overhead with everyone else, but her swift reflexes push her into action mere seconds later.

"Move it! Clear out! Run!" Caitlin yells. She cups her hands to her mouth and /yells/, putting her super-powered diaphragm muscles to work. Tornado sirens are less piercing, and she starts making urgent gestures at people. "GET CLEAR! RUN! GET AWAY FROM THE PARK!" she shouts, running around. She enlists a few people to help carry the children and elderly from the park, moving as quickly as she can to try and get people out of the blast zone in the scant seconds before impact.

The fact she's wearing grey leggings and a green hoodie that says REBEL SCUM on the back isn't doing much to help her attempt at authority, admittedly.


The Green Lantern's presence at the moment is an emerald beacon of light in the distance, incoming fast. Not because hes here on a coincidence, no, falling objects rapid and dropping through atomsphere is one of his usual 'alerts', many times its a simple help a rich guy set his toy down or reroute a possible destructive meteor.


Luckily for Caitlin, given it is the evening, there's not as many people in the park as the light is waning, the cold is setting in and the lamps are flickering on. Luckily for those people, the booming voice of Caitlin has them up and looking around before fleeing. Of course, then the fireball hits.

The sound is thunderous. The cacophony echos outward even as dirt, rocks, trees, and other debris fly up into the air and fill anyone in the area's vision. The dust and dirt cloud fogging up the vision of any who try to look around.

Screams, yells, and tears are what follow after the thing hit but it's just possible that no one was near enough to ground zero to be hit directly. The extent of injuries won't be clear till the dust settles completely. The sound seems to be dying down even as the air stays rich with dust and dirt. Light from teh setting sun and still active lamps makes the dust all the more prevelant.

Inside the crater, dirt and earth raises up slowly in a crumbling cracking sound even as some humanoid figure raises up and stretches upward, coughing and shaking its head.


As for the Magdalena, Vivienne's doing her best to show native New Yorkers just what they're missing by always taking buses and subways. Of course, it helps that 1: she has very little regard for her persona safety (blessed isn't just a euphemism in her case), 2: she has even less concern for the car (it's not hers), and 3: she seems to be going in the direction that every one else isn't. Even the cars packed in front of her are looking to do everything they can to u-turn for their lives. It likely won't be too long before she's there. After all, even if the fireball sinks below the level of the horizon, surly there'll be beacon-like bonfires to guide her home.


Caitlin's tough enough to make it a judgement call— how far can she move helping get people clear before the fireball hits? What can she get done?

Apparently she has just enough time to get the immediate area clear and rush some children under an overpass before the meteorite hits, and slams into the ground with enough force to pick up the giant ginger and throw her a solid fifty yards. She fetches up against a tree with a grunt of pain that almost knocks down the young aspen she impacts, and rolls around covering her ears for a few moments after the brunt of the impact echoes into the distance.

"Ow!" she exclaims, succintly— but gets to her feet, ignoring the embers clinging to her outfit and the torn stitching of her hoodie. She stumbles forward towards the crater, covering first one ear and then the other with her hand. A proper metorite impact would have levelled a few city blocks, and this one seems to have only destryed a small park. With an astonishing lack of instinct for self-preseveration, she stumbles towards the crater.

"Fairchild to League," she says, a little over-loud, and tries to cue her earset communicator. "I'm on site at New York! Meteorite splashdown in a park, route EMS to my location!"


Already, in the distance, sirens can be heard. They were coming this way but Caitlin's statement about what happened gets more people on the way. Meanwhile, Magdalena is closing in but what she'll see as she closes in is dirt, rocks and chunks of debris flying high into the sky. The impact sent things flying and as she drives, a chunk of Earth falls right into her path, forcing a swerve if she doesn't want to hit.

Frankly, finding ground zero will not be hard at all even as dust and dirt starts heading back toward the ground. It isn't simply fire that guides her but a floating fog cloud made up of mostly dust and dirt.

When Caitlin gets up to the edge of the crater, she'll see mostly that very same fog until suddenly something or someone zips by her in a leap and she can hear what sounds like…a monkey? Then something else moves in the fog further away. A moment later, a shadow is cast over her and if she looks up, part of the clouds looks somehow darker.

What appears to be a monkey tail flicks off the far side of the small cloud and then something flips off of the cloud and lands with a thump behind Caitlin and suddenly she'll hear a wooshing sound as what can only be described as a staff or rod is sent right for her legs attempting to knock them out from under her.


Vivienne is lucky, on the one hand, that she doesn't end up leveled by the impact. But on the other, the forcewave that rolled out from the point of impact blows back a number of the cars that were either on the road or parked to the side of the roadway, including hers. Even her Made in Italy driving skills can't compensate for that wave, and it's all she can do to only end up with her car slammed into a parked SUV.

It's a had hit, and it takes her a few seconds to reorient herself, to tear off the seatbelt, and grab her equipment from the back seat. A kick gets the door open, before she works her way out. A few more precious seconds to strap her weapons on, before she's sprinting towards where she can see the impact crater. She's no Flash, that's for sure and certain, but she is inhumanly fast.



That is Caitlins' articulate response as some*thing* hits the back of her knees, and the big ginger falls backwards with an undignified squawk and flailing of limbs.

But Caitlin's no dumb bruiser— she hits the ground and handsprings off with a diffident gesture, bounding into the air and landing with her feet better set underneath her.

"Hey! You knock that off!" she … scolds the monkey-man-thing, frowning heavily. She even wags a finger at the elusive figure, though her feet shift into a ready combat stance. She's definitely had some training from someone in fisticuffs, and a look of irritation crosses her face. The ginger heroine moves in a wary half-circle, her position affording her a view of Vivianne's rapid approach to the strange, monkey-faced intruder.


As far as it goes for Vivienne, she'll see what appears to be an odd man on a cloud with a monkey tail zipping off out of the area above her head, heading off and looking around. If someone were able to see the area from above, they'd see four total such figures heading off in all four cardinal directions. The one above Vivienne circles back around upon seeing her and lands behind her. The figure leans on what appears to be a staff and sure enough…it appears to be a humanoid monkey man.

"Hey there!" The figure waves a hand and then spins the staff once and starts toward her with a wide grin, "So, who are you? You my jailor? A passer by or maybe…my first opponent?" A very monkeyish baying laughter follows and then the figure grins wide, waggling his eyebrow, "Take your time responding, I know…it's stunning to see me in person."

Meanwhile, what Caitlin gets is the figure doing a similar handspring and…mimicing her movements. No staff in sight as the figure scolds back, "Hey! You knock that off!" The wide grinning monkey mimics her pretty well. Except of course, for hte voice. His voice is all his own.


"I truly, truly wish you were the most stunning thing that I had ever seen. Alas." Vivienne, coming to a standstill, orients herself around, watching the figure closest to her, seeing the staff it brings out, reaching back behind and under her coat to withdraw a handspear which she offers with a flick of her wrist. It's not aimed at the creature, rather, the flick seems to cause the spear to lengthen, a glow limning the wood of the shaft as it grows nearly as tall as she is. "I am no one's jailer, and I have no desire to fight you unless you force my hand. SO I suppose that makes me a passer by. What does that make you?"


Caitlin's reponse to the Monkey-King's mocking tone is to press her lips into a thin line and exhale through her nose, with an expression of supreme distaste for being echoed and mocked in such a fashion.

"Was that you in that meteorite? You defintely could have stuck the landing a bit better. People could have gotten /hurt/," she points out. "Maybe even killed. Was that your goal here?"


"OOoo! Neat spear!" Wukong states and points at it before he suddenly flips into the air and lands right by Vivienne with a simple hop and a burst of laughter, "So, where'd ya get it?" He flicks his own staff to in front of him and he taps his, "I got mine from a dragon of the east sea." He nods his head and then looks her over, "You sure you aren't here to fight?" He then stretches up, "I could go for a good brawl after that!" He gestures in the direction of the crater.

Meanwhile, at Caitlin, "Was that your goal here?" He mocks again and then shakes his head and whips the staff around his body idly before whipping it the other direction, "So, you think I /wanted/ to go for a ride through the sky and crash into this place?" He laughs and then points at her, "You're crazy. And I should know!" He then flips over and points the staff at her directly before saying, "Now, I'm Sun Wukong, the Monkey King! The Great Sage, equal to Heavens!" He nods his head, "So, I'm assuming you're here to stop my fun so I'm just going to have to show you your mistake!" He laughs and he spins around and attempts to take her in the side with that staff.


"I suppose you could call it an old family heirloom." Vivienne moves with an easy grace, tracking the creature as he moves around her, hands shifting, always to keep the spear in a guard position in close to her body, eyes darting to scan the terrain, catching sight of the tall redhead with her own monkey man. "Quite sure? No. But that depends on you, and what your intentions are. And his." Given that that one, the one on the tall woman, seems more aggressive than the one she's got.


Caitlin blinks at Sun Wukong. She's met some odd people, sure— Forgotten Daughters of Krypton, the scion of ancient female warrior societies, and even roomed for a while with a woman who could hit a silver dollar with an arrow at a hundred yards.

Sun Wukong definitely takes the cake, and even if he's not THE Demigod, Monkey-King and Trickster Extraordinaire— he's certainly strange enough. She's a little taken aback when he whips his staff in a blurring pirouette and the blunt end of it arcs towards her ribs, backed by all of Wukong's tremendous strength and skill.

She doesn't try to dodge the hit. Instead she turns her ribs into the blow and steps forward, accepting the hit but blunting it slightly by moving closer to his fulcrum. One of her thick arms rises and falls, and Caitlin wraps elbow and fingers around the other end of the staff to trap it against her side, both hands and an elbow working to restrain the weapon.

"Ow," she grunts, her expression growing more irritated. "It's not nice to hit people, y'know." She sets her hips and with the sort of strength that (literally) can move mountains, she pivots at the hip to take control of the staf— whether or not Sun Wukong stays attached to the other end!


Looking over toward the fight, the Wukong with the Magdalena looks back over at her, "OH him? Yeah, he's a real hot head!" The monkey man nods his head before laughing a little and looking back at the spear, "So, who are you? I'm the one and only Sun Wukong! The Monkey King!" He chuckles and nods his head before looking then over toward the fight again, "Oh! She's strong." He nods his head.

Meanwhile, Wukong blinks as his staff is grabbed by Caitlin and then she tries to wrench it away. It feels just like a normal staff till he cackles a little and simply lets go. The staff goes from feeling like a heavy metal rod…to a 9 ton metal rod rather suddenly. She may be strong but something feeling like a hundred pounds suddenly feeling like 9 tons is quite teh shift.

He then will flip over and grab back at it, the weight going away if he gets hold of it and then it will begin to shrink down to the size of a toothpick as he flips over to his feet, "Ha! Strong! I like it!"


"That's never going to set you all off on the right foot." Still wary, Vivienne makes sure to track the redhead's movements, the tension in her body language indicating that she would go to the woman if she needed it. "I am called by name Vivienne. Though I am no Queen, I am also called The Magdalena. When duty requires." She doesn't offer any more explanation than that, unless he asks for it, "I would say welcome to Earth, Sun Wukong, but I've no idea if you've been here before."


"Ack!" Caitlin's an articulate person, all right, and she goes ass over teakettle as the staff's inertia rapidly goes from zero to ten tons and back again. Hopefully Vivianne wasn't watching at that /exact/ moment, but Caitlin seems a little less aware of her surroundings than the coolheaded Magdalena.

She struggles under the new weight, her balance gone to pot with Sun Wukong's eager, mischevious magic at work.

The redhead looks around in shock when the Monkey-King vanishes, and irrespective of weight she grabs the heavy staff and braces it against her knee. With a grunt of effort and her hands on the end of the staff, she tries to bend it against her shin. Muscles explode into definition on her bared forearms and her shirt tears in a few places with the immense effort that Caitlin puts into breaking Wukong's toy.

After ten long seconds, she quits trying and sags with a panting sigh of exertion. "What is this made of?! Mithril?!" she asks no one in particular, giving up on trying to break Sun's favored weapon.


Cackling laughter rings out from the Wukong next to Vivienne as he watches Caitlin struggle and if Caitlin is listening she might notice that Wukong is actually over there, next to Vivienne. Isn't he? Of course, at that moment, Vivienne might see a cloud form behind Caitlin and it, plus a monkey man grow into a full sized Wukong floating above and behind Caitlin, looking over her shoulder.

"This is Earth?!" He asks and looks at her before looking around, "This doesn't look like any Earth I've ever seen before. I mean, obviously there's Earth but this isn't…oh…" He considers, "I wonder if that old fat man threw me into another Earth." He looks distant and hurrms before looking back at Vivienne, "So, you know her?" He asks as he looks back and gestures over at Caitlin.

Meanwhile, the floating, resized Wukong stares over Caitlin's shoulder and whistles, "Wow, you almost got it. I bet if you really try…you might rip your pants, too!" He laughs out loud behind her and then attempts to flip out of his cloud and snag Ruyi Jingu Bang from her. If he gets his hand on it, as soon as his hand touches it, the staff will start shrinking into the size of a toothpick which he'll try to tuck behind his ear, "Alright, alright, I'm pretty sure you don't know anything." He then snickers, "Figuratively anyway."


Vivienne continues to divide her attention, marking Caitlin and her struggle with the staff, and the monkey man on her end. It hasn't been lost on Vivienne that she seems to have the more manageable of the two. At least the two down here, given the whizzing clouds. "This is our Earth yes." At the gesture towards Caitlin, Vivienne shakes her head, "We've never been introduced, but I have a feeling she came here for much the same reason I did. To help those who were injured when your meteor fell." She might not know Caitlin Fairchild, but when someone with superpowers is running towards danger, that's usually a good sign. "Why are you here, Sun Wukong?"


Caitlin scowls at Wukong and gives him a round of applause.

Which is to say she steps forwards and claps her hands together, exactly one time.

For anyone interested in the science therof, Caitlins strikes her hands together with enough raw force to create a tremendous compression shockwave in the air around her hands. She tempers the action, just a little— it's a bit quieter than an airplane takeing off, but it's flirting with that edge of volume where noise stops being wave propagation and becomes raw concussive force.

"I actually know a /lot/, Monkey King," she tells Sun Wukong, rather primly (and once the ringing echoes cease). "But I don't know who you REALLY are, or why you're dropping meteorites into public parks. So you better start talking fast, before some other, very literal demigods show up. Thor? Diana of Themyscira? Do those names ring any bells?"


Admittedly, Caitlin's bluffing a bit— the League hasn't come back with anyone promising some support. But there's definitely a lifeline knowing that if Caitlin dies and leaves a pretty corpse, /someone/ will show up and avenge her. Probably. Maybe.


A blink and he looks over at her, "My meteor?" He laughs a little, "Umm, that wasn't a meteor. That was me!" He laughs a little more, and then stops, "Well, more accurately that was him." He gesutres over to the other Wukong who he looks over and laughs as that Wukong goes flying by the massive clap of Caitlin. "But that's splitting hairs," He then begins to laugh again, "Splitting hairs…"

Meanwhile, Wukong is flying backwards from the force of Caitlin's clap and he flips through the air before suddenly that staff is out again but this time it is the size of a small pillar that he slams into the ground to catch himself before he hits the ground and shrinks it back up, "Dropping meteorites?!" He laughs, "I didn't drop anything other than me!" He then suddenly zips forward, leaping on to a cloud to zip forward and then rushes around her right side and says, "And you mean there's actual demi-gods here?!" He laughs, "Excellent, bring them!" He cackles and nods his head, "I have fought gods before!"

Meanwhile, back at Vivienne, "Oh, and I'm here cause the Buddha threw me here." He shrugs, "He thought it'd teach me something."


There's a visible wince, as the sound of that airplane taking off rolls over Vivienne, the woman's eyes narrowing in reaction as she turns her head slightly away. Thankfully, it isn't aimed in her direction, and it's pushing one of the monkey men away. Far enough, at least for the moment, before he performs that particular with his staff, that she can manage to look back to the other one closer to her. "The gods do work in mysterious ways. Should I take it that it hasn't taught you anything?"

Alas for Caitlin, and for the moment, the only thing approaching a demigod in the vicinity, is Vivienne and she's quite a few generations removed from that sage soul. "Meteor or flaming celestial body," and she says that with a straight enough face to make you believe she's seen that before, "There are people who might have been injured in your arrival. They are my priority."


Caitlin's swiftly growing /very/ irritated with Sun Wukong's flippant disregard for safety, and the way he seems to simply shrug off some of her best hits only raises her ire (and her concern) furthur. "League, this is Fairchild," she mutters, quickly. "Metahuman identifies as Sun Wukong. Any magic types tracking me?"

She starts to stir up a rousing rebuttal of Wukong's cackling excitement— then just turns and runs towards Vivianne. Mostly because she spots the other woman squaring off with the strange multi-faced celestial entity, and also because she's out of options for dealing with this particular threat.

Hey, she's a brawler, not a magicienne. She jogs up to Vivienne fairly quickly. "/Please/ tell me you're the League's new secret magical hitwoman," she pleads, putting herself somewhat back-to-back with Vivianne.


The clone next to Vivienne is not exactly 'squaring off' with her. He's more like just standing there and blinks when Caitlin comes running toward them. Meanwhile, the other one blinks as well, watching her run off. The two Wukong end up side by side before the pair and the one who was fighting Caitlin grins, "Done already?" He laughs and claps while the one 'fighting' Vivienne says, "Hey, she says this is Earth." Then that stops the laughing.

The one fighting Caitlin looks over and says, "Really?!" The clone nods, "Wow…really. This doesn't look like Earth." He nods and then the clone shrugs.

"May not look like it but it is it." He then points around, "Apparently people live here and they might be hurt."

Then the Wukong who was fighting Caitlin blinks and sighs, "What?! Why didn't they say so sooner?" Which, ya know, Caitlin kinda did but Wukong was having fun and kinda missed it. He looks then at Caitlin and says, "Hey look, lady. It's been fun and you hit really hard." He cackles, "I mean, I felt that last one. Really did but…give me a minute." He then literaly plucks hair form the back of his hand and flicks the hair into the air. Suddenly, in several poofs of smoke, a bunch of Wukong's appear and he points, "Hey! People might be hurt! Make sure people are fine and then if they are hurt bring them here…" The monkies scramble away, including the one that was talking to Vivienne. That one looks back at her and gives a wave.

"There, people will be helped." He nods his head as he looks at Caitlin, "Now, what's this about demigods?"


"Perhaps the state of the area around us might have given a clue." Or the sounds of people still screaming and yelling in various and sundry levels of fear and outrage and general human cussedness. When Caitlin comes up to have her back, Vivienne lowers her voice, her intent, clearly, that her reply should be only for Caitlin's ears, "I am not. But what magic I possess and what aid I can provide are yours." She falls silent, as she sees the stream of clones spreading out, "I can heal any who are injured. But demigods?" She shakes her head, "If there is somewhere we can take him."


Caitlins and Viv have their Got Your Back moment, and mentally Caitlin promises Vivianne a substantial supply of baked chocolate chip cookies. Her external response is, otherwise, a tight nod of assent. "I'm with the League," she tells Vivianne. "I know … /he/ is something out of myth. So I'm hoping some other myths show up to teach a lesson. Aside from that, I'm running out of ideas—"

She pauses as Wukong teleports over, giving him a wary look, then sniffs and turns her /back/ to him. Such disrespect!

"At this point, the honorable thing to do is to help the civilians," she tells Vivianne, perhaps over-loudly. "Let's get everyone out of the area and EMS to check out the injured. I'll do the heavy lifting," she says, gesturing at a pair of crashed cars; she moves in tandem with Vivianne towards the wreck and rather causally rips a door off the hinges to extricate the passengers, while Vivianne directs people towards safer areas.


"I am helping!" He declares to Caitlin, well, he is sorta helping. He isn't helping. His clones are helping. Same thing in his mind. "And besides, I was in a fight." He says and nods his head, "I was just minding my own business, trying to figure out where I am and having fun when she got all angry." He gestures to Caitlin, passing the buck.

He then shrugs even as one of the clones carries over a poor boy with some burns on his legs. He then gestures, "See, totally helping." The clone lays the kid down and waits for Vivienne to speak up even as EMS people are here and rushing around.

Wukong sighs and shakes his head, "And now you two are whispering." He shrugs and looks around again, "Come on, people! I got a new kingdom to survey and we gotta help get these folks help before I can." He claps his hands. Then he slumps over and lets out a wheeze, "Jeeze." He rubs his side, "That lady sure can clap>" he then laughs and then wheezes and winces.


"Perhaps this place is not the right venue for a lesson. But if he wishes to meet other demigods, and there is a central place where we can take him, it might make things…move more smoothly." As for Vivienne, she offers a nod to Caitlyn's suggestion, stepping away from the woman, even as one of the Wukong's carries over a young boy. Rather than calling the EMS over, Vivienne knees beside the boy, a hand pressed momentarily to her belt, droplets of blood staining her palm, before it begins to glow with a pale radiance. She sets her hand on the boy's legs, the burns taking on the same radiance as her hand, before they fade and leave his skin whole and unscarred. As soon as he's healed, she's on her feet, heading to Caitlin, allowing the stronger woman to extricate any victims so that she can tend to them. She hasn't completely forgotten about Wukong, though, calling out to one of his many selves, "Do you blame her? Look at what your arrival wrought. If you would help, then do so. Those who seem the most injured, bring to me, I will tend to them. Do not hinder anyone you see in a uniform." Even if he isn't from these parts, most everyone can identify what a uniform is, even if they're not sure what it means.


Caitlin works in efficient tandem with The Magdalene; she does the heavy lifting and carrying, fairly negligent of obstacles like overturned cars and seatbelts. She's clearly had some medical training and anyone that Caitlin is uncertain of moving gets Vivianne waved over instead. Fortunately total injuries are relatively minor, as the efforts of the heroines more or less successfully evacuated the park.

Caitlin gives Wukong a thin-lipped glance when he slumps over. His tricksy nature isn't lost on her, and even if he isn't faking it… injured civilians clearly take precedence over the stranger who crashed to Earth.


Looking at the work Vivienne does to the boy's leg, he hmms and peers up at her and hten back down, "That's pretty good." He considers and points at her, "You're good at that." He then huffs and throws his hands up, "Hey! I didn't throw me here!" He nods his head. And then sighs and shrugs, "Gosh, you are obsessed with that stuff." He then waves a hand, "That's in the past." He nods again before standing up straight and then considers, "Tell ya what. I'll leave the clones with you and I'm gonna go look around." He hops up on to a cloud, yes, a small cloud. He then waves a hand, "Let one know when I'm needed, k?"


"One of the many gifts that I am grateful to possess, but wish I did not have to use." It never really comes up in feel good situations. Vivienne, for her part, has not strayed far from the redhead whose name she still has not managed to get, nor to give her own. But perhaps, for the time being, the work is rightfully their priority and names will come. The spear she's long since put away, using that same flick of her wrist to collapse it down to its portable length, slipping it back under her coat. As Wukong announces his intention to depart, she looks in his direction, "Thank you for offering their aid. We will put them to good use." Never turn down free labour. And with the Monkey King's departure, there's nothing left but to return to the work. "We will let you know." That, for the moment, is the best she can offer. It does take time to arrange meetings with beings much more powerful than she is.

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